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1.1b is out!

Discussion in 'Fall of Quel'Thalas' started by Krotos, May 25, 2017.

  1. Krotos

    Krotos The Lore Judge. Brigand Map Maker

    1.1b is out and available on MMH and Epicwar! Here's a list of changes included in this small update!
    Download link:
    MMH: Click to download!
    EpicWar: Click to download!
    Bug Fixes and QoL changes:
    - Fixed Ban'dinoriel not becoming weakened upon the loss of its sources of power.
    - Fixed Scourge Banshee Archers not benefitting from upgrades.
    - Fixed Mana Wraiths being unable to cast abolish magic.
    - Fixed Tichondrius' missing hero icon.
    - Now 200% more badass.​
    - Fixed Fel Reavers having no hotkeys on their spells.
    - Now uses QWER system.
    - Now has unique names. New names are: Fel Stomp (warstomp), Disruption (Dispel Magic) and Incinerate (New).​
    - Fixed Devour Essence having no hotkey. It's now bound to Q.
    - Mana Beam's Hotkey is now W.​
    - Changed Noth's model to a more fitting one.
    - All buildings, units (training) and technologies now use the QWER system.
    - Units use QWER.
    - Buildings and technologies use QWER (1st row), ASDF (2nd row) and ZXCV (3rd row).
    - Upgrades use ZXCV.
    - This does not include hero revival buttons as I haven't decided how to redistribute their hotkeys yet.​

    Balance Changes:
    - Added Hungering Arrows upgrade to Wretched Manaspitters.
    - Increases their attack range.​
    - Changed Fel Reavers slightly.
    - Removed Cripple.
    - Rain of Fire replaced with Incinerate.
    - Incinerate deals 125 damage to a single target. 150 mana cost, 15 seconds cooldown.​
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    Last edited: May 26, 2017
  2. Awesomeguy

    Awesomeguy Im Awesome Brigand

    Wretched got op hero aims, they can kill heroes in seconds using their casters abilities.
    I dont think a faction should have casters with hero aim abilities. Especiall in a game where heroes death has such a big impact.
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  3. Krotos

    Krotos The Lore Judge. Brigand Map Maker

    A hotfix has been deployed, which includes these fixes:
    - Fixed Arthas' Lost Souls spell stating the incorrect amount of souls being summoned.
    - Fixed most of the audio sounds not playing out.
    - Includes two of the rarest Sylvanas lines in the game.​
    - Fixed Ban'dinoriel not following the rules.
    - Will correctly become weakened now.​
    - Fixed the bridges in Zul'Aman being unpassable.
    - Fixed the positioning of Shipyards and towers in the build menu.

    Links in the OP have been updated.
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  4. LTA Updates when ?
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  5. Spectator

    Spectator The Changer of Ways... Donator

    If you would only have had been waiting for LTF updates you would have learned how to be grateful...
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  6. Ardenaso

    Ardenaso Lazy bastard who can't get a simple work done. Map Maker

    Alleria isn't supposed to be here. Replace her with another ranger or another character like Fellari Swiftarrow or Jenalla Deemspring
  7. Skillerino

    Skillerino one fool once told me have faith in humanity

    I had 2 free skills on Ticho and couldn´t use them since nearest abilitiy was on lvl 15 so i would recommend adding the +stats ability also here is replay.Also Scourge AI didn´t obey me i tried to make it attack the second closest village in the start and they just went thro the portal and back and forth until we destroyed the first gate then they moved freely.Also you can cut down those trees on the right side which can be pretty OP since you can take them by suprise.Silvermoon´s attack was really OP you can check in the end that we made like 10 armies and it still killed most of it lol.Keep in mind that most of us were new :p

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