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Amani Faction Preview

Discussion in 'Fall of Lordaeron WIP' started by Elbadruhel, Apr 7, 2019.

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    When the trolls lost the Troll Wars, the Amani Empire was broken. Its southern part became independent and only the great city of Zul Aman remained united. The fierce Amani kept fighting the elven invaders for centuries, trolls were stronger, trolls were faster, trolls were harder, but elven magic was too much for the amani and slowly, year after year, they were losing the war. So they decided to hide in their realm and grow in numbers and strenght, awaiting for the proper time to strike back and retake their land.

    Years later that time arrived, the orcish Horde destroyed Stormwind, and rushed north, quickly attacking Lordaeron. There, the Horde asked the trolls for help to defeat their mutual enemy: mankind. A pact was signed: the plains for the orcs and the hills and forests for the trolls. The trolls agreed, eager for war and vengeance, and the Amani Empire was formed once again, with all the tribes united under Zul'Jin.

    The war was easy, victory after victory, the trolls and orcs pushed the humans back. But finally the elves decided to help, and the Alliance of Lordaeron resisted fiercely. The orcs burnt southern eversong woods, wich once belonged to the trolls, to decimate the elves living there and force them to retreat to protect their own home. The victory was close, the humans were surrounded in Lordaeron City, Zul'Jin could already taste their blood, his vengeance...

    But suddenly, Guldan took part of the orcish clans and left the Horde to travel a foreign region with no reason, or at least that was what Zul'Jin thought. Doomhammer, leader of the horde, saw treason, and sent part of his forces to kill Guldan and his followers. With Guldan and his forces away and part of Orgrim army after them, Zul'Jin saw how there were no orcs enough to win the war, and both orcs and trolls were forced to retreat. The war was done... But that didnt end there, close to Zul Aman, Zul'Jin was captured by the elves, tortured for days, he managed to scape finally, even with one arm less.

    Now, Zul'Jin has just returned home and is gathering his troops. His will is strong, and there are few warriors able to match him in combat yet, even with only 1 arm and 1 eye, he will kill every single human and elf on Lordaeron himself if its necesary to retake the empire. And with the help of the loa and the all troll tribes, he will finally achieve his victory.


    Amani Axethrower. Heavy Infantry. Bonus vs Heavy. Ranged. Berserker and net.
    Amani Smuggler. Heavy Infantry. Basic. Slice and Dice.
    Amani Warrior. Heavy Infantry. Bonus vs Big.
    Halazzi Chosen. Light Infantry. Bonus vs Heavy. Melee.
    Nalorakk Champion. Light Infantry. Bonus vs Heavy. Ranged
    Amani Warmachine. Siege.
    Jan'Alai Claw. Light Infantry. Basic. Totemic Caster.
    Bat Rider. Flying.
    Akil'zon Priest. Caster. Magic. Support.

    As all other troll factions they can empower trolls into Dire Trolls thanks to the favour of the loa, as long as they keep their temples up.​

    The Amani will start around Zul Aman, and their main goal is to win a 1 vs 1 against the elven kingdom of Quel'thalas. The amani warriors are stronger, they have a balanced roster to counter all kind of enemies, but are specially good destroying heavy troops, so humans should be careful in case they dare to help the elves in their war. The elves have better magic, tough amani one is not bad at all. To win the war you should use your better economy and stronger untis to take elven key points one by one, so you can destroy their magical defences and finally attack Silvermoon or even the Sunwell Isle itself.

    You may also do sneaky raiding attacks into the Eastweald, but it may be a risk since the humans would try to strike back, but if you manage to secure the Eastweald, you will have a passage to conect you with your Forest Troll allies in the Hinterlands across Darrowmere Lake, its your choice to decide wich is the best strategy to recover your ancient lands.​


    Your main and strongest hero is Zul'Jin, Warlord of the Amani. The will be supported by his 2 disciples and commanders: Daakara the Invincible, Champion of the Amani (left) and Zul'Marosh, Chieftain of Tor'Watha.
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    Does this faction get Zul'mashar?
  3. Elbadruhel


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    Zul'Mashar and Mazra'Alor are ingame, but start as rebel areas, ruled by Mossflayer Tribe. Amani should conquer team as fast as posible, since those settlements protect an entrance to Zul Aman and give a great passage to attack Eastweald.