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Approximate color schema map

Discussion in 'The Elder Scrolls: Interregnum' started by Draupne, Jan 4, 2018.

  1. Draupne

    Draupne Won't get any more fun than what you make yourself Brigand Map Maker

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    Here's a color schema depicting the approximate territory each faction controls at the start of a game of ES:I.
    Something to take note of is that Teal controls the Daedric Realm of Coldharbour all on his own, and starts with very little territory on Tamriel itself. Teal may teleport his forces from Coldharbour to Dark Anchor Dolmens under the control of his team, meaning that he is reliant on Red and Brown to keep control of important Dolmens, otherwise they will be at a disadvantage.

    Brown, while particularily strong in southwestern Skyrim and northern Cyrodiil, also controls pockets of cultists around the map, but these are not marked here.

    Another important note is that while some players own more land area at the start, these factions will also have thinner, more scattered armies. For example, while the Dunmer of Morrowind and the Nords of Skyrim control vast areas of land, the amount of soldiers there is sparse.

    On the other hand, the Aldmeri Dominion team controls few cities and little territory, yet their armies are heavily concentrated in the south, and may break through by sheer numbers.
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  2. ilusioner

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    From the look on this map, this statement is not quite correct. Is there a possibility to see the map of the game, with faction colors marked on it? Even if it's not fully ready, you surely have a plan for unfinished terrain. 'Cause if it's not much different from what you posted here, it will be a pain in the ass to play as team evil.
  3. Fatcat

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    It seems Brown and teal are Exodus run away at the First Sign of Danger Players and Red is a Massive Meatshield designed to Tank attacks from Skyrim/Morrowind and Black Marsh while Aldmeri prepares an Endgame Deathball. can't wait to test It hopefully with Ally All command. Not to mention but Teal seems like a Harassment until Supernova Deathball Player just like Aldmeri also only use for Brown is Harassing Skyrim and aiding Teal in creating His Anti Aldmeri Deathball. also make Molag Bal as a Hero unit have the Same role as Kil'Jaeden LTA a God Hero for Teal make it require what 500 Mortal Souls or something and make Sure Molag stays Safe in Coldharbour.
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