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Azeroth Wars: RM - Info, Screenshots, Download Link

Discussion in 'Azeroth Wars: Remastered' started by xXwhiterunerXx, Jul 4, 2017.

  1. xXwhiterunerXx


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    Azeroth Wars: Remastered
    Beta Version

    Link to latest version: https://www.epicwar.com/maps/273575/

    The Lore
    Following the defeat of the Orcish Horde and the conclusion of the 2nd War, Azeroth has enjoyed a period of relative peace and stability. This is about to change. The Drums of War thunder once again, and new conflict erupt all over the continent. The Burning Legion, in their unending thirst for conquest are about to unleash their newest weapon on the unsuspecting Kingdom of Lordaeron; the Undead Scourge. In Kalimdor the Night Elves face a new threat in the Warsong and Frostwolf Clan who have come seeking a new homeland. Stormwind and Ironforge too are preparing for war, as history seems to repeat itself and old enemies resurface. Who will prevail in this war of the ages?

    The Premise
    Azeroth Wars: RM as its predecessor is a build and control point based strategy game. The game is balanced around preset teams: Scourge+Legion, Lordaeron+Dalaran+Quel'thalas, Frostwolf Clan+Warsong Clan, Sentinels+Cenarion Circle, Khaz Modan+Stormwind and the Fel & Dark Horde. Each faction will face off against an opponent which direct opposite goals, and if they defeat them they will move on to hopefully conquer the entire map.

    Deviance from Azeroth Wars LR
    Azeroth Wars: RM very closely resembles Azeroth Wars LR, in terms of setting and team composition, but it is as much its own map as any other version of Azeroth Wars you've played, and maybe even more so. The project has been underway for multiple years and I've developed it alongside the development of Azeroth Wars LR, so there are bound to be similarities, but I assure you that it will be a fresh experience for players of all types.

    Edit: I've tried to capture the feel of awe I experienced when I first tried Azeroth Wars LR. I don't want everything to be plain and for people to experience within their first couple games. As such the game is littered with different events and secrets that should take a while for players to find.

    Album: http://imgur.com/a/deLyo

    A special thanks to the Admins of Brigandshaven for hosting me on their Website, and Lunelune for referring me <3. Tons of credit to the original and current editors of Azeroth Wars: LR for giving me something to play for many years and inspiring me to craft this map.

    Overall Changes

    - Slightly altered some terrain to fit for bigger armies.
    - Slighty buffed survivablity of all Heroes.
    - Reduced Unit colision by roughly 30% on average.
    - Changed Depleted Hearthstone to Scroll of Town Portal.
    - Added a couple new items to Mad Merchant.
    - Added a bunch of new ingame tips
    - One player skipping intro Cinematic should not
    Skip it for every player now (HOPEFULLY).
    - Hero Movement Speed has been increased, and is almost universally 270.
    - Exceptions to previous: Great Demons Cenarius, Pit Lords, Lich King etc.

    Faction Specific

    - Changed Summon Squire to Blessing of Wisdom on Paladin.
    - Changed Pyromancer's Flame Shackles to Molten Armor.
    - Changed Shaman's Lightning Shield to Purge.
    - Changed Ice Lance from a short stun to an interrupt.
    - Changed Drek'thar's Monsoon to Cleanse Spirit
    - Buffed certain vision abilities.
    - Reduced damage of Darkshaman's Ruined Earth.
    - Removed a couple of Gates.
    - Reduced the overall number of neutral creeps
    - Dalaran can no longer train Siege Weapons.
    - Lowered cost of Purify on Zealot
    - Increased damage taken from Tome of Invinciblity
    - Reworked most of Thrall's Spellkit.
    - Burning Dreadnought is now a T2 Unit.
    - Reduced movement speed of Burning Dreadnought.
    - Dreadlords now take up 2 in transports.
    - Reluctantly replaced Darkshaman's Bloodlust with Wind Shear.
    - Ignite on Earthshaker can no longer target Heroes or friendlies.
    - Bilgewater Zeppelin movement speed nerfed.
    - Bilgewater Zeppelin lumber cost increased.
    - Added Auras to Stonemaul and Darkspear Hold.
    - Lowered cost of Magic Sentry from 100/100 to 50/100.
    - Archimonde/KJ/Kirin Tor are now Magic Resistant not Immune.
    - Reduced HP, Health regain and cost of Demonic Gateway and increased build time.
    - Added a third Altar for Purple in Tirisfal Glades.


    - Silvermoon must be destroyed to capture the Sunwell.
    - Legions Worker producing buildings are now visible.
    - Light's Hope is no longer invulnerable.
    - Training of Undead Murlocs limited to 4 of each type.
    - Training of Ice Trolls limited to 4 of each type.
    - Fixed Tooltip on Healing Tide Totem (Vol'jin).
    - Fixed Tooltip on Bloodthirst (Grom).
    - Added Item Drops to appropriate Dungeon/Raid Bosses.
    - Changed Barracks in Lordaeron to fit buildable Barracks.
    - Tooltip of Conjure Magmarock.
    - Tooltip Speed of the Wind.
    - Most stuns no longer affect Heroes.
    - Galen's Ulti works as intended.
    - Rexxar's Ulti works as intended.
    - Flurry on Sylvanas now has a spell animation.
    - Plague marked as an event/warning.
    - Aerie Peak now functions correctly.
    - Knight no longer benefits from Military Mastery.


    - Purple does not benefit from upgrades? Not seen.
    - Most issues regarding Blood Elves.
    - Much more I'm sure ;)

    Coming in further updates.

    - Changes coming to Dalaran and Quel'thalas.
    - Orgrimmar Rework
    - Twilight's Hammer eventually.
    - Turning tips off
    - Option to Ping Elites, Flying and Siege.

    Remember folks. Game is still in Beta. Expect it to be unbalanced and
    expect certain elements and gameplay to be wonky. Feedback and ideas
    are still very much appreciated :-)

    Obs. Not all bugfixes and changes are included.
    Overall changes.

    - Terrain still being altered to allow for better gameplay.
    - Lowering number of trees and widening chokepoints.
    - Onyxia should no longer Deep Breath the game.
    - Hakkar now gives way more Experience and has lower attack speed.
    - Hakkar is now Magic Resistant rather than Spell Immune
    - Hakkar's abilties not closer reflect those seen in World of Warcraft.
    - Many targeted stun spells no longer affect Hero units or simply interrupt.
    - Further split Weapon and Armor upgrades for Dalaran, Quel'thalas and Fel & Dark Horde.
    - Additional on attack stuns abilities no longer affect Hero units.
    - Slightly reduced HP on Named mobs in Zul'gurub.
    - Additional tips were added for Red, Blue, Green and Darkgreen.
    - Players can now type -tipsoff to turn [MOST] tips off.
    - Claws of Attack replaced with Healing Potion from shops.
    - Potion of Speed replaced with Mana Potion from shops.
    - Couple new Icons Human Factions.

    Faction Specific.

    - Blood Elves now more distinct from High Elves.
    - Replaced Keep and Upgrades for Dalaran and Quel'thalas.
    - Replaced Blacksmith and Researches for Dalaran and Quel'thalas.
    - Armory is a new building which trains Siege and flying units for Quel'thalas.
    - Dragonhawk Rider is now baseline for Quel'thalas.
    - Quel'dorei Magus is now available after researching an upgrade from Arcane Sanctum.
    - Power Infusion and Magic Sentry are now available from the Arcanosmith rather than Arcane Sanctum.
    - Southshore and Shadowfang Keep's abilities match that of the new T3 Dalaran building.

    Spell changes and nerfs/buffs etc.

    - Dreadlord armor changed from Hero to Heavy and reduced from 6 to 4.
    - Feedback on Dreadlords reduced from 25 to 15 mana and from 100% dmg inflicted to 50%.
    // Should help them not completely shred Heroes and Paladins //
    - Feedback on Felstalkers reduced from 20 to 10 mana.
    - Overall nerf of Thunder Clap on Magni Bronzebeard.
    - Thane is now Spell Resistant instead of Spell Immune.
    - Reduced Hit points of Thane from 1350 to 1200.
    - Replaced Shadowbolt with Dark Regeneration on Fel Orc Warlock.
    - Improved Summon Rock Golem on Kirin Tor Archmage
    - Improved Max Mana on Kirin Tor from 400 to 500.
    - Reduced cooldown on Evocation on Kirin Tor Archmage.
    - Kirin Tor Archmage cost increased from 80g to 90g.
    - Removed Cast time on Draught of Health (Field Marshal).
    - Lowered Attack Speed of Improved Elven Guard Tower and Elven Guard Tower.
    - Dragonhawk Rider's attack range increased from 300 to 400.
    - Fog on Dragonhawk Rider only lasts 12 Seconds (Down from 30).
    - Dragonhawk Rider's gold cost increased from 30 to 42.
    - Ghoul's Hit points increased from 340 to 440.
    - Arcane Tower Tooltip now better resembles the unit.
    - Unleashing the Plague now a bigger power swing.
    - Reduced HP of Blackrock Boulder Tower from 1150 to 800.
    - Reduced Attack Speed on Blackrock Boulder Tower.
    - Increased hit points and damage of Conjurer.
    - Replaced Devastate Armor with Storm Bolt on Galen Trollbane.
    - Outrider's First Strike and upgrades no longer affect Heroes.
    - Reduced C'thun's health pool from 13.000 to 10.000
    - Lowered Infernals summoned by Rain of Chaos for Kil'jaeden and Magtheridon by 1.


    - Silverhand Paladin now benefits from Second Chance upgrade.
    - Tichondrius is now classified as an Undead.
    - Kirin Tor Archmage no longer benefits from Masteries.
    - Pauldrons of Might are no longer dirt cheap (50g).
    - Tyrs Hand should now activate properly.
    - Improved Dalaran Tooltip now correct.
    - Improved Bows now only has 2 lvls of upgrades.
    - Cap of Dragonhawk Riders is now 8 as intended.
    - Stoneskin Totem on Vol'jin now scales properly.
    - Removed Attribute Bonus from Antonidas.
    - Elven Runestone no longer benefits from Masonry.
    - Sentinel Hill can now build Elite units.
    - For the Alliance! From Castle now works as intended.
    - Removed a 0 from C'thun's health regeneration
    - Dragonhawk Rider's Tooltip now reflects the units actual abilities.
    - Cleric now benefits from Conjurer's Guild (T3:SW) research.
    - Conjurer's magic rank tooltip now display correctly.
    - Conjurer's mana regain is now as intended.
    - Researching Outrider Mastery no longer enables Gryphon Riders.
    - Kil'Jaeden now emerges in the Twisting Nether and not at Hyjal when Archimonde is killed.
    - Tooltip on Kael's flamestrike now correct.

    Overall changes.

    - Slight changes to terrain from 0.97a.
    - Costs of Armor and Weapon Upgrades are now more universal, except for Nind Legion Excluded.
    - Lowered Collision size of a couple units.
    - Karazhan's Might now only affects Melee units and has been lowered from 15% to 10%.
    - Northern Barrens changed from 10 gold per minute to 20 gold per minute.
    - Zuluhed, Mal'ganis and Gelbin's HP brought on par with other Heroes'
    - Warsong Lumber Camp has been partially refurnished, and some upgrades have been removed.
    - Orgrimmar has been completely refurnished
    - Added a control point in Orgrimmar and Stranglethorn Vale
    - Altered Pink's starting position and Durotar to account for new Orgrimmar.
    - Swapped Position of Shipwrecked forces for Pink and Grey.
    - Additional Peasants were added for Yellow, Purple, Teal, LB and Darkgreen.
    - Demi-Heroes for Warsong/Frostwolf no longer have Reincarnation, new abilites have replaced them.

    Buffs, Nerfs and smaller changes.


    - Lowered Damage of Nerubian Seer by 3 from (16-20) to (13-17)
    - Red may now choose if Necromancers Auto Cast Raise Dead on Spawn.

    Fel & Dark Horde

    - Slighty lowered number of starting units for Fel & Dark Horde.
    - Lowered Attack Basic Damage of Eredar Diabolist from (30-36) to (23-29)
    - Lowered Attack Basic Damage of Smolderthorn Axethrower from (21-25) to (19-23)
    - Lowered Smolderthorn Axethrower range from 500 to 400.
    - Lowered Kazzak's Health from 2250 to 2000 and damage by 10.
    - Replaced Heal with Poisoned Dagger on Atal'ai High Priest.
    - Bleeding Warlord's HP reduced from 1450 to 1250.


    - Increased Gold Cost of Sentinel from 14 to 17.
    - Increased Gold Cost of Archer from 13 to 15.
    - Shadowleaf Assassin no longer has Sprint; Camouflage has been buffed.
    - Ironbeak Own's damage reduced by 10 base and 2 scaling, attack speed lowered from 1,2 to 1,4.
    - Hyppogryph Rider's HP is now the combined HP of Hippygryph and Archer, always.
    - Inquistor Cost Increased from 14 to 15, and dmg reduced by 2
    - Priestess Cost Increased from 16 to 17.
    - Soul of the Forest (Fandral) has been buffed.
    - Elune's Blessing buffed from [35 mana 150/200] to [30 mana 225/300]
    - Disorient (Inquisitor) buffed from [20/35] to [25/40]

    Frostwolf Clan

    - Darkspear Hexxer replaced with Darkspear Warlord (Ranged Elite unit).
    - Samuro and Varok Saurfang Joined the Frostwolf Clan.
    - Spiritual Mending on Far Seer changed to an AOE Heal.
    - Shaman Cost increased from 13 to 15.
    - Witch Doctor Cost increased from 15 to 17.
    - Tauren Druid Cost lowered from 22 to 20.
    - Tauren Druid health lowered from 400 to 385.
    - Mark of the Wild (Tauren Druid) mana cost increased from 25 to 40.
    - Increased hit points on Vol'jin's totems from 100 to 300
    - Lowered Cooldown and Mana cost of some of Vol'jin's totems.
    - Far Seer Hit Points increased from 650 to 810. (No longer benefits from Spiritural Infusion)
    - Replaced Horde Battle Standard with Spirit Link on Far Seer.
    - Replaced Forked Lightning with Aftershock on Far Seer.
    - Increased Drek'thar's Health from 850 to 950.
    - Earthern Ring (Fortress) Increases Hit Point recovery by 200%, up from 100%.

    Warsong Clan

    - Nazgrel joined the Warsong Clan.
    - Bilgewater Zeppelin is now classified as Mechanical.
    - Stonemaul Mage cost reduced from 24 to 22.
    - Rexxar's Beasts benefit from Armor and Weapon Upgrades now.
    - Warsong Earthshaker's Range Increased from 450 to 600.
    - Earthshakers Hit Points increased from 675 to 775. (No longer benefits from Dark Maggic Infusion)


    - Stormwind starts with slightly more units.
    - Sergeant's Hit points increased by 40 base.
    - Lowered Costs of House of Nobles Tier 1 and 2 upgrades.


    - Sentinels now able to research Armor/Weapon Upgrades (Woops)
    - Teal's upgrades now work (Woops)
    - Call Ancients moved from D(1,2) to S(1,1)
    - Temple of Elune can now be build on all terrain other than mountains.
    - Pit Lord's Attack now has a sound
    - Archdruid can now carry items (Has Backpack)
    - For the Alliance fixed for real this time.
    - Bloodpact now also replaces Troop producing buildings (Barracks with new Barracks etc).
    - Rejuvinate on Druid of the fang has correct keybind, and has been renamed to Nourish.
    - All control points can now be build upon.
    - Enabled Fragmentation Shards and Flare on Mortar Team.
    - Fixed Tooltip on Multi-Shot for Hippogryph Rider.
    - Hippogryph Rider now benefits fully from Shadowleaf Mastery.
    - Far Seer Tooltip is now accurate.
    - Waygates around Icecrown no longer turn vulnerable when Lich King is defeated.

    Remember folks. Game is still in Beta. Expect it to be unbalanced and
    expect certain elements and gameplay to be wonky. Feedback and ideas
    are still very much appreciated :-)

    Obs. Not all bugfixes and changes are included.
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  2. Lunelune

    Lunelune Known double post Inquisitor, and Heretic caller. Brigand

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    Basically everyone. Think of the balance (Hopefully in the future when all the feedback starts pouring) of AW:LR and the terrain with the level of LTA <3
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  3. Harald

    Harald Loremaster Shaman Map Maker

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    Had a look in singleplayer at the terrain, it's well done. Looks abseloutly wonderfull, looking forward to testing the balance
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  4. Spampolice

    Spampolice The Soulflayer Shaman

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    Seconding what PokemonGo champion Harald said.
    Map looks pretty fukin hype.
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  5. Marshmalo

    Marshmalo Brigand Map Maker

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    Can we see some screenshots please? :-)
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  6. xXwhiterunerXx


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    I'll make an imgur album and upload it within the hour. I'll be on vacation for the next couple of days btw guys so I probably won't be able to answer that many of your questions.
    But I highly recommend you try it out in singleplayer (Or host it online if you feel like it). I've petitioned for it to get on MMH, but who knows when that will happen.
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  7. Arlt

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    A few things looks a bit meh, but places such as Lordaeron and Stormwind looks amazing. :-)
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  8. Harald

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    If you are fine with it we can upload it to our Makemehost bot and try and test things out
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  9. xXwhiterunerXx


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    I'd be more than fine with that. Could I ask that you send me a replay if you get a decent game going? I can't join myself since I don't have a functional version of WC3. Plus I need to go in 2 Hours.
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  10. Harald

    Harald Loremaster Shaman Map Maker

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    Sure thing
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