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Balance : The aftermath Hero Suggestions

Discussion in 'Balance: The Aftermath' started by SvnmS, Mar 9, 2018.

  1. Elbadruhel


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    This is a hero from my map so u can do a crossover:

    Name: Elbadruhel
    Class: Druid of the Dawn
    Race: Elf or human
    Model: if u use it as elve pick walking malfurion. If u do as human, there is a human druid in the hive quite similar to malph (i use this one).

    Intelligence hero. Support.
    Gets HIGH int per lvl. But low agi and str

    Lore: Wise druid that uses to give advice to the king and looks for teaching about nature and good herbs in the realm. He is usually ordered to organize the units for battle and there he summons the power of nature and its roots to help him.

    Q: Nature Roots: Cast entangling roots to all enemies in an area. Can be dispelled.
    W: Tree of Live: Summons a magic tree that heals nerby allies over time.
    E: Wise Council: Replentish the mana of all nerby allies. The first 2 lvls costs him more than he gets.
    R: Root Roads. Tps the hero and nerby units to the target allied building.

    Note: u can change Wise council with brillance aura :-)
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  2. TheKaldorei

    TheKaldorei High Priestess of Elune Shaman Map Maker

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  3. Nayf


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    Hero name: Nayf
    Hero title: Slav
    Model: Villager, male, with slight black colouring

    Lore: One day, this slav has appeared in this realm. This realm looked nice and all but there were two things missing: hardbass and adidas. This really upset him and he vowed to spread these things by all means necessary.

    Strenght hero
    Q: Power of Slavness: Shockwave. About this spell: Nayf, true slav that he is, concentrates all of his slavic powers to create shockwave.
    W: CHEEKI BREEKI: Basicly roar. About this spell: Nayf shouts with extreme slavness, boosting attack of nearby friendly troops.
    E: Power of Hardbass: Endurance aura. About this spell: Nayf always plays hardbass which increases attack speed and movement speed of nearby friendly units.
    R: BLYAAAAAAT: Avatar. About this spell: Nayf turns himself into the avatar of true slavness. His body now imbued with stalinium makes him unstoppable.
  4. BuzanandFriends

    BuzanandFriends The Sub-par mapmaker. Brigand

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