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Battle for Azeroth (new map project)

Discussion in 'Custom Projects' started by Bonemane, Apr 1, 2018.

  1. Bonemane


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    War3: Battle for Azeroth

    UPDATED: 4 APRIL, Sections: Phase 1

    Hi all, been gone awhile (my previous forum name was Hellborne), but am back and keen to get back into mapping again. I was recently inspired by the concept stuff for Battle for Azeroth, and as such, am developing a team strategy map. I started working on it about a week ago, but I wanted to make the development public, as it helps me with motivation, and there are some resources / help I’m seeking for the project.

    To begin with, i’ll give the core principles guiding the project (please note, all are subject to change depending on community input):

    1. The goal is to create a map that can be used as a base for different style’s of gameplay. The one i’m developing first is an Alliance vs Horde mode, however, i’m also developing a Diplomacy mode, which would have more factions.
    2. The map will be a conquest style map with control points.
    3. The map will cover the entire of Azeroth (without Pandaria), and possibly Outland (dependent on the feel of the map).
    4. The map will be beautiful.
    5. The map will not conflict with the lore (however creative license will be used to simplify mechanics and portray development based on the passage of time).
    6. The map will be balanced.
    7. The AvH version of the map will be ideally 7v7 once patch is released, otherwise 6v6 if completed before.
    8. The map will have scripted events that add new units + cities to various factions.
    9. The map will be released in stages. I am doing it this way due to the immense scale of the map, and so that balance can be worked out as development continues.
    10. The map once complete will be semi-open source. While the version on hosting platforms will be protected, I am happy to share the open files with a mapmaker with a proven record, and who makes a motivation. The condition is that whichever map maker takes it, also has to uphold this offer to other map makers.
    11. If I lose motivation, I will hand over the file to another mapper who is interested in completing it.
    12. I want this to be a community driven project, where the community has input at all stages.

    Help I’m looking for
    1. At this stage, i’m primarily looking for a clan or a community that can assist with testing, motivation and brain storming. Ideally a community that is active on voice chat.
    2. Editor’s that would like to join in on the project. I’m most interested in a developer with experience of creating scripted events. All editors involved will gain equal credit.

    The Details:

    Horde Factions:
    1. Orgrimmar
    2. Thunder Bluff
    3. Undercity
    4. Silvermoon
    5. Dragonmaw (Including Revantusk trolls, and Hinterland forces)
    6. Broken Isles (Suramar & High Mountain)
    7. Zandalar

    Alliance Factions:
    1. Darnassus (Sentinels)
    2. Exodar
    3. Stormwind
    4. The Southern Dwarves (Shadowforge & Ironforge)
    5. The Northern Coalition (Aerie Peak & Stromgarde)
    6. Broken Isles (Wardens)
    7. Kul’tiras

    Now for the development schedule:
    The map will be developed in phases for testing purposes, outlined below:

    Phase 1)
    • Northern Eastern Kingdoms:
    • Horde will have Silvermoon and Undercity factions
    • Alliance will have Strom + Aerie Peak and Stormwind Faction (will replace the Argent crusade infrastructure with Stormwind for this version only)
    • Will encompass the map north of the Thandol Span, no islands except Quel’Danas.
    Phase 2)
    • Full Eastern Kingdoms expansion:
    • Argent Crusade forces will be made neutral (later will be able to join a faction based on scripted events).
    • Horde will Gain: the Dragonmaw
    • Alliance will gain: the Dwarves and Stormwind.
    • Will encompass the entire of the eastern kingdoms, no islands except Quel’Danas.
    Phase 3)
    • The great sea Expansion:
    • Encompass all the islands between Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms.
    • Horde will gain Zandalari and Suramar + Highmountain to the Horde.
    • Alliance will gain Kul’tiras + Wardens to the Alliance.
    Phase 4)
    • Kalimdor expansion.
    • Horde will gain: Orgrimmar and Thunder Bluff
    • Alliance will gain: Darnassus and Exodar factions to the Alliance.

    Phase 5)
    • Northrend expansion.
    • Will add northrend and scripted events for receiving faction hubs there.

    Phase 6)
    • Outland expansion.
    • Will add outland and scripted events for receiving faction hubs there.

    Phase 7)
    • Expanding scripted events
    • Balancing

    Phase 8)
    • Final Release
    • Changes and balancing as relevant

    Current Progress (phase 1 underway):

    Mapping completion:

    All below figures are related to time investment.

    1. Quel’Thalas: 60%
    • Quel’danas: 90% (need to complete doodad clutter layer)
    • Silvermoon: 70% (need to complete harbour + doodad clutter layer)
    • Eversong: 70% (need to begin doodad clutter layer)
    • Ghostlands: 70%(need to begin doodad clutter layer)
    1. Eastern Lordaeron: 20% (complex layout complete)
      Stratholme: 70% (Basic version complete, still needs a doodad clutter layer)
    2. Tirisfal Glades: 10% (basic layout complete)
    3. Silverpine: 10% (basic layout complete)
    4. Gilneas: 0%
    5. Hillsbrad: 10% (basic layout complete)
    6. Arathi Highlands: 10% (basic layout complete)
    7. Hinterlands: 10% (basic layout complete)

    1. Silvermoon: (Was 50%) 70%
    • Building techtree: 90%
    • Building Placement: 90%
    • Unit Techtree: (Was 0%) 70%
    • Unit Placement: 0%
    1. Stormwind: (Was 50%) 70%
    • Building techtree: 90%
    • Building Placement: 90%
    • Unit Techtree: (Was 0%) 50%
    • Unit Placement: 0%
    1. Undercity: (Was 25) 65%
    • Building techtree: (Was 50%) 90%
    • Building Placement: (Was 0%) 80%
    • Unit Techtree: (Was 0%) 50%
    • Unit Placement: 0%
    1. Aerie Peak & Stromgarde: 0%
    • Building techtree: 0%
    • Building Placement: 0%
    • Unit Techtree: 0%
    • Unit Placement: 0%
    This map is very much inspired by Azeroth Wars (since it’s early iterations by Augur, through various iterations during the LR phase), The Aftermath and Foremath maps, as well as WoW BFA in general. Lastly, watching Azothan cast a Aftermath game and mention the concept got me started on it. Credit for models are numerous (sourced from multiple websites) and will be within map quest section.

    Check follow up posts to see screenshots of the project.
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    Last edited: Apr 10, 2018
  2. Bonemane


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    Hi all - please bear in mind this are pre-alpha and not complete, recommendations are more than welcome.

    Lower Sunwell complex on Isle of Quel'Danas
    Quel'Danas 4.jpg
    Magister's Terrace on the Isle of Quel'Danas
    Quel'Danas 3.jpg
    Central Sunwell Complex on Isle of Quel'Danas
    Quel'Danas 2.jpg
    Silvermoon Road
    Silvermoon 1.jpg
    Western Sunwell Complex on the Isle of Quel'Danas
    Quel'Danas 1.jpg
    Southern Quel'Thalas (formerly known as the Ghostlands)
    Ghostlands 1.jpg
    Central Eastern Silvermoon
    Silvermoon 2.jpg
    Southern Eastern Silvermoon
    Silvermoon 3.jpg

    Eastern Eastern Silvermoon
    Silvermoon 4.jpg
    Western Silvermoon
    Silvermoon 5.jpg
    Stratholme full city view
    Stratholme 1.jpg
    Stratholme Southern Entrance
    Stratholme 2.jpg
    Stratholme North Eastern Entrance
    Stratholme 3.jpg
    North Western Eversong Woods
    Eversong 1.jpg
    Southern Eversong Woods
    Eversong 3.jpg
    Western Eversong Woods
    Eversong 2.jpg
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  3. ZeroFlotsie

    ZeroFlotsie Lord of Hate Shaman Website Admin Legendary Donator

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    I like the looks a lot. Gameplay wise having that many tall buildings is going to make fighting in said areas annoying since units and effects will be behind very tall buildings which could make fighting there rather annoying. Some doodads are also welcome! Or some effects. It does not feel very alive right now.
  4. Bonemane


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    Thanks for the reply!
    So a follow up question, what sort of solutions do you think would strike the best balance to the tall building issue?

    1) Removing said tall buildings.
    2) leaving it as is, and having areas with tall buildings naturally unappealing to fight in.
    3) Make it so areas with tall buildings tend to not be of value to fight in.
    4) Something else?

    As for more doodads + effects and making more alive, will try get that right on my doodad clutter layers :-). At this stage i'm hanging back on that, as I'd like to get the proportions right first, my thinking is that if there is an issue with proportions etc. I'll have to scrap and rework a lot of stuff, so don't want to waste work on stuff that may get completely redone.

    That being said - do you have any recommendations for what sort of clutter you like or could be added?
  5. ZeroFlotsie

    ZeroFlotsie Lord of Hate Shaman Website Admin Legendary Donator

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    I'd say put the taller buildings on the corner of cities. Cities can be insanely awesome to fight in. So you don't want to make sure fights do not happen there.

    As for doodads. Quel'thalas is a magical area. Besides the trolls living there. So it needs to feel sprankly sparkly bright and well, magically. Also the runestones of Quel'Thalas should not be forgotten! I'd say get on your horse get on wow and run around a bit in Quel'Thalas!

    Gameplay wise you need to be able to make sure people can easily find all production buildings. Since all of them having custom skins will make it a bit rougher on the player.
  6. FruitSalad


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    This map has the potential to be amazing, good luck my friend, i'll follow what you do with interests !
  7. Marshmalo

    Marshmalo Brigand Map Maker

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    I really like the terrain, very nice for alpha stuff! Though I'm seeing alot of potential for chokepoints, I think youl need to adjust collison sizes accordingly, otherwise melle heroes wont stand a chance.

    I was disapointed to read "Map will be balanced" :(
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  8. ZeroFlotsie

    ZeroFlotsie Lord of Hate Shaman Website Admin Legendary Donator

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    Or balance it around having small armies. High food cost. Old good melee style.
  9. Bonemane


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    So the units are all at 70%, in art, and 60% in pathing.
  10. Bonemane


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    One of my design intentions is that no player needs more 3-5 control groups. The exception may be a faction with swarm mechanics, but I'd rather do that with spawnables that decay, so you don't need to have cntrl groups.