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But if I did. [Discussion]

Discussion in 'City of Demons' started by Parco21, Feb 22, 2018.

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    First off, no. This isn't going to be a promise saying "I'll be back for real this time!" Cause I genuinely don't have free time yet to do this stuff.

    But if I did, the question is what would change now?

    First off 24 players is the obvious elephant in the room I have to address.

    First off we all know how difficult it is to get 12 people in a game. 24 is insane. Very rare to unless I make a popular game (Very unlikely) or it's organized by someone (Also kinda unlikely but I won't rule it out).

    My thought is this: The game adjusts based on the number of players. How small would that have to be though? It's two teams (Plus an optional third neutral party), which means I could end up with a 2 player game. That is tempting, but that also reduces the 'Teamwork' side of the game. It allows the game to fill up in a split, and it allows for mass replayability. My brother and I used to play Are You A Lucker all the time simply due to how quick it was to hop into those games. If there were three players, I couldn't add a neutral hero, as they're based on being outnumbered and having extra strengths to combat that.

    Going off of that train of thought here would be how I envision the game going in terms of 'Teams'.

    So as you can see, I felt pretty uncertain about a fair amount of these. Primarily the reason I felt uncertain was due to the awkwardness that is a third team that is alone but is also strong enough to holds its own. You'll notice at 24, while everyone else reaches 9 per team, there are still going to be 6 loners fighting on their own. That implies that for every 1 Neutral Player, they should be able to hold their own versus 3 team heroes should they come-a-knockin'. Looking at neutrals in the middle it's certainly up and down, and sometimes I'm not certain of what seems right and what isn't. Looking at the change from 12-14 players specifically, I don't like the idea of having 4 neutral players while the other teams have 4 as well, and 2 versus 5 seems kind of tenuous as well. The entire range has the trouble that on the one hand, I don't want to make Neutrals overpowered, and having too many of them does that, but as well, they should be noteworthy, and not just fall due to their low numbers. In the end, I seemed to reach a reasonable balance, in which it shifts up and down repeatedly, but it seems pretty solid. I can reasonably say to myself that I feel comfortable with 8 players per team, plus 4 or 5 neutrals.

    So maybe I can add items to the neutral players if they seem weak at some stretch. Maybe I can nerf them slightly as the number of players is reduced. I'm not really sure, so any input would be appreciated.

    Also, I promised to talk about testing mode. Basically, that's just for observing models and practicing as certain heroes and possibly strategizing.
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