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Changelogs. (current version: 1.1c)

Discussion in 'Fall of Quel'Thalas' started by Krotos, Jun 28, 2015.

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  1. Krotos

    Krotos The Lore Judge. Brigand Map Maker

    Here I'll include changelogs of a past, current and upcoming versions, starting with 1.0e:

    Changes in 1.0e:

    - Fixed an issue, where choosing a solo path as a Dark Ranger would make it impossible for Scourge to win.
    a) Now every time a ranger goes solo, the winning condition will change to accomodate for a new force on the horizon.​
    - Fixed an issue, where Melisara and Shalrindra were missing the "Second Chance" ability in their demi-hero forms.
    - Fixed an issue, where Purified Shrine of Aquantion and Aquantion himself remained neutral if Sylvanas and Anasterian had the same level.
    a) Now if they're equally leveled, Aquantion will be given to Anasterian (Orange).​
    - Fixed an issue, where Nerubians, Wretched and Forsaken were unable to build their buildings on non-blighted ground.
    a) Caused issues with Tribulation Lair.​
    - Fixed an issue, where all Scourge and Forsaken bases were unable to attack anything but heroes.
    - Fixed an issue, where Elves were unable to build Altars of Sun.
    a) Altar of Sun allows you to revive your hero.​
    - Fixed Restorative Winds not healing allied units.
    - Fixed an issue, where Forsaken Acolytes would have an option to haunt gold mines, despite having 0 gold mines on the map.
    - Fixed an issue, where Teachings of the Past would have a missing icon in the "Learn an Ability" menu.
    - Fixed an issue, where Spirits of Spring would be unable to autoattack or remain ethereal in their corporeal form.

    1. Changes to Tichondrius:
    a) Meteors:
    - Damage at level 1 increased to 120 up from 110, damage at level 3 reduced to 215 down from 240.​
    b) Nathrezim Portal:
    - Fixed an issue, where rank 2 and 3 of Nathrezim portal were learnable at level 7 and 8. Changed to 9 and 12 as originally intended.​
    c) Hand of Nathrezim:
    - Area of Effect reduced to 400 down from 800.
    - Mana Cost increased to 250 up from 225.​

    2. Changes to Battlemage:
    a) Mana increased to 250 up from 200.
    b) Sigil of Silence:
    - Mana Cost reduced to 25 down from 75.​
    c) Mana Shield:
    - Mana to Health ratio changed to 1:1 down from 1.5:1 (this means that now Mana Shield uses 1 mana for each point of health protected this way instead of 1.5 mana)​
    d) Added a new ability: Magic Plating:
    - Magic Plating grants a 33% spell and magic damage reduction and a 50% chance to reflect that damage back to the source of attack. This is to encourage Elven players to actually produce melee units against Scourge.​

    3. Changes to Dar'khan:
    a) Nether Rays:
    - Damage reduced to 275 down from 350.​

    4. Changes to Arthas:
    a) Pulsing Darkness:
    - Removed.​

    5. Changes to Noth:
    a) Toxic Wave:
    - Removed.
    - Replaced with Pulsing Darkness.​
    b) Pulsing Darkness:
    - Noth uses the necromantic energies to form a wave of dark energy, which bounces between nearby allies and heals them. Restores 130/190/250 health to 2/5/8 targets.​
    c) Pestilence:
    - Amount of spawned zombies reduced to 1 down from 2.
    - Damage per second reduced to 50 down from 100.​

    6. Changes to Undead Vereesa:
    a) Touch of the Dead:
    - Fixed an issue, where it was possible to level it up at levels 1, 2 and 4 instead of 1, 3 and 5.​

    7. Changes to Nerubian Queen of Webs:
    a) Damage type changed from chaos to piercing.​

    8. Changes to Elven Towers:
    a) Added multishot to Guard Tower:
    - Multishot allows the Guard Tower to attack 9 targets at once.​
    b) Damage of all towers increased by 30-50%.​
  2. Krotos

    Krotos The Lore Judge. Brigand Map Maker

    Changes to be included in 1.0f:


    That's right! 1.0f will include Naval Combat System! Here's how it's gonna work:

    Transport Ships: 1 unique ability and Archer Crew. (passively attacks nearby enemies)
    Frigates: 1 unique ability, intercept (melee range channeled immobilisation) and Volley/Cannon Barrage (passively attacks nearby enemies)
    Battleships: 2 unique abilities and Ballista Shot / Cannon Barrage (passively attacks nearby enemies)

    Naval units will be available to DG only at the beginning, but both Scourge (Red and LB) and Teal (Silvermoon) will unlock navy with the fall of Windrunner Village.

    Here's the current changelog for 1.0f:
    - Restructurised all spells to use QWER system:

    - Hero spells were the only ones to use it, now all of them do.
    - Now applies to hero learn tooltips as well.
    - Improved Elven Fury and Celestial Towers:
    - Fury Towers will now splash on each attack, damage type changed to siege.
    - Celestial Towers will now hit 3 targets at once, damage type changed to chaos.
    - Improved Spirit Towers, Legion Spires and Wretched Generators
    - Spirit Towers will now automatically raise Lost Souls, which will attack nearby enemies for 15 seconds. 1s cooldown.
    - Wretched Generators will now silence all units around an attacked target on every hit. Doesn't work against heroes. Current feedback changed to work on heroes only and burn 40 mana per hit and damage them for 150% of the base amount (60).
    - Legion Spires will convert killed enemies into demons. 3 different conversion types available. Damage increased by 40.
    - Removed Maexxna's Web from Undead shops.
    - Removed Scroll of Rune of Frost from High Elven shops.
    - Added a bunch of hostiles in Zul'Aman.
    - Added a couple of production buildings for Teal and Orange in Silvermoon.
    - Fixed an issue when trying to repair or hasten the construction of the Sky Perch would result in a warning about insufficient amount of wood.
    - Fixed a typo in Sylvanas' Summon Dark Rangers' ability.
    - Fixed an error, which caused Vereesa not to ally Sylvanas if both have decided to -go solo.
    - Fixed a typo in Noth's Pulsing Darkness spell.
    - Increased the minimum level required for Ner'zhul's Breastplate to 4 and levels required for rank 2 and 3 to 7 and 10.
    - Skeletal Archers are now Undying and will respawn after 2.5 seconds once every 180 seconds if killed.
    - Nerfed Bow of Light.

    - Now heals for 300 health and damages undead for 150 damage. Costs 50 mana (up from 0) and has 10s cd (down from 12).
    - Redesigned Horn of Silvermoon a bit.
    - Now summons 4 Swordsmen and 3 Archers.
    - Cooldown changed to 120 seconds down from 880 seconds.
    - Will be monitored.
    - Remade High Elven Druids.
    - Now more lore-accurate.
    - Spellset: Rune of Frost, Sigil of Clarity and Summon Runestone Guardians.

    a) Rune of Frost: Spawns a rune of frost in a chosen location.
    b) Sigil of Clarity: Spawns a rune that grants bonus mana regeneration to nearby allies.
    c) Summon Runestone Guardians: Summons 2 Runestone Guardians to defend the Runewarden and Quel'thalas. Runestone Guardians benefit from upgrades and take 10 less damage from attacks thanks to Barkskin.

    - This is meant to keep Treants in the game.
    - Wisdom will now summon these instead of regular treants.
    - Unit renamed to Runewarden. Unit description updated to accomodate for a change.
    - Replaced Treants with Eversong Lynxes.
    - Eversong Lynxes are slightly faster and have a 15% chance to dodge attacks on top of having a chance to rake their enemies. (bash effect)
    - Changed a bunch of models and icons to reorganise map filesize:
    - Models changed:
    - Elven town halls and bases,
    - Wretched units,
    - Elven Embassy,
    - Spreader of Diseases,
    - Nerubian Queen of Webs,
    - Nerubian Weaver,
    - Hellgate,
    - Wretched Armoury,
    - Temple of Webs,
    - Spawning Pit,
    - Portal to Err'ienlan,

    - Eversong Lynx.
    - Icons changed:
    - Hell Workshop,
    - Embassy,
    - Elven Town Hall, Keep and Castle,
    - Elven bases,
    - Anchorage,
    - Wretched Armoury,
    - Spawning Pit,
    - Hellgate,
    - Temple of Webs,
    - Portal to Err'ienlan,
    - Hardened Bones,
    - Feline Reflexes,
    - Barkskin,
    - Undying,
    - Banshee Archer,
    - Eversong Lynx.
    - Changed a bunch of AoE spells:
    - Dar'khan's Magic Hunger AoE changed to 250/300/350 from 300/400/500.
    - Tichondrius' Meteors AoE changed to 200/225/250 from 400/400/400 and damage at level 3 reduced to 190 from 215.
    - Detheroc's Mindblast AoE changed to 200/250/300 from 200/300/400 and cooldown changed to 25 seconds at all levels from 25/22.5/20 seconds.
    - Arthas' Shadowstrike AoE changed to 175/200/225 from 250 at all levels.
    - Kel'thuzad's (ghost form) Requiem AoE changed to 250 from 350.
    - Sylvanas' Falling Star AoE changed to 300/350/400 from 400 at all levels, damage reduced to 100 and 130 at levels 2 and 3 down from 120 and 180.
    - Bel'Aranoth's Star Shards damage lowered to 135 at level 3 down from 180.
    - Voren'thal's Elder's Might damage lowered to 105 at level 2 and 135 at level 3 down from 120 and 170.
    - Vereesa's Magic Flux damage reduced to 120 at level and 145 at level 3 down from 130 and 170.
    - Bel'Aranoth's Arcane Storm damage reduced to 110 at level 2 and 140 at level 3 down from 120 and 160.
    - Updated tooltips of all Elven units to separate lore entries from crucial gameplay info.
    - Lore info will be displayed right below combat info.
    - Undead and Forsaken tooltips will follow the same route in the future.
    - Updated the visual effects of Runestone special ability to make it feel more arcane.
    - Added Spinel's Quel'dorei textures to further beautify Silvermoon and a few corners of Quel'thalas.
    - Added a town hall for Blue, Green, Pink and DG in Silvermoon's Trade District
    - Huntresses are now trained from and upgraded in Dragonhawk Roost.

    - Dragonhawk Roost renamed to Sky Perch.
    - Removed Altar of Sun from Vereesa and Alleria as they cannot make use of it.
    - Removed all abusable scrolls from High Elves.
    - Removed a bunch of unused models.
    - Removed control of the AI players as it's no longer needed. (hopefully)

    - As a further change caused by that, Sunwell is now owned by Teal.
    - Fixed Orange being able to research Phase Shift in his barracks.
    - OJ cannot train Grove Spirits, so it's redundant for him.
    - Fixed the AI messing up whenever the gates are closed.
    - Fixed Frozen Souls' Frost Ward having no cooldown at all.

    - This allowed Forsaken players to evaporate entire armies with 100+ Frost Wards dropped at once.
    - Current cooldown is 15 seconds.
    - Fixed Green having access to Cold Staves in Embassy.
    - Green cannot train Kirin Tor Mages, so it's redudant to have it.
    - Fixed a bunch of typos across the entire map.
    - Marshmalo is no longer called a Marshalo for example. :p
    - Added red pings to the help button to indicate the location of Gate Levers.
    - Added 2 mana absorbers to Purple's starting location.
    - Added a bunch of units to Shalandis Citadel as a reward for purple.
    - Added 2 Nerubian Weavers, 2 Crypt Fiends and a Clawmaster to LB's starting location.
    - Allowed Arthas' Death Coil to heal himself.

    - Will monitor it closely as he's not as tanky as before, but still a danger.
    - Reduced damage of Ner'zhul's Breastplate's dark nova to 60/80/100 from 65/100/135.
    - Added Naval Combat System to the game.
    - Fixed naval units being able to target bases.
    - Fixed Windrunner Village having no Banshee Archers for Red to train.
    - Fixed Goldenmist Village having a High Elven help button.
    - Removed a couple of units from Fairbreeze Village, Suncrown Village and Goldenmist Village to reduce Elven early game power.
    - Rewritten victory condition triggers to properly include Forsaken as a solo path.

    - Added a warning for all Rangers on their retreat items, informing them when they can use it to escape.
    - All Souls will grant +10 to all stats. Evil characters cannot release them anymore.

    - Trying to do so will show a warning to the player.
    - Fixed Souls granting Dark Rangers freedom, if used by Scourge.
    - Soul stat buffs upon consumption changed:

    a) Sylvanas grants +4 to all stats.
    b) Alleria grants +5 agility, +3 strength and +2 intelligence.
    c) Vereesa grants +5 intelligence, +3 agility and +2 strength.
    - Remade Zul'Aman.
    - Now guards the eastern part of Quel'thalas.
    - Contains an area accessible to Forsaken only.
    - After 30 minutes - or when Forsaken kill Malorakk and Akil'zon - Inner Zul'Aman will become available to everyone else.
    - Ranger solo paths have been adjusted to ensure that if one ranger goes solo, the other ones will benefit from its conquest if they go solo once the spirits are down.
    - Killing Malorakk and Akil'zon as either Elves or Plague will reward the killers with Hood of Cunning, a powerful long lost Elven artifact.
    - Remade the -ally good option path for Forsaken:
    - Now grants 3 High Elven Workers instead of 3 Acolytes.
    - High Elven Workers undel Elven command will be able to construct 6 farms to generate gold income. One farm grants 25 gold every 10 seconds.
    - Forsaken units proved to be too powerful in combination with Elven heroes and casters.
    - Once a Ranger rejoins her kin, a town hall from Trade District, which was previously in her possession, will be given back to her.
    - Remade the income system for The Plague and Forsaken:
    - All Plague and Forsaken factions will generate income through graveyards (or an equivalent of such).
    - Non-Undead factions of the Scourge (Wretched and Nathrezim) will utilise gold to recruit units and revive heroes. Income buildings: Wretched Armoury, Demonic Shrine.
    - Undead factions of the Scourge (Scourge and Nerubians) will utilise corpses to recruit units and revive heroes. Income building: Graveyard.
    - Forsaken will utilise both gold and corpses to recruit units and revive heroes. Forsaken units will utilise corpses, while troll ones gold. Income buildings: Graveyard, Deforester and High Elven Farm (Good Path only).
    - Readjusted corpse cost of ALL Scourge, Nerubian and Forsaken units to accomodate for the change. Further readjustment might be needed, as they may be under- or overcosted.
    - Because of this change, Acolytes for Scourge were made free, but use up food now to prevent spamming.
    - Changed the victory timer for Elves back to 60 minutes.
    - Reduced Alleria's and Vereesa's health by 100.
    - Orange, Pink and Teal start with 0 gold now down from 750, 500 and 1000 respectively. This should slow Elves down a bit.
    - Fixed Shipyard's and Voodoo Lodge's collision sizes.
    - Fixed Wretched spell upgrades requiring Black Citadel.
    - Fixed Legion advanced melee and ranged units requiring Graveyard.
    - Deforester renamed to Lumbermill.
    - Added Dark Infusion to Red. Available in Windrunner Spire. Once researched, grants 150 health to ALL Scourge players (Red, Purple, Gray, LB). Doesn't include heroes.
    - Kel'thuzad is non-revivable.
    - Aquantion is non-revivable once Purified Shrine is down.

    - Elves lose access to Water Spirits with his death.
    - Made Water Spirits less accessible.
    - Now only Teal and Green will be able to train them once Aquantion is saved.
    - Map renamed to Fall of Quel'thalas.
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  3. Krotos

    Krotos The Lore Judge. Brigand Map Maker

    Changes in 1.1:
    - Added a new preview image that is more fitting to High Elves.
    - Mana Walkers limited to 12.
    - Elven upgrade level 3 requires a mystic store instead of a sky perch now.
    - Fixed a super rare bug red suffered from, which would cause integer underflow.
    - Fixed a pathing issue Forces of Ssilvermoon AI was suffering from.
    - Added a warning for Scourge players to build their income structures in their initial post-intro text.
    - Infinite swimming Mana Walkers are insane. I'm limiting them to 12 to see how they will fare at these numbers.
    - Reworked Battlemage's Sigil of Silence:
    - Now based on orb of lightning - attacking enemies will silence them. This is generally the same idea as the current sigil, but its implementation is absolutely unwieldy. Duration on heroes reduced to 0.5s.​
    - Reworked Wretched Mana Generator's Wretched Disturbance:
    - Now hits 5 additional targets for 50 damage instead of silencing.​
    - Bel'Aranoth and his Kirin Tor Mages are no more.
    - Blizzard phased Bel'Aranoth out of their lore and reinstated Belo'vir Salonar, the Grand Magister of Silvermoon in his place.
    - Kirin Tor Mages have been replaced by High Councilmen. Their skillset remains the same for now.
    - They no longer are affected by armour and attack upgrades but have hero armour and damage now.​
    - This doesn't affect the Kirin Tor Mages from Embassies, who were renamed to Kirin Tor Hydromancers.- Replaced Spreader of Diseases for purple with Mana Addicts:​
    - Mana Addicts manipulate the flow of magic upon the battlefield.
    - Starts out with spellsteal, can learn mana infusion and drain essence.​
    - Removed Devour Magic from Mana Absorbers:
    - Now learns Summon Mana Wraith instead.
    - Renamed to Mana Devourer.​
    - Expanded and reterrained nearly the entire map through the efforts of our dear friend Hawk.
    - Expanded Zul'Aman event for Forsaken - now all the aspects and the Amani figures have to be slain to conquer Zul'Aman.
    - Wretched Casters benefit from damage upgrades now.
    - Max number of Dragonhawks reduced to 4 per player.
    - Pink and Green cannot train them anymore. As they cannot train Huntresses either, Sky Perch has been removed from them.​
    - Max number of Gyrocopters reduced to 10 from 24.
    - Improved certain dialogues in game to display themselves and present the characters in question.
    - Added Arcane Generators for Teal.
    - Arcane Generators replenish mana of nearby Elves and shoot magic missiles at nearby enemy ground units. Limited to 4.​
    - Fixed cannibalism's cost. Now properly costs corpses.
    - Fixed Voren'thal's passive's icon.
    - Will display itself properly now.​
    - Fixed item selection for Scourge, Forsaken and Nerubians by giving them corpse counterparts of the items.
    - Fixed double and random text issues. (hopefully for good)
    - Fixed Elven Ships attacking capitals.
    - Fixed Dark Rangers having their old faction as part of their name. (E.g. Krotos (Farstriders)(Forsaken)).
    - Fixed Obsidian Statue's hotkeys - health restoration is Q, mana restoration is W, devour magic is E.
    - Fixed Elven Guard Towers' Multishot description claiming it can shoot 9 targets.
    - It's been shooting 3 targets since a while.​
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  4. Krotos

    Krotos The Lore Judge. Brigand Map Maker

    Things that will be fixed or added in 1.1a:

    Bug fixes and QoL changes:
    - Fixed an issue, where Forsaken would be unable to purchase scroll of unholy restoration.
    - Fixed abnormal recharge cooldowns on Thuzad Ring, Eye of the Old Shaman, Bow of Light, Horn of Silvermoon, Whisperwind's Gem of the Moon and The Mirror Orb. Takes 3 minutes to be available for purchase again (just like Eye of Necropolis) instead of 1 hour.
    - Fixed Wretched heroes being gained at level 15 instead of Dar'khan's respective level.
    - Fixed missing pathing blockers to the west and east of Silvermoon Gate.
    - Might have missed something. Report it with screenshots if you come across it.​
    - Fixed Anetheron and Detheroc not benefitting from Tichondrius' experience pool.
    - Fixed a couple of leaks.
    - Fixed Alleria's Poisoned Arrow having W as its assigned hotkey instead of Q.
    - Fixed Belo'vir's hotkeys.
    - Fixed Anok'Suten not benefitting from Anub'Rekhan's experience pool.
    - Added -help command that acts the same way as the help button on buildings.
    - Added some more tips during the initial cinematic, using the format that will be introduced to LTA as well.
    - Added a new context menu that allows skipping the initial cinematic.
    - After 10s the game will determine whether to skip the cinematic or play it out based on the amount of votes. Those, who didn't vote, will be ignored. This is a fairly experimental trigger that I made by myself so it's not guaranteed to work. Will require inhouse testing.​
    - Added -tip command, which will display the tips from the cinematic over time.
    - Added proper credits under F9.
    - Swapped Sylvanas' Falling Star's and Glittering Sun Arrows' hotkeys around. (FS is Q, GSW is R)
    - Changed a bunch of icons for respective abilities:
    - Aelthalyste:
    - [​IMG] Righteous Avenger (W)
    - [​IMG] Retribution Aura (E) [AURA]
    - [​IMG] Divine Intervention (R)​
    - Alleria:
    - [​IMG] Poisoned Arrow (Q)​
    - Anasterian:
    - [​IMG] Holy Nova (Q)
    - [​IMG] Back to the Ground! (W)​
    - Anetheron:
    - [​IMG] Carrion Swarm (Q)
    - [​IMG] Fel Nova (W)
    - [​IMG] Seal of Nathrezim (E)
    - [​IMG] Rain of Chaos (T)​
    - Bel'ovir:
    - [​IMG] Star Shards (R)​
    - Dar'khan:
    - [​IMG] Master of Nullification (D)
    - [​IMG] Corruption (W)
    - [​IMG] Nether Rays (T)​
    - Detheroc:
    - [​IMG] Mind Blast (W)
    - [​IMG] Asheron's Call (R)
    - [​IMG] Doom (T)​
    - Feledren:
    - [​IMG] Black Hole (T)​
    - Kel'thu(freaking)zad:
    - [​IMG] Master Necromancer (D)
    - [​IMG] Frost Explosion (Q)
    - [​IMG] Frost Spikes (W)
    - [​IMG] Requiem (hero version) (R)
    - [​IMG] Death and Decay (T)​
    - Sylvanas:
    - [​IMG] Rune Trap (W)
    - [​IMG] Glittering Sun Arrows (R) [PASSIVE]
    - [​IMG] Lament of the Highborne (T)​
    - Tichondrius:
    - [​IMG] Hero Portrait
    - [​IMG] Hand of Nathrezim (R)​
    - Vereesa:
    - [​IMG] Magic Flux (Q)
    - [​IMG] Magic Dust (E)​
    - Voren'thal:
    - [​IMG] Elder's Might (Q)
    - [​IMG] Clairvoyance (R)​
    Balance changes:
    - Added Ban'dinoriel to Silvermoon:
    - Ban'dinoriel is a powerful arcane shield that protects Silvermoon. It deals 250 damage per second to all enemies within Silvermoon and is invulnerable until the Runestones, West Sanctum and Duskwither Spire are destroyed. Once that happens, it will lose its invulnerability and deal 25 damage per second instead. To destroy Ban'dinoriel, kill the generator located in the middle of Silvermoon.
    - This is to remind and encourage Undead to get rid of all Quel'thalas defenses before proceeding to attack Silvermoon (apart from the god hero reward itself) as well as discourage early doomdrops on Sunstrider Isle and the Sunwell itself.​
    - Ban'dinoriel's Generator has 2500 health and 10 armour once it's no longer invulnerable.​
    - Added Hawkstriders to Farstriders (Blue) and Ranger Corps (Pink)
    - Hawkstriders are a quick cavarly unit meant to act as ambushers and flankers - they deal a lot of damage but have little health.
    - Charge [Q]: Increases Hawkstrider's movement speed by 75%. Lasts 10 seconds. 20s cooldown.
    - Virtuous Strike [Passive]: Each attack performed by a Hawkstrider leaves a mark of virtue upon a foe. The first hit will deal 2 extra damage. Each consequent one will deal twice as much compared to the previous one. If an enemy dies while marked, he'll explode, dealing 25 damage to enemies in a 150 radius around him.
    - Dismount [Passive]: Upon losing his mount, a Hawkstrider will continue to fight as a simple Swordsman.​
    - Glaive Master's health reduced to 725 from 875.
    - Swordsmen had their armour reduced by 1.
    - Starts with 1 base, down from 2.
    - Armour gain per upgrade down to 1 from 2. (total: 4 armour down from 8)​
    - Added a monetary reward to Scourge for every village they destroy.
    - Grants 100 corpses (red and LB) and 500 gold (purple and gray) for every base.
    - Bases included: Windrunner Spire, Windrunner Village, Tranquillien, Goldenmist Village, Suncrown Village, Sunsail Anchorage, Farstriders Enclave and Farstriders Retreat.​
    - Destroying Farstriders Retreat will disable Hawkstriders for blue and pink.
    - Added more audio feedback to the game.
    - More balance changes as feedback appears soon.
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  5. Krotos

    Krotos The Lore Judge. Brigand Map Maker

    Note: this small update has been brought with great pain as I had to more or less hack through my NewGen to get it to work. No major balance changes as I simply lack feedback to push the sides in one way or another.

    Changes in 1.1b:

    Bug Fixes and QoL changes:
    - Fixed Ban'dinoriel not becoming weakened upon the loss of its sources of power.
    - Fixed Scourge Banshee Archers not benefitting from upgrades.
    - Fixed Mana Wraiths being unable to cast abolish magic.
    - Fixed Tichondrius' missing hero icon.
    - Now 200% more badass.​
    - Fixed Fel Reavers having no hotkeys on their spells.
    - Now uses QWER system.
    - Now has unique names. New names are: Fel Stomp (warstomp), Disruption (Dispel Magic) and Incinerate (New).​
    - Fixed Devour Essence having no hotkey. It's now bound to Q.
    - Mana Beam's Hotkey is now W.​
    - Changed Noth's model to a more fitting one.
    - All buildings, units (training) and technologies now use the QWER system.
    - Units use QWER.
    - Buildings and technologies use QWER (1st row), ASDF (2nd row) and ZXCV (3rd row).
    - Upgrades use ZXCV.
    - This does not include hero revival buttons as I haven't decided how to redistribute their hotkeys yet.​

    Balance Changes:
    - Added Hungering Arrows upgrade to Wretched Manaspitters.
    - Increases their attack range.​
    - Changed Fel Reavers slightly.
    - Removed Cripple.
    - Rain of Fire replaced with Incinerate.
    - Incinerate deals 125 damage to a single target. 150 mana cost, 15 seconds cooldown.​
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  6. Krotos

    Krotos The Lore Judge. Brigand Map Maker

    - Fixed Sigil of Clarity being permanent.
    - Fixed Sigil of Clarity not requiring the upgrade to unlock it.
    - Fixed Sigil of Clarity and Rune of Frost casting each other instead of the one the player chose.
    - Fixed Sigil of Clarity giving 750% mana regen bonus.
    - Adjusted to give 15 flat instead. Duration unchanged.​
    - Fixed the positioning of Evil Watchers so that they match the runestone locations.
    - Fixed Hawkstriders being untrainable.
    - Fixed Sylvanas' Rune Trap missing its SFX.
    - Fixed Fel Reavers' spells being wrong.
    - Fixed Windfuries being unlimited and Orange having access to navy.
    - Fixed Liadrin having a wrong hotkey.
    - Fixed Sylvanas' Falling Star hotkey being wrong in the description.
    - Fixed Sylvanas' Rune Trap missing the hotkey in its description.
    - Fixed Alleria's Straith position in level-up window.
    - Fixed positioning of buildings in acolyte's construction tab.
    - Fixed Mirdoran the Fallen no longer existing on the map.
    - Fixed Wretched Armoury, Wretched Keep and Tomb of Relics having no hotkey.
    - Fixed all Level 2 caster upgrades requiring a Sun Perch.
    - Caused some players to be unable to research them. Now requires a mystical store.​
    - Fixed Silvermoon Archers' training hotkey.
    - Now uses E.​
    - Fixed High Elven Farms using the same hotkey as Altar of Sun.
    - Now uses F instead of R.​
    - Restored missing audio lines.
    - I am not sure if there's anything I can do about it but I believe some of it got fixed.​
    - Removed a lonely Abomination that was scouting around Silvermoon City.
    - Removed an underwater sect of trolls north of Zul'Aman.
    - Reworked Silvermoon Archers:
    - Renamed to Farstriders.
    - Damage reduced by 4 and health reduced by 130.
    - Now has Multishot and Sentinel.
    - Multishot lets them hit an additional target.
    - Reworked Spreaders of Disease.
    - Now called Plaguemancers: they can now cast Pestilence and can learn Reanimate and Decrepify.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    - Reworked Anub'Rekhan:
    - Replaced by Seer Drannix:

    - Seer Drannix comes with 2 new spells: Vicious Spawning and Spidery Grasp:
    - Vicious Spawning: Drannix summons the Nerubis eggs to debilitate his enemies. The eggs deal damage in an area around them and slow. After they're destroyed they spawn Nerubians to fight for his cause. At level 3 it can also spawn bigger eggs that spawn stronger Nerubians.
    - Spidery Grasp: Drannix envelops his enemy in tentacles, causing them to become rooted and unable to attack. The affected enemy will take damage over time. Duration's shorter against heroes.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    - Added Anti-Rush measures for Undead bases.
    - There are 2 Deathspires in Deatholme and 8 Protectors of the Nest in Tribulation Lair.​
    - Added a couple troll camps in some empty areas on the map.
    - Added some wildlife to make the map seem more alive.
    - Increased the amount of bounces on Noth's Pulsing Darkness from 2/4/6 to 4/7/10.
    - Sylvanas' Ambush Tactics aura works only on her own units now.
    - Reduced training time of all units by 25% to 40% to improve the flow of the game.
    - Updated High Elven upgrade icons to ones that match them more.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    - Updated Glaive Master's Sun Glaives icon.
    - Updated Ballistae's icon.
    - Updated Alleria's Arrow Barrage icon.
    - Updated Huntress' icon.
    - Updated Huntress' upgrade, Halduron's Bow Mastery's and Bow of Light's icons.
    - Updated Aelthalyste's and Liadrin's icons.
    - Updated Troll Hunters' icon.
    - Updated Mana Absorber's icon.
    - Updated Wretched Manaspitter's and Wretched Abolisher's icons.
    - Updated Vereesa's icon and model.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    - Disabled Forsaken victory conditions.
    - Latest patch completely broke them and they were mostly makeshift anyway. I'll try to get them reworked asap.​
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