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Closed beta: Release!

Discussion in 'The Last Crusade' started by Smyl, Aug 3, 2018.

  1. Smyl

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    Version 1.01 (closed beta)
    The Last Crusade.png
    With great pleasure I am happy to announce that we have released the closed beta version 1.01
    In the following two weeks we will test the map, fix bugs, problems, errors and add last content
    and get it ready for the public release in mid August (specific date will be announced later).

    !For those who do not know the map!​
    Timeline and story line
    • After the death of the Lich King, many of the undead in Lordaeron has gone rogue. With the new shift in power, the battle for Lordaeron rages again!
    • Humans of Lordaeron sense their great opportunity of restoring their kingdom rally together to drive the undeads gone from Lordaeron.
    • The emerging forces of the Remnants of Scourge located in Stratholme and the newly renewed Cult of the Damn with the base of operations in Scholomance, they try to maintain their control over these dead lands and reclaim the control over the rogue undead, before the humans can slay
    • Who will be the victor and conquer the lands of the Lordaeron? Only you can decide the fate of these lands!
    Tyr's Hand
    • The holy city and great fortress lays close to the Light's Hope Chapel controls a vital crossing and guarding the entrance into the southern part of the Eastern Plaguelands. Only they can cleanse these lands and restore the long lost great city of Stratholme.
    • They maintain mostly holy caster units with options of restoring the Kingdom of Lordaeron or making the alliance with the Death Knights of Ebon Blade.
    • The plague towers are under their control from the start of the game, but with the emerging undead from Stratholme they will be contested in the northern territories of the Eastern Plaguelands.
    • Base of operations under the command of the great paladin Tirion Fordring is vital for the survival of the Northern Lordaeron. With the newly formed Cult of the Damned and the new threat from the newly created Plague, only they can rally the surviving villages in the Northern Lordaderon, get them under their banner and march on Scholomance.
    • The Battle for Andorhal is one the bloodiest battles in the early stages of this new war. If they choose to forfeit this battle, they need to make sure, that the North stands behind them.
    • They are composed of mostly melee strong units with few casters and paladin apprentices.
    • They can either reform the Order of the Silver lead by the legendary Uther - a long quest chain is needed to be completed in order to revive this paladin or go to a harbor and ask for the help of their southern ally Stormwind and get help from the sea.
    Cult of the Damned
    • With the dead of the Lich King, Grandmaster Gandling took greater control over the remaining cultist in Caer Darrow. With their help they have created a new plague aimed at the northern villages in Lordaeron to gather a new army and march on Hearthglen.
    • They rely mostly on the dark magic and smart movement. Timing is everything and can either create a more powerful plague or focus on their caster.
    • Loosing a battle of Andorhal can be deadly, since they are then open to an attack on their main base: Caer Darrow.
    Remnants of Scourge
    • The great ruins of Stratholme are burning for 7 years already. With the never ending fire and countless of undeads inside the city and newly created death knight Aurius Rivendare has picked up the mantle to lead the Scourge in Lordaeron together with the ghostly form of Kel'Thuzad. Together they must gain control over the rogue undeads and once and for all destroy the Light's Hope Chapel and Tyr's Hand.
    • They can either go and revive the Four horseman or destroy the false Lich King and crown a new king of the Scourge!
    Game mechanics
    • Gold - Gold is gained via a control point system as found in games like LTA, AWLR, KTA and many more.
    • Lumber - In the game you can find various lumber mills located close to forrests. They harvest lumber same as control points.
    • Food - Food is obtained via houses and main buildings.
    • Units - Units are trained from barracks, they can be upgraded.
    • Heroes - Most of the heroes are revivable via a main building or the altar
    • Will the game only have 4 players?
      • No, we plan a lot of expansions for the game which will add more and new content for the game and new playable races!
    • What do you focus more on? Balance or events and entertainment
      • As in a fact, we are focusing on both. We want to deliver a map which is entertaining, but at the same moment is also balanced. That is why we want to have always teams like 2 vs. 2 or 3 vs. 3 or maybe even 2 vs. 2 vs. 2. Plenty of events will be in the game as well and I believe that the quest chain to revive the Uther or get the Lich King or even revive Kel will be quite fun.
    • What is going to be the next expansion after you deliver all the content into this release
      • We are not yet sure, but the next expansion will either focus on the blood elves and trolls in Quel'Thalas or we shall focus on the Forsaken, so they are in the battle for Andorhal, with the Forsaken added into the game, we would also add Gilneas, Hillsbrad foothils and Alterac Mountains.
    • Can I sign up for beta testing?
      • Yes, we still have few slots open.
    If you have more questions, please feel free to ask!

    Best Regards

    Your dev team Smyl and Wrath_Icefire
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  2. Elbadruhel


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    I have just one question: who or how did create that title. :D
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  3. Mesis

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    Might give it a try, when is the test?
  4. Smyl

    Smyl The Last Crusade shall visit even you! Brigand Map Maker

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    I did.
    Well right now it has a team of @BolvarFordring who are testing the map. We got already a bit of feedback and we are working on hot fixes. So the first game where we want to observe will be most likely next week. (yes there will be some slots, where you can just observe the game).
  5. Ardenaso

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    Didn't Tyr's Hand fall and its inhabitants become Risen?
  6. Lunelune

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    @Smyl is this still being worked on?
  7. Skillerino

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    They have but in Cata