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Corruption of Veseon: Released!

Discussion in 'Corruption of Veseon' started by ilusioner, Jan 6, 2017.

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    So i red some comments and GOD you guys complain(Looking at Hawk.You bro the most).I dont know how the game went and i certenly dont know what Ili did to the map but i know one thing.He is a micro maniac.I mean maps like ROTV and LTA either seem too easy for him and je is such a pro Or me and Marsh(you were good) were so bad and our hunters were so bad in RoTV that we couldnt win.When i lookt on how je was playing it looked like je wasnt strugling to win at all.So his knowledge might be way he made the map this way.

    P.S. I hate my phone.
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  2. ilusioner

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    Yeah, but it's really limiting, and hard to deal with for gameplay. I suppose if the alliance abuse happens way too often, I'll have to limit it somehow, via adding a time interval after allying or gold fees.

    Yeah, I'm aware of that problem, the demon spawns are also too often, as I've made a misscalculation in the triggers. I'll fix both of the problems in next version.

    Yeah it's red's stuff, I'll take a look on it. I really do not remember the exact numbers for cooldown and the cost of it, but if it is as grave as you state, I'll have to make it so it's more costly to use that spell and the cooldown is much bigger.

    Yeah it's a phoenix fire, I'm not really sure whether it's needed to state that garrisons have this ability. People will easily see it's effects in game, and I really don't want to cluster the garrisons hotkey bar more than it's needed.

    Thank you all for support, currently I'm kinda busy with some other stuff, but I'll try to do my best to release a new version at this weekend.

    Edit: So many 'Yeah'. :|