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D&D: 5th Edition, anyone interested?

Discussion in 'The Tavern' started by Hawk, Aug 6, 2018.


Would you like to join?

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  1. Hawk

    Hawk The Old Lion Map Maker

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    As the title says I have been preparing a homebrew campaign for some time and I'd like to run it with you guys. The party won't be bigger than five members and I already have two people who signed up so three more slots free.

    I'm trying to make the homebrew feel more realistic with the lore and homebrew part be part of the games and sessions and you learn the history and some quirks about the world through your characters. And when you make a character you'll know just as much your character would know about the world.

    E. G. Pick a race:
    You pick human, i tell you about human history and surrounding area. Pick place you're starting from
    Kingdom of whatever 1
    Kingdom of whatever 2
    Merchant republic
    Mages mageocracy
    I tell you the history of the country
    This can go pretty in depth and you can also help me with putting your mark in the game, like you're from x noble house and their backstory.

    And we will be using discord as voip and roll20.net for the tabletop itself =)