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Dark Ages of Warcraft 5.4

Discussion in 'Dark Ages of Warcraft' started by Silroth, May 10, 2018.

  1. Silroth


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    After years of no updates and map simply being abandoned i have invested some time into editing with hopes it makes a comeback.

    Download link: https://www.epicwar.com/maps/288678/

    - Bridges: Modified health of all bridges on the map, low importance bridges now have 3x the health, medium importance 5x and high importance bridges are now unkillable (high importance bridges = Stormwind, force bridges and similar ones)

    - Terrain: Opened a path from Andorhal area to Lordaeron Lake

    - Health Stone and Mana Stone now have 2 charges and the passive regen is increased.
    - Arcane Scroll now has 2 charges and reduced gold cost.

    - Zandalar Skullbasher health reduced to 1760.


    - Greater Tentacle is now attackable and has a 200 gold bounty.
    - Tomb of Sargeras entrance now works properly.

    • Added Tyr's Hand Cathedral building into the game and added Holy Recall and Tyr's Hand Cathedral Aura abilities to it.
    • Added Rally Militia ability to Hearthglen and Scarlet Bastion Headquarters and added Mana Regeneration Aura (stacks with Brilliance Aura) to Scarlet Monastery.
    • Added 2 Silverhand Paladins to starting units in Scarlet Monastery.
    • Purge Saidan research gold and lumber cost decreased but research time increased.
    • Increased health by 200 and base damage by 5 for Scarlet, Onslaught and Risen Knights.
    • Increased health by 100 and base damage by 5 for Scarlet, Onslaught and Risen Crusaders, in addition Risen Crusaders now have Critical Strike.
    • Increased base health, damage and armor for Isilien and Risen Isilien and increased their strength gain per level slightly.
    • Isilien and Abbendis now start at lvl 4, in addition Isilien now has Scroll of Resurrection and Abbendis has Scroll of Restoration.
    • Alexandros Mograine ultimate duration is increased and healing aura effect is doubled.
    • Crimson Legion Elite now has 1400 health and gold cost is reduced to 55.
    • Increased number of units given when Lordaeron Palace is restored.

    • Increased base damage and armor for Fandral, Shandris and Malfurion.
    • Hippogryph Rider base damage increased by 10.
    • Huntress base damage increased by 5 and health by 100.
    • Furbolg Warrior health increased by 100.
    • Satyr Hellcaller base damage increased by 12.

    • Increased base damage and armor for Kael'thas, Solarian and Pathaleon.
    • Fel Blood Summoner now has Forked Lightning instead of Overwhelming Power.

    • Increased base damage and armor for Kel'Thuzad and Baron Rivendare.
    • Ghoul health increased by 150 and base damage by 7.

    • Fire Revenant base damage increased by 5 and health by 100.
    • Fire Serpent base damage increased by 10 and health by 200.

    • Increased base damage and armor for Jaina and Khadgar.
    • Whale Harpooner base damage increased by 5 and health by 100.
    • Pirate base damage increased by 5 and health by 50.
    • Arcanist base damage increased by 10, health by 60 and attack speed by 15.
    • Pyromancer base damage increased by 5.
    • When Orgrimmar is destroyed Tandred will get Holy Aura as ability in addition to his stat boost.
    • Added 2 small events for Khadgar on Kalimdor that spawn powerful items.
    • Increased base damage and armor for Zul'jin.
    • After 31 minutes have passed Silvermoon will become vulnerable.
    • Increased base damage and armor for Vashj.
    • Fel Orc Mutant Berserker build time reduced to 6 seconds, health increased by 300 and gold cost reduced to 45. Now has Roar instead of Blood Boil.
    • Lord Kalithresh base damage increased by 20.
    • Increased base damage and armor for Hamuul and Vol'jin.
    • Grimtotem Destroyer removed Berserk ability, base damage, armor, attack speed increased slightly and health increased by 100 to compensate.
    • Magatha Elemental Summoning cooldown has been increased at all levels.
    • Harpy Windwitch Slave health increased by 300, base damage by 15 and base armor by 2. Now costs 36 gold.
    Light Blue
    • Increased base damage and armor for Varimathras and Faranell.
    • Forsaken Ghoul health increased by 125 and base damage by 5.
    Dark Green
    • Increased base damage for Katrana, Bolvar and Danath.
    • Stromgarde Castle now has Rally Militia ability.
    • Dark Knight base damage increased by 5 and base health increased by 250.
    • Increased base damage and armor for Drek'thar and Garrosh.
    • Warchief Garrosh base health increased by 500, hp regen by 2 and armor by 2.

    - All bridges on the map are now destroyable and repairable, bridges have 1000 health and you can repair them for 50 gold and 100 lumber over 40 seconds, siege units such as Mortar Team, Meat wagon and other ones are able to damage them along with Battleships, in addition some spells and abiliities such as Barrel of Explosives are able to damage bridges aswell.
    - Radius of Command and Devotion Aura from Plague Towers has been increased from 3000 to 5000.
    - Chen Stormstout all stats and abilities fixed to behave like a proper hero, also now you dont lose the Keg of Ale when Chen joins you.
    - Added various Mercenary heroes across the entire map, some are hidden behind trees, buildings, statues while some are in the open and visible place, to get them to join you approach them with specific item that is suitable for them, for example if you want a certain melee oriented Hero to join you either approach him with Scarlet Flame Ring or Mithril Armor, if you want a certain caster oriented Hero to join you approach him with Eye of Dalaran or Tome of Antonidas.

    - Wind Walk (Hero) cooldown increased, bonus damage doubled, mana cost is no longer static.
    - Silent Ice Chasm cooldown and mana cost decreased.
    - Aimed Shot (Hero) range increased to 1200.
    - Mass Teleport (Hero) increased the number of units teleported to 100/200.
    - Summon Quilbeast cooldown lowered to 6 seconds at all levels.
    - Forked Lightning (Hero) now hits more targets at all levels, damage, cooldown and mana cost slightly increased.
    - Breath of Fire (Unit) now deals less direct damage and more damage over time.

    - Keg of Ale now has stats and gold cost is reduced.
    - Saronite now has 100% chance to block damage by 15.
    - Tome of Retraining gold cost lowered to 25.
    - Periapt of Vitality gold cost lowered to 225.
    - Circlet of Nobility now grants +3 to all stats.
    - Goblin Report gold cost lowered to 25, stock replenish interval increased to 90 and stock start delay lowered to 120.
    - All Orb items now grant higher bonus damage, drop upon unit death and cannot be sold to shop, in addition added many more Orb items on the map, normal ones such as Orb of Darkness drop from creeps while while powerful ones such as Orb of Kil'jaeden and similar ones are only accessible through events.
    - Scroll of Unholy Legion now animates 12 units and units are not invulnerable, gold cost decreased.

    - Levels of units near and in Ulduar, in Tanaris has been adjusted to be more consistent to their stats.
    - Commander Mar'alith stats and abilities changed.
    - Gates of Ahn'Qiraj event reworked, level requirement for opening the gate is lowered to 5, the invasion event has been redesigned to be more challenging and cause less leaks. When gates are opened players will have ~2 minute to defeat Cthun before he strikes at various places in Kalimdor. If Cthun is not killed and enough time has passed it is possible for Cthun to take over entire Kalimdor and strike at all places in Azeroth.

    • Golden Dawn event now grants slightly higher stats to units and heroes affected.
    • Renault Mograine (Demi-Hero) now has stronger Resurrection spell, more health, damage, armor and mana regeneration.
    • Caster upgrade cost for Bishop, Cardinal and Inquisitor lowered from 100 to 50 gold.
    • Purge Saidan research gold and lumber cost decreased but research time increased.
    • Renewal (both Red and Dark Green version) now is 300 health over 6 seconds, mana cost increased to 100, cast range increased to 650.
    • Inquisitor Healing Wave now heals 120 and only loses 15% per jump, cooldown increased.
    • Empower mana cost reduced to 35 and cast range increased to 600.
    • Scarlet Destroyers no longer benefit from Animal War Training, health increased by 150.
    • Abbendis base stats and stat gain per level changed, now her stats will be that of a proper range assassin rather than a range hybrid caster such as Tyrande.
    • Onslaught Harbor base has been redesigned, Crimson Cathedral now has Holy Recall ability.
    • Added Scarlet Flame Ring item to Saidan Dathrohan.
    • Barean Westwind True Form bonuses increased but mana degeneration also increased.
    • Cardinal Inner Fire now provides 15% damage and 6 armor buff.
    • Crimson Legion Elite now has Empowered Pulverize instead of Pulverize.
    • Onslaught Crusader now has Hamstring.

    • Furbolg units from Malfurion event buffed.
    • Tyrande Whisperwind base damage and armor increased.
    • Shandris Warcry duration increases slightly and cooldown decreases slightly per level and duration is increased by 50% on Heroes (units that have Resistant Skin will benefit from increased duration aswell).
    • Shandris base stats and stat gain per level changed, now her stats will be that of a proper range assassin rather than a range hybrid caster such as Tyrande.
    • Malfurion Nature's Wrath cast range increased to 1500.
    • Temple of the Moon and Feathermoon Fortress now have Superior Trueshot Aura.
    • Scholomance events for Red and Light Blue added. In addition Scholomance now drops items when destroyed in similar manner to Ironforge.
    • Sindragosa now has Spell Steal instead of Frost Nova, to compensate for the damage loss her attack range is increased to 450 and splash damage radius is increased from 25/50/200 to 125/200/300 (NOTE: 100% damage splash / 50% damage splash / 25% damage splash)
    • Vargul health and damage increased and abilities changed.
    • Ghoul attack and movement speed increased.
    • Anub'arak now gains more strength per level.
    • Kel'Thuzad Frost Nova specific target damage increased while AOE damage decreased.
    • Skeletal Longevity research removed, Raise Dead duration increased to 55 seconds.
    • Ice Breath damage changed so the direct damage is lower but damage over time is higher, total damage done remains the same.
    • Lich King Defile (Q) damage changed so the direct damage is lower but damage over time is higher and no longer damages friendly units, casting range increased, total damage done remains the same.
    • Zombie unit now has more health, damage and benefits from Disease Cloud upgrade.

    • Magni Bronzebeard base damage and armor increased.

    • Jaina's Tome of Antonidas now also gives +2 to all stats, bonus 3 armor and 150 hit points.
    • Mage Training gold and lumber cost and research time decreased.
    • Mage Enchantments gold and lumber cost and research time decreased.
    • Kul Tiras Destroyers, Devil Shark and Tandred's Flagship stats adjusted, armor type changed to heavy but now they have more base armor and higher base damage.
    • Hexx base damage increased.
    • Ukorz Sandscalp overall stats reduced slightly.
    • Zandalari event reworked and lowered level requirement.
    • Reworked units from the Gundrak event.
    • Wicked Warlock health and mana increased, removed Wicked Warlock Adept Training research.
    • Watery Minion unit from Naga Siren's Parasite spell now has 540 health, increased damage and benefits from melee attack and defense upgrades.
    • Kargath Bladefist now has more base damage and slightly higher agility and intelligence gain per level.
    • Lady Vashj now gains +10 to all her stats when Maelstrom event is triggered.
    • Added small event for Dark Green and Yellow when they destroy Black Temple.
    • Vorpil and Kazzak stats reduced slightly, added Dark Summoning (D) to Kazzak.
    • Jailor Vagath now has Silence instead of Mana Burn.
    • Cairne War Stomp damage and cooldown doubled. Cairne now has Earthmother's Gift instead of Reincarnation on (D).
    • Spirit Walker and Witch Doctor Training gold cost reduced to 50.
    • When Gray goes Grimtotem solo path ownership of troll units will change to brown and majority of them will become trainable in Barracks, Beastiary and Spirit Lodge.
    • Tauren Champion stats increased and abilities changed.
    • Tauren unit gold cost decreased, Pulverize research gold and lumber cost and research time reduced by 50%.
    • Magatha, Arnak and Grundig stats reduced slightly, Elemental Summoning cooldown and mana cost decreased, slightly increased number of units summoned.
    • When Cairne does the Grundig event it will also unlock 2 new units.
    • Serpent Ward (Voljin) rebalanced, wards now benefit from ranged attack upgrade and have slightly more health but duration is reduced and cooldown decreases with each level.
    Light Blue
    • Forsaken Abominations can be trained at Andorhal and Undercity now.
    • Sylvanas now has more base strength and agility and has Shadowfall as Ultimate.
    • Faranell Summon Abominations now has bigger cooldown but summons more abominations per level.
    • Forsaken Ghoul attack and movement speed increased.
    Dark Green
    • Bolvar's Highlord's Justice stun duration and radius reduced, Resurrection now brings back 12/20 units back to life.
    • Varian base damage and strength gain per level increased slightly.
    • Reginald Windsor now has Holy Light instead of Storm Bolt.
    • Added 2 caster units to Onyxia solo path.
    • Priest and Chaplain base health and damage increased.
    • Cathedral of Light now has Holy Recall ability.
    • Added small event for Pink and Teal when they destroy Stormwind.
    • Thrall base damage and base armor increased, Chain Lightning now jumps to more units per level and deals slightly higher damage and costs slightly more mana. Far Sight moved to (D) and added Lightning Shock as replacement. Feral Spirit Shadow Wolves now have more health, base armor and damage.
    • Frost Wolf Spirit summons now have more health and damage.
    • Drek'thar now has Forked Lightning on (Q), Frost Totem (W) damage and health increased.
    • Nazgrel stats increased and abilities changed.
    • Rexxar base damage and base armor increased, strength and agility per level gain increased slightly and Rexxar now gains +12 agility during Burning Blade Pact event in addition of +12 to strength and has Blind Rage (D) from the start instead of only during Burning Blade Pact event.
    • Increased the number of units that benefit from Burning Blade Pact event.
    • Misha no longer has Cleaving Attack, now has Roar.

    • Alexandros Mograine now has Exorcism on (D).
    • Ashbringer now deals 100 damage (main damage radius) and 50 damage (half damage radius) when it kills a target.
    • Risen Isilien now has Exhaustion Aura instead of Siphon Mana, Risen Knights now have Bash.
    • Scarlet Destroyers are now properly classified as mechanical units.
    • Flaming Spear direct damage lowered but damage over time increased.
    • Lowered gold and lumber cost and research time on caster upgrades for Onslaught and Risen path caster units.
    • Saidan Dathrohan (Purged) now has more base damage and bigger strength gained per level.
    • Added Purify Sunwell and Golden Dawn events. Purify Sunwell works in same manner as Teal's Purify Sunwell event. Purify Sunwell event can be done only by Alexandros Mograine after Purge Saidan has been done but it has no level requirement. If Teal has purified the Sunwell you can still research Golden Dawn if you take control of Sunwell from him.
    • Golden Dawn event is a research that can be activated after Sunwell is purified and under your control. It will greatly empower Scarlet Crusade heroes and provide a big boost for Scarlet Crusade casters. Golden Dawn event will prevent Teal from summoning Burning Legion but it will not prevent Illidan or Lich King draining Sunwell so guard it well!
    • Renault Mograine (Hero) now has Chaos attack type, in addition Renault Mograine, Risen Isilien and Brigitte now have Attribute Bonus.
    • Raven Blessing is now an AOE spell that lasts 30 seconds with a 12 second cooldown.
    • Abolish Magic (Raven Priests) mana cost reduced to 50 and range increased to 600.
    • Raven Sight mana cost reduced to 50, Demon Armor mana cost reduced to 35.
    • Heavy Blow damage increased to 65.
    • Mana Drain (Raven Bishop) is now usable on allies for double the amount per second.
    • Holy Guardian (D) cooldown and mana cost decreased.
    • Dark Wave (Onslaught) mana cost decreased.
    • When Onslaught event is triggered Brigitte Abbendis will get bonus +12 to all her stats instead of just agility and she will get a new ability.
    • Fixed problem with Night Elf Battleships being unable to attack units or structures.
    • Blessing of Elune cooldown and mana cost increased.
    • Druidic Blast mana cost increased, area of effect damage decreased.
    • Added Glaive Throwers to Corrupted Trees of Life/Ages/Eternity.
    • Moved Plague Treant from Corrupted Tree of War to Corrupted Tree of Life/Ages/Eternity.
    • Added Corrupted Spirit unit (long range attacker) to Corrupted Tree of War.
    • Added Dreadlord Elites when Blue triggers Satyr event.
    • When Satyrs break the barrier and destroy World Tree it will spawn a huge Demon Gate where Blue can train most powerful demonic units alto limited. New flying unit will be unlocked aswell.
    • Lowered level requirement for breaking the World Tree barrier from 16 to 14 (now its same as Ragnaros World Tree Portal).
    • Rage Winterchill now has Chaos attack type.
    • Azgalor now has Dark Summoning on (D) and Doom as ultimate.
    • Xavalis now has Life Drain instead of Vampiric Aura.
    • Glaive Thrower health increased to 360 and now benefits from ranged defense upgrade.
    • Fixed Elven Shipyard placement water radius to proper value (in older versions the water placement radius was so small it was almost impossible to build on majority of shorelines)
    • Changed gold and lumber cost and stats to match frigates/battleships of other races.
    • Added Cold and Energy Tower upgrades for Arcane Tower.
    • Blood Knight Training upgrade has been removed, Blood Knights now have those effects by default.
    • Tothrezim Servant now can build Death Tower and Demonic Shrine. Demonic Shrine provides food and has Dark Summoning ability on a long cooldown.
    • Blood Knights now have Lay on Hands on (Q) instead of Charge.
    • Fel Beast summoned from Eredar Sorcerer now has 550 health and 1.15 attack speed.
    • Glaive Thrower health increased to 360 and now benefits from ranged defense upgrade.
    • Lich King now has Nova Storm (his old ultimate from earlier versions) instead of Grim Decay. Base attack speed nerfed to 2.33
    • Defile (Lich King Q) overall damage and AOE radius reduced while cooldown and mana cost are lowered to compensate.
    • Scarlet Monastery event for Scourge in addition now gives bonus health and damage to all Scourge casters (Lich, Necromancer, Thuzadin Cultist, Araj the Summoner, Heigan the Unclean, Scholomance Necromancer)
    • Giant Skeleton warrior from Improved Raise Dead (Scholomance Necromancer) now has 480 health, improved attack speed and damage.
    • Carrion Beetles (Anubarak E) now have 820 health and more damage but limited to 2/3/4/5/6, Beetle Burrow now acts same way as Crypt Fiend Burrow (provides bonus health regeneration)
    • Added Drain Sunwell event for Lich King, works same as Illidan Drain Sunwell event only it grants Lich King +25 to all stats. Requires lvl 12 Lich King near Sunwell to start.
    • Scholomance and Stratholme Slaughterhouse buildings now have Unholy instead of Vampiric Aura.
    • Disabled Lich King teleport to Icecrown Citadel event.
    • 4 Spirit Towers around Icecrown Citadel are replaced with 4 Icecrown Obelisks.
    • Lord Marrowgar no longer has Bone Spike Graveyard instead he has Howl of Terror (strong version) and has slightly improved stats (more health, more starting and maximum mana)
    • Helm of Domination will no longer summon Ghouls from the Harvest Souls combo, to compensate for that Helm of Domination armor buff will last 20 seconds instead of 15 and Harvest Souls slow will be stronger.
    • Demi-hero host bodies have their attack and movement speed buffed.
    • Thaddius base damage increased, Strength of Thaddius increased to 70%, Thaddius has Mana Burn instead of Crushing Wave now.
    • Saphiron has Ice Missile instead of Frost Nova now.
    • Dark Iron Pyromancers now benefit from ranged damage upgrade and have improved health, damage, mana regen and attack speed.
    • Argelmach now has Chaos attack type and increased base damage.
    • Fire Couatl now properly benefit from ranged damage and defense upgrades.
    • Dark Iron Sniper unit turned into a range elite (limited to 6) with more health, damage, hero armor and new set of abilities.
    • Gnome Bombardiers now have 2 attacks enabled and their Pocket Factory ability is replaced with Barrel of Explosives. Barrel of Explosives works in similar manner but it doesnt have duration and the AOE explosion damages ALL units (Pocket Factory explosion only dealt damage to enemy units).
    • Added two Gnome Submarine units at Menethil Harbour.
    • Ice Giants from Frostborn event turned into elites, their base attack speed is changed to 1.95 (old 1.35), their base damage to 48, armor type changed to hero and base armor increased to 5, gold cost to 100 and they are now trainable at normal Barracks.
    • Fire Revenant attack range increased to 600, health to 440, mana regen to 1.35.
    • Summon Golems (Argelmach) now summons 2/4 Siege Golems instead of Battle Golems, mana increased and duration changed to 90 seconds while cooldown is changed to 45 seconds.
    • Molten Giants limited to 12.
    • Argelmach and Dagran attribute bonus added.
    • Dark Iron Sniper priority changed to 9.
    • Pirates now have 1.2 attack speed (old 1.35) and move slightly faster.
    • Arygos base damage and base stats increased, stats gained per level increased.
    • Jaina (Nexus Absorbed) now has more base stats and base damage and her stat gain per level is increased, her bonus health and mana is reduced from 600/500 to 300/250. Spell Immunity replaced with Nexus Affinity.
    • Mana Siphon Aura range changed to 1000 at all levels and mana drained per levels changed to 0.9/1.5/2.1/2.7/3.3.
    • Azure Spellbreaker gold cost, damage and health increased, Spell Immunity ability changed to Nexus Affinity which reduces magic damage dealt to unit by 50%.
    • Blue Dragonspawn Sorcerer now have Frost Armor on (Q), Dispel Magic on (W).
    • Added Kul'Tiras Vanguard unit to Barracks, Kul'Tiras Elite units are buffed but limited to 6.
    • Mud Golems (Geomancer summons) now have 540 health.
    • Arcane Wraith added as elites for Jaina Nexus event.
    • Pyromancers base health increased by 50.
    • Fixed issue where a player could still summon Loas even if their main buildings like Zul'Gurub/Zul'Farrak/Jinthalor were destroyed.
    • Changed abilities on caster unit from secret event and that unit can benefit from all 4 Mojos.
    • Sandfury Mojo no longer gives bonus mana, to compensate for that mana regen on all affected units is increased.
    • Changed abilities on Wicked Warlock.
    • Fel Orc Raider damage increased by 5, health to 750 and base armor to 2.
    • Fel Orc Grunt base armor increased to 2.
    • Naga Myrmidons base armor increased to 4.
    • Berserker Strength upgrade is available for research again (it affects Grunts, Raiders, Crossbownman, Mutant Berserkers and Orc Warlords).
    • Fixed issue with Pink still keeping Azshara after triggering Pitlord of Outland path if he did Maelstrom event before.
    • Kargath Bladefist now gets +12 to his stats when Pitlord of Outland event happens.
    • Fixed a bug where Vorpil would spawn in Kalimdor if Lady Vashj was dead during the Pitlord of Outland event.
    • Illidari Taskmaster now has more base armor, a stronger Endurance Aura, Unholy Frenzy on (W) and costs 90 gold.
    • Kargath's Leadership cooldown and mana cost decreased.
    • Pitlord of Outland path now becomes available when Kargath reaches lvl 10 (old required destroyed Stormwind).
    • Fel Orc Mutant Berserker health increased to 1160.
    • Vorpil has Fire Storm instead of Inferno as ultimate now.
    • Magatha Grimtotem now has more base stats and Chaos attack type. Added True Sight as base ability.
    • Arnak Grimtotem now has more base stats and base damage and gains slightly more stats per level than before. Added Grimtotem Endurance as base ability.
    • Grimtotem Breaker (Elite) moved position and changed hotkey, also added to normal Grimtotem building and now they have Entangling Roots on (Q).
    • Cairne now has Reicarnation as base ability and new ultimate. His base attack speed is reset to default.
    Light Blue
    • After researching Apothecary Plague Forsaken will now keep Banshee caster units and Forsaken Wraith elites, they will be lost only during Varimathras betrayal event.
    • Deathguards stats changed, now they have 1400 health, stronger abilities but limited to 6.
    • Apothecary Warrior elite now have Howl of Terror on (W).
    • When Sylvanas captures Silvermoon after researching Apothecary Plague forsaken caster units will get a boost in stats (Royal Apothecary, Banshee, Dark Apothecary and Forsaken Wraith).
    • When Sylvanas captures Silvermoon BEFORE Apothecary Plague is researched it will enable training of new elite ranged unit but disable Apothecary Plague research.
    • If Forsaken land a killing blow on Lich King while Sylvanas is alive she will get a boost in stats and the ability to train Valkyr elites at Forsaken Black Citadel.
    • Putress now has Aura of Blight instead of Unholy Aura.
    • Nathanos Blightcaller Health increased to 1550, attack speed changed to 1.6 (old 1.1), damage increased to 35 and damage type changed to Chaos.
    • Charm (Forsaken) maximum creep level increased from 6 to 8.
    • Forsaken Wraith mana regen and maximum mana increased.
    • Plague Cannons now have more damage and better attack speed but damage type is changed back to siege.
    • Forsaken Ballista health increased to 360.
    • When Varimathras betrayal event is triggered new elite units will be unlocked.
    • Added secret event.
    Dark Green
    • Added Scorch research at Black Dragon Roost building for Onyxia solo path.
    • King of Stormwind Aura movespeed bonus reduced to 5%, attack speed bonus reduced to 30% and the buff it gives is now same as Kurdran's Aura so you cannot stack those two anymore.
    • Thrall now gets +12 to all his stats when he triggers Burning Blade Pact event.
    • Rexxar now gets +12 to his strength when Burning Blade Pact event is triggered and he gets a bonus ability.
    • Added flying demi-hero unit called Spear of Durotar when Garrosh becomes Warchief.
    • Added Ray of Disruption to Frostwolf Riders.
    • Strength of Pack research now also increases damage by 3 per level of research.


        • Kil'jaeden now has Fire Storm as ultimate
        • Replaced old Purify Sunwell trigger with new one so it doesnt randomly interrupt the channel.
        • Fel Blood Summoner elites now cost 75 gold (old 100) and their limit is increased to 6 (from 5)

        • Lich (Elite) Frost Nova replaced with Blizzard.
        • Lich King now has Grim Decay as ultimate.
        • Alexandros Mograine now has Unholy Rally as ultimate.
        • Added Undercity and Scarlet Monastery events for Scourge.

        • Gryphon rider limit from Wildhammer event reduced to 12.

        • Fixed issue with Elite Hethiss Guard being unlimited after Shadra is summoned and changed abilities and gold cost.

        • Empowered Immolation range reduced to 250/300/350/400/450, mana drained per second reduced from 15 to 10.

        • Thrall now gets a new ability when he triggers Burning Blade Pact event.


      • Isilien abilities changed. Holy Cleansing moved to (W) Brilliance Aura is added to (E), Holy Guardian turned into unit spell and added to (D).
      • Brigitte Abbendis now has more base agility and gains slightly more agility per level. When Onslaught event is triggered she will get 12 bonus agility.
      • Inqusitor base mana regen increased slightly, Healing Wave heals for 80 now and mana cost lowered to 90.

      • Added more starting units for Teal.
      • Solarium Portal spell cooldown increased, less units summoned overall but mana cost decreased. Units summoned are buffed to compensate.
      • Solarium Agent unit now has Blink on (Q) and 15% Evasion.
      • Solarium Priests now have Holy Bolt on (E) and their heal on (W) is changed to heal 50 hp per cast with 400 range but have a 5 sec cooldown.
      • Blood Elf Lieutenant now have Lieutenant Training which reduces magic damage dealt to them by 25%.
      • Pathaleon abilities changed. Now he has Mana Destruction on (W) and Mana Burst on (E), with new spells he should be more valuable to the Illidari+Blood elves faction.
      • When Teal researches Fel Blood infestation Brutallus makes a comeback while Pathaleon will become a demi-hero and when Magister Terrace is formed Selin Fireheart will become active as demi-hero.
      • Fel Blood Archer range increased to 700 (from 500), same range as normal Archer.
      • Kael'thas can now get Magisters Terrace at lvl 8 (old lvl 10) purify Sunwell at lvl 8 (old lvl 10) and can summon Burning Legion at lvl 10 (old lvl 12), when Kael'thas summons Kil'Jaeden he will get +10 to his stats.

      • Animated units from Lich King's Aura now have duration of 120/135/150/165/180 seconds.
      • Kel'Thuzad and Araj no longer have Dark Council spell.
      • Frost Nova from Lich elites now has 15 seconds cooldown.
      • Death Knight elites priority changed to 8.

      • Thane Stormbolt (Q) stun duration reduced to 3 seconds on units and 1 second on heroes.
      • Magni Thunder Clap cooldown increased to 12 seconds (old 6 seconds) and damage increased to 110/140/170/200/230, debuff duration is the same.
      • Magni Drunken Haze cast range increased to 700 (old was 550).

      • Owlkin Champion Slave-Gush of Wind ability changed: Damage reduced to 100(200 old), mana cost reduced to 100(300 old).
      • Shadra's Eggsack now spawns 1 Spitting Spider(400 hp ranged unit with Envenomed Weapons) instead of 2 Spiders (240 hp melee unit with no abilities).

      • Fel Orc Grunts - health, damage and attack speed reset to default. (buff)
      • Fel Orc Raiders now have Demolish passive.
      • Chaos Blademaster now benefits from Pitlord of Outland upgrade.
      • Fel Orc Skin added back to Fel Orc Grunts, Raiders, Warlocks, Crossbowman and Blademasters (Fel Orc Skin was present in 5.1 but disabled in 5.2 and later versions), also added Fel Orc Skin to new Fel Orc units that are trainable after you trigger Pitlord of Outland event.
      • Azshara agility gain per level increased to 1.7 and now she has Empowered Chain Lightning instead of Forked Death(which was based on Forked Lightning).
      • Naga Siren now benefits from Ranged Attack upgrade.

      • Centaur Impaler Slave health increased to 450.
      • Harpy Windwitch Slave health increased to 480.
      • Razormane Champion Slave unit added to Grimtotem solo path (Heavy melee siege unit).
    Dark Green

      • Trample on Stormwind Champion elites now deals 70 damage.
      • Captain unit limited to 12. (Old limit was mistakenly put to 36 by previous editors which caused people to spam Captains instead of Footman or Knights since Captains have better Gold to stats ratio compared to other melee units).
      • Captain unit limit can be increased to 18 when Trollbane restores Stromgarde.
      • Danath Trollbane now has Trollbane Aura (-3 armor aura to enemy units) instead of Resistant Skin(which was useless on him).

      • Drekthar's Spellbook teleport cooldown increased to 3 minutes.
      • Blademaster attack speed restored to default value.
      • Nazgrel base armor increased and added Steel Plating ability.
    Added a Control Point in Tomb of Sargeras.


      • Renewal (both Red and Dark Green version) now is 250 health over 10 seconds, 75 mana cost cast range 600.

      • Entangling Roots (KOTG) now deals 20 damage per second and is usable on heroes. Keepers of the Grow mana regen increased to 2 mana per sec.
      • Furbolg Champion - Maximum mana increased to 300 (was 130), added Chain Lightning on (Q).
      • Mountain Giant gold cost decreased to 35.
      • Improved Bows research now benefits Hippogryph Riders, Shadowleaf Sentinels, Wardens and Feathermoon Rangers.
      • Markmanship research now benefits Hippogryph Riders, Shadowleaf Sentinels, Wardens and Feathermoon Rangers.
      • Priestess name changed to Priestess of Elune, now benefits from Fandral Staghelm Natures Fury event from killing Cthun. Mana regen increased to 1.25 mana per sec. Added direct heal on (R).
      • Gatekeeper Rageroar gold cost decreased to 120.
      • Added Shandris Feathermoon event. Requires Blue to destroy Zulfarrak which will enable training of Feathermoon Rangers (limited to 6) at Feathermoon Fortress.
      • You can now train Shadowleaf Sentinels and Wardens (Elite units) at Hunter's Hall after triggering Nature's Fury event (killing Cthun).
      • When you trigger Satyr event you will automatically ally with Teal if Teal has summoned Kil'Jaeden.

      • When Kil'Jaeden is summoned you will automatically ally Blue if Blue has triggered Satyr event.

      • Lich King Presence Aura interval of automatically raising corpses changed to 20 seconds.
      • Lich King base armor reduced.
      • Frozen Prison (Lich King ultimate) stun duration reduced from 8 to 5 on first lvl and from 12 to 7 on second lvl. Mana cost reduced by 25 and cooldown reduced by 15 seconds.
      • Fixed a bug with Lich units not being trainable after the intro opening text ends.

      • Frost Shackles (Yorg) - Now lasts 2/3/4/5/6 seconds on heroes.

      • Added demi-hero unit at Camp Taurajo.
    Light Blue

      • Rain of Fire (Hero) cooldown increased and fixed the incorrect value on its radius at lvl 3 and lvl 4.
      • Fixed issue with Portal in Quel'Danas (the one connecting to Outland) and Magister's Terrace becoming vulnerable and changing ownership if Light Blue triggers the Silvermoon event.
    Dark Green

      • Stormwind Castle now has Rally Militia ability which summons 8 Militia units to defend Stormwind Castle for 1 minute with a 3 minute cooldown.
      • When Varian triggers the lvl 12 event it will enable training of new caster elite units called Champion of Light (limited to 6) at Cathedral of Light and Arcane Sanctum.
    Silvermoon Palace now has Superior Brilliance Aura, has 3000 range (old was 900) and restores 2 mana per sec (old was 1 mana per sec).
    Nexus now has Superior Brilliance Aura.
    Karazhan now has Superior Vampiric Aura, 3000 range 20% lifesteal.
    Shadowfang Keep now has Superior Vampiric Aura.
    Temple of Storms is now capturable by other players after the first capture. Now the Temple has a Reveal ability aswell.
    Enchanted Elven Tower is added to Feralas. Its a capturable tower that has True Sight and a unique Sentinel ability (Sentinel ability has unlimited charges, 30 seconds cooldown and 9999 range).
    Cho'gall (mini boss near Cthun) bounty increased from 150 to 500 gold.

    List of major changes below


      • Risen event - added caster units + flying unit and changed abilities on heroes a bit.
      • Argent Dawn + Argent Crusade event - reworked into Onslaught path.
      • Onslaught event - requires Alexandros to die to Scourge, player needs to type -onslaught, Saidan is replaced with Barean Westwind and all your units are changed to Onslaught type units + special event designed for fighting Scourge.
      • Ebon Hold event from Argent Crusade event moved to Scourge because it didnt make sense to have undead units in Argent Crusade, Death Coil from Ebon Hold Death Knights cannot heal Scarlet units and it cannot damage undead units so it was useless.
      • Hero abilities on Saidan, Isilien and Abbendis changed.
      • Elites for Onslaught path added and abilities on Risen elites slightly changed.

      • Hero abilities on Fandral Staghelm, Tyrande, Malfurion and Cenarius changed.
      • Outland path changed to Fandral Cthun path - requires Night Elves to kill Cthun which will give bonus stats to Fandral and empower your caster units, this path disables Malfurion and Satyr events.
      • Removed Cenarius reborn event after he dies, now Cenarius can become revivable after you destroy Icecrown Citadel.
      • Satyr path - units and heroes changed since in older versions it was very weak for a late game path, now you can train Doom Guards and Infernals at Corrupted Tree of Eternity (limited).
      • Horn of Cenarius is back to being a passive surviability item. (It didnt make sense to have Rejuvenation on it when you have units for that).

      • Hero abilities on Kael, Solarian and Kil'jaeden changed.
      • Teal can now capture Karazhan which allows training new powerful units and researching a powerful update to casters.
      • Anveena removed from Silvermoon event. Now Kael can purify Sunwell at lvl 10 and summon Legion at lvl 12.
      • Portal spell that allowed Kael to go from Outland to Que'Thalas removed, now there is a two way portal at Throne of Kil'Jaeden (near Kazzak) that allows passage.

      • Lich King abilities reworked. Now he has more surviability but less AOE damage, in previous versions he had an aura that was dealing damage to nearby enemy units which made him too good to just park at choke point outside melee range and wipe out enemy army + ultimate ability which dealt massive damage and killed random 12 enemy units in area. Old aura got replaced with Presence of Lich King which increases attack and move speed of allied units (doesnt affect Lich King) and will automatically raise nearby corpses (Justice of the Grave ability got removed and its effect merged into this aura, armor granted from this is now baseline on Lich King), ulti replaced with Frozen Prison which deals damage and stuns nearby enemy units for 10 seconds.
      • Razuvious Understudy unit added to Ebon Hold - tanky limited elites with Taunt, Frost Armor (self cast) and aura.
      • When Lich King descends Ebon Hold will become active in Eastern Plaguelands under Scourge control.
      • Added second chance for Scourge after Arthas Menethil-Lich King dies, if you still have Helm of Domination and a strong host body you can crown a new Lich King, requires Kelthuzad with Helm in inventory and strong host body outside Icecrown Citadel in icy circle).
      • Added 2 more locations for getting strong host bodies (in older version there are 2 locations).

      • Hero abilities on Magni, Gelbin, Yorg, Kurdran, Ragnaros, Dagran and Argelmach changed.
      • Thane elites now have Storm Bolts on Q.
      • Added small base in Storm Peaks that becomes active when Lich King descends to make it easier for Yellow to trigger Frostborn path. You can get both Wildhammer and Frostborn path but if you go Dark Iron other two are disabled.
      • Taverns in Ironforge now have Drunken Rage ability.
      • Mithril armor is now limited to 3 across entire map. 1 is on Magni at start of game, 1 is on Dagran if Yellow goes Dark Iron and 1 has a 33% chance to drop when Ironforge is destroyed.
      • Gnome Bombardiers buffed!

      • Tandred Proudmoore turned into hero while Duke Falrevere turned into demi-hero unit.
      • Abilities on Tandred, Khadgar and Jaina (Nexus) changed.
      • Dalaran event removed, added Karazhan event which is same like Teal, requires Khadgar to go near Karazhan and capture it, allows training powerful caster unit and researching upgrade for casters.
      • Added Tandred Proudmoore event, if Orange destroys Echo Isles/Orgrimmar/Thunder Bluff Tandred will get a boost in stats, if Orange destroys all three Tandred will get a massive boost in stats. (You are supposed to ally with Blue for this just like you are supposed to ally with DG and Yellow for Karazhan event).
      • Added Tandred's Flagship - unique strong ship that had increased stats over normal ships and a special aura which increases move and attack speed of other nearby ships.
      • Rifleman replaced with Whale Harpooner, Harpooner benefits from Defend and Whale Net upgrades.
      • Nexus solo path event buffed.

      • Major rework for Troll Empire regarding how demi-gods are summoned and how new units are granted.
      • Now all bases have a starting hero (Jammal removed), to summon Troll demi-god you need Hero from that base to be lvl 6, when demi-god is summoned you can train new units at your main base (Zulgurub/Jinthalor/Zulfarrak), if you main base falls your demi-god hero will become unrevivable and you will not be able to train new units that came with that demi-god summon.
      • Zul'jin cannot summon a demi-god but can empower himself and his units when he destroys Silvermoon, will also enable training of new powerful units like Amani Warbear.
      • Summoning Demi-gods is not limited to one base at a time meaning if you summon Hakkar it will not disable other hero from summoning, if you think you are skilled enough to pull off 3 demi-god summons at same time and wage war against other factions good for you.
      • Mallet of ZF removed from Hexx and new item Sulthraze the Lasher added to Ukorz (ZF).
      • You can bring in Zuldrak (Gundrak) into Troll Empire by entering it with any hero from your faction, you need to be faster than the Scourge tho.
      • Secret event added. Requires exploring certain part of map and destroying an important building of the hated enemy of the Troll Empire (who isnt hated enemy of the Troll Empire?). Will grant you training of powerful units that will replace your base units.

      • Hero abilities on Illidan, Kargath, Magtheridon and Kazzak changed.
      • Pitlord of Outland solo path slightly changed, you can now train more Fel Orc units at Hellfire Citadel.
      • Akama removed. Majority of people were killing him so he doesnt leech xp from Illidan and Draenei units were removed in previous versions anyway so he didnt serve any purpose, added two Illidari units for training in barracks.
      • Grim Batol path added, requires bringing Illidan to Ruins of Grim Batol, will grant you access to training new melee and caster unit along with 3 flying units, if you lose Grim Batol you wont be able to train them again, this event does not disable Maelstrom or Draining Sunwell path.

      • Cairne event reworked. Now you dont lose Cairne in those two events, if you bring Cairne at lvl 8 to Darkcloud Pinnacle you will gain Grundig Darkcloud as new hero but you will lose Hamuul Runetotem, this event disables Hamuul event.
      • After Thunder Bluff is destroyed you can type -grimtotem which will trigger Grimtotem solo path event replacing your units with Grimtotem units and powerful heroes like Magatha and Arnak. Added 1 range and 1 flying units to Grimtotem solo path.
      • Taunka event removed and turned into Hamuul Fury event. Requires Grey to kill King Gordok, it will allow you to train Tauren Druids and Tauren Champions, this will disable Grimtotem event and cause Darkcloud Pinnacle to go hostile to everyone.
    Light Blue

      • Hero abilities on Sylvanas, Putress and Khanok changed.
      • Sunstrider Longbow item changed. Old version had Feedback + Frost Orb ability despite tooltip not saying anything about it, new Sunstrider Longbow has slight evasion + Arcane Arrow ability which silences, slightly damages and reduces damage done from the affected target.
      • Added Orb of Varimathras to Varimathras. Has Orb of Fire ability, 3 armor and ability to block targeted spell cast at hero once every 40 seconds.
      • Separated Plague research event and Varimathras betrayal into two events. Now when you research plague you will get normal plague research benefits and Putress as hero in Sepulcher (his level scales to Sylvanas). Added a third event if Light Blue destroys a capital city after researching plague. Older version had Icecrown Citadel and Stormwind now it has Ironforge aswell, destroying these will grant your units a boost in health, attack/move speed or damage.
      • You can trigger Varimathras betrayal event by typing -betrayal when Varimathras is lvl 12, you will gain new hero instead of Sylvanas and Varimathras will receive a boost, also you will be able to make new demon units from Demon Gate building.
      • Sylvanas can enter Silvermoon and capture it. However there are differences if its done before or after Plague research.
    Dark Green

      • Hero abilities on Varian, Trollbane, Bolvar, Benedictus, Onyxia, Nefarian and Anduin changed.
      • Stormwind Champion elite units abilities and stats changed.
      • Captains now have Command Aura instead of Devotion aura.
      • Stormwind Crown item changed to grant a stronger Devotion Aura and increased stats.
      • Onyxia solo path changed with new units and new hero.
      • Varian lvl 12 path changed. Requires player typing -confront which will remove Onyxia and grant you Benedictus as new hero while also boosting Varian stats greatly and giving him a new ability.

      • Hero abilities on Thrall, Drekthar, Garrosh, Garrosh Warchief, Mankrik and Saurfang changed.
      • Added Drums of Vitality to Kodo Beasts. This is a Out of Combat AOE heal which restores 300 health over 30 seconds and has a long cooldown. This heal can be removed by damage or dispells.
      • Added World Tree death event for Brown and Grey. If World Tree is destroyed (killing blow landed by either Brown or Grey) both Brown and Grey will get 3000 extra lumber and a small boost to their caster units.
      • Brown solo path event added. Requires player to type -burning blade pact when Thrall is at lvl 10 and this will unally you with Grey and cause Drekthar and Frostwolf caster units to go hostile. You will gain new caster unit and new hero and a slight boost to your normal units. This path enables training of Blademasters and increases their limit to 9 (they cannot be trained at start).
      • Added Drekthar's Spellbook to Drekthar.
      • Doomhammer item changed. Old Doomhammer was 30% damage increase lasting 30 seconds with 30 second cooldown (100% uptime), new Doomhammer is 50% damage increase and 3 armor lasting 15 seconds with 45 seconds cooldown. Created a custom buff for Doomhammer meaning Doomhammer buff will now stack with other Roar type buffs, this will punish Brown if he allows Doomhammer to fall into Blue/Green hands.
    Added several new items to various creep mobs on the map (including 3 major items such as Jeweled Scepter of Sargeras, Eye of Dalaran and Book of Medivh).
    Lowered health of Cthun and Yogg to 10k (old was 50k).
    Changed Gilneas trigger, now instead of getting Genn you will get new item when you kill him. (This is testing phase and if people hate the change i will revert it)
    Added Tomb of Sargeras.
    Slightly changed Dark Green Valiance Keep base as not to directly come in conflict with Brown Warsong Hold base.
    Eastern Plaguelands Crown towers changed. Now they are cheaper to upgrade and their auras are stronger.

    Take notice that there are several hacked versions of 5.1, 5.2 and 5.3 around, some guy named TAHK90 even uploaded a hacked version of 5.2 on ENT while naming it 5.4 to trick people.

    I will check this thread daily for feedback, also you can reach me on Zoomsf discord channel. If i am offline just send me a message directly or @ me in those channels and i will read it when i come online and respond.

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    I suggest following the standardized way of naming version by adding letters like a, b, c, d etc. for smaller updates like those. :-) so it's easier to know which one you/we are dealing with.
    For example 5.4a, 5.4b for the next one... (alternatively there is also 5.4.1 etc :p but people mostly prefer the letter)
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  3. Silroth


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    Right now the map is named public test but once the main testing phase is over i will start naming the new versions 5.4a 5.4b etc
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  4. Fatcat

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    Any chance of adding Cataclysm stuff, and making Blackrock Mountain more than a Creep Mob. Really add Twilight's Hammer, and the Dark Horde. Deathwing, and the Black Dragonflight. C'Thun as a Faction. make Argent Dawn a Faction to Combat the Forces of Darkness C'Thun/Deathwing/THC/DH/Scourge/ make the Argent Units deal more Damage to Evil Factions like Kael forgot to mention His Faction. Add more Stuff for Garrosh Warchief like Ironstars and Malkorok make Thrall go to Frostwolf Clan Faction, or Darkspear, or Bloodhoof Faction. I'm just blurting out Ideas for more Stuff, and I want to this Map to stop Looking, and playing like a Map of the Old Days so Yeah just some Ideas make the Shattering a World Event, Deepholm an Instance, and give Deathwing Faction a Special Event called Cataclysm which deals 500 Damage immediately to all Faction's Units, and Structures besides Deathwing's Forces, It could deal 5 Damage to Units over Time for 30 Seconds, Spawn Elementals for THC create a Huge Firelands Event giving THC Hyjal as a Base they have to Fight Kaldorei for It. Make Dragon Soul a Quest for Frostwolf where they have to do Objectives to obtain Demon Soul which Upon Use Kills Standard Deathwing, and turns Him to His Madness of Deathwing Form an Amphibious Ground Hero which if not Killed quickly Enough Heals into Regular Deathwing the Demon Soul could have an Aggressive Cooldown. Madness Forms Ultimate could be Second Cataclysm an Event which Kills Him, and Wounds the Entire World for 200 Damage, and 3 Damage over Time Units only but the Deathwing Faction loses Deathwing but still has Nefarian alive, or Undead because He could Be Resurrected, Onyxia if Stormwind doesn't Kill Her, and Black Dragon Flight gets Sintharia, and a Twilight Dragon Elite. This is a Suggestion hope you can Understand It.
  5. Silroth


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    Some Cataclysm stuff already exists in the map like Cenarius revival, Garrosh Warchief path, Risen etc. Adding Twilights Hammer,Cthun and other things as new factions would be bad for the map right now, certain areas revolve around 2v2 fights and some like Lordaeron are FFA, if i start adding factions like Cthun/Argent Dawn/Black Dragonflight it would throw the early battle balance out of the window and cause more troubles than good. Maps like LTA/LTF however are good at this because their focus is on few regions like Lordaeron+Northrend+Khaz Modan+Outland so they are able break down big factions into multiple playable ones (Cult being separate from Scourge, Alliance of Lordaeron being separated into 4 playable factions etc).

    In next versions Garrosh warchief path will have bonus things like a revivable ground demi-hero unit and a special flying unit with increased stats (non revivable high risk high reward type).

    Those suggestions for events are interesting but they would also cause alot of instability, big events like Azgalor defeated/Lich King descends/Cthun unleashed already create a bit of instability in DaoW (which i hope to fix) so if i start adding those other big events people would start crashing more often than usual and that wouldnt be fun for anyone. However i do plan to add more smaller events which will give players more options on how they want to play their faction/race.
  6. Fatcat

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    Yeah. I did think the Presence of Dark Horde, Black Dragonflight, and the Twilight's Hammer would leave Stormwind, and Ironforge Doomed against Trolls, The Horde Base their. Illidari, Blood Elves. and the Hour of Twilight Army however you could pull a Hero Squad Unit Capture mechanism where the Twilight Army has to Rally its Forces by defeating Creeps, and rescuing Units while the Burning Crusade, and Wrath of the Lich King events are happening. C'Thun could be the only Real Twilight Force with His Yogg Instance, and His Army in ahn'qiraj. Night Elves could Fight C'Thun while Horde is busy Fighting Illidari, and the Lich King. As for the Argent Dawn I thought they would be auto Allied with Good Factions the Horde, and the Alliance they would be trying to help restore Lordaeron with Scarlet making Scarlet Fight the Lordaeron Fight, while Argent was Busy handling Yogg, and Scourge in Northrend note unless Forsaken joined a Faction Argent was allied with they would be Enemies kind of persuading them to help a Major Player beat the Hordes of Darkness that would be Blood Elves/Scourge/Trolls maybe/C'Thun/Deathwing/Twilight's Hammer/ C'Thun would be Dead by Time Cataclysm Event Starts, and if He's Alive with Damaged Buildings, and Units the Shattering Event would Kill Him giving Him Blackfathom as a Second Chance just a little Explanation for my Ideas but they would cause a lot of Chaos for the Existing Factions.
  7. Fatcat

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    An Alternative would be to learn English.
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  8. Mr.B


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    Hello, I am a Chinese, my friend and I really like your map, but there are some English we don't understand, in China, please allow us to modify this map to translate into Chinese and then a little bit?
  9. Mr.B


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    hiahia It's really hard to study English while playing games
  10. Mr.B


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    The scourge and the blood elves development too fast, they as long as a short period of time can be very strong and beat others, me and my friends in China to play a few times, kj yells too strong, it was necessary to improve balance, hope to be able to take my advice. by the way,5.4 how long will it take for the official version of the map to be released? I am looking forward to the official version. thank you