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Discussion in 'Lordaeron: The Foremath' started by Fatcat, Jul 1, 2018.

  1. Onyx

    Onyx GrimmHeart Darksbane

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    We've been way too kind to him, time to stop here mate
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  2. Elbadruhel


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    Aaaaand you blame me again. If u read my first message did you read the word "respect"? Or your eyes avoided it? You say im hipocrit due to my first paragraph, i will explain it to you slowly and clear as if you were tard: a forum can be influenced by wrong guys, a forum can have some few loud weird guys, a forum may die cause they focus on wrong stuff, BUT that doesnt mean that EVERYONE in the forum is wrong, weird or mean. Cant you understand that? You call hipocresy to dont generalize... You need help.

    And finally, i dont want u to kiss my ass, i just want RESPECT to the people in this forum, at least for those who are good guys and girls and create content as Marsh does. There is a HUGE way from kicking asses to kissing them. You need to calm down and learn respect, just for not entering a place and start punching people there doesnt mean you are less man or u kick their asses. Its called education.
  3. Koganesaga


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    You are sadly correct. There is no point in further conversations with an individual who is only here to yell, blame, and dissect a persons choice of words to attempt to appear intelligent. Either Yuilen a troll, seeking an ego boost, or someone so filled with anger and frustration about their life that they need every outlet they can get. Either ban or just ignore every post by them, whatever they say clearly won't be worth anyone's time.

    And before sir-smartass can respond, yes I am shutting down on this conversation, unlike you I have better things to do with my time than bash my head against a brick wall until my braincells collectively Jonestown themselves.

    P.S. It occurs to me that Yuilen may not be aware of what an idiom as a key grammatical function is, but not asking what they are and instead harassing everyone who uses them is just rude.
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  4. ponasozis

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    I can t believe you guys put 7 pages trying to talk to a troll
    I thought you guys learned from me enough to know who is obvsly trolling
    I mean he literallt comes in steals a map defends a known cheater and says we are all cheaters
    Idk what the fuk are you even trying to talk to him about
    As far as i am concerned he is literally isis and needs to be purged like russia is purging isis right now
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  5. ZeroFlotsie

    ZeroFlotsie Lord of Hate Shaman Legendary Donator

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    Didnt russia already finish Isis?


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    That was just an excited premature statement from Putin to add to a Christmas speech. :]
    The purge is not yet done.
  7. Spectator

    Spectator Adapt or Die Donator

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    Well if what you say is true then my bad for blaming you on this. However your friend is definitely an idiot. He must have saw the website to know Map was abandoned or that Marsh promised to fix. Either-way he would have realized Marsh was looking for LTF editor and all he had to was like yo go on this website and tell everyone you wanna fix map. All drama would be over if he was not ignorant. Also I never accused of hoarding?

    Yes you have the ability and right to edit. I also have ability and the right to go put cheat versions or go outside and sing some of Justin Biebers songs out loud in the public. Both are legal. However there is an ancient forgotten concept known as ethics and human decency that's explores the heretic idea of respecting other people. Look it up, it's kinda funny.

    While you are right and LTA has gotten massive losses to player-base both due to lack of updates and shitty Blizz patches. It is still far more popular than LTF. I'm a LTF fan but I'm not blind to the truth either.
    My point is that you are taking the map as you said mainly to fix bugs and balance issues rather than having a major disagreement with current editors design philosophy. If you simple work with Marsh on this, progress can be done a lot faster. You can work on a consensus with Marsh before placing your fixes other wise Marsh might have to redo the whole again as her planned changes might not be compatible to yours.
    2 > 1, I don't see how it's far off from reality. If you actually care for the map, you know you working with Marsh is far better than you two just going separate ways.
    I'm one of LTFs biggest fans but this map is far far from complete. Truth be told It's broken still. You have higher chance of crashing than finishing the game, Ridiculous amount of bugs is present while the map is not even remotely balanced and it's ripe for abusers (I'm famous for it). This map is still in it's infancy at patch 0.28. Considering most of them were fix patches, Also the map is still pretty much a LTA copy pasta and has a lot to go to gain a unique identity. A collaborated work to fix the basic issues first is more important than separating into different directions now.

    You said this to @Marshmalo but it's quite wrong on every level I had to respond! I know you have not read any of the feedback me or @Onyx or a bunch other people have given to Marsh. Because you would, you would realize it's absolutely not true. In fact most of the feedback is not just negative criticism but toxic insults to her changes too. Would be bannable on most game forums.
    The only thing we refrained was direct personal insults to her which would stupid anyways as only a moron would insult a creator where it's creation he hates. direct insults never solved anything and won't solve anything.

    Also She is putting vast amount of time to improve our hobbies for free. Some respect is the least you can do. Plus it's not like WC3 is filled with experienced editors who want and can (A lot want to but most fail at fixing basic bugs and triggers) edit this map. No one to get after Wooden left. And also the case with @SvnmS. After he left map was pretty broken and still several months passing with no updates. True we did not agree with all his changes but outright insulting him was wrong. Some change is better than death.

    Azeroth Wars was released to the public and bunch of versions went out with people putting their own twist on it. Azeroth Wars Genesis, Azeroth Wars Cataclysm etc etc. You could do the same with LTF. maybe Name yours LTF Yuilen 0.28. But you seem not to be confident in your version and wanting to free ride on Marsh's name. This will cause a lot of confusion with other players once Marsh release her 0.28 and since most people don't use forums will think her version is cheat one.


    hahahaha you seem to think of yourself as some sorta messiah who has come to a forum filled only with lies, ignorance and hypocrisy. While a bit of your analysis is correct. You don't seem much different. If you would do any a tiny bit of research you would have released Netease and Blizzard are joint partners and platform was developed by Blizzard themselves. The client is 100% legal.

    Your personal bias and line of thinking went like ." Oh It's made in China and it's better than us! No it can't be. It's Chinese, free and better. It must be pirated. Yes Yes dem Chinese just copying and pirating us."

    However you decided to let ignorance and prejudice fill you and talk trash about something you have no idea about just because of your bias not actual research.

    Here is anonymous post from someone else here when I talked about Netease:
    So we learn, that Chinese can copy and pirate shit, while pretending it's their own property?
    Technology = Theft?
    Honestly, I didn't need to learn that, that's how China is doing everything in financial buiseness. You don't need to invent the wheel if you can just steal the technology and sell it cheaper for dump prize, thus taking the profit without any innovation.

    Much was learnt, much was already known."

    See you claim to hate the ignorance on this forum but you are the same when it comes to ignorance! And that is by definition: HYPOCRISY!

    Also if speculation on Hive after bot removal is correct. The plan is for Blizz to remove trash battle.net features and start implementing more Netease features. So have fun raiding maps while you can. You won't be able to in the future.
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  8. Fatcat

    Fatcat Renegade

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    Now where would I find an Unprotected Copy of this Map? I found one for a lot of other ones. and tailored Singleplayer ones. I would like to make a singleplayer LTF. To clarify. Make a non Warcraft Universe only Map. Way to many good models out there to go completely unused
  9. Yousef

    Yousef Paladin of the Alliance Brigand Map Maker

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    You can easily find the models on hiveworkshop.com