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Defense Cannons [Poll]

Discussion in 'Lordaeron: The Foremath' started by Woodenplank, May 2, 2018.


DMC/Dwarven Cannons?

  1. Remove cannons - they punish newbs, and get instant-aimed by pros

    17 vote(s)
  2. Let them stay

    12 vote(s)
  3. Let them stay + Make them immune to air-aim and spells

    15 vote(s)
  1. Spectator

    Spectator Adapt or Die Donator

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    That is incorrect. Falstad Can hit the cannon with his Q while Grypctoers can also bomb it. Spawn 4 from Skybreaker and use Falstad Q and it's pretty much dead. You can try it now in game. Trust me bro, I rushed south as dwarves a million times...

    Tho it's true tho AoE also destroys the cannon easily. Antonidas fireball + Jainina Blizzard + Green's Balistas AoE ability and the cannon is gone in one sec.
  2. Woodenplank

    Woodenplank Brigand Map Maker

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    Oh yes, and just a few general reminders for everyone reading the thread.
    1. Be polite. You may hate the mechanic, you may love it. But you should always love your fellow brigands <3
    2. I know this is a poll, but it's also not a democracy. I want to hear people's opinions, but I ultimately make the decision myself.
    3. In case you're new; welcome to the Woodtatorship!
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  3. EmperorFawful

    EmperorFawful Burn it! Website Admin

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    Never thought tbh of the cannons as being too annoying honestly. Same principle as Shadowmoon Valley in Azeroth Wars, where Teal controlls functional stationary Hellfire canons as a defense for his base, while in order to take it, you need either a good artillery force or a good air squad to aim in order to take down the crystals, making it thus a last standoff of Teal against SA in most games.

    Neither in LTF nor in Azeroth Wars I really thought of the cannons being too hard to take them out, especially when considering that the first cannon was implemented to give Brown a better chance to hold South on his own against Alliance, while OJ, Green and Teal are still busy in Outland.
    Dragonmaw Port isn't that difficult to kill as a base - any prepared landing with ships from northern Alliance can be enough to take Brown by surprise while he's busy fighting Dwarves within their own territory while in lategame this base is likely to fall anyways. If the cannon helps them to survive the early game against a direct invasion of 2+ players, that's wonderful tbh.
    Same goes for the Dwarven cannons - they're designed to grant Yellow a chance to hold against Evil team in South once the Plague launches and as written above they die off quickly anyways, if executed correctly, even without an air force. Would also say, keep them as Dwarves can need any help they get against Legion team once the early game is over.
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  4. Robovision


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    Lets put another canons on:

    Muru - to help him defend early rush
    Archimonde - lore accurate
    Naxxramas - compensation for slow movement speed
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    Last edited: May 4, 2018
  5. TheKaldorei

    TheKaldorei High Priestess of Elune Shaman Map Maker

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    what if we just made a world tree a cannon for the night elves tho
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  6. nqumyf

    nqumyf Brigand

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    For me the cannons are too high risk high reward, if you could even say it like this.
    They are very powefull if left alone and feel frusteating if you are not able to kill it or forgot it or whatever. On the other hand they are very easy to take out (most times if your allies cooperate), therefore negating their effect entirely.
    My suggestion would be to reduce their offensive capabilities, so they wont just one shot your casterline from miles away, but increase their defendability, so they dont just die instantly.
    Right now they are just an annoyance you have to deal with before strarting a siege. Not something you have to play around during the siege.
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  7. Mesis

    Mesis Brigand

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    Quite late to the party but my proposition is to put a cannon on every single building so we can peacefully harvest all the wood before fighting.

    In a serious note, cannons are basicaly Marsh saying "We need something to defend our bases but catapults outrange our towers" --> makes a tower that outranges catapults
    + towers are a bit too weak/expensive

    Remove siege and all problems will be resolved
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  8. Charcu


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    I must say I pretty much agree with @EmperorFawful I don't think they are such a disruption element in the game, yeah they slow gameplay at first (later on not so much if they are still alive) but wasn't that the reason why they were added? To prevent Brown-Dwarves to be eaten alive and have a chance to to defend themselves.
    They are a double edge sword they can be easily snipe (Tichondrius/Brown's dragons vs Dwarves cannon or Air Raids/Ranger's Ballista/Spells AoE vs Brown's Catapult) however if they are protected they can help turn the tide against a larger force (Yellow can bunker around the cannon while Dalaran can both repair the cannon and banish Tichondrius all time as soon as he gets close. Brown can also bunker and tower around it while his ranged units with net will make any Air raid regret the attempt.

    These cannons however won't protect you from a massive a attack if you are alone and they don't choke the gameplay as much as people say. Evil can ignore the cannon choke point and either go Ironforge or North even forcing alliance to fight outside cannon range while brown cannon will be easily sniped by spells/siege due to how close it is to the gate.

    I won't go into hp or damage numbers but I think we should not scrap the concept, touch the number Is the thing if its getting out of hand and only remove if it is truly hurting the game.
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    Last edited: May 6, 2018