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Defense of Silverpine 2.00 The Return

Discussion in 'Defence of Silverpine' started by Bram51warcraft, May 13, 2019.

  1. Bram51warcraft

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    Defense of Silverpine 2.00 Reforged
    With the standard Editor now able to decently replace jass Pack I have been able to once again Work on this map

    Major Nerfs:
    Tower Cap (due to people building towerss from the begin of the map to the end making it impossible for Undead)

    Major Buffs:
    The Undead Now have a very Strong Initial Wave lead by a Powerfull NPC Dreadlord who after defeat will leave to partake his Roll in the Second
    Blood Elf Mission.
    Undead Plague has been buffed from 2 damage to 4 Damage. NPC wave zombies are now also Plagued.
    In the begin of the game all Peassants now automaticaly start collecting gold , giving the humans a lot less to do in the Begin.

    New Features:
    Mercenary Lords:
    Following the lore of the Mercenaries in Garithos Elite guard in the crossing
    you can for a big gold cost Recruit mercenarly lords and a small retinue
    The mercenary Lord has extra abilities and health.
    But also acts as a walking camp where Mercenaries of that type can be bought.
    Mercenary lords can only be bought once so don't lose them.

    List of mercenaries:
    -Shao Khan and his centaur Outriders
    -Brewer Cao cao and his pandaran explorers
    -Warlord Zul'thragg and his beserkers
    -Warlord Bonecrusher and his Ogre army
    -Robber Lord Karos and his Enforcers
    -The Shredderlord and his goblin employee's

    Grand Marshal Garithos's war support:
    While Grand Marshal Garithos is seen as last remains of the Lordaeron Goverment.
    His powerbase in Dalaran and Southshore is still devestated by the Scourge and Burning legion invasions.
    But refugee's from Tiristfall Silverpine and all over Lordaeron are fleeing to the reclaimed Dalaran and staying or fleeing further.

    As more refugee's make it to safey more events Trigger or researchable Events become avilable.

    Current in-game events:
    At 100 Refugee's All human players will receive an Automatic gold income every 30 seconds.
    With the majorty going to Garithos himself.

    This is kingdoms like Stormwind ,Stromgarde , The wildhammer Clan sending financial Aid.

    At 175 Refugee's
    You unlock the research to make an Alliance with A red Dragon who acts as essentially an Ally / mercenary Lord
    (This is to include the Red dragons from the crossing)
    After researching it, you can buy her from the Red Dragon Roost near the refugee camp.

    Not in-game events yet but planned:
    An event to gain Acces to the Kirin Tor experiments and beasts and eventually Jailor Kassan
    An Event to set up A shop from which to buy Unique or more powerfull Items and possibly tomes (sort of restoring part of the Kirin Tor Library)
    Events to Gain Acces to More 'holy Units' from the initial Excorist Monk to destroy scourge summoned units (to possibly some Scarlet units, we'll see how alternate i'm willing to take it .)
    Events to gain Militair Support (In the form of Elite or faction specific Units from the allied Kingdoms)
    (Possibly Spawns , or A One Time Demi-unit / demi hero or Hero with an Squad of Soldiers)

    Other Events would Also include rewards if a Refugee camp stays up long enfough with Hero's or unit rewards depending how hard it is to keep Alive

    Undead Scourge

    Some extra Flavour Events to help the initial Push
    Some Buffs to Hero's
    Death Knight's Death coil is now Self castable and he got cleaving + a damage boost
    Dreadlords at level 10 Now Get A slighty nerfed Reign of chaos rather then Inferno.
    Deceivers have been added to the NPC Wave for some extra natural damage.

    Planned Events:
    Demi Unit or Demi Heroes to add to the Undead Hero Squad
    Special NPC waves by completing objectives
    And Late Game events to circumvent Or push through Alliance defenses

    (Undead events are on my last priority , due to Undead already having been greatly natural buffed in cost reduction , Summons and unit training speed , I need to find a good balance between it all)
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