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Drakkari Faction Preview

Discussion in 'Fall of Lordaeron WIP' started by Elbadruhel, Apr 7, 2019.

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    The Drakkari Empire once occupied all the north of Azeroth, with its core in what now is called Northrend. The had fierce wars agaisnt the furbolgs of Grizzly Hills, wich they kept at bay thanks to the fortress of Drak'tharon. The taunka and tuskar never were a threat for the trolls, but the nerubian had an awesome kingdom under the ground that could have rivaled with the drakkari one...

    This statu quo lasted countless years, but suddenly, the burning legion sent a new major power to the area: Ner'zhul, the Lich King, arised in the frozen Icecrown Glacier. The Drakkari were weaker and smaller in number than before, but their great city of Zul Drak was still up and strong, they could defeat nerubians, taunka, tuskar, or even the titanic armies of iron dwarves and vrykuls. So they will defeat this new threa too, the loa would help them.

    Ner'zhul has resulted to be a stronger enemy, he started to corrupt and rise the creatures of Northrend, and soon the vrykuls accepted to serve him as the god of death. This dark master started a massive war agaisnt the underground nerubian empire, wich was called "The War of the Spider", and the Drakkari were happy: the vrykuls fought each other, the keepers of ulduar had dissappeared, and now the nerubians will die too. Only the Drakkari would prevail!

    But now, the War of the Spider is close to an end, only few nerubian temples are still up, their armies have been crushed, their king now serves Ner'zhul, and the Drakkari are starting to feel nervous... Would be their loa enough to defeat this undead lord once he manages to defeat all the nerubians and unify all the vrykuls? Should the drakkari fight the corrupted Loken and his aberrations or leave it alone to duel Nerzhul? Would Nerzhul result empowered again if he wins that war too as happened with the nerubian? The Drakkari must protect Zul Drak at all cost and defeat both of them to secure Northrend for the trolls once again!


    Drakkari Inciter. Light Infantry. Bonus vs Heavy. Berserkr and net.
    Drakkari Hunter. Light Infantry. Bonus vs Big. Envenomed Spears and larger range.
    Drakkari Mauler. Light Infantry. Basic. Can stun on hit.
    Drakkari Warrior. Heavy Infantry. Bonus vs Heavy. Chance to defend.
    Drakkari Priest. Caster. Magic. Support/offensive.
    Drakkari Shaman. Caster. Magic. Support/offensive.
    Drakkari Rider. Light Big. Bonus vs Big. Can Inspire nerby allies and use evenomed spears.
    Bat Rider. Flying.
    Battle Turtle. Heavy Big. Siege. Can eat enemies and its shell damages melee attackers.

    As all troll factions the loas can empower trolls into Dire Trolls as long as you protect their temples.​

    You control one of the safest areas in the map: Zul Drak. With a good economy, lots of loa temples and a well all around army, your task is to conquer and secure all Northrend. How to manage this is your decision: focus against the Uds or against Yogg Saron, let them kill each other, fight them directly or take their important spots like Utgarde, rush agaisnt them to take them weaker or wait till you prepare a stronger force... Or even grow stronger while you wait the alliance to come to northrend to fight them too!! Countless different options in every game, you choose your path.

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