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Discussion in 'Custom Ideas for maps' started by mrpp, Mar 4, 2018.

  1. mrpp


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    Hi guys I got inspired by LTF and I decided to make my own map. There has been maps about kalimdor, lordaeron and khaz modan but nobody done Eastern kingdoms. Here I will tell you both similarities and diffrence to LTF.
    It will be 6v6 but there won't be scourge but this map will focus on fight with legion. It will be based on on warcraft 1 timeline. You will have cinematic at the beggining explaining event and giving advice but unlike LTF every race will have their own cinematic with characters move and talking. I thouth it will be little more interesting than reading those texts :D. And unlike LTF factions will be able to win map.
    Here are some pictures from game how terrain will look like.
    Mine.png Rangers.png Westfall.png.png There will be 12 factions in two sides.
    Conditions to win:
    Black Temple, Blackrock Spire and Archimonde must be destroyed

    Kingdom of Arathor
    It is faction in south which will be most attacked by legion minions which will came throuth portal. They also must worry about Dark Horde which living in blackrock. They are likely to attack Westfall. Bolvar will be leader of faction until you rescue king from Bandits in Goldmine.
    Royal Army
    This faction have purpose of supporting
    Kingdom of Arathor in defending kingdom. Their first objectives will be killing medivh traitor in karazah tower belonged to Burning Legion. If you kill Medivh in 15 minutes or less you will get rid of him permanetly otherwise he will be revible. Main leader of faction is Lothar.

    Khaz Modan
    It's territory is mainly in Ironforge. Their main adversary are Dragonmaw. Dark Horde is also very likely to attack them. this Faction may get help from Rangers corps and Wildhammer Clan. Faction led by king Magni have event with retaking gnome fortress Gnormegan.
    Rangers Corps
    Army of elves led by Sylvanas decided to help
    Khaz Modan in fights to come. Their main base is Fastrider Lodge but also they have base at the north near Trolls. It is army build mainly from archers but they will get also some units melee.
    Wildhamer Clan
    Dwarfen Clan with Falstad as leader is greatest air force in whole azeroth. Aerie peak is main capital. Their main enemy are
    Trolls living in Hinterlands. They should support their neighboor Khaz Modan in fight with Dragonmaw Clan.

    Dranei Forces/ Lordaeron Reinforcements
    On the begining this faction will be only Dranei with Marad as leader but after the Burning Legion and their minions will most likely push Dranei out then you will get new army with Tirion as leader. As Dranei your task is to hold the longest you can. More you hold then you will get more units as Lordaeron reinforcements.

    Conditions to win:
    Stormwind palace, Ironforge and Aerie Peak must be destroyed

    Burning Legion
    Main faction of the horde composed with demons and some warlocks. Main leader of faction is tichondrus and as legion you should support in extremination of
    dranei forces before they escape. If you don't wanna loose mediv as your third hero try to survive in karazah Tower for atleast 15 minutes. Then medivh will be allowed to leave tower and be revible.
    Shadow Council
    Main faction Gul'dan is supporting army for
    Fel horde and Burning legion. Unlike in ltf when Teron opened portal in this version portal will open when Dranei forces will be defeated. It is mainly caster units in this faction composed with demons
    Fel Horde
    Third faction of Horde which is operating only in outland. Their are main tank force for legion. They must help with defeating
    Dranei forces. After defeating Dranei they will move out in full force to face Kingdom of Arathor. Main faction leader is Maghteridon.
    Dark Horde
    This part of Horde is similar to
    Fel horde but unlike they their main base is in Blackrock Spire. This faction is surrounded by Alliance members but they have the most defenses for protecting Blackrock. As Dark Horde consider taking Kargath or plundering Westfall but then Kingdom of Arathor will not answer kindly.
    Dragonmaw Clan
    It is orcs clan leaded by Moghor. They mainly fight with
    Khaz Modan and Rangers Corps. They must fast deal with Thundermar and move out from dragonmaw port. This army is composed mainly with melee orcs and casters.
    They primarly fight with
    Wildhammer Clan. Incase of failure and loosing main base of Zulfarak they will get new base in Strangelorn Vale. It is race focused on range units and healing mainly.

    Thanks for unprotected version of Azeroth wars which helped speed making this map.

    This map will probably came out in this or next week.
    Made by Mrpp

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  2. Julian

    Julian just a simple Lich Shaman

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    wow didnt think such map Comes i wish you Gl and im really looking Forward to this map
  3. AriusSunKing

    AriusSunKing Heart of Iron Brigand Map Maker

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    Holy shit why do you have to write in rainbow colours? Do you want to kill someone who has epilepsy?
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  4. SvnmS

    SvnmS Brigand Map Maker

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    The irony is rich !
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  5. Lunelune

    Lunelune Known double post inquisitor and heretic caller. Brigand

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    Seems like an idea that's been thought of a lot, good luck though.

    What timeline of lore will you be using? Vanilla/BC WoW?

    Why is it called "Eastern Kingdoms TF"? And not something like "Azeroth TF" or "Khaz Modan TF"? Since the Eastern Kingdoms contains Lordaeron, Khaz Modan and Azeroth, yet most of Lordaeron won't be in this map (I presume).


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    This whole thread is actually a targeted asassination attempt against someone who he knows has epilepsy.... :eek: or against someone with colorphobia :eek: :eek:
  7. mrpp


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    thanks I really getting frustrated that nobody makes map about this time period and region beacuse it is always my favourite.
    This will be somewhere around warcraft 1 lore and region which I will be using will be from blasted lands to aerie peak and also entire outland with mardum.
  8. Spectator

    Spectator The Changer of Ways... Donator

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    Damn quite nice man. TBH I really like the Horde (Real Horde) Vs Alliance era of Warcraft.

    Also quite nice to see a 6v6 Macro map. I actually thought of making a map like this but for War of the ancients but I was too lazy in the end with current Warcraft 3 engine.

    Another nice thing is the actual winning condition, Quite nice to see a winning condition in a macro map other than Stay in game Until MMH drops the other guys.

    Train looks good and concept is nice and simple. Will fit team play nicely.
  9. Szons

    Szons Manetho's Heir

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    I think you should rename it from "Eastern Kingdom TF" to "First War", also you should read more about this period of time since I can see there many lack of Lore. (I think you should read "WoW Chronicle - Volume 2") Example? Dark Horde was funded after 2nd War so ...
    Last thing is that:
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  10. mrpp


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    Thanks iliya I actually think terrain will look better than ltf but balance will be very poor due to fact that there wasn't any game yet in my map so in first game some faction will actually be better than others. I made this map with intention that 50%/50% chance to win whether creator of ltf said that ltf is 40%/60%
    I made winning contitions beacuse I don't wanna to game to last eternity like in diffrent maps where players just get bored at the end. I wanna some good ending in my matches. And if map will be played often than I think about some expansions to this map.
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