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Eastweald Preview

Discussion in 'Fall of Lordaeron WIP' started by Elbadruhel, Jan 8, 2019.

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    "While western lordaeron is full of farms, the eastern part of the kingdom is a land full of forests and hills. This area has several small towns, and due to the lack of fertile land, its inhabitants have managed to develop a great skill for hunting and trading. Years ago, they founded the city of Tyr's Hand, wich became a great trading center between Stratholme, Andorhal and Quel'thalas; and the greatest city of the kingdom: Stratholme, its always in this land. But not all is about prosperity, during the second war, Alterac sent spies and rioters to launch a rebelion in Tyr's Hand, so a Silver Hand outpost must be rised there, the prosperous town was also attacked by the orcs and the woodland burnt. But maybe the worst curse came from the north, the men of the Eastweald are used to cooperate with the elves of Quel'thalas, so when their kingdom was assaulted by orcs and throlls, Baron Garithos of Blackwood called all his bannermen and sent them to help the elves under the command of his son, Othmar. When Othmar noticed something was wrong and rushed back to home, he founded his town burnt and his whole family murdered, with all their troops helping the elves, they were unprotected and an easy target. To heal the wounds and comfort the victims of this orc and troll attacks, and other evilness of the land, the Brotherhood of the Light rised several churches and points around the eastweald, the Archbishop of Lordaeron, Alonsus Faol, leaded them all from his chapel in Stratholme. And recently, Nathanos Marris, a farmer of Eastweald has came back with some elves to his house, maybe is time for the elves to protect the eastweald now."
    You are a "support" faction, with the best ranged units of all mankind, your task is to help your allies wherever you think they may need, and you wont lack options: the amani will be overwhelming Quel'thalas in the north, the forest troll will surely destroy Aerie Peak in the south if you dont help the dwarves, the Barov and CotD has their strongholds in Darrowmere in the west, and all of this while your own homeland is corrupted by Malganis and maybe CotD acolytes. You will need to gather your blackwood troops, eastweald militias, ranger allies and light warriors to have a chance agaisnt all those enemies.



    You start with Othmar Garithos (center) in Coring's Crossing, Nathanos Marris (right) in his farm near Darrowmere and Alonsus Faol (left) in this chapel of Stratholme. your main hero is Lord Othmar Garithos, since he is the only one revivable; but you may want to keep Alonsus alive as much as posible, since if you stay "good" you will be able to keep him. Nathanos is a good hero, unrevivable as Alonsus, that may be controled by the scourge.
    Once the "Northrend Duel" ends, Legion may send Detheroc to mind control Garithos. If you accept it, you will lose Nathanos and Alonsus, getting Detheroc instead, revivable, and joining the Demon Team.
    If you dont accept Detheroc and stay in the Alliance, in case Scarlet Crusade is formed, you can turn "Argent Dawn". You will lose Garithos and Nathanos, but will keep Alonsus (if he is alive yet), and will recieve Lord Maxwell Tyrosus (revivable, right) and Lord Raymond George (unrevivable, center) as new heroes.



    With 3 different ranged units, Eastweald is the best in the alliance. You can use your crossbowman to pierce enemy heavy units, like Deathlords, or use Eastweald hunters to set traps and maim your enemies and Elven Rangers to scout the land and destroy light enemies. Is all about strategy and chosing the right spot to fight. You dont have a good frontline, but your axeman and Light Champion will do the job, specially with the light buffs the champion and brother of the light can use. Your siege is bad, you are not supposed to be a "heavy assault" faction, but a unit of sneaky troops, light and fast, that wont face his enemy in open battle, but use skills to weaken it and destroy the best targets before the fight even start. If you fight 1 vs 1 an orc, troll and maybe even undead, you will die. But if you stun them with some traps before the battle starts, and kill their squishy casters so they cant dispel your blessings/rise undeads/attack your troops, you will have the upper hand.


    As human faction your economy can be corrupted by the undeads.
    Be careful with Malganis sneaky attacks, maybe some well place traps could be useful to track him.
    Barov House can research "Rivendare Treason" to launch an undead attack in a town around of Stratholme, that is your land, be ready to defend your home!
    Its quite probably that Stratholme will suffer a masive battle and continuous assaults by the undeads, since if they manage to take it, all eastweald will be in danger, you should help Silver Hand to protect it or plague grain may be sent to your towns.
    If you lose Alonsus Faol and Nathanos, and your allies have resulted to be useless, amani, forest troll and undeads are assaulting you... You may prefer to betray mankind and join Legion with Detheroc, so Malganis stop attacking you and Scarlet Crusade becomes your ally.
    If you stay good but Silver Hand betrays you, you can turn Argent Dawn and attack those treacherous zealots to conquer Stratholme and become a city of Light once again, Alonsus Faol created the Silver Hand, and Alonsus Faol will purify it.
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