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Discussion in 'Lordaeron: The Foremath' started by Woodenplank, May 5, 2018.

  1. Woodenplank

    Woodenplank Brigand Map Maker

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    Here I announce my absence.
    And when I say absence; I mean permanently.

    For a long time, as I'm sure some of you know, I haven't really been enjoying editing LTF. And to be truthful, I also didn't really enjoy my own, smaller side projects.

    I'm moving into a time of my life where I won't have the time/energy to deal with the responsibility of a map like LTF, and indeed; I don't even want to.
    Things are, after a long time of dull inaction, finally looking up for me; I'm moving into my own apartment, I going to university, and I asked a girl out for the first time in my life.

    All in all; WC3 just isn't important to me in the same way it used to be. And I'm quitting LTF, WC3, and Brigandshaven.

    Regarding Editorship of LTF:
    I sent the relevant files to @Marshmalo; hopefully she can find some to take it over. I don't know, and frankly I don't much care.
    I'll post the last changelog of mine here, which was the work-in-progress for 0.28 - the next editor can either use it as reference, or as inspiration for when they make their own version.
    General!!!!!!!!!!CHECK ~~~TO DO BEFORE RELEASE~~~ in the map triggers for extended list!!!!!!!!!!
    -Expect a lot of bugs, because I had to transfer triggers from 1.28/Newgen-settings to 1.29.1 compatibility....
    -Slow Poison (multiple Heroes) now has a detailed tooltip
    -Added a large creep camp at Alterac - Alliance early gold hurray!

    -Added a large new section to the Azjol-Nerub kingdom
    -Closed off a few landings on Kul Tiras
    -Added a few extra trees to Tol'barad
    -Added a 15 g/min CP to Kul Tiras
    -Added several more trees around Kul Tiras
    -Added a handful of extra trees near En'kilah
    -Moved the Tirisfal Gold Mine to Dun Garok

    Kingdom of Quel'thalas
    -High Elves are now coloured "Wheat", instead of Yellow
    -The Elder Voidwalkers spawned by Solarian's Void Walker now have properly hotkeyed abilities
    -Sorceress (High Elf) now have correct Caster Upgrade tips
    -Ignite Spheres no longer weakens (or strengthens) attributes

    The Scourge
    -Can no longer choose Anub'arak
    -No longer has access to Azjol-nerub event
    -No longer has access to Nerubian techtree
    -May now train Gargoyles
    -Now starts with Putricide in Icecrown
    -Nerubian Towers no longer require control of Azjol-Nerub
    -You must now, once again, find the Sword of Quel'delar before you can get Lana'thel
    -No longer gains control of En'kilah Temple city when researching Prince Valanar
    -Prince Valanar is now permanently revivable
    -The Lich King's Animate Dead now has a correct tooltip
    -The Lich King's Animate Dead now has the correct Hot keys
    -The Lich King's Animate Dead now has a detailed learn-tooltip

    Burning Legion
    -Removed the cooldown from Mardum's respawning (previously there would be a 2second window between each respawn where unit deaths would be ignored)
    -Detheroc's "class" renamed from Dreadlord Commander to Nathrezim Commander
    -Attempting to summon the Legion without Book will now result in Warning to the correct player (previously only Player6/Orange was warned)
    -Archimonde is no longer weakened by casting Reality Tear
    -Reality Tear now costs 200 mana, up from 150
    -Tichondrius now starts in Mardum

    !?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?BOOK DROP_ABLE!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!? TEST
    -Tranfers Worgen path to Kul Tiras dudes

    -Removed the Dwarven Siege Cannon from Dun Garok
    -Dun Garok now serves as a gold drop-off

    Fel- and Dark Horde
    -Call Nefarian may now only be used once per game
    -Jubei'thos has been able to make some extra money from his X-mas bonus because of all the great work he's been doing in Alterac, and has been able to afford a vacation down south. Unfortunately he hasn't been able to bring all his orc friends, and some have become creeps in Alterac.

    Shadow Council
    -The Syndicate now requires "Alliance is Broken" and "Broken Alliance > 5 members"
    -The Syndicate is now immediately allied to the Alliance with Calia Menethil as a Hero
    -The Syndicate is now coloured "peanut" instead of orange
    -Improved the efficiency of Teron Gorefiend's Mardum Portal (and removed memory leaks)

    -Ranger Corps is now coloured "Mint", instead of Green

    Cult of the Damned
    -Increased the "Kel'thuzard is in starting base" range check (you can move KT further without losing bonus)
    -Cult now always starts in Deathknell
    -Scholomance now has additional buildings for Plague Activation
    -Saronite Deathscreamers (Ebon Blade path) now use Stonespine's Gargoyle icon
    -Gargoyles' tooltip now displays their limit (8)
    -Removed the front- and backmost Improved Death Towers from Deathknell

    The Silverhand
    -The Scarlet Crusade/Onslaught is now maroon instead of red
    -The Argent Dawn event can no longer be launched before Uther's death and the Scarlet Crusade
    //Developer Commentary
    In addition to being lore-inaccurate, this also allowed LB a huge power potential, with minimal risk/losses.
    It also skipped a very interesting part of the faction story-line, and has been removed.

    -The Scarlet Crusade is no longer forced to become the Onslaught after 10 minutes
    -The Scarlet Crusade event now gives you Alexandros Mograine as a Hero, instead of Renault
    +If Alexandros dies, he is raised as Death Knight with the Corrupted Ashbringer
    +Instantly triggers the Scarlet Onslaught
    +(Alexandros (Deathknight) will be controlled by Cult ~ If Cult has left/disconnected, goes to Lich King)​
    //Developer Commentary
    This adds new flavour and content to Player 10's storyline. Alexandros Mograine is an incredibly powerful Paladin, capable of devastating the undead.
    But staying as the Scarlet Crusade and using Alexandros has its risks - if he dies, the Scarlet Crusade descends into madness of the Onslaught - and you're forever lost to the Alliance

    -The Scarlet Onslaught is now a part of the ABHORRED force, totally unallied
    -The Scarlet Onslaught replaces Alexandros with Renault (if not done already...)
    -The Scarlet Onslaught now starts with General Abbendis
    -The Scarlet Onslaught Heroes (Saiden, Barean Westwind, Abbendis, Renault) are all revivable
    -Barean Westwind now uses the Admiral Proudmoore icon, instead of a generic Paladin icon
    -The Ashbringer now increases attack damage by 35, up from 20
    -The Ashbringer now increases life regeneration rate slightly
    -Grand Paladin Saidan renamed "Grand Crusader" because Lore

    -No longer has access to Kul Tiras event
    -Menethil Harbour now belongs to Kul Tiras
    -Adjusted opening game messages
    -War Zepplins no longer require Kul Tiras Allegiance
    -Clerics now have detailed Caster Tips
    -Can no longer train Hydromancers
    -Has a NEW! caster; Silver Magus'
    +Q: Slow
    +W: Arcane Force
    +E: Mercurial Blessing​
    -Verdant Arcanatrix now buffs Silver Magi
    -NEW!advanced upgrade for Silver Magi

    Dragonmaw Clan
    -Elite Stacking
    -Ogre drummers
    -See "To Do Before Release"
    -Cho'gall may no longer activate the Yogg Saron event

    Kul Tiras
    -Now coloured "Emerald"
    -Now consistently spelled "Kul Tiras" instead of "Kul'Tiras"
    -Now has control of Menethil Harbour and Lord Garithos
    -Daelin Proudmoore no longer becomes unrevivable with loss of Boralus
    -Garithos is no longer revivable if Menethil Harbour falls
    -College of Hydromancy no longer trains units, but instead has a variety of upgrades and powerful spells
    -New elite units; Knight of Boralus
    -New Caster unit/healer to be made
    -New unit; Kul Tiran Knight
    -New unique unit; Floating Fortress
    -New techtree and Advanced Upgrades available

    Fallen Nerubians
    -Now coloured "Snow"
    -Reorgaized techtree
    +May now train Crypt Fiends
    +Now produces casters/upgrades from the new Seers Tower building
    +Seers now have their own unique upgrades set
    +Aqir Sentinels moved to the Seers Tower building
    +Anub'ar Prophets moved to the Seers Tower building
    +Nerubian Hives now produce workers, as well as units ​
    -The Cult base in Noxious Glade now belongs to the Fallen Nerubians
    -NEW! Starts with Grand Widow Faerlina in the Noxious Glade
    -Several buildings in/around Azjol-nerub have been moved
    -Now starts with control of lower Azjol-nerub
    -Nerubian Seers no longer have Soul Rot, but instead use Dark Blessing
    -Nerubian Seers now have accurate tooltip descriptions
    -Orb Weavers are now casters, with their own skillset and upgrades
    +Q: Soul Rot
    +W: Malicious Curse
    +E: Summon Carrion Minion​
    -Nerubian Sorcery now requires 10 minutes passed
    -Mass Teleport (of Anub'ar Prophets) now requires Nerubian Sorcery
    -NEW! bring a Hero to the Temple City En'kilah to power its ancient defenses
    -Removed limit basic Nerubian Units
    +Orb Throwers, Anub'ar Prophets, Aqir Sentinels, and Underkings are, of course, still limited​

    -Fixed several memory leaks
    -Improved the efficinecy of several triggers
    -Removed Hero-Box dependancy from several triggers (not all)
    -Redid and reorganized dozens of triggers
    -Removed a jillion million memory leaks (seriously!)
    -Renamed a lot of "copy copy," "copy 2 copy," etc. in the variables to proper indexes
    -Removed a dozen unused region variables

    Don't think this is some "you critisized me, so now I have to leave in tears" post.
    I had fun here on Brigandshaven, and holding the editorship of a map as big/popular as LTF has, all in all, been a good experience I think.

    But it's time for me to move on. A another former member of Brigandshaven once told me "I've realized this game isn't helping me, and I don't think it's helping you either" - and she was quite right, though it took me a while to agree with her.
    Farewell guys, have a good one.

    Good byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...
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  2. Nephirin


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    Ah, this is really sad to see. Farewell, Woodenplank, you were a fantastic editor and I wish you all the best.


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    Nahh bruddas, he'll be back. :-) We just need to wait till the girl breaks his heart and all will be lovely-wobbly again :-) You'll see that ours is the only world that makes sense...
    lol jk, good luck & have fun in your life and the cool part that comes after it :D And thank you for your service! <3
    Last edited: May 6, 2018
  4. TheKaldorei

    TheKaldorei ❄️ Holiday Hoe ❄️ Shaman Map Maker

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    can u add night elves first haHAA

    kidding best of luck woodnplank <3
  5. SvnmS

    SvnmS Brigand Map Maker

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    Very sad to see you go
    Thanks for your work on LTF, editing a big map is a huge hassle. The map would have been a lot less popular without the updates you added.
    Wish you the best !
  6. Onyx

    Onyx GrimmHeart Darksbane Shaman

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    Damn Man
    You really sucked as editor
    Like, cmonBruh you could have done better

    Nah, to be honest, you made a really good work with such piece of unworkable shit like LTF
    You had to make some hard decisions, and I didn't help it at all, more like the opposite
    Was the case for Civil War, and lastly with the Canon
    You tried to fix balance as much as possible, you did what you can
    You also worked like 3 or even 4 time faster than Marsh would have, and for this as well I'm happy it was you and not someone else
    We'll miss you like we miss Draupne for LTA (KEK) but hopefully some cool editor is going to come and with the balls in his mouth and agrees to work on LTF
    Editing the map might have been stressful as well, and I'm not innocent in it, so I apologise for this shit

    Gl & Hf

    PS : I would have really love to try dat solo Scarlet as soon as possible Riperino
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  7. Thebig061

    Thebig061 Assasin

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    I am proud of you bro.I still havent asked a girl out too.Its good to see that atleast somebody is menaged to do it.Anyway my friend i am not good on farewells but come and visit us again sometime.
  8. Marshmalo

    Marshmalo Brigand Map Maker

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    omg I knew this day was coming...

    Wooden youve done a wonderful job as editor, thankyou so much for keeping the map alive for as long as you did! Its especially tough to take on a project as big as LTF and the expections of an established player base, but you handled the editor and community side of it brilliantly.

    I do feel abit guilty about how you asked if I needed any help and I thrust full editor responsibility onto you, I hope editing LTF hasnt contributed to your decision to leave us for good. Hopefully youl come back from time to time, good luck with uni and your girl. Thanks again for all you have done!
  9. Charcu


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    Sad news definitely, thank you very much for all you did and good luck in your new place, with uni, with the girl and your future projects. Life is life and we all have to make priorities.

    My uni years were the best of my life before I started to work and I wish hopefully will be for you too.
  10. Excalibur


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    Oh, this is really a sad story.
    Thanks for your work, our country's players love your version.
    Goodbye.bless you.