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Fall of Lordaeron

Discussion in 'Custom Projects' started by Elbadruhel, May 12, 2018.

  1. Elbadruhel


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    First Dwarven Hero:

    Muradin Bronzebeard, Prince of Ironforge.

    Muradin is the prince of Ironforge and the heir of his brother Magni. He loves to travel and study ancient history, and was the founder of the Expeditionary League, he usuallly travles to Northrend to look for ancient knowledge, runes and items. But he is not just a wise man, but an old warrior with great power and experience. He met the young prince Arthas long time ago and taught him everything about sword figthing. He became a friend of the young prince, who he treats as a pupil, and has decided to aid humans in everything he cans trough his numerous travels.

    Role Ingame
    Muradin is a beast, a bruiser tank able to absorb enormous amounts of damage, but also able to chase down and kill an enemy hero. He has good ST, AOE and CC, but also great survivality. He will probably be the best hero of the Dwarven faction, but they will get him only after Purge of Stratholme event. But even the migthiest dwarf ingame has some downsides: his defensive skill wont make him inmune to damage unlike paladins ones or ice block, neither will absorb damage so u wont be able to use it as a "proactive" tool so much as others. Also, Muradin skills drain his mana, and he has no way to restore it, so he will need to hold his own power to dont get dry before an important fight, use carefully your resources to win.




    Muradin is good leading dwarven expeditions and fighting mass of enemies, this skill will improve even that. Reducing enemies damage and increasing Muradins armour, will make him and his tough dwarves be able to tank even more than ever. Also, you cant forget that will Muradin is boosted, he will cause extra effects with his basic skills (Q, W and E).


    All dwarves love beer, and a dwarf famous for looking for ancient runic artifacts should drink... Runic Beer! This defensive skill will heal Muradin a great amount of life, specially having in mind that he can become a really sturdy hero with tons of Hp. Also, that Magic shield could be useful if u think ur enemy is going to burst u with their skills and combos.


    Muradins ST skill and also his strongest CC. It wont cause so much damage as mages spells or other single target skills, but that 3 seconds CC is huge, and while he is empowered, his damage will be so high as anyone else!


    His main AOE damage spell, is also good to reduce the damage of enemies and to chase them down. Also, if Muradin is being bullied by enemies heroes, he can use this skill to heal him up and gain even more time for his team. While he is boosted he will increase his damage a bit with a second thunder if the enemy is not fast enough to move away could be a good tool to destroy big weak armies.


    Muradin jumps to a point, dealing some damage in the area and slowing them A LOT for few seconds. Even if it has big CD, is a great tool to chase enemy heroes who are running away, the jump+slow will help to to smash that coward head a bit more. Also, while boosted, Muradins Jump will give him even more armour, wich will be a great tool in case he is jumping in the middle of a fight.


    The Dwarf becomes stronger, tougher and sturdier. Enemies might prefer to retreat till his ultimate is down instead of dealing with this mighty dwarf.

    Summary: A great hero to chase enemies and kill them, is also good to fight agaisnt big armies and absorb damage.
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  2. Elbadruhel


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    Second Dwarven hero:

    Falstad, Wildhammer High Thane

    Falstad was an hero during the Second War, he and his fellow Wildhammer destroyed the Horde dragons and controled the air for the Alliance, saving their fleets from the flames. After tons of adventures between Dun Modr and Lordaeron, Falstad became the Wildhammer High Thane when Kurdran left Azeroth with the Sons of Lothar. Now, he is in charge of the strongest dwarven clan in Lordaeron, and will have to protect his land: Aerie Peak, from the dangerous trolls and the uprising orcs.

    Role Ingame
    Falstad will be the main Dwarven hero, specially before they get Muradin. As dwarven holdings are scattered, they will really appreciate a flying hero able to move all around the territory. He is a dps hero, eager to destroy his enemies with the powers of the wildhammer shamans. He and his gryphon Siwftwing are a great duo able to take down dangerous enemies, but be careful, cause he can lose all his mana quickly using his powerful combo skills and he has not much healing tools. Take care of Jinthalor mainly, and ask your allies for help, once you secure the Hinterlands u will be able to fly around to help ur allies wherever they may need the fury of the storms!



    The active is just a great Life Steal bonus for Falstad, is his main (and nearly unique) healing tool. The pasive means that Falstad will have 20/30/40% increased damage depending on the Storming level he has every time. This storming level represents the fluctuating power of the storms that empower his skills and hammer. You will have to play wisely with this Storming bonus to get the best outcome. Whenever you use Q or W, they will deal more damage according to your Storming level: 1 = normal damage, 2 = 150% damage and 3 = 200% damage. But also, whenever you use Q or W, it will have its cost increased: at start it costs 50 mana, if u use it it turns 75, another use and becomes 100, a third uses and it comes back to 50. But note that the mana cost doesnt change the damage your skills will do, this means that if you are fighting a single target, you can "charge" your storm with W, and then use a Q charged with low mana cost, and if you are figthing a big army, u may prefer charge your storming with Q and then use W with few mana cost. (WQQ or QWW for example, to maximize damage with less mana).


    Same as Anasterian one, you get combat bonus and survavility, but still can be stuned, slowed, etc.



    I think these 2 have been already explained with the passive.


    Good to scape from dangerous situations and get a small healing, or to jump in the middle of an army to launch your storming skills while you are a bit more protected than usual. Also, you can use it as "reactive" skill to an incoming damage.


    Good to deal with big armies, specially of medium-big enemies, since u will do great damage to them and will leave them weaker for your army.

    Summary: Good damage specially in short fights, mediun survivality and good debuffs and AOE agaisnt big enemy armies, but that will lack lots of mana, specially if you try to maximize and combo your Q-W in a long fight. If you have any doubt ask it :-)
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  3. reddragon25

    reddragon25 Soldier First Class

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    I've meant them as late game elites, frostbrood for LK as you planned, vilebrood for COTD, and bloodbrood for Barrow, they would be unlocked after Sindagrosa would have been reanimated.
  4. Elbadruhel


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    Lets talk a bit about the map. Its based in just 1 single "what if" scenario: what if Medivh was dead, or at least, never came to Lordaeron to warn human realms? What will this happen and how this would affect the map design and gameplay? Lets see!
    + As Medivh never appeared in Thrall's dreams, the young Warchief never followed his guide. Instead, he followed his original plan of free all the orcs and settle them in the Arathi Highlands (as he demanded to Therenas in a letter in lore).
    + Since the Horde never left Lordaeron, Thrall was more bounded to his Clan, the Frostowolves, who always lived (and still live in lore) in Alterac.
    + As the Horde never stole human ships to travel to Kalimdor, the Stonemaul clan (who was allied of the Horde), never splited in to: one to Kalimdor an done to Alterac (crushridge), so more ogres were living in Lordaeron.
    + As Antonidas never recieved Medivh visit, Jaina never spied them, and so she was not encouraged to leave Dalaran and recruit soldiers from all human Kingdoms to travel across the sea.
    + This means Jaina wont leave Antondias alone in Dalaran last fight, since the old wizzard doesnt want to safe her sending her away, but keeping here close so he can protect her with his own life, as he doesnt see any hope beyond the see.
    + With Jaina fighting for Lordaeron, and not abandoning Arthas, he may have a small light of hope to return home and fulfill his rigtheous design: become king. Maybe saving the prince soul as he wont feel betrayed.
    + If Therenas dies, Alexandros is murdered, Antonidas falls and Silver Hand turns mad, Jaina will still be there, leading the fallen humans and asking Rhonin for help to restore everything from ashes. And so, Garithos wont be "the only defender of mankind" and he wont feel so overwhelmed and surrounded by enemies, so people (specially Jaina and Rhonin) wont allow him tot ake absolute power and expell elves.
    + Since Medivh never came to Lordaeron, as we have already said, Jaina never traveled to Kalimdor, and neither did the Horde. That means that the elves are alone there to fight the Legion when its summoned. So, to have any hope to save his beloved Tyrande, Illidan will be forced to go there to help the elves, even if they hate him, agaisnt Archimonde. That means he never gone to Outland and Illidari never was formed, since the Rogue Demon Hunter will be giving his best to safe Azeroth from Legion in Kalimdor.
    + As Illidari are never formed, Kael will never be tempted with Illidan's fel power, so he will keep "pure" (arrogant but pure), fighting for his realm.
    + And since Kael is inloved with Jaina (lore) and Jaina is fighting for Lordaeron, and Lordaeron humanity is supporting him, as Garithos is controled, he wont feel depressed and full of vengeance, so he will create Blood Elves, yes. But to fight for his people, and not to betray them and leave them alone while he goes to Outland, specially since he never knew about Outland...
    + Finally, if Legion is summoned, Mannoroth wont travel to Kalimdor, since he did it just to take his revenge on the orcs, to pursue them. And the orcs are now in Lordaeron.

    And all this happened just... Because Medivh never appeared.
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  5. Elbadruhel


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    All this have been said to explain a bit the mental and designing process i have had to develop factions, rosters and heroes. Specially cause i did a great overhaul some days ago to have it: simplier to learn and use for players, more balanced, more accuate according lore, easier to code and with less posible leaks and finally, cool options to have different games each time u play the map.

    This is a summary of the factions Heroes and Paths, i will have starting ones dones for beta 0.1, and the path ones for future patches. Of course, i could add several more in the future, but i advance step by step. Studying everything a lot, trying to keep it the more balanced as posible:

    First Legion


    Arthas starts with his First Legion in Andorhal, he will have to gather resources, conquer land and, above everything, chase the CotD and Legion cultists who will be trying to corrupt Lordaeron. At some point, Malganis will provoke Arthas, and he will go to hunt him to Northrend. This fight has 4 posible outcomes: win or lose, with or without the sword. Depending on wich one happens, Arthas and his First Legion will follow one or another destiny. The player can choose to do whatever he wants, depending on wich one is his favourite faction, of course. But is designed to encourage the player to try his best to win as perfect as posible:
    + Best outcome is Arthas wining without the sword (Frostmourne empowers him with stats and a useful skill). If he manages to win without it, it would be like "im tha fucking boss, i dont need that filthy sword". And the proud and arrogant prince will come back home triunphant to become crowned King, what will make him revivable for all game and empowered a bit. This should have in VERY FEW scenarios, since he should be in a hard fight in Northrend, losing or being forced to pick the sword. But i want to add this both as an option for those "Arthas king fans" and for "pro players eager to try a challenge".
    + Second. You won, but you were forced to take the sword. You are not allowed to go King Arthas as your soul is corrutped (and u become unrevivable and lose your holy shield to be an easier target), but you can choose what to do as reward for "wining": you can accept your corruption, kill your own men and rise them as undeads, becoming Fallen Legion (lore option) oooor, that same thing will happen, but u keep playing as "the remnant of good guys" in lordaeron, so u keep ur holdings but swaps ur faction nearly completly (a weaker one as second chance).
    + Third. You lost, but you tried your best picking the sword. Arthas and his men are risen as UDs by the Lich King, and you are forced to lead them in the Undead. You become fallen legion with no option to refuse (except alt f4).
    + Fourth. You lost, and you were so foul that you tought u would be able to win even without the sword! Arthas is murdered and risen as UD for LK, and you keep playing as the good remnants in Lordaeron (weaker faction) keeping your holdings there. This is the weaker faction you can become, but is an alliance one, and if you want to stick with your alliance fellows, u might prefer to die without the sword than with it. You chose!

    As you can see, this follows the: Risk-reward rule. The better you do, the more risk you assume, the better faction or the more options you get.



    As you all know nowadays, Eastweald is a faction joint of: Eastweald hunters and militias (Duke Nicholas Zverenhoff), Blackwood army (Garithos family), elven rangers (Nathanos) and holy men from Light's hope chapel and the great city of Stratholme (Alonsus Faol). His heroes represent perfectly that "essence" and will try to safe their homeland with bravery and traps. But if Lordaeron Faction falls, Othmar Garithos will step forward, assuming his father legacy and reuniting the last Lordaeron soldiers alive under his banner. Eastweald will become New Lordaeron (since Eastweald always was part of it), recieving a bunch of good cavalry and heavy infantry that the faction was missing. This is not only good according lore, but also for balance. If Alliance starts to lose members (Lordaeron in this case) they will feel weak agaisnt orcs, uds and trolls. To balance this a bit, Eastweald recieves a boost to become a more close to a solo faction. Have in mind that Alliance factions are designed to have bigger strong and weak points, being forced to cooperate to have the best outcome, if they start to lose members, will need to balance it with more unit variety per faction.

    Also, Garithos (before being Marshal or after it), can be mind controled by Detheroc. Betraying mankind and using his army to support Legion cause.

    Silver Hand


    Self explanatory. Tons of powerful heroes (but never more than 4 at the same time), but most of them unrevivable. Use properly your tools and u will be a beast, make mistakes and u will find yourself weak and alone... Forced to accept Balnazzar corruption. Good for players who excell in micro and saving his heroes from mortal damage.



    Alexandros is one of the strongest heroes in the game, and Gavinrad is one of the 4 first and strongest paladins in Lordaeron (with Uther, Saidan and Tyrion). So u will have 2 beasts to work with. But most of your heroes are unrevivable (as SH ones), so this great power comes with great responsability. If you fail once and again and your heroes die, you will find yourself studying the proposal of succumbing to the plague, to become powerful once again... Upon the dead of your former allies.



    Nothing new under the sun: great wizzards, great power, but you need to defend Dalaran and your allies. A mindless attack might end you losing your core and some of your best tools agaisnt the plague in late game.

    High Elves


    Similar to Dalaran, both main caster factions of the Alliance are powerful but need to protect their homeland too. High Elves are quite special among the Alliance, since they are the "most balanced" faction among all of them. As they will have to deal nearly 1 vs 1 agaisnt the MIGHT of Zul Aman, they have a good variety of units to hold Quel'thalas. And so represent its heroes.



    Simple, sturdy, strong, dwarvish.

    PD: As you can see, no faction can have more than 4 heroes at the same time. And those who can have 4 have 1-3 of them unrevivable, summoned or as reward for something. This means that most factions will be using 3 heroes at the same time. Some players might prefer to use a faction with more heroes option, or more powerful but unrevivable, as Loraeron; while others would prefer something safe and stable, as Dwarves. Some people might want to defend their homeland in a bloody war, as High Elves, or travel around the map in dangerous quests, helping their allies here and there to turn the tides, as First legion or Silver Hand. The idea is that everyone can find his favourite faction according to their gameplay, but also, that playing a different one may feel as a new experience (till some point).
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    Now is turn of Evil factions.

    House Barov


    Barov owns several holdings across Lordaeron, they mostly control: north-west tirisfal glades, Southshore, Tarren Mill and Caer Darrow. They will start as a "noble house" of Lordaeron, and since Alexei Barov is not a proper king, he has a reduced army roster. He will have great income and lots of food cap at start, due to his great wealth and lands, but as traitor, he will quickly attacked by the Alliance. He must hold his bases as long as posible, while CotD and Legion plague Alliance farms and destroy their economy and inner realm, so they must defend themselves and u can strike back.

    House Barov is the Anvil and Legion and CotD are the Hammer. Then, the plague is released, and the anvil becomes a fucking tank, able to destroy everything in his way. Alexei obtains the power Kelthuzzad promised to him, he kills his own soldiers and rise them empowered as undeads, to this stronger units, he adds some new ones to gather an army able to be the scourge of Lordaeron. The best part of it, is that if you manage to kill your biggest enemy, the main leader of your enemy: Alexandros Mograine, you will be able to rise him as undead at your service, to destroy the one that once dared to face you!



    Tichondrius is the jailor of the Lich King, and he will take care of it from his fortress of Drak'Tharon. Legion must play defensive in Northrend, to help LK to hold the power of Drakkari, while they both grow little by little, become stronger enough to strike Zul Drak. But while you grow in Northrend, you must use too Mal'ganis in Lordaeron to plage the human kingdoms and weaken them at the same time that you get untis and resources there. This would be very important, since at some point, u will be forced to duel Arthas in Northrend. If you did a good jon in Lordaeron, Arthas army will be weak and u will be able to destroy him, having Malganis alive for the rest of the game, but if you failed in Lordaeorn and Arthas is powerful, you might lose one of your main heroes.



    Self explanatory. Kelthuzzard will start in Scholomance, hided. He is powerful and could help you to plague Lordaeron or to lead a great strike agaisnt a main city. But he cant scape quickly, and if he dies u will lose one of the best heroes ingame... Till you ress him! If you manage to conquer Sunwell, u will be able to empower Kelthuzzad and rise him as a Lich. Get countless zombies from Lordaeron plaguing to lead that attack, or focus in mining Arthas and Lordaeron moral so they become your allies and help you in that war. Maybe even Kelthuzzad most powerful weapon could help you: word. Try to use the stupid Amani to do your job, and then kill both trolls and elves, rise them as Uds at your service, and take control of Sunwell.

    While Kelthuzzad is in Scholomance, Noth the Plaguebringer will be bringing the plague to the last nerubian alive. If he manages to do it, you will take control of their ziggurats, being able to rise them from the ground, specially the biggest one: Naxxramas.

    Lich King


    Ner'zhul is imprisioned in his frozen trone, and has the task to corrupt all Azeroth to prepare it for the coming of the Legion. To do manage that, he must encourage the Fall of Lordaeron. He sent a mental message to tons of powerful beings across the land, to lure them into Undead in exchange of power. Tons of them accepted, and started to spread his word in lordaeron. Meanwhile, he is trying to secure his own kingdom: Northrend. There are 3 big empires there: vrykul, nerubian and drakkari.

    Most of the vrykul accepted him as the God of Dead, and started to serve him. Angerboda, the Queen of the Vrykul, is leading them for the LK, and she is eager to awake more and more vrykuls from their sleeping facilities, just to find where his husband lies and awake him to take the command of the vrykul troops.

    Few years ago, Ner'zhul started the invasion of Azjol'Nerub, the nerubian empire, and with the help of countless zombies of the CotD, he managed to take down their leaders the spider lords. Now, the fallen king Anub'arak, leads Ner'zhul forces in Northrend to secure that everyone serves the master.

    Finally, the stubborn Drakkari hold their impressive kingdom of Zul Drak. With tons of Loas supporting them, and their natural strenght, this will be a mayor threat for the Lich King. But maybe, if he manages to threaten and damage them enough, some of them would want to betray their own kin in exchange of power and salvation...

    While this happens in Northrend, Ner'zhul has laid a trap. He sent part of his frozen jail and essence away, a runeblade called Frostmourne. And encouraged Kelthuzzad to lure Arthas to go Northrend in rage and pick the sword, so Ner'zhul can corrupt his soul and turn him in his champion.

    PD: As you can see, while Alliance factions were based in defense of homeland, cooperation and powerful but non revivable heroes. Undead factions are more based in corruption, rising free undeads, sneaky and treacherous attacks, powerful fallen heroes and being able to fight properly in 2 different spots at the same time. This is intended, as much other things in the map, to make every faction different to each other, so u can experiment different gameplays and find your best faction.
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  7. Elbadruhel


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    I already posted the Orc factions in the discord too. But i want to prepare the pics of Trolls before i release them all together. Instead, i will talk a bit about something important that some people has asked me: how do u balance difference size teams?

    @Szons for example, was afraid about playing with Horde. Since he thinks 1-2 factions cant face a team of 7. Lets see why that can be done with proper balance and skill.

    Alliance has 7 members: Lordaeron, First legion, Eastweald, Silver Hand, High Elves, Dalaran and Dwarves.
    While Horde has only 2: Frostwolf Clan and Warsong Clan.

    This might look terrifying for Horde player: "they will outnumber and destroy me!". But i use an easy answer to balance this a bit. In this map, as you all know, there are 4 different ways to get resources: chop wood, mine gold, farm building and creeping.

    Creeps will die sooner or later, and gold mines and living woods are few and will be very contested. So the main gold income will come from the farm building (farm, blacksmith, mana sanctuary, etc, every faction has a name for it). And this is a GREAT tool to balance gameplay, look:
    + Alliance workers cost 2 food. Alliance farms needs 5 workers to produce 100% income.
    + Undead workers cost 2 food. Undead farms need 3 workers to produce 100% income.
    + Troll workers cost 1 food. Troll farms need 4 workers to produce 100% income.
    + Orc workers cost 1 food. Orc farms need 3 workers to produce 100% income.

    With a quick math, this means that, to produce the same amount of gold, a member of each team needs:
    + Alliance 10 food.
    + Undead 6 food.
    + Troll 4 food.
    + Orc 3 food.

    In a situation where all factions have aprox the same amount of land (population cap), similar to the starting one (except some, specially trolls, start stronger; and others starts with chances to expand quickly), for a simple image: 60 food each player.
    + Alliance. 7 players * 60 food/player * 100% income/10 food = 4.200 gold.
    + Undead. 4 players * 60 food/player * 100% income/6 food = 4.000 gold.
    + Troll. 3 players * 60 food/player * 100% income/4 food = 4.500 gold.
    + Orc. 2 players * 60 food/player * 100% income/3 food = 4.000 gold.

    As you can see, all of them produce nearly the same amount of gold as TEAM!!! Its balanced. Trolls produce a bit more, since even if they are "a team", they 3 are all isolated and away from their team mates. So they are somehow more "solo" than even horde faction.

    This not only means that "they produce the same, so have the same potential power in an army". But factions with less team members, will need less food to produce the same gold, what means they have more "felxibility" when they decide how much pop use in farming, and how much to recruit as army.

    Of course, this also means, that an Alliance player with the same pop than an Horde player, will be SMASHED by the orcs power. Thats the reason why Alliance must cooperate and use skills properly to fight Horde brutal superiority. But the balance work doesnt end here. To give every faction a more "unique" touch, at the same time i encourage the gameplay style i want for each faction, i have added several improvements to each race economy:
    + Humans can do a research to improve a bit their farming profit. This means their farms will become better, being more valuable for them, and if they manage to DEFEND them, they will grow in power slowly over the evil factions, being finally able to gather powerful human armies capable to fight back the Horde. So if Alliance plays well and defend their homeland together, wont be left BEHIND!
    + Undeads can plague Human Farms to fuck their economy, and, at the same time, get some gold for the "stolen corrupted grain" and some free units to boost their economy and harrash nerby human buildings. So Undeads should rely in corrupting Lordaeron, and if they manage to do it, they will rule over the living! We cant forget too, that Uds are able to rise fallen enemies among the dead, that if even they are dispeleable, might be a good extra force with no gold cost.
    + Trolls can do researches to improve their chopping. Since they live in forest regions, they will be able to obtain extra resources from their homeland. Also, this will be a great reason to fight as monsters for the Living Forests of Lordaeron, since they will get more gold from them than anyone... Wait... Did not trolls fight for forests in ALL LORE OF WARCRAFT!? :D. Apart from chopping and living in the forests, Trolls have another good point: Loas. They will be able to pray them, sacrifice prisioners to them or kill them... To obtain their power and favour in hours of need.
    + Orcs can research "Loot and Plunder", and they will obtain resources for sacking human settlements. This fits perfectly the Horde style, and will give them boost to their economy if they manage to break Lordaeron defences and raid their himeland. Also, they will get free troops whenever they manage to destroy an internment camp, so if you allow them to break your lines, they might become an unstopable wave.
    + Dwarves can improve their mining. As the beast miners of Azeroth it couldnt be other way! They will fight more than anyone for the mines of Lordaeron, since they will get more income than anyone from them.
    + Elves have a special resouce: Sunwell. The sunwell will empower the elves, making them "better than they trully are", so u will be using units more powerful than what u have paid for! But this has a counterpart. If you lose the sunwell, you will be weakened, and your kin will feel depressed and defeated. To fix that, you will need to do your best to restore Sunwell and bring back the glory to Quel'thalas. So be aware, protect the kingdom with all your strenght, and watch out all of those enemies that are eager to stole its power!
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  8. Elbadruhel


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    The general design of the map is ended, all the terrain has been implemented. I just need to polish northren and western Northrend and Quelthalas and everything would be done.


    Also, all factions rosters are designed, implemented and coded. I have created a math program to calc the values for base damage, number of dices, damage per dice, attack speed and health of every unit ingame, so they are all balanced (or i hope so). All those values have been already obtained for each unit ingame and implemented in the map. There are 79 different kinds of "normal" units, plus tons of casters, air units and siege.

    I have also created another system to specify the gold cost of each unit, so each unit has a "proper" cost related with all his properties: damage, health, damage type, etc. So i hope they are all balanced and no unis is useless or OP, but tests and games will say that.

    There are tons of different playstiles and factions, but everybody follows the same "rules" and are calcualted the same way. For example, i have had in mind the armour and attack upgrades for every single unit ingame, and this will work this way: light units will be better at the start of the game, but every time you improve the armour of ur units, heavier untis will become better and better, till in late game they will rule. This has an easy and qucik resutl ingame, the Alliance relies mostly in heavy units, so they will be smashed at start by the evil factions, but if they manage to survive, they will be able to recover and strike back in late game with their heavier units. On the contrary, at start normal weapons (bows and swords) are better than heavier weapons, but every time u improve ur weapons, the heavier will become stronger, this means that if u are the horde, for example, and the alliance starts to mass too much armour, u can improve ur axes to chop them.

    I already told u about my combat system, but lets see a quick summary: normal, vsHeavy and vsBig damage types (apart from hero, magic and siege), and light infantry, light big, heavy infantry and heavy big armor types. I think they are self explanatory, right? :D. NO DAMAGE TYPE has any kind of "minus" to any armour type, the system is simple, you do x1 or x2. I have done the hard work for the players before they even start the game, when i created the program to calc the units costs, it has in mind the armour type and damage type of the unit, if the unit is vulnerable to several attack types, it will be cheaper, and if it can attack x2 different units, will be more expensive. To make it easy, lets see an example:
    - Unit A. Light infantry. vs Heavy.
    - Unit B. Heavy Cavalry. Normal.

    If both A and B have the same stats in everything, B would be much cheaper than A! So the player just needs to check wich kind of units is units is using his enemy, and pick his army to counter it. If he fails, he wastes gold. But its easy to compare ur units since they all will do their normal damage or x2, to decide wich one do u prefer ^^

    Talking about gold i already explained how the system would work, to balance bigger and smaller factions.

    Hope u like the news :-)

    PD: the top right red points are all the buildings, units, and heroes of each faction, so i can work easily with them :D
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  9. Elbadruhel


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    Ended Sunwell Isle.


    Straight north from Silvermoon lies Sunwell Isle, one of the main Elven holdings, since there shines the Sunwell wich empowers the elves. The isle itself offers few resources, and only a small vilalge of elves lives in the north west, and the elven Harbour in the north and several elven buildings in the fortress will allow the Thalassian to defend it properly from an enemy invasion. But in the core of the isle and the citadel, the Sunwell is waiting for whoever has the power and bravery to conquer it.

    PD: I will add a gate to the Northren entrance too :D. Thanks to @Marshmalo for her "Spire" model ^^.
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    ehhh and when will the map be released
    and whether there will be a civil war option between the legion and the scourge and by the way is it possible to form an alliance with the horde as an ally of the legion and can mannaroth it be replaced with some other hero like jaraxus and etc.