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Forest Troll Faction Preview

Discussion in 'Fall of Lordaeron WIP' started by Elbadruhel, Apr 7, 2019.

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    Da Amani Empire was broken, da troll lost tha war, so we went back home to da Hinterlands while da humans grew in Arathi. We were atchin' dem, ya know, mon. We were hatin' wit' wrath in our hearts but we were few, weak, and der were too many of dem. Dey rised big walls and large kingdoms, mon, we couldnt face dat powah...

    But den, war came. Orcs attacked da humans and dey suffered, but orcs knew da truth, trolls are tha best warriors, so dey called us for help. We had had enough of watchin' and waitin', so we answered. Da troll empire rised once again mon, all da tribes united undah Zul'jin, leader of da Amani. And we marched to war, ya should have seen that mon.

    But... We were betrayed, ya know. We fought the alliance, we destroyed dem, and when da victory was nearly ours, da orcs left us. Dey are dumb, not like da trolls mon, so dey started to kill eachother instead of finishing da humans. So trolls were alone once again, mon, agaisnt humans and elves togetha... But da trolls never die, da trolls never lose! We were going to smash them all, even without da orcs! But Zul'jin disappeared... And da Amani Empire was broken again... We had to retreat, ya know.

    Now, da Vilebranch from Jintha'alor and da Vitherbark from Shadra'alor have anotha way to win da war. We are friends from all trolls yet, ya know, but we have new allies... We allied with da Boulderfist Ogres of Arathi to crush da treacherous Horde, and we pray Hakkar, da Soulflayer, and Shadra, Queen of Spiders for powah. Togetha, we will take our revenge upon da orcs! Togetha, we will retake our empire from humans! For tha trolls!


    Forest Trolls are a mix of two big troll tribes: witherbark and vilebranch and an ogre clan: Boulderfist. So their roster is a mix of those tribes and clans, what brings them the chance to use different and unique units to win the war:
    + Vilebranch Warrior. Light inf, bonus vs Heavy. Can go berserk and trap units.
    + Vilebranch Bloodseeker. Light inf, bonus vs Big. Has envenomed spears and can increase range.
    + Bat Rider. Flying.
    + Brood of Shadra. Applies paralizing venom, can use a net to trap flying units and as all animals can see invisible units.
    + Witherbark Archer. Light inf, basic. Can use posionous arrows and increase range.
    + Witherbark Priest. Caster. Magic. Support.
    + Boulderfist Warrior. Heavy Big. Basic. Can stun on hit and damage several enemies with 1 strike.
    + Boulderfist Magi. Light Big. Basic. Offensive.
    + Boulderthrower. Light Big. Siege.

    Also, as all Troll factions, the Forest Troll can use the power of the loa in their altars to empower a troll into a Dire Troll. As long as they protect their temples of course...​


    As all troll factions, Forest Trolls are well all-around, since they will have to fight alone surely. But as you may have noticed, Forest Trolls have lots of skills to do "guerrilla warfare", they excel using venoms, wich they get from their loa Shadra, and traping their enemies. Their magic is strong too and have lots of ranged options to damage the slowed or trapped enemies. BUT they lack good cavalry and their only fast unit is Brood of Shadra. To have a heavy front lane you will need to rely on your ogre allies and your siege could be better. Summarizing, your faction is great for skirmishes and weaken the enemy fight after fight, making sure that theis strongholds are no too protected for your final attack.


    You start with:
    + Vile Priestess Hexx. Ruler of the Vilebranch Tribe.
    + Witch Doctor Mai'jin. Leader of the Witherbark Tribe.

    But if you sacrifce enough to Hakkar or Shadra, you may get their help in battle.​
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    Event suggestion for this to reclaim the runestone in Care Darrow and turn it again into an Altar of Storms
  3. Elbadruhel


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    The elven runestone in Caer Darrow was already carved into an Altar of Storm, and its power used to create the Ogre Magi in the second war. Since no more is said about it, i guess it was destroyed when the alliance took back the castle, since Elves swore to destroy all the altars of storms.