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Game of Thrones (A Warcraft III Map project)

Discussion in 'Custom Ideas for maps' started by UMBRAUNDA, Aug 3, 2017.



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    • 480x480 Map with Westeros and Essos (Most of Essos)
    • Realistic and Proportioned map based on this map.
    • Big Castle Exteriors with walkable walls (based on doodads) + Instances for major castle's interiors (Example: Castlerly Rock - Instance would consist of inner mine tunnels, gold vault, and throne room.)
    • 12 Players - Winter, Wildlings, Night's Watch, North, Riverlands, Vale, Iron Islands, Stannis, Daenerys, Lannisters, Reach, and Dorne.
    • More paths than 2happy4u's A Song of Ice and Fire, which left out many major characters like Arya.
    • Expansive paths - Each path has multiple quests. Each quest advances the path with better units and more heroes. (Example: Danerys travels throughout Essos - hatching her eggs, gathering armies like the Unsullied and Dothraki and appropriate heroes.)
    • 7 Resources - Different lands are more rich in certain resources encouraging trading and conquest.
    • Gameplay - RTS Combat, RPG, and City Building.
    • New combat mechanics (Armor/Weapon Types)
    • Lots of upgrades for harvesting, abilities, and unit/building stats.
    March south to the wall while building up your army.

    No paths - however there are many quests/conditions for new heroes and units.

    Free Folk
    Unite the tribes & destroy the Night's Watch while fending off Winter.

    Free Folk - All tribes unite under King Mance; attack the wall for better pastures to the South.
    Giant - Discover lost Giant tribe. Mag the Mighty leads the Free Folk adding more Giants however some tribes will rebel.
    Joramun - Mance find's the Horn of Winter; has many special abilities.

    Night's Watch
    Great Ranging begins...

    Jon - Joer dies. Jon named Lord Commander.
    Marsh - Joer dies. Marsh named Lord Commander.
    Free Folk - Alliance with the Free Folk. This causes a rebellion at Castle Black.
    Winterfell - Jon takes Winterfell, proclaimed Warden of the North.
    Dragon Glass - If Jon comes to Dragon Stone, he forges weapons from the Dragon Glass mines. Permanent Bonus vs. Undead.
    Stark Reunion - If Jon conquers Winterfell; Sansa, Arya and Bran returns to Winterfell.

    Robb Crowned King in the North after Battle of Riverrun II - Army assembled with Riverlands.

    Stark - Robb is successful. Sansa and Arya reunited with Robb - Bran eventually return.
    Bolton - Robb fails, Boltons sack Winterfell and Roose Bolton proclaims himself Warden in the North.
    Jon - Robb and Boltons fail. Jon takes Winterfell, proclaimed Warden of the North.
    Vale - Accept the aid of the Vale
    Rebuild Winterfell - With the Boltons defeated, Winterfell is rebuilt and the remaining Northern Houses pledge their support.
    Stark Reunion - Sana, Arya and Bran return to Winterfell.
    Ice and Fire - After returning, Bran tells Jon that he is a Targaryen. Jon marries Daenerys.

    After Battle of Riverrun II - Army assembled with the North.

    Tully - Robb is successul, Tullys marry Freys.
    Frey - Betray the North and ally the Lannisters.
    Brotherhood - If Riverrun is taken by Lannisters. Gain support of the Brotherhood without Banners to help reclaim the Riverlands.
    North - Thoros and the Hound see Winter coming in the flames. Go North to aid the Wall.

    Decide whether to support a side in the war of 5 kings or unite the Lords of the Vale.

    Little Finger - Joffrey is poisoned, LF escapes back to the Vale with Sansa before becoming Lord Protector.
    Lords of the Vale - Unite the Lords of the Vale and reform the Falcon Knights.
    North - Aid Jon in defeating the Boltons. Little Finger is killed by Sansa.

    Iron Islands
    Iron Islands Army on Flint's Finger poised to strike Moat Cailin.

    Balon - Balon successfully conquers the North. Reigns as King of the North and the Seas.

    Kingsmoot - Balon is Killed. Euron named Iron King.
    Valyria - Euron finds treasures in Valyria including armor and a legendary horn rumored to tame dragons.
    Daenerys - Pledge the Iron Fleet for Danerys.

    Captured Storm's End, Army poised to strike King's Landing.

    King Stannis - Win Battle of Blackwater, Stannis is crowned King.
    North - Lose Battle of Blackwater, go North to aid the Wall and gain support from Northern Houses and Mountain Men.
    Lord of Light - Grant power to Melisandre for her rituals. Sacrifice certain characters at bonfires for bonuses.

    Resurrection - Melisandre resurrects Jon should he fall in battle.

    Dragons hatched. Marching East with remaining Khalasar. Gather support to return and conquer Westeros.

    Queen of Essos - Conquer cities of Slaver's Bay. Gain ships to travel West.
    Khaleesi - Kill the Leader of the Yun'Kai Dothraki and become their Queen.
    Free Cities - Any other city in Essos will lend its support to Daenerys once conquered. Each Free City provides a unique bonus.
    False King - Aegon is found to actually be an imposter. Aegon is killed. If Dorne supported Aegon, they now support Daenerys.
    Ice and Fire - Marry Jon Targaryen and begin another inbred Targaryen dynasty.

    Alliance between House Lannister and House Tyrell. Get ready to defend King's Landing.

    Joffrey - Joffrey's reign is solidified having defeated his enemies.
    Tommen - Joffrey is poisoned. Tommen takes the throne.
    Gold Hand - If Jaime is captured (killed) by the North/Riverlands, brings back Jaime with a gold hand + Brienne.
    Cersei - Should all of Cersei's children die, Cersie is crowned Queen.
    Faith - Faith takes over King's Landing, many characters killed or imprisoned.

    Having lost Renly, Tyrells ally the Lannisters. Get ready to help defend King's Landing.

    Tyrell - Margery becomes Queen. House Tyrell enjoys golden age with House Lannister. Loras joins the Kingsguard.
    Tarly - Randyl Tarly lauches military campaign to support House Lannister.
    Citadel - Maesters of the Citadel focus their efforts on rediscovering high technology of Valyria to power their Astrolabe and enhance their maesters.

    Unite the Dornish Houses and Oberyn vs. Mountain at 10:00 game time.

    Oberyn - Oberyn defeats the Mountain, starts a war with Lannisters + gain Tyrion.
    Donan - Oberyn is defeated. Doran plots for revenge...
    Aegon - Arianne and Sand Snakes rally the forces of Dorne to Aegon's cause. Aegon Lands at Gryphon's Roost with the Golden Company.
    Daenerys - Pledge support to Daenerys instead of Aegon.

    Appreciate any feedback and advice. Also if you have any ideas to add, feel free.
    If you can help work on this project please PM me.
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    Last edited: Aug 28, 2017
  2. Arlt

    Arlt the Last Emperor Advisor Legend

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    Sounds very interesting, but it also sounds like it will take some time to make as it is quite a big project. :-)
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  3. Valran


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    That sounds so large and intricite that it'll be nearly impossible to complete.
  4. Bram51warcraft

    Bram51warcraft Lore Nerd Brigand Map Maker

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    I don't wanne make it sound rude. But hearing your general Idea. It would probaply better for you rather stimulate the Conflicts between the free cities and the continents on Essos. I mean if your gona make all that most of the supposed players you mention are in Westeros so adding Essos wouldn't only make it difficult.

    Also I would like to mention that you can't use 2happy4's map to say your will be more in depth.
    Seeing as his map is a Song of Ice and fire based on the books and not the Show.
    And the current series is far beyon the book but it also cut a lot of things.

    Unless your also gona Add Aegon Targaeryan (or blackfyre) and a lot of book specific guys. Because if your gona base it on the series you'll leave out a lot more important chars.
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  5. EmperorFawful

    EmperorFawful Burn it! Website Admin

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    Yup an ambitious project.

    I like the idea of making Winter not a key player within the map, but on the same accord I would neither make then the Night's Watch a playable faction from the beginning and neither the Wildlings.
    If there's one thing I don't like in ASoIA from 2happy4 it's how it always comes down to the North falling against Winter and then South either mass allies up in order to kill Winter and call it a game or they break apart entirely and get killed by DG.

    Furthermore it might also be wise to make the Vale as well a Second Chance/path option for King's Landing' or the North. They don't do anything in the books/show until Sansa shows up there with Petyr Baelish and the entire Lord Protector arc begins. So either, when Joffrey dies, it could make sense for King's Landing to give his forces to Lannister, thus unlocking more event chains for Red, while he gets the Petyr, Vale and Sansa
    or Blue can go for the Vale the moment Robb Stark dies, thus disbanding his forces/transfering them over to someone else, while he gets Petyr, Sansa and the Vale.
    While in the same accord Stannis would recieve the Night's Watch events + support from northern lords.

    Same goes for Dorne: They would be more optimal as a lategame faction, as the entire Dornish plan focused on revenge upon the Lannisters and Young Gryff.
    (TV series Dorne sucks - never ever consider it being good, as it's horrible as hell!)

    So in the beginning it would be:

    -King's Landing

    -The North
    -The Riverlands

    -The Stormlands
    -The Reach

    - Dragonstone

    - The Iron islands

    while 4 potential spots would be free. If Essos is part of the game,
    I would definitly add these factions:
    - Daenerys host
    - Slaver's Bay/Ghiscari cities (Mereen, Yunkai, Astapor, New Ghis as one faction)
    - Dothraki

    Those are the most relevant factions in terms of War of the 5 Kings and War in Slaver's bay, starting from the point when Daenerys freed the Unsullied and took Astapor in the beginning.
    Whether the Dothraki deserve to be a faction on their own or not, as storywise only Khal Pono would matter regarding the war over Mereen, is up to the editor.

    While as for faction paths or rather second chances, I would propose the following factions:
    - The Nights Watch (if not already an initial faction)
    - The Vale (Lord Protector, see above)
    - Braavos (in order to support Stannis Baratheon, as he made a deal with the Iron Bank in order to let the Lannisters pay their debts)
    - Dorne
    - The Golden Company (Young Gryff - selfexplaining; should most likely become a path upgrade for Dorne)
    - North under Bolton (alternatively: Boltons as the initial ally of North and the Riverlands to fill the 12th player spot )
    - Freys of the Riverland (though would rather make this a path thing for Lannisters)

    There's probably more people would propose most likely, but I guess for now that's the main things I'd like to see, if the map really is also covering Essos.
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  6. Thebig061

    Thebig061 Assasin

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    Now i know how Kaldorei feels about my project that was initialy based on her idea.But anyway i cant be mad at you since all of us have their own sight on things.


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    Indeed this project will be quite intensive. I'm going to try to assemble a team to help speed production.
    I get your point however I think it can still be done.
    Lol - its based on the books and the show ; Resurrected Jon Snow for example... only in the show (not yet in the book).
    Yeah, plot-wise - everything from the books will be used + extra stuff from the show for late plot (unless Winds of Winters comes out soon).
    I feel you - I will try to add as many characters as possible. Don't worry, it won't be like 2happy4u's leaving out dozens of major characters. Arya, Aegon, and more will be in this.
    Interesting ideas mate. Great points - I'm definitely going to reconsider the starting factions and how other factions come into play.
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  8. Thebig061

    Thebig061 Assasin

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    Did anyone ever felt like all his wishes are comming true?Well thats how i feel right now.
    Okey so on the basis of what you are talking about it looks almost like Lords of the North by Gollum_Kome.I wanted to make a map similar to what you are suggesting right now but you have much bigger and better ideas so i guess you should work on it.I would love to help in anyway i can cause this project is just too cool and too similiar to what i had in mind.I already started making terrain for the north and i think i ve putten some pictures of it around the forums.If you want it i can give it to you for you to work on it.All in all if you need any help wait 2 days atleast and i will be able to help.Currently am away from home.
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  9. NikolaT.

    NikolaT. the rightful King of Scotland Brigand

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    Make sure that euron has an ability titled 'muh dick'
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    Hey thanks a bunch man - I am trying to put a team together so I can use the help for sure.
    While I appreciate the offer, I can't accept your map. Actually map and terrain are one of my specialties - thus I already have a map I'm working on that has everything roughed out.
    If you can help with object editor, quests, or triggers - that would be very useful and help push this project forward.
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