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[Grand Tournament] Lordaeron: The Foremath

Discussion in 'Tournaments' started by Hawk, May 7, 2019.

  1. Hawk

    Hawk The Old Lion Map Maker

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    Here we go again boys and girls! The Grand Lordaeron The Foremath Tournament! As always organized by Warhaven, and once again sponsored by our friendly @Venderoth and you won't guess but @anden too! Much love to the both of you! <3 LTF has been with us a for a very long time, but it has never been as balanced or stable and ready for its very own GT! The rules & info are down below as always, and the tourney signing-up/start ends/begins 21st of May.

    Sign up:
    You simply make a team and sign-up, you can add the members in the description of it, or forward me the list on Discord Hawkr#2713!
    Once again if there is any solo players that can't get a 6-man team, post here or PM me on Discord and I'll assign you a team! ^_^

    Rules & Info:
    • Teams are made out of 6(7) players each, the seventh person can be a backup in case on is needed.
    • The matches are best of 3. The finale is best of 5.
    • The format is Evil vs Good, with Civil War allowed after 30 minutes, which will trigger Broken Alliance, both teams will stay allied to each other even though the faction splitting events happen thanks to our gracious editor @Yousef! Also if you haven't figured it out yet, a random of the two teams will get to pick Alliance or Evil for the first game and in the second game will get the opposite of what they picked!
    • Now if the game is 1:1 in wins (draw), the 3rd(5th) round will be a simple draft, meaning the team captain from the first team (first team being the one that didn't get to chose what faction they were playing in the first game) picks a faction, then the second picks a faction, then the first, etc. Once all factions are picked the game starts and everyone needs to unally their starting allies and ally their teammates!
    • The whole tournament is single elimination system. Meaning if you win you proceed to the next round, if you lose you are out of the tournament. Except for the semi-finals, were you will battle for 3rd place.
    • Needless to say, but map-hacking, cheating, glitches and bug abuse are strictly forbidden.
    • In case someone disconnects in the first 10 minutes, a remake is to be hosted.
    • Victory condition is not set in stone, but we hope everyone will be a fair sport about losing or winning that is. (though after your team loses all capitals, the game is probably finished for you).
    • All replays are to be sent to me. @Hawk
    • Every team has two weeks to organize a fight against the opposing team.
    I understand if the draft system is a bit strange, but after some discussion it was concluded that this was the best way to show off players actual tactics and knowledge of the map. If you have any questions please don't be afraid to ask here, or on the official GT Discord.

    • Northgard
    • Sniper Elite 3
    • Endless Legends
    • Seven
    • The Days Long Gone
    • Hollow Knight
    • Conan Exiles
    • Kerbal Space Program
    • Chivalry: Medieval Warfare
    • Garry's Mod
    • Warcraft 3: Reforged
    You will be able to pick any game you want from the list. If you win of course! ^_^

    Again huge thanks to Vendy and Anden for sponsoring this tournament, this whole amazing run wouldn't be possible without generous people like them! If you want to see these tourneys even more don't forget to help out the cause by dropping a few bucks into our Patreon!
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  2. Spectator

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    hmmm I'm quite keen to see how this goes. It's a weird one doing a 6v6 on LTF since evil was intentionally designed to be stronger than alliance with Civil War powers and then compensated for the extra power by being split. So evil could easily Civil war and plague at 20 and crush alliance.

    But 30 minute minimum is a great idea and gives alliance more time to do maximum damage before civil war. Still not sure 30 minutes is enough but seems close as a coordinated alliance who now doesn't have to worry about traitors should kill a lot of capitals and maybe some heroes before cards then turn against them at 30. Anyways good luck on the tournament.
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  3. Hawk

    Hawk The Old Lion Map Maker

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    Prize pool updated, WC3: Reforged has been added to the prize pool thanks to again our very own @Brad <3 much love.
    Also there will be test games in a few days with the tournament map to try and balance it out as much as possible, anyone is free to join that signed up for the tourney. :-)