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Hacked Version on ENT

Discussion in 'Lordaeron: The Foremath' started by Zlade(PinkArcher), May 6, 2018.



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    Cheaters shouldn't really be considered as humans, to me they should be classified as a slightly more advanced species of bacteria.
    And those excuses are really bad "I only used them in singleplayer" - you literally ignored everything they said about why that does not make sense. Even if that was true (if we put trust in your sense of fairness lmao), still those hacked version are made public and thus enable other members of your bacteria species to cheat. You are still helping your vermin-like bacteria brethren in their brainless evildoings, enabling them.
    Thus the pyre is the correct punishment for you, for you all cheaters.
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  2. Marshmalo

    Marshmalo Brigand Map Maker

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  3. Arthos

    Arthos Last Roman Brigand

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  4. ponasozis

    ponasozis SOVIET Angry marine Brigand

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    cheating in games is equal as in masturbating while having 5 girls naked near you who are willing to do anything you want to
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  5. Charcu


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    I see no point in arguing this topic to be fair, you are defending a boat that sank a long ago (3 years asking for cheating maps by now...) and you still try to explain how you need cheats in every single version to test it out when the game has a single player testing mode with many tools to test stuff.

    If anyone joins a game from Lobotron (and you have to download while having the official ver) cheats activate with -ForGilneas
    -gold #
    -lumber #
    -int #
    -agi #
    -str #
    -lvl #
    -xp #
    -hp #
    -mp #
    -ms #
    -debuff (Removes buff from selected unit)
    -lock (locks the trade system)
    -unlock (Unlocks it)
    -charges# ### (First # slot 2nd charges)
    -additem # (max is about 90)
    -mana (Mana stays at 100%)
    -invis (makes unit invisible)
    -vis (visible)
    -pathoff (walkthrough walls)
    -pathon (normal)
    -setcolor (red/blue/teal/purple/yellow/orange/green/pink/gray/lb/dg/brown)
    -owner (red/blue/teal/purple/yellow/orange/green/pink/gray/lb/dg/brown)
    -nocd (no cooldown)
    -cdon (cooldown on)
    -bindup/down/left/right (IE: -bindup -kill would make it so that when you hit up it kills whatever s selected)
    -clearkeys (Clears bindings)
    -showkeys (Shows bindings)
    -mh (Dispalys map, no server splits, hopefully)
    -size #
    -food #
    -copy #
    -fast (Hit esc when training units)
    -bfast (Hit esc on building structure)
    -ufast (Research is instant)(To disable one of these commands add -no to it like -noufast)
    -share ##
    -unshare ##
    -ally ##
    -unally ##
    -soff (share off)
    -spawn #### (List)
    -ground ####
    -add ####
    -remove #### (removes the ability)
    -g ## #### (gold)
    -l ## #### (lumber)
    -f ## #### (food)
    -spa ## #### (Spawn unit)
    -sn ## <name> (setname)
    -sc ## (red/blue/teal/purple/yellow/orange/green/pink/gray/lb/dg/brown)
    -dead (Sets units animation to dead)
    -birth (Sets building to being built)
    -attack (Sets unit to attack)
    -stand (Sets unit to stand)
    -hear (You can see what everyone is saying)
    -nohear (back to normal)
    -kick ## <message>
    -tele (sets patrol to teleport)
    -note (sets it back to normal)
    -reg <kill/explode/red/blue/teal/purple/yellow/orange/green/pink/gray/lb/dg/brown> (Right-click two spots and a region will be made)
    -time ## (Sets time to that hour)
    -float ### ### (first #'s is height 2nd are speed)
    -stop (Disable unit commands)
    -resume (Enables them)
    -area #### #### (First #'s are size 2nd Rawcode, then click where you want it)
    -autoh ### (Autoheals by precentage)(A little buggy)
    -disable (Disable -reg)
    -list# (1-8 )
    -cheaton ## (Turns cheats on for player specified)
    -cheatoff ## (Turns cheats off for player specified)
    -unit #### (Spawns specified unit at issued location)
    -nounit (Disables -unit)
    -act <activator> (Changes activator to whatever specifed, needs a - at the beginning)
    -unitid (Shows the unit's rawcode)
    -itemid (Shows the unit's item rawcode in first slot)
    -destid (Shows rawcode of destructable in Reg)
    -destroy (Removes selected units)
    -revive (Revives dead hero and spawns at selected unit)
    -addhp (Adds hp to any unit, needs to be divisable by 50)
    -colors (Displays player numbers by color)
    -say###### (# = hex code only 0-9 and A-F will work)(After the hex just put the text you want displayed)
    That will probably show him how pointless it is to play the game when the others are using cheats.
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  6. LoboTron11

    LoboTron11 Grandaster of the Shadow Council

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    So then you're calling me a murderer for requesting cheats, that's nice.

    Maybe you should check the other things before.

    And you're still thinking that I'M using cheats in online games, so you're still making the things like you want, try this cheats, and you'll see that I've never cheated a game, and less to play it online, if you want to cheat a map to use it with me, then you're just going to be worse than me.

    I don't care about how other people will use the maps I request, because we all play most games in MakeMeHost until the 24 players came, and I won't care because I'm not going to use them more than making games with my own friends that known the map's already hacked and we use it to be more realistic (Fukki's CP that makes the hits be 1 hit kill).
    If you're just going to flam me until death, go for it, I won't care, I was playing with most of you in most of the games I did play, and you never saw me doing anything strange, but now that "Oh shit he's using cheats for solo-player" you think I'm something like Satan or shits, I don't care, as I've never did with anyone, because I'm fed up with the people that only see the bad things, you won't play with me? I don't care, you'll try to cheat a game and make me play it? I don't care cause you'll be worse than I'm right now just requesting it for myself using.
    Use more your brain and check what you're saying right now, because most of you know me, or I tought you did, and now you're talking me like if I'm a monster or if I trully killed someone just requesting a cheat pack.
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  7. Arthos

    Arthos Last Roman Brigand

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    You didnt catch what i meant to say or just catched whatever u wanted, the fact of asking about hacking a map is not something as if you wanted just to shit arround on SP you have the test mode and those other cheats blizzard let u use ingame. But now not only you have acces to this hacked version but so does other people that are ofc using it as there are multiple hacked maps played everyday. Also its your word against strong proofs of you askin for a map to be hacked with activators that make people disconect from the map(lol) but you keep defending yourself to that its only for SP purpouse only so wtf? And dont worry i use my brain as i m seeing proofs of a dishonest player here that abused different maps.
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    Are there some measures to be enacted by the politburo to curtail this blight?
  9. Kamikaze15


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    Well this is fun, but,
    LTA, LTF and the like are maps that don't dl in 2 seconds, you have enough time to ask yourself, hey, I downloaded this a week ago, why is it downloading again??
    People that play hacked versions know what they are doing, most of the time.

    Last, but not least, having played with Lobotron, he can't have been cheating (or he is epically bad at it).

    So lay off a bit, people. Just don't dl hacked versions, and don't play them.
  10. Spectator

    Spectator The Changer of Ways... Donator

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    @LoboTron11 In the name of the Galactic senate of the Macro Map community, You are an official Douche bag hacker!

    It's true for us but not true for newer and a lot of people. I for example did not know anything about editing, map making, forums or the way hosting works for the first year I came back to Warcraft. One thing I did not know nor would ever expect is people hacking in a mod of a 2003 game. So I would easily fall for the hacked version as a lot of people do. Also note there are a lot of people who do not understand much English and play this game, they can easily fall for hacked version too.

    You sound Like Lord Baelish giving an advice to Ned Stark during the small council meeting when Robert asked him to.
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    Last edited: May 8, 2018