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Hero Suggestions for Exodus

Discussion in 'World of Strife' started by Ardenaso, Nov 19, 2016.

  1. Ardenaso

    Ardenaso Lazy bastard who can't get a simple work done. Map Maker

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    I was wondering that other than the humans of Rakasla, the forest denizens and people from other kingdoms can help in Ovarrak.

    Next to that Altar of Heroes, there should be a Mercenary Camp next to it where you can summon non-Rakaslan heroes.

    • Agility Hero
    • Model: Shadow Hunter
    • Innate: Voodoo Spirits - sends down spirits disguised as 10 locusts to attack enemies. Each locust deals 15 damage.
    • Improved Innate - sends 20 locusts and they heal the Beastmaster at the end of the duration.
    • Summon Bear - tough bear for tanking; level 2 has Taunt, level 3 has Resistant Skin
    • Summon Boar - ranged boar for DPS; level 2 has frenzy, level 4 attacks 2 extra targets
    • Beast Mastery (Passive) - improves Beast Master's mana regeneration as well as improving his other skills.
    • Summon Griffon - similar to that Griffon in the Ogre Lord cave, level 2 has Chain Lightning Aura every 3 seconds
    • Strength Hero
    • Model: Muradin
    • Innate: Pulverize (Passive) - basic attacks has 30% chance to slam the ground, dealing damage and slowing targets near the target.
    • Improved Innate - stuns enemies in addition to slow
    • Charge - move to a target area while leaving behind a shockwave, dealing damage.
    • Thunder Clap - slams the ground, dealing damage and slowing enemies
    • Great Bash - throws a hammer that knocks back a target, dealing damage
    • Stone Skin - increases magic resistance and armor by 1000
    • Strength Hero
    • Model: Kobold Tunneler
    • Innate: Dig Turret - channel for 2 seconds before creating a burrow. Burrow has a ranged attack and when it gets destroyed. a Kobold minion will spawn to attack enemies
    • Improved Innate - Burrow has spiked barricades and attacks 3 extra targets. Kobold minions increased to 4.
    • Hurl Boulders - throws bouldrs in a target area, dealing damage and stunning enemies
    • Earth's Blessing - increases armor of a target unit
    • Dig Tunnel - channel for 3 seconds before instantly teleporting back to the town square; higher levels decrease cooldown
    • Earthquake - causes seismic tremors below the hero's feet, dealing strength damage per second and slowing enemies.
    • Intelligence Hero
    • Model: Troll Witch Doctor
    • Innate: Blessing of Amethyx - grants magic immunity to a target ally
    • Improved Innate - lowers cooldown
    • Healing Ward - summons a ward that heals nearby allies per second
    • Lightning Shield - engulfs a lightning emanation to a target unit that deals damage to nearby enemies
    • Mana Flare - summons an ward that deals damage to nearby enemies who casts spells
    • Starfall - summons a ward that casts starfall. Deals damage to nearby enemies per falling star
    • Strength Hero
    • Model: Alchemist
    • Innate: Chemical Rage - increases attack speed and movement speed
    • Improved Innate - 3 times the effectiveness
    • Acid Spray - creates a small cloud of acid in a target area, dealing damage per second and reducing magic resistance. Enemies hit by Dihydrogen Dioxide Cocktail take increased damage per second
    • Dihydrogen Dioxide Cocktail - throws a cocktail at a target enemy and its nearby enemies, slowing them and causes them to miss attacks
    • Double Molotov - every few seconds, Alchemist will throw two molotovs when attacking air units
    • Transmute - throws a special potion at a target enemy, turning it into gold. Cannot target heroes, bosses nor the Angel of Death
    • Innate - now has 25 mana cost
    • Master of Confusion - increases attack speed per existing illusion
    • Mirror Image - please let this deal damage
    • Wall of Illusions - nothing changed
    • Mirage - every attack made by the Illusionist or his illusions has a very small chance to conjure another illusion

    Of course, I don't expect them to be implemented. They're just suggestions after all.
  2. Saken

    Saken Terrainer/Game Designer

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    Hey Ardenaso! Didn't realize you were Len from Hive. Sorry I didn't catch this until Krath had told me about it, I thought I was supposed to get updates on anything posted in here, lol.

    Anyways, I can't thank you enough for taking the time to come up with these new hero concepts and the feedback for some changes on Voruel, (My favorite hero). In the upcoming couple of months, we are trying to get a couple other games of ours up and running to a playable state for the public, but we will always be looking to include more content and improvements for WoS: Exodus. We have 3 slots for more heroes and will highly consider your suggestions for those spots.

    Additionally, I can let you know that the mirror images having an attack made Voruel nearly unstoppable with some of the builds you can get end game, but maybe we can re-visit how we make that ability to work to make it more balanced. Also, are you suggesting getting rid of the Void Walker summon? How come?
  3. Ardenaso

    Ardenaso Lazy bastard who can't get a simple work done. Map Maker

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    I don't really mind this skill and you don't have to remove that. But his first skill is a bit inferior because Dragon Hunter's innate outshines this skill and he needs to be moving around spamming his innate, not dancing around.

    To balance all illusions having to have damage, make his innate have mana cost. Even 25 or 30 is already enough; because simply getting a Ring of Skill carried me to wave 4 and got me the Tempest early.
  4. Saken

    Saken Terrainer/Game Designer

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    Fyi, we are in the works on another new version for Exodus. This will include more new items and recipes, two new camps, and 3 new heroes. Krath and I will be creating a Dwarf Hero and a Troll hero with the third being one made by one of our Clan Members. Thank you for the support and for all the feedback!
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