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List of KTA events

Discussion in 'Kalimdor: the Aftermath' started by Ardenaso, Dec 19, 2018.

  1. Ardenaso

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    Not sure if anyone has done this yet but I'll do it anyway

    Edit: HOLY SHIT the previous edits were all gone. How do I see the edit history?

    • Alliances are unlocked at 20 minutes
    • Small faction sub-paths are unlocked at 10 minutes
    • Big faction paths are unlocked at 20 minutes
    • Anyone can capture Nordrassil and protect it with runes, preventing Legion from absorbing it
    • Anyone can capture Narthalas Academy and Dire Maul and create portals connecting them, if either is captured
    • Anyone can bring the five artifacts to the Tol'vir City and receive the Essence of Creation
    • Anyone can summon the Titan Forged on level 10 using the Essence of Creation
    • Can capture the Temple of Elune and receive a huge base
    • Can capture Moonguard Bastion and receive a small base
      • Can also liberate it, replacing Assassins with Magisters
    • Can capture Suramar and receive a huge base
    • Can capture the Vault of the Wardens and call on Maiev
      • Receives the ability to train lesser Wardens
      • Replaces Farstriders with Wardens
    • Tyrande becomes an empowered flying hero at level 10 if the Temple of Elune is captured
    The Alliance
    • Receives an alliance with Theramore and Kul Tiras at the cost of the Druids
    • Shandris becomes a demi-hero
    • Receives bases in Aszhara coast and Stonetalon Peak
    Darkspear Trolls
    • Receives a small base on destroying the base in Alcaz Island
    • Loses the ability to train Warlords if Thrall appoints Garrosh
    Help from the Horde
    • Receives Rokhan
    • Warlords receive 100 bonus health, 1 bonus armor and 5 bonus damage
    Zandalari Alliance
    • Receives Surkan
    • Receives events tied to Zandalari
    • Receives an alliance with the Zandalari at the cost of Horde Allies
    • Replaces Mannoroth's Bones with a Zandalari capital ship
    • Receives a small base in Stonetalon Peak if the Sentinels join the Alliance
    Bael Modan
    • Receives General Twinbraid and a huge base Bael Modan
    • Replaces Knights with Bael'dun Officers
    Silver Covenant
    • Receives Veressa Windrunner and Trueshot Lodge at the Highmountain Peak
    • Receives the ability to train High Elf Swordsmen and Spell Breakers
    • Replaces Archers with High Elf Archers
    • Replaces Hawks with Dragon Hawks
    • Replaces Cannons with Ballistae
    New Dalaran
    • Receives New Dalaran at the Broken Isles
    • Receives the ability to train Sorceresses
    • Replaces Priests with Clerics
    • Replaces Hydromancers with Archmages
    • Can summon the Wrath of Azhara at Eye of Azhara when Athissra reaches level 7
    • Can call on Zar'jira at 10 minutes
      • Receives Zar'jira and a small base in Azhara
      • Receives the ability to train Murloc Ritualists and Murloc Bloodwarriors
    • Receives Kayn Sunfury and a small base at the Broken Shore
    • Receives Altruis the Sufferer and a small base at the Black Rook Hold
    • Replaces Mur'gul Reavers, Naga Royal Guards and Naga Myrmidons with Coilscar Myrmidons
    • Replaces Snap Dragons, Mur'gul Shamans and Naga Sirens with Coilscar Harpooners
    • Replaces Coatl with Coilscar Bats
    • Replaces Turtles with Draenei Demolishers
    • Receives the ability to train Ashtongue Stalkers, Ashtongue Shamans, Fel Adepts, Demon Hunters and Ashtongue Assassins
    • Can summon Illidan at the Nightwell (even if the Nightwell was consumed)
    • Can summon the Felhammer
    • Can summon Gaardoun and Lady S'theno at the Felhammer
    • Can call for the Council of the Black Harvest if Illidan reaches level 10 and on capturing Kira Iresoul
    Council of the Black Harvest:
    • Receives Karenthad Ebonlocke and a base at northern Val'sharah
      • Karenthad becomes revivable if both Archimonde and Kil'jaeden dies
    • Receives the ability to train Archwarlocks
    Kul Tiras
    • Receives Danath Trollbane and Greyfang Enclave when Theramore receives New Dalaran
    • Receives a small base on destroying Darkspear Hold
    • Receives Zerx Hydromon and a small base on capturing Magister's Temple
    • Receives Catherine Rogers, the Skyfire and Drisburg
    • Receives the ability to train Gunships if the Skyfire dies
    Stormwind Reinforcements
    • Receives Varian Wrynn at Boralus
    Gilnean Brigade
    • Receives huge bases at the Broken Shore and Stormheim
    • Receives Genn Greymane at the cost of Daelin Proudmoore
    • Replaces Footmen with Gilnean Soldiers
    • Replaces Archers with Gilnean Trappers
    • Replaces Priests with Gilnean Clerics
    • Replaces Wizards with Gilnean Wizards
    • Tears of Elune held by Taerar
    • Tidestone of Golganneth held by Athissra
    • Eye of Aman'thul acquired after consuming the Nightwell
    • Aegis of Agrammar held by Eyir (spawns at 20 minutes)
    • Hammer of Khaz'goroth held by Dagruul the Underking (spawns at 20 minutes)
    If I forget anything please let me know, also this isn't finished yet
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  2. Tdmien123

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    Yeah @Harald, wheres the new patch?
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  3. RedPandaLT

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    KTA when o/
  4. Skillerino

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    Yellow can destroy Alcatraz island( one really close to Theramore) and then gain a bunch of units and new base. He can also gain new hero and ally (Zandalari) at the expense of his old allies.
    Yellow can call for rokhan for 300 ressources who will spawn with few units outside of Thunder Bluff.

    Legion can absorb the world tree, corrupt Moonglade, summon Archi or KJ which will also spawn demis and thus he will lose the abilty to train elites. He can choose between 3 heroes at the start. Teal can reform shadow council if he will find and kill Silverhand paladin in Ashenvale and thus he will gain warlock hero(forgot his name). He also needs to destroy the seals inside of Tomb of Sargeras to be able to summon Archi or KJ. By doing this he will gain possibility of training new units. He can give skull of manari to his ally. He can offer pact to: Naga,Nightborn,Nightmare.

    Those are the things which come to mind but there might be more but I´m impressed with your work.
  5. RedPandaLT

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  6. mariusfurios


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    Cp sniperino
  7. B-Roy7

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    dark green can bring Varain south of theramore, kill boss dragon and get a dope sword. Forget the name
  8. Empress Azshara

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    i miss the days when Ilya was creating strategies that never did work
  9. Julian

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  10. Ardenaso

    Ardenaso Lazy bastard who can't get a simple work done. Map Maker

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    Did some minor edits