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List of L:TA events

Discussion in 'Lordaeron: The Aftermath' started by Cynicaldoubt, Apr 1, 2015.

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    SUMMARY:Blood Elves have the most diverse game, since they have the most paths and can be allies with anyone except Dragonmaw. Their game can be incredibly easy or incredibly hard as they have one of the most sought after items in the game - Aneeva's Essence, and by extension, the Sunwell. You may need help from your allies just to hold on, so don't be afraid to ask for aid - otherwise you can turn to darker paths to keep your magical hunger at bay. Choose your allies wisely as the Blood Elves.

    • Every 20 seconds - 1 minute, a random (non elite/hero/worker) elf will turn into Wretched when not near a Power Generator.
    • Halduron Brightwing is unrevivable until Silvermoon (Capital building) isnt under your control (and must be alive also).
    • Can purchase Sunreaver Post (+ Sunreaver Enclave if you are in Alliance and Purple has chose New Dalaran) and Aethas Sunreaver by researching "Found the Sunreavers" at any Elven Hall.
    • Can restore Sunwell and hence stop the Wretched Curse.
    • Can restore Sanctums of Sun and Moon using Verdant Spheres, which then allow a series of powerful researches.
    • Can restore Windrunner Spire using Lady's Necklace.
    • Can restore Silvermoon by bringing Kael'Thas there. Will receive Silvermoon Crown and Silvermoon(Capital) with a fortified base by approaching the ruins.
    • Can research "Farstrider Training" which replaces elite units with Farstriders and grants Archer Hero (Halduron/Vashj) +1 level.
    • Can research "Fire of Sin'dorei" which replace elite units with Blood Sorceresses. (Require Sunwell/Illidari)
    • Can use a one-time ability at the Sunwell to summon the Guardians, a trio of powerful golems which exist on a timer.
    • Can join the Horde via research, will lose Kael'Thas but gain Lor'themar Theron.
    • Can form the alliance with Forsaken at the cost of ties to the Alliance.
    • Can transport M'uru to the Silvermoon by capturing M'uru and researching "Form Blood Knights" at him, which will give a buff to Elven army.

    Allow to 30 elves to become Wretched (+10 more if you have joined the Horde, or Forsaken)
    • Lose the ties to the Alliance or Horde.
    • All Blood Sorceresses are changed to Wretched Sorceresses.
    • All Sorceresses are changed to Wretched Addicts.
    • All Priests are changed to Wretched Priests.
    • All elven footman are changed to Wretched.
    • All Elven Archers are changed to Wretched Archers.
    • All Mana Rays are changed to Wretched Rays.
    • Kael'thas is replaced by Wretched version of him.
    • Lor'themar Theron is replaced by Wretched version of him.
    • Halduron Brightwing is replaced by Ellaria Dawnshield.
    • Ellaria Dawnshield is unrevivable if Silvermoon (Capital) is destroyed or doesnt exist.
    • Have weak mana regeneration, but capturing any version of Sunwell (Corrupted/Restored) will give them +3mp/per second.
    • Lose the ability to go any other path (Except San'layn, which also wont be available if you have formed the alliance with Forsaken).
    San'layn path:
    Become Wretched. Capture Sunwell (any version). Research "Offer Alleignance to the Scourge". Ask the Scourge to accept you.
    • Won't be available if Forsaken has gone to Ner'zhul Forsaken path.
    • All previous heroes are replaced by Valanar.
    • Receive an ability to train Darkfallen Deathblade (semi-elite units)
    • Lose ability to train Wretched Sorceresses, but receives ability to train Darkfallen Blood Knight.
    • Can receive also Keleseth and Taldaram (and demi-hero Tenris Mirkblood) by bringing Valanar to them (they are placed in Borean Tundra)
    • Receives Blood Queen Lana'thel, when Arthas becomes the Lich-King.
    • Verdant Spheres are lost and Anveena Essence are given to Purple.

    Bring Kael'thas to the end of Dalaran Dungeon, and accept Lady Vashj offer.
    • Receives Lady Vashj, Fathom-Lord Karatress; the Coilfang Reservoir and a portal to Outland at the cost of all heroes, except Kael'Thas.
    • Receives Illidan on any hero approaching him in eastern Netherstorm.
    • Can capture Tempest Keep and M'uru, gaining a base there.
    • Receives a base in Black Temple and a title the Lord of Outland by capturing it.
    • Illidari path prevents any more Blood Elves falling victim to the Wretched Curse.
    • Can create a portal leading to Northrend on Kil'Jaeden giving you the mission.
    • All Blood Sorceresses/Farstriders are changed into Naga Venomtongues.
    • Town Halls receive the ability to train Mur'gul Slaves and unlocks new Naga units.
    • Illidan can completely consume the Skull of Gul'dan at level 15. Completing his transformation into a demon and making him empowered.
    • Lady Vashj is unrevivable if Coilfang Reservoir is destroyed.
    • Illidan is unrevivable if he dies without Skull of Gul'dan or killed by Maiev (Purple player) or dies in Empowered Form.
    • May join the Legion via Fel Pact.
    Destroy Deathholme and send an offer to the Horde. Ask the Horde to accept you.
    • Receives Lor'themar Theron, Bloodwatcher Outpost and ties to Horde at the cost of Kael'thas and ties to the Alliance.
    • Cant go to Illidari path.
    • Cant form the alliance with Forsaken.
    Ask Legion to send a fel pact. Research "Accept Fel Pact" at any Town Hall.
    • Halduron is replaced by Valeera Sanguinar.
    • Compataible with Illidari path.
    • Can summon Kil'Jaeden when Kael'Thas reaches level 10 and summons him at Sunwell for 3 minutes or may summon anywhere with the Book of Medihv.
    • Illidan will lose the ability to consume the Skull of Gul'dan.
    • Will lose the alliance with Legion if Illidan fails the Mission.


    SUMMARY: The Scourge has the safest/strongest hero group at the start of the game. The Lordaeron Crown will also be highly desired by your enemies - it's arguably the best droppable item in the game. As long as you can keep Arthas safe and keep your death knights nearby, Arthas is nearly indestructible. Keep an eye on the Forsaken, Sylvanus may utilize her Black Arrow stunning Arthas for a period of time. Your main starting opponent will be the Silverhand in the Plaguelands. Beware of enemy factions in Northrend - you may have to retreat from Lordaeron to ensure the safety of the Frozen Throne for if it falls, it's game over. The Scourge will become undone and the remainder shall flee to the Forsaken.


    • Frozen Throne cannot be destroyed until the Obelisks have fallen. (If its repaired)
    • If the Frozen Throne gets repaired, you may kill Sylvanas and gain the Forsaken as an ally. (Also Arthas will get +1 level)
    • Bringing Arthas to local graveyards within Lordaeron will grant extra undead units + resources. There are 3 graveyards in total.
    • Receives Falric and +1 level to Arthas on capturing Lordaeron City.
    • If a Silverhand Paladin dies by Blue or Grey, it will be raised as a Death Knight.
    • Can summon Anub'arak, when Frozen Throne is repaired.
    • Anub'arak has the powerful Conduit ability, which can summon Nerubians trained at Azjol Nerub to his side. Requires Nerubian Sorcery upgrade.
    • Light Bridge within Azjol'nerub can be raised and lowered for defense.
    • Can capture Azjol-Nerub and gain Nadox by killing Elder Nadox.
    • If Arthas is Killed, when poisoned by Sylvanas arrow, Arthas will be unrevivable for 5 minutes.
    • Arthas can merge with the Frozen Throne at level 15, becoming the Lich King, a powerful god tier hero.
    • Arthas can raise Sindragosa at level 8, a powerful Frost Wyrm Hero, bound to the defense of Northrend. (Also the Lich King will gain new bonus ability)
    • Destroyed Obelisks decrease powers of the Lich-King (and Arthas).
    • If Lich-Kings is killed (or Frozen Throne is destroyed) and Azjol-Nerub is destroyed too, then you will lose the control on all units and heroes (Game Over.)
    • Anub'arak and Elder Nadox are unrevivable if Azjol-Nerub is destroyed.
    • Can conquer Valkyron from Forsaken is she has already triggered it, allowing production of Val'kyr units.
    Nerubian path:
    Azjol-Nerub must be alive. Frozen Throne must be destroyed.
    • Lose the alliance with the Cult of the Damned. (But Cult can join to Forsaken too)
    • Lose the ability to train all undead units.
    • Receive an ability to train Anub'ar Prophets.
    • Auto-form the alliance with Forsaken (and the other ally of Forsaken) if Forsaken didnt go to Putress path.
    • Can train only Nerubian units, which are limited.


    SUMMARY: Hands down the easiest faction to play as, but not quite the easiest to win as. You have a double safety net on your Dreadlords - Astral Walk and Dark Summoning. The most dangerous thing to your Dreadlords is detection - so if you're unsure if an area is safe or not use a shade to determine if they have detection in that area. If purple goes New Dalaran watch out for Tirisfal Agents - their damage is not negligible. Keep a watchful eye on the Forsaken as they are very likely to betray you. Your main target will be the Book of Medivh - which starts on Kel'Thuzzad. Try to keep an eye out for when it changes hands.


    • If Kil'Jaeden dies (non hero/hero), all Legion units become neutral hostile. (Game Over.)
    • Balnazzar, Detheroc, General Kazzak the Supreme are unrevivable.
    • Can activate Nathrezim portals leading to Northrend/Alterac and back to Twisting Nether if "Astral Walk" and "Dreadlord Mastery" are researched.
    • Receives Garithos on Detheroc using Mind Control to him. (Detheroc must have more higher level than Garithos)
    • If Detheroc dies, Mind Controlled Garithos returns back to the Alliance.
    • Varimathas will be given to Sylvanas, if he is killed, while you are unallied to Forsaken.
    • Receives Mephistroth on Balnazzar's death.
    • Can receive a base in Hellfire Citadel by capturing it from the Dark Horde.
    • If Black Temple is captured by Legion, Balnazzar/Mephistoroth becomes Lord of Outland, gains +3000 exp, receives a base at Black Temple and an ability to train Pit Lords. (Also if 3 Draenor Rifts are saved, Black Temple will be able to use Defence abilities and "one-time use" +1 skill point to any hero, by choosing him)
    • If 3 Draenor Rifts are destroyed, Dreadlords lose the ability to Astral Walk to Draenor.
    • Used Book of Medivh summons few demons under Legion control.
    • Can summon Kil'Jaeden when any Dreadlord Hero (Varimathas/Detheroc/Balnazzar/Mephistoroth) reaches level 10 and summons him at Sunwell for 3 minutes or may summon anywhere with the Book of Medihv.
    • Can choose one new servant (Dragonmaw/Blood Elves/Forsaken (as Putress)/Dark Horde), severing ties with previous servant (For example losing the alliance with Forsaken (as Sylvanas)).
    • Can receive additional servant as The Risen. (Will be always loyal to Legion)
    • Kil'Jaeden (not summoned) can give the mission to destroy the Lich King to Illidan (Illidari must be chosen by Blood Elves).


    SUMMARY:You have only two paths to choose as the Dalaran Remnants - forge New Dalaran with Rhonin or become the worgen with Arugal. Each has their own ups and downs, but your main enemy will be the Forsaken. If you can defeat them and aid your allies you will be a great benefit to your team. Keep an eye on Kael'Thas - if he goes Illidari you will temporarily gain Maiev, a very strong hero, and if you want to keep her you will have to hunt down Illidan and execute him once and for all.


    • Can summon Arugal at Silverlain Keep.
    • Rhonin can use a new ultimate Arcane Wrath spell when he gets the Book of Medivh.
    • Can capture Gilneas by killing Genn Greymane.
    • Receives Maiev Shadowsong and her Watchers when Red goes Illidari.
    • Maiev is unrevivable if Illidan isnt forever dead. (Also she doesnt need to kill him twice)
    • If 15 minutes has passed and Illidan isnt dead, she will be captured and placed to Outland, where can be rescued becoming revivable.
    • If Blood Elves go Horde, Wretched, Illidari or Fel paths Dalaran receive the Sentinel Spies at Shalandis isle off the coast of Quel’Thalas.
    • Can receive(or receives) Stromgarde and Galen on Light Blue going Scarlet Crusade.
    • Receives Aerie Peak and Venture Bay on Yellow going Dark Iron.
    New Dalaran:
    Bring Rhonin to Crystalsong Forest in Northrend, cast "Establish New Dalaran". It is also possible to establish New Dalaran from inside the Dalaran Dungeons.
    • New Dalaran can remove the bridge to it for 2 minutes (cd: 6 minutes). If 3 crystals are destroyed New Dalaran will be pernamently vulnerable.
    • Can receive Kirin'var village (Outland==>Netherstorm) by bringing a hero to it.
    • Rhonin(Aegwynn) can start the war with the Blue Dragonflight upon entering the Nexus.
    • If Rhonin(Aegwynn) brings the Focusing Crystal to Wyrmrest Temple the Wyrmrest Accord will join, giving access to new Dragon units and Kalecgos as a hero.
    • Kalecgos is unrevivable. He can't summon additional dragons if Wyrmrest Temple and Seradane are destroyed.
    • Receives Ansirem Runeweaver at the cost of Argual.
    • Ansirem Runeweaver is unrevivable if New Dalaran is destroyed. (Also agents lose the ability to teleport)
    • Receives the ability to train Tirisfal Agents, Arcane Golems and Kirin Tor. Also can build Arcane Generators.
    • Tirisfal Agents receives ability to teleport with 15 units to any friendly unit.
    • Can research the Dalaran Experiment and gain a powerful demi hero in the Mystic Ward.
    • Can activate the Council of Tirisfal when either Lich King, Kil'Jaeden, Deathwing or Ragnaros are summoned and Rhonin has 10 level. 7 Councilors of Tirisfal with Guardian of Tirisfal Aegwynn will spawn near Ambermill.
    • Guardian of Tirisfal is unrevivable. With death of Councilor she will lose a portion of her strength.
    Summon Arugal from Silverlain Keep. Research "Worgen Curse " at Silverlain Keep or in Gilneas.
    • Loses Rhonin and the ability to train all spellcasters.
    • Receives the ability for units to turn into Worgen mode.
    • Receives the ability to train Sons of Arugal and Gilnean Knights and Wolf Cult followers (replacement of spellcasters).
    • Can purchase Genn Greymane.
    • Receives Darius Crowley on rescuing Lorna Crowley from Pink.
    • Can capture Tal'Doren of Blackwald.
    • Receives the ability to train Wisps, Faerie Dragons and Druids on acquiring Tal'Doren.
    • At level 10 any hero can go to the peninsula in the east of Northrend and take the Scythe of Elune.
    • Can summon Goldrinn using a level 10 hero provided player still has the tree of Tal'Doren under his control.
    • Goldrinn is unrevivable and can be summoned only for 1 (or 2) minute.
    • Can receive reinforcements from Kul'tiras. (Archers are replaced Sea guards; unlocks airships)


    SUMMARY:The Dwarves start with 3 important main bases - Iron Forge down south, Aerie Peak towards the center of the map, and Venture Bay in Northrend. You can choose any of these bases to focus on - or all three. They each have their own benefits. The battle down south will be one of the most interesting though - you have two enemies, Dragonmaw and the Horde. If Dragonmaw joins the horde you'll more than likely need help, though. If your allies fail you, though, you can always choose a Dark Iron path and eventually summon Ragnaros. Beware, though - Summoning Ragnaros doesn't always go as planned.


    • Falstad is unrevivable if Aerie Peak is destroyed.
    • Can research "Wildhammer Might" at any Blacksmith until Aerie Peak isn't destroyed.
    • Loses the ability to train Gryphon Riders when Falstad dies.
    • Can capture Gnomeregan and receive the ability to train Gnomish Flying Machines.
    • Can rebuild Thundermar with Magni approaching it.
    • Can receive a Venture Bay, Brann Bronzebeard, ability to train Dwarven Airship, Flying Machines, and picks Guild Adventurers as elite units, by researching "Launch the Explorer's League" at any Blacksmith.
    • Brann is unrevivable if Venture Bay is destroyed. With his death Dwarven Airship, Flying Machines and Guild Adventurers become unavailable.
    • Brann can summon Stormcaller Brundir to kill him and pick up "Secrets of Ulduar" with his death.
    • Any hero, who used Secrets of Ulduar receives +5 to stats and +1 level, and receives the ability to train Earthens. (After researching "Earthen Ascentry" at any Blacksmith)
    • Receives Baelgun Flamebeard on Brann approaching him.
    • Baelgun Flamebeard unrevivable if Ironforge is destroyed.
    • Magni Bronzebeard is unrevivable.
    • Can receive Sorcerer-thane Thaurissan, after Magni death.
    • Can research "Bronzebeard Glory", it will pick Mountain King's as elite units.
    • If Ironforge destroyed, Bear Warriors and Steam Tanks become unavailable.
    Dark Iron Path:
    Bring Thaurissan to Shadowforge. Cast "Dark Iron Plot" by him.
    • Compatiable with "Earthen Ascenty", "Wildhammer Might", "Bronzebeard Glory" (Dark Iron units gain same bonuses from them)
    • Receives the ability to train Dark Iron Sorcerers.
    • Receives Shadowforge and Grim Batol and Dagran Thaurissan on Thaurissan approaching Shadowforge at the cost of Brann, Baelgun and Falstad and Aerie Peak. Also lose ties to the Alliance members.
    • Can form the alliance with Twilight Hammer Cult. (If Dragonmaw has chosen this path)
    • All Riflemen are changed into Iron Rogues.
    • All Gryphon Riders are changed into Shadowforge Betrayers.
    • All Guild Adventurers are changed into Shadowforge Lords.
    • All Bear Warriors are changed into Dark Iron Golems.
    • Receives Ragnaros when Thaurissan reaches level 15 and summons him at Shadowforge for 2 minutes.

    SUMMARY:The reason Horde is hard is because of the three way battle in the south. Although you don't start very spread out, and you can group up in the south fairly easily, the danger is the uncertainty of when to strike and when to defend - Dragonmaw and the Dwarves are both good opponents, however an ally in the Dragonmaw will make things much easier for you.

    • Recieves the Warsong Offensive and Garrosh once any hero approaches it.
    • Garrosh is unrevivable if Warsong Hold is destroyed.
    • Receives Frostwolf Hold in Alterac and +1 level on Drek'thar approaching it.
    • Receives Thrall and the ability to train Spirit Walkers as well as the Earthen Ring on Drek'thar approaching it in Deepholm by entering the portal in Twilight Highlands. (Portal must be opened first by Drek'thar)
    • Thrall is unrevivable if Earthen Ring isn't under your control.
    • Gorn is unrevivable if Kargath is destroyed.
    • Lose the ability to train Revantusk Spearthrowers if Revantusk Village is destroyed.
    • Can gain the help of the Tuskar by approaching their village in the Borean Tundra, gaining access to a limited amount of warriors and a powerful Tuskar Commander Demi Hero.
    • Can form an Alliance with Forsaken. (No cost, i dont know why)
    • Can form an Alliance with Dragonmaw Clan at the cost of ties with Trolls.
    • Can form an Alliance with Blood Elves at the cost of ties with Trolls.
    • Can capture Blackrock Spire and receive a base in it with demi-hero Nazgrel.
    • Can capture Dragonmaw Port and receive a base in it.
    Mag'har Ancestry (Spirit Horde path):
    Receive Earthren Ring. Research Mag'har Ancestry at any Town Hall.
    • Rejects Dragonmaw as ally.
    • Receives a base in Garadar with new hero Mother Geyah.
    • Mother Geyah can activate Oshu'Gun. (It can lvlup heroes and has supportive abilities)
    • Mother Geyah is unrevivable if Garadr is destroyed.
    • Cairne replaces Gorn and spawns in south of Kargath.
    • Cairne is unrevivable.
    • Garrosh is removed from the game. (If he was received)
    • Receives ability to train Tauren and Spirit Guides.
    • Warlocks are removed from the training.
    • Revantusk Spearthrower are replaced by Mag'har Scouts.
    • Grunts are replaced by Mag'har Warriors.
    The True Horde:
    Receive Warsong Offensive. Research "The True Horde" at any Town Hall.
    • Rejects Forsaken and Trolls as ally.
    • Drek'thar with Thrall (if he was received) are removed from the game
    • Receives a additional forces in Warsong Hold and Siegecrafter Blackfuse with General Nazgrim as heroes. (Also receives Skyshredder, flying demi-hero transport unit)
    • General Nazgrim is unrevivable if Warsong Hold is destroyed.
    • Iron Stars become available for training.
    • Shaman are replaced by Dark Shamans.
    • Wolf Riders are replaced by True Horde Loyalists.
    • Revantusk Spearthrowers are replaced by Orc Spearthrowers.
    • Horde Brute are replaced by Kor'kron Guards.
    • Can research "Yshaarj's Heart" if don't have any ally. (A little empowers true horde units)


    SUMMARY:Your main enemy from the start will be purple, and you start with an uneasy alliance with teal. If you can defeat purple quickly and secure Western Lordaeron you will be very strong. Sylvanas is fairly easy to keep safe with her windwalk and blink. You have probably the most targets in the game - purple, teal, blue, and light blue. Fighting each of these opponents can lead to some very good benefits - like taking control of all of the scourge or reanimating Galen Trollbane.


    • Receives the whole Ogre creep camp on any banshee possessing/charming Mug'thol.
    • Receives the whole Bandit creep camp on any banshee possessing/charming Blackthorn.
    • Receives the whole Gnoll creep camp on any banshee possessing/charming Snarlmane.
    • Receives a base in Sepulcher on Sylvanas approaching it.
    • Receives a base in Tarren Mill on Sylvanas approaching it.
    • Receives a base in Windrunner Spire on using the Lady's Necklace.
    • Can raise an undead Forsaken Galen Trollbane if he has died and Sylvanas is near his grave. He is non-reviveable.
    • Receives the Undercity and Apothecary Faranell on capturing Lordaeron Palace. Doing this will turn Forsaken hostile to Legion but will allow you to research special plague relation upgrades.
    • Apothecary Faranell is unrevivable if Royal Apothecary is destroyed. With his death Apothecary become unavailable.
    • If Varimathas has died, when Forsaken are hostile to Legion, Varimathas will be given to Forsaken.
    • Receives Valkyron and the ability to train Valkyrs on Sylvanas approaching it.
    • Receives all the units/bases of Blue when the Frozen Throne is destroyed. (Also gains Blue as nerubian ally if Azjol'Nerub isn't destroyed)
    • Can capture Gilneas City thus creating a large base of operations within the area.
    • After researching the Black arrow upgrade, Sylvanas can use this one off ability to target Arthas. Once he has been infected with the black Arrow he is non-reviveable for the next 5 minutes.
    • Can research Dark Rangers, replacing Forsaken's elites with a new ranger type unit.
    • Can form the alliance with Blood Elves, even if they are turned to Wretcheds.
    • Can join the Horde.
    • Can rejoin to the Burning Legion as Grand Apothecary Putress.
    • Cult of Damned can join to Forsaken, if Lich-King is defeated.
    • Sepulcher and Tarren Mill have a research to slighly improve the Plague. After researching both, Forsaken can further improve the Plague but at the cost of the Horde as ally.
    • Sylvanas can empower herself at 15 level, if Valkyron isn't destroyed.
    Putress's Betrayal:
    Gain Varimathas under your control. Research Putress's Betrayal. (High recommend to take Undercity from the Burning Legion before doing this)
    • Receives Putress with a small squad in Undercity.
    • Putress is unrevivable.
    • Can receive ties with the Burning Legion.
    • Sylvanas with the units/buildings in the Deathknell will be given to the Horde.


    SUMMARY:The Remnants of the Silverhand start the most spread out from everyone - seven different bases! It is impossible to hold on to all seven and many of your control points will dwindle at the start of the game - however if you can keep your starting armies alive and healthy you can have one of the strongest starts in the game. All it means is grouping up your surviving units and flee with them. Your main base will be Tyr's Hand and if you can hold against the Cult, or even push to victory, your game becomes much easier. Alexandros is your main hero, so be careful and watch over him like a hawk, you don't want to lose him in the midst of a battle - and definitely not while you're near your allies as you will betray them.


    • When a Paladin dies by Blue or Grey, it turns into a Death Knight for Blue.
    • Receives Crusader's Square Cathedral on capturing Stratholme.
    • Alexandros Morgraine is unrevivable.
    • Saidan Datrohan is unrevivable if you didnt go to Scarlet Crusade or control Stratholme.
    • Garithos is unrevivable.
    • Leader Hero (Alexandros/Saidan/Tirion) can restore Lordaeron which grants new bases in Strathholme, Andorhal and Lordaeron. Also turns all Footmen into Lordaeron Footmen and receives High Inquisitor Isillien. (also receives additional resources)
    • High Inquisitor Isilen is unrevivable until you go Scarlet Crusade. (But he will be unrevivable in Scarlet if Tyr's Hand is destroyed)
    • Hero with "Ashbringer Crystal" (Alexandros/Renault/Tirion) can reforge the Ashbringer upon approaching Ironforge. (Can also be reforged via the Ironforge Ambassador).
    • Tyr's Hand and Mardenhold Keep has an aura which destroys certain undead unit types and summons. (Tyr's Hand also has heal aura)
    • Receives a base in the ruin of Highbanks (Isle) by bringing a hero to this place.
    • Can research High Elven Relations, gaining access to High Elven Units as well as control of the Lodges and Veressa Windrunner.
    • Receives Stromgarde with Galen Trollbane if Stromgarde (Capital Building) is repaired.
    • Galen Trollbane is unrevivbale. Upon his death, his tomb will appear on his corpse.
    Scarlet Crusade:
    Automatically happens after Alexandros death. OR if Tyr's Hand is destroyed, you can research it at any Town Hall.
    • Galen Trollbane is given to Purple. Vereesa temporary dissapears from the game.
    • Automatically is kicked out of the Alliance after 10 seconds.
    • Receives Renault Mograine with a little army near Tyr's Hand (OR if Tyr's Hand is destroyed, in Scarlet Onslaught base).
    • All Priests are replaced by Scarlet Priests.
    • All Knights are replaced by Crimson Knights.
    • All Paladins are replaced by Crusaders.
    • Saidan gains the ability to switch places with Balnazzar and go Risen when you kill him.
    • Saidan becomes revivable.
    • Saidan in Balnazzar form is unrevivable and will be forever removed from the game after death in this form.
    Scarlet Onslaught:
    Survive first 10 minutes of the game. Must become Scarlet Crusade. Research "Form Scarlet Onslaught" at any Town Hall.
    • Garithos dies in this path.
    • Lose the ability to return to the Alliance in forever.
    • Renault Morgraine gains +2 levels.
    • Receives Barean Westwind and Scarlet Onslaught base in the cold north of Icecrown (Northrend).
    • Barean Westwind is unrevivable if Scarlet Onslaught is destroyed.
    • Receives an ability to train Inquisitors.
    • Crimson Knights receive an ability "Zealous Faith". Crusaders receive "Crusader's Shield".
    • Footmen are replaced by Crimson Legioners.
    • Militia Archers are replaced by Scarlet Marksmen.
    • Eagles are replaced by Dragonhawk riders (I dont know why)
    • Is still able to go Risen until Briggite Abbendis isnt summoned.
    • Renault is unrevivable if Scarlet Onslaught and Tyr's Hand are destroyed.
    • Can receive Scarlet Monastery and Sally Whitemane by bringing Renault to Tirisfal Monastery.
    • Sally is unrevivable if Tyr's Hand is destroyed.
    • Can summon Briggite Abbendis, when Renault reaches 12 level and Scarlet Onslaught is alive. She will replace Barean Westwind and will pernamently block Risen path.
    • Briggite Abbendis is unrevivable.
    Kill Balnazzar (When he is belonged to Legion (teal)). Turn Saidan to Balnazzar form. Use "The Risen" on him.
    • Balnazzar becomes pernament form and revivable.
    • Barean Westwind becomes revivable.
    • Huntsman Leopold becomes a hero at the cost of Garithos, Sally, Renault and Isillien.
    • Receives ties to the Legion.
    • All structures and ships are changed to undead variants.
    • All Footmen/Scarlet Legioners are replaced by Risen Footmen.
    • All Archers are replaced by Risen Archers.
    • All Priests are replaced by Risen Priests.
    • All Knights are replaced by Risen Cavalries.
    • All Paladins are replaced by Risen Undyings.
    • Can summon Kil'Jaeden when Balnazzar reaches level 10 and summons him at Sunwell for 3 minutes or may summon anywhere with the Book of Medihv.
    Argent Crusade:
    Must survive 8 minutes as Scarlet Crusade. And then research "Form the Argent Crusade".
    • Becomes allied again to the Alliance members (who still didnt left it) and receives Tirion Fordring with Valiance Keep.
    • Tirion is unrevivable if Valiance Keep is destroyed.
    • Receives an ability to train Argent Elders
    • All Crimson Knights are reverted back to Knights.
    • All Scarlet Priests are reverted back to Priests.
    • All Crusaders are reverted back to Paladins.
    • Can research (again) Silver Covenant and the Draenei Alliance.
    Dranei Alliance:
    Become Argent Dawn. Research the Draenei Alliance at any Town Hall.
    • Isilen will be removed from the game in this sub-path.
    • Receives Velen.
    • Receives Tempest Keep and M'uru if it isn't captured yet.
    • Receives Shattrath city base with A'dal (not hero).
    • Velen is unrevivable if Shattrath is destroyed.
    • All Paladins are changed to Dranei Paladins which can not be risen by Scourge as Death Knights.
    • All Priests are changed to Dranei Priests.
    • All Chapels are changed to Dranei Gateways.
    • Velen may behest A'dal at level 15 to gather his Army of Light. You gain A'dal a unique god tier hero who is incapable of normal movement but can teleport.
    • A'dal is unrevivable in both form (not hero/hero).
    Silver Covenant:
    Research "High Elf Relations" at any Town Hall.
    • Garithos will leave the Alliance in this sub-path. (But if he was mind-contoled by Legion, then he can still return to the Alliance)
    • Receives Veressa Windrunner, with demi-heroes Vyrin Swiftwind, Sailor Shadowbrook. Receives Quel'Lithien Lodge, Quel'Danil Lodge and Farstrider Lodge.
    • Vereesa is unrevivable if Farstrider Lodge is destroyed.
    • All Archers are changed to High Elf Archers.
    • New High Elf unit types available at Quel'Danil Lodge and Farstrider Lodge.
    • Veressa Windrunner leaves the alliance if you go to war with Dalaran in order to protect her husband, Rhonin.


    SUMMARY:The cult's main enemy is the Silverhand in Tyr's Hand. As the Cult you are very much like a support to the Scourge. You have the main base in Lordaeron, and you shall rule in Arthas' stead. Don't expect the battle at Tyr's Hand to be easy, though - they have holy ground on their side. However, if the Frozen Throne comes into danger, it may be best to go and defend it as if the Lich King dies, who will you be supporting?


    • Kel'Thuzad on death, creates his spirit, which can reform again to physical form. But destroyed spirit form will remove Kel'Thuzad from the game in forever.
    • Kel'Thuzad on 8 level will be able to summon demons from the Book of Medivh under his control (Before it summons demons under teal control).
    • Can purchase Patchwork if any Cult hero obtains all his 3 limbs; they're located at: Dalaran Dungeons, Azjol Nerub and Stratholme.
    • Can create Knucklerot (demi-hero abomination) at Deatholme.
    • Receives Archerus and the ability to train Knights of the Ebon Blade on destroying Tyr's Hand, as well as a portal to Icecrown.
    • Receives Undead Alexandros Mograine on Renault's death.
    • Undead Alexandros is unrevivable.
    • Arch Necromancers can be sacrificed at the Sunwell to obtain Liches, they have increased stats and a bonus spell.
    • Dar'Khan Drathir can become a Full-Hero if he taps energy from the Restored Sunwell.
    • Dar'Khan is unrevivable. (In demi-hero form can be revived at Deatholme)
    • Naxxramas can be summoned as a moveable fortress which is also instanced. If Naxxramas or the Heart is destroyed then all units inside the instance will die.
    • In the case of the Frozen Throne being destroyed you may chose to follow the path of the Barov's, allying the Forsaken at the cost of Kel'Thuzad. Alexei Barov is gained as a new Death Knight Hero.


    SUMMARY:The Trolls start with 3 very spread out bases - with some incentive to defend each. You can pick your poison for where you want to focus - Quel'Thalas for the runestones, Frostmane Retreat to attempt to hold the dwarves at bay and buy your ally time against the Dragonmaw, or Jin'Athalor and destroy Aerie Peak to weaken the dwarves. Of course, if you don't much enjoy the company of the Horde you can go solo with King Malakk in Northrend and declare war on the animal gods. He will become incredibly strong - but you will be alone in your battles.


    • Every 80 seconds, any troll can be sacrificed at Jintha'Alor.
    • After 10 trolls have been sacrificed, Hexx may chose to summon either Hakkar or Akilzon.
    • High Priests can consume Rune Stones to empower themselves, receiving the ability to summon powerful Loa Spirits.
    • Consumed Rune Stones spawn level shard.
    • Receives Frostmane Retreat by bringing any hero near Dun Morogh to it.
    • Great Father Arctikus becomes unrevivable if Frostmane Retreat has been destroyed.
    • Zul'Jin becomes unrevivable if Zul'Aman has been destroyed.
    • Receives Gundrak and Frost King Malakk on any hero approaching it.
    • Frost King Malakk(Empowered/not empowered) is unrevivable if Gundrak is destroyed.
    • Zul'jin can reclaim the lands of Quel'Thalas for their ancestral owners gaining a base in Silvermoon and 2 levels and a gold/lumber reward. (can only be used after all hostile buildings are removed).
    War of the Animal Gods:
    Receive Frost King Malakk. Research "War of the Animal Gods" at Gundrak.
    • Loses every possible ally.
    • Troll god will be remove from the game in this path.
    • Frost King Malakk becomes empowered.
    • Can empower all troll units by +150 hp and +5 basic dmg.
    • Mamoths receives Malakk's part of powers. (Weaker versions of his spell)
    • Receives the Power of Akali on slaying it.
    • Receives the Power of Mam'Toth on slaying it.
    • Receives the Power of Ssendra on slaying it.
    Smolderthorn tribe:
    Available after 10 minutes of the game. "Smolderthorn Alliance" must be researched both by Dark Horde and Trolls at any Town Hall.
    • Is not compatible with Ice Trolls (any Ice Troll hero will be removed from the game, and access to ice troll units will be locked).
    • Troll God will be removed from the game in this path.
    • Receives a base in Dreadmaul Rock with Warmaster Voone and ties to the Dark Horde at the cost of ties to the Horde.
    • Warmaster Voone is unrevivable if Dreadmaul Rock is destroyed.
    • All Jungle Raptors (Warbringers) are replaced by Firegut Ogres.
    • All Troll Brawlers are replaced by Smolderthorn Brawlers.
    • All Shadows Priests are replaced by Smolderthron Priests.


    SUMMARY: Finally, the Dragonmaw Clan. You start with one main base, but you have four different paths to choose from. If you can defeat both the Horde and Dwarves in the south you will be a force to be reckoned with. Each path has its own benefits and drawbacks - with the Legion you will keep Morg'hor and gain Zuluhed, with the Horde you will gain more allies and lose an enemy from the south - putting aside your differences to siege Iron Forge together, or you may choose to remain alone and go Twilight's Clan, your strongest potential late game with Deathwing and Yogg Saron. The path to victory as the Dragonmaw Clan will not be an easy one.


    • Can capture the Apexis Crystal(Or Elven Runestones (at least 1)) and receive the ability for Ogres to turn into Ogre Magi.
    • Receives a base in the Wetlands and Ma'ruk Wyrmscale on destroying Menethil Harbor.
    • Can get Boulder'gor in Arathi Highlands and Mo'grosh Strongholds in Loch Modan by bringing Leader Hero to near them (Mor'ghor/Zaela/Cho'Gall).
    • Can train ogre units until at least 1 of 3 Ogre Strongholds (Mo'grosh/Boulder'gor/Bloodmaul Outpost) is alive and under Dragonmaw Control.
    • Can research Ogre Bloodline upgrade in every Ogre Strongholds, which will empower ogre units.
    • Mor'ghor is unrevivable until you choose Demon Pact.
    • Can choose path after 10th minute of the game.
    • Can get Gruul by capturing Gruul's Lair and summoning him for 1 minute.
    • Gruul is unrevivable and will become hostile in Twilight Hammer and Black Dragonflights Paths.
    Ask to Legion to offer pact, and then research "Demon Masters" at any Town Hall.
    • Receives a base with Demon Gate under Teal control.
    • Mor'ghor becomes revivable.
    • Receives Zuluhed the Whacked and ties to the Legion at the cost of ties to the Dark Horde.
    • Can summon Kil'Jaeden when Zuluhed reaches level 10 and summons him at Sunwell for 3 minutes or may summon anywhere with the Book of Medihv.
    • Zuluhed becomes unrevivable if Demon Gate is destroyed.
    Morg'hor must be dead. Research "Horde Alliance" at any Town Hall, and then ask Horde to accept you.
    • Receives Zaela and ties to the Horde at the cost of ties to the Dark Horde.
    • All Black Dragons (not drakes) are changed into Wyverns.
    • Receives Dranosh Saurfang and the Kor'kron Vanguard in Northrend by researching it on any Town Hall.
    • Dranosh is unrevivable.
    Twilight's Hammer Clan:
    Mor'ghor must be dead. Research "Twilight Alliance" at any Town Hall.
    • Receives Cho'gall and a base in Twilight Highlands at the cost of ties to the Dark Horde.
    • All Dragonmaw Ascendants are replaced by Twilight Disciples.
    • All Fel Orc Spearthrowers are replaced by Fingers of Yogg.
    • All Dragonmaw Battlemasters are replaced by Twilight Zealots.
    • All Dragonmaw Necrolytes are replaced by Twilight Necrolytes.
    • All Black Drakes are replaced by Twilight Drakes.
    • Can receive General Erudax by capturing Grim Batol.
    • General Erudax is revivable until Yogg-Saron is alive and under your control.
    • Receives a base with Deathwing Resting in Deepholm by bringing a hero to control point of this place.
    • Receives Yogg-Saron on Cho'gall approaching it in Western Ulduar. Cho'gall also gains two levels.
    • Receives Deathwing when Cho'gall reaches level 15 and summons him at Deepholm for 1 minute.
    • Can form the alliance with Dark Iron Dwarves.
    Black Dragonflight path:
    Research "Black Dragonflight Master" at any Town Hall. (Mor'ghor must be alive)
    • All Dragonmaw Battlemaster are replaced by Black Dragonspawn.
    • Receives Drakkistah and a base in Grim Batol.
    • Ties to the Dark Horde are saved.
    • Receives a base with Deathwing Resting in Deepholm by bringing a hero to control point of this place.
    • Receives Deathwing (with other spell set, different from Twilight Deathwing) when Drakkistah reaches level 15 and summons him at Deepholm for 1 minute.
    • Mor'ghor won't die, but still is unrevivable.



    • Can capture (and transform to training demons building) Draenor Rifts by destroying it (From Legion)
    • Maghteridon is unrevivable, upon death his corpse will appear on the place of his death.
    • Magheridon can defile Fountains of Life, gaining +1 lvl and some resources.
    • Becomes Lord of Outland by capturing all 3 Draenor Rifts.
    • If All of 3 Draenor Rifts is alive and under your control, Black Temple will be able to use Defence abilities and "one-time use" +1 skill point to any hero, by choosing him.
    • Can form an Alliance with Trolls (Smoulderthorn Alliance) at the cost of ties to the Dragonmaw Clan.
    • Can recapture Hellfire Citadel if it was captured by Legion.
    • Kargath Bladefist is unrevivable if Hellfire Citadel is not under your control.
    • Rend Blackhand is unrevivable if Blackrock Spire is destroyed.
    • If Nefarian isnt summoned and Blackrock Spire is destroyed, he will appear and become neutral-hostile.
    • After 10th minute can receive Teron Gorefiend by researching "Summon Teron Gorefiend" at any Town Hall. (Also Pit Lords Elite will be replaced by Death Knights)
    • Teron Gorefiend can open the Dark Portal, which will teleport to Blackrock Spire. Also he will gain +1 lvl by doing this.
    • After 10th minute can research "Nefarian Brood", which will allow to train Proto Drakes and summon Nefarian for 1 minute within Southern Azeroth.
    • Nefarian is unrevivable.
    • Receives Nefarian for eternal when Rend reaches 10th level and Beseech him.
    • Receives a base in Kargath, by destroying Kargath.
    Shadow Council:
    Wait for 30th minute. Teron Gorefiend must be summoned. And then research "The Shadow Council" at any Town Hall.
    • Lose all previous ties with any allies. Can receive ties to the Legion (if Legion accepts you).
    • Receives Grandmaster Vorpil and a base in Auchindoun. (Also receives demi-hero Blackheart the Inciter)
    • Rend, Kargath, Nefarian and Maghteridon will die in this path.
    • Lose the ability to train melee units and build barracks.
    • Grandmaster Vorpil is unrevivable if the Shadow Labyrith(Auchindoun) is destroyed.
    • Blackheart the Inciter can revive Maghteridon Corpse (Maghteridon will be given to Legion)
    • Can summon Kil'Jaeden when Grandmaster Vorpil reaches level 10 and summons him at Sunwell for 3 minutes or may summon anywhere with the Book of Medihv.
    • Also Grandmaster Vorpil can summon Kil'Jaeden anywhere without Power Source, when he reaches level 15, but he will die after that.

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    you might wanna update the events thread to include some new stuff in the coming weeks.
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    Can you add difficulties for each faction?
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    if 2 people discuss from the forum discuss such a list we end up with 3 different ones ...

    on a rating 1 - 5 for 1.26
    BE: 3
    Scourge: 4
    Cult: 3
    Forsakeen: 2
    BL: 1
    Trolls: 5
    Horde: 3
    Dwarves: 2
    Dragonmaw: 4

    this variate upon the different ways a game might take for example wreteched or nerzhuls forsakeen can completly change this.
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    There can't be a valid difficulty meter for L:TA as it's biased and depends on the game.
    I had easy games with Trolls, even though their starting game is hardest..
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    I've also found Dragonmaw very easy sometimes. Vidovit is right, it is about the games.
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    ^ to be fair the average dworf these days bunkers in IF while horde leaves the game in other words a good chance to win for dragonmaw ...
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    Thats true, we had so much disagreement other the difficulty ratings before its really impossible to say, I think it's atleast accepted that Forsaken is best for new players due to the fairly easy push at start but even that can be hard if the newbie dosnt realise he needs to rush Purple and if they go Worgen it can be alot harder for them.

    By the way what happened to the strength and weakneses parts?
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    I got permission from Horsefrog to copy his stuff over, I didn't get permission from the person who wrote up the strengths and weaknesses part, hence it's not there.

    Also, I felt it a bit misleading.
    I'll be updating this thread in the next couple of days.
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    I don't think you'll get sued if you copy-paste some text from a forum. And if you do, we'll find a lawyer.