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Lordaeron Preview

Discussion in 'Fall of Lordaeron WIP' started by Elbadruhel, Jan 8, 2019.

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    Kingdom of Lordaeron

    "Long time ago, the Amani Empire started a war agaisnt the Kingdom of Quel'thalas. During that time, a human tribe had emerged among the rest, conquering them and uniting them all as the Arathorian Empire. The king of Arathor had 2 great generals: Lordain of Tirisfall and Trollbane. Since the trolls tought the humans were not relevant, Lordain adviced his king to dont help the elves, so the trolls dont start to attack them too. But once the King decided to support Quel'thalas, Lordain was the first to gather his troops and march forward. In exchange of helping them, the elves trained 100 humans in the powers of magic, and the king planed to use them as a secret weapon to win the war. The human army started to attack the troll backline and harass them, so the amani were forced to move their army to the south and leave the siege of Quel'thalas to destroy the humans. The King ordered a retreat to Alterac, where he had his mages hidden, and they could burn all the trolls at once. But the plan had one fail: the trolls were much more fierce and fast than what they may have ever expected, and quickly started to surround them. If the army continue the retreat that way, they will end trapped and murdered, far away from Alterac and with no chance of wining the battle. So Lordain, he human general ordered his men of Tirisfal to stop, and turning back they faced alone all the might of the troll empire. While the human army continued the retreat, the knights of Tirisfal sucidied to buy time for them to scape, for victory, for mankind; they all knew the history of Tyr, who sacrified himself to self the humans, and all of them were sure that there is no more honrably death than to safe humanity. Thanks to their sacrifice, the human army managed to reach Alterac, and when the trolls finally reached them, they were taken by surprise and burnt. The humans had win the war and the elves owed them their lives. The King created "Lordaeron City" in Tirisfal to honor his great general, and countless noblemen of Arathi moved there to settle in those fertile and green lands, soon, the city state became a kingdom, and nowadays, it is the strongest realm of Lordaeron, ruled by House Menethil, and the heart of the Alliance, wich is the outcome of that debt the elves had with the humans of the past. Quel'thalas and Lordaeron may defeat their enemies together, once again."
    Lordaeron starts with holdings in Tirisfal and Hillsbrad, your task is to fight the Horde and defeat the orcs while is too late. You will have to rely in your allies of the north to take care of your lands in Tirifal while you focus in the orcs and trolls. If they fail protecting you, it may be their end, since you could end being corrupted by the plague and keep fighting the orcs... As undead.



    Your main hero is Alexandros Mograine (center), one of the strongest heroes ingame. His loyal advisor, Fairbanks (left) will support him in battle. Aedelas Blackmoore (right) is the man in charge of the internement camps, in Hillsbrad. Alexandros is unrevivable, Fairbanks is unrevivable if Scarlet Crusade happens and Aedelas Blackmoore is unrevivable. If your allies betray you, or dont help you in battle, you may end dying to the orcs and your lands corrupted by the undeads. Then, you can turn "Fallen Lordaeron", joining the Undead Team, doing so, you will be able to get Sylvanas Windrunner (center) as hero, along with Alonsus Faol (left) and Nathanos Marris (right), in case any of them has been killed. In future versions u will be able to ask thrall to join his horde once LK is weakened, wich will turn you "Forsaken", losing Alonsus Faol, joining the Horde and being able to get Varimathras as hero if he is killed.



    The Lordaeron Army is the most balanced of any ingame. You have good infantry, ranged and cavalry, with different tactical options to counter your enemy army composition, and a good siege to attack their bases. Your units are well armored and with a nice micro and a good unit choices, you should be able to defeat a bigger enemy. But this army has a downside, of course: your lack of casters. You only have "Borther of the Ligth", the basic human priest, to support your army. If you want magical power u should rely on your allies, like Dalaran or Quel'thalas. But this is not a real problem, since Alliance is for teamworking, and your main goal: fight the horde and clean hillsbrad of scourge, is also Dalaran main task. And since you need his magical power, he needs your frontline army, so pick your best friend and cooperate to victory!


    As human, your economy can be corrupted by the CotD (and Malganis).
    You can send Alexandros and Fairbanks to Ironforge (leave the game some minutes) to come back with the forged Ashrbinger, a great weapon to defeat your enemies.
    You control an internement camp: Durnholde. If the orcs manage to take it, they will get reinforcements, try to avoid it or they may turn too powerful.
    Therenas Menehtil is a good king, he has some upgrades/skills for your realm to improve it a bit or help to defend from others.
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