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Lordaeron The Aftermath 1.54 changelog

Discussion in 'Lordaeron: The Aftermath' started by SvnmS, May 2, 2018.

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    Lordaeron : The Aftermath 1.54

    Miscelleanous :
    CP Regeneration has been removed.
    Hero damage against fortified armor restored to 80%. (similar to normal damage)
    Tentacles now deal only 5% of their damage to buildings.
    Minimum unit movement speed increased from 0 to 100.
    The armor of all demi-heros now upgrades with 4 instead of 2.
    Most infantry units now have 8 collision size.
    The Eco-Dome's hit points increased from 500 to 2500, armor from 5 to 10.
    Number of ogres that spawn from ogre camps reduced to 4 ogres and 1 ogre warlord.
    Capturable buildings can no longer be re-captured by the player who owns them. (attacking your own low health Lordaeron Palace will not reset its health)
    Dragon creep near Vermillion Redoubt removed.
    Firelord Creep in the Searing Gorge moved inside Shadowforge City.
    The Thandol Span is now twice as resilient.
    Hero gold cost revival now set to "51 x level" With a max of 500 at level 10+.
    Hero Wind Walk : movement speed reduced from 10/30/50/70% to 10/20/25/35%, backstab damage increased from 40/60/80/100 to 40/60/100/120.
    Divine Shield on heroes : duration reduced from 17 to 9 seconds.
    CPs' hit points increased from 400 to 2000, armor from 0 to 5.
    Frigates now have Explosive Shells, reduces the movement speed of the mechanical units you attack by 50%. (Requires a research in the shipyard)
    Rate of conversion from lumber to gold changed from 500 lumber for 50 gold to 750 lumber for 50 gold.
    Areas reterrained :
    1. Nagrand
    2. Terrokar Forest
    3. Shadowmoon Valley
    4. Quel'thalas, south of Silvermoon
    5. Burning Steppes
    6. Arathi Highlands (Hammerfall and Boulder'gor, also affects the outside of Stromgarde)
    7. A pass between the area north of Mardenholde keep and the Windrunner spire has been added.
    8. New Dalaran.
    9. Shadowforge.


    Empowered Illidan :
    1. Empowered Illidan's collision size increased from 30 to 32.
    2. Health reduced by 500.
    3. Demonic Hail replaced with Intimidation Aura (reduces enemy damage by 7/15/22/30%).
    Grand Magister Rommath :
    1. Now has Brilliance Aura (1 mana regen) instead of slow.
    2. Attack damage now upgrades by 6 instead of 3
    3. Armor increased from 0 to 4
    Lieutenant Dawnrunner :
    1. No longer has Meld and Phoenix Strike Cold Arrows (it doesn't allow her to use Multi-Shot)
    2. Blink is replaced with Wind Walk.
    3. Now has a Rocket Barrage based ability.
    4. Attack increased by 12, and now upgrades by 6 instead of 3.
    5. Armor increased from 1 to 3.
    Kael :
    1. Flamestrike now deals damage over time and can be interrupted.
    Alliance with the Forsaken :
    1. Gains Lor'themar in addition to Kael’thas.
    2. Can research Poisoned Arrows (upgrades from Marksmanship) : further improves archer damage and grants them the ability to use Poisoned Arrows
    3. Can still go Illidari, Loses Lor'themar, Illidan cannot consume the Skull of Gul’dan in this path
    Alliance with the Horde :
    1. Gains Lorthemar and Liadrin and loses Kael.
    2. Can choose Blood Knights as the elite of choice.
    3. Can research "Light Empowerement" increasing Swordsman and Spell Breaker Hit points by 150.
    Alliance with the Dark Horde :
    1. Can still consume the Skull of Gul’dan.
    Solo Illidari :
    1. Can get Akama and his Broken Draenei. (Akama not available for other paths, he will not accept allying the Burning Legion, Dark Horde or Forsaken)
    2. Can research Light's Empowerement that increases the health and damage of Swordsman and Spell Breakers.
    Details :
    Illidari can gain the Broken Draenei units, but their upgrades and Akama are not available until researched, upon researching them, you become a solo path and are no longer able to make an alliance (pretext : Horde refuses Illidan, Akama hates the Dark Horde and the Burning Legion, and I extend that reason to Forsaken for gameplay purposes)
    Draenei units rework :
    1. Draenei Broken :
      • Collision size reduced to 8.
      • Movement speed increased to 340.
      • Attack damage increased by 10.
      • No longer requires Akama
      • Poisoned Blades : Now slows movement speed by 30%
      • Cost reduced from 19 to 15.
      • Permanent invisibility and poison blades now require "Stealth Training" research.
    2. Draenei Seer :
      • Illusions : spawns an image of a target unit that takes 200% damage and deals no damage.
      • Far Sight : A reveal based ability. (requires Seer Adept Training)
      • Healing Wave. (requires Seer Master Training)
      • No longer require Akama.
    3. Call upon Akama : Recruits Akama into the Illidari, by doing so you accept his will not to ally with any evil and to he will help you fight the Dark Horde on which he swore vengeance. This will also unlock the Draenei Seer Adept and Master upgrades as well as the Stealth Training Upgrade. Also improves their illusions to take and deal 100% of the damage of the original unit.
    4. Akama :
      • Shadow Strike
      • Spirit Heal
      • Endurance Aura.
      • Reincarnation.
      • Hit points increased by 300.
    San'layn :
    1. Temporarily removed
    1. Hit points increased by 50.
    2. Damage increased by 4.
    Spell breaker:
    1. Hit points increased from 800 to 850.
    2. Damage increased by 4.
    3. Damage now upgrades by 5 instead of 3.

    Arcane Defense Crystal :
    1. Two of the three Arcane Defense Crystals are now accessible by ground and can be repaired. Repair gold cost increased from 50 to 100. Repair time increased from 13 to 25.
    2. Attack cooldown reduced from 2.5 to 2.
    3. Now benefits from Magic upgrades instead of Melee upgrades.
    4. Now has a different attack for air units with Multi-Shot. (Much harder to take with air units)
    5. Summon Water Elementals :
      • Number of elementals increased from 3 to 8.
      • Cooldown reduced from 40 to 30
    6. The bridge can no longer be de-activated.
    Tirisfal Agents
    1. Chains of banishment : damage on heroes reduced from 200 to 75.
    Sentinel Leader :
    1. Hit points increased from 750 to 1300.
    2. Damage increased by 10. and now increases by 6 instead of 4.
    Huntress :
    1. Damage increased 5.
    2. Speed reduced from 300 to 260.
    3. Cost reduced from 22 to 17.
    Alliances :
    1. Can get Galen with Knights if Silverhand betrays
    2. Can get Maiev with Night Elven subfaction if Blood Elves betray (Maiev now needs to be called upon)
    3. Can get Falstad with Gryphon Riders if Dwarves betray
    Rhonin :
    1. Blizzard : Number of waves increased from 6/7/8/9 to 8/9/10/11, damage per wave reduced from 30/40/50/60 to 25/35/45/55.
    Aegwynn :
    1. Mass Banish is replaced with Open Portal : Opens a portal to the target location after 10 seconds of channeling, the portal appears during the channeling and will interrupt the ability if destroyed before the channeling ends. 130/100/70/40 seonds cooldown.
    2. Summoning Aegwynn now requires all other alliance factions to have betrayed.

    Goldrinn :
    1. Claw Swipe's cleaved damage reduced from 10/15/20/25% to 4/8/12/16% and area of effect increased from 180 to 200.
    2. Howl of the wolf god replaced with Intimidation Aura : reduces the movement and attack speed of enemy units by 8/15/22/30%
    3. No longer has Blink.
    4. Health Reduced by 1000.
    5. If all alliance members left, it is possible to obtain Goldrinn permanently (the scepter can still be used to summon him to your hero from wherever he is)
    Worgen :
    1. Movement speed increased from 290 to 350.
    2. Damage increased by 5
    Worgen Nightbane :
    1. Armor by 1.
    Gilneas Knight :
    1. Hit points increased by 100.
    Dalaran Construct :
    1. Cost reduced by 3.

    The CP on Draupne's dam no longer starts owned by the dwarves.
    Thargas Anvilmar :
    1. Damage increased by 15, it now increases by 8 each upgrade.
    Keegan Firebeard :
    1. No longer has Defend, now has Cleaving Attack, his damage now increases by 8 each upgrade.
    Falstad :
    1. Hit points increased by 100.
    2. Movement speed reduced from 230 to 215.
    Ragnaros :
    1. Fiery Blast : Duration increased from 5 to 7. Cooldown reduced from 25 to 20.
    2. Volcano : Can now train Lava Spawns, armor reduced from 5 to 0, hit points increased from 2500 to 6000.
    Dark Iron Golem :
    1. Now has Immolation Aura.
    2. Now has Fire Forged Plating (reduces incoming damage by 8, requires Ragnaros)
    Shadowforge Betrayer :
    1. Now has Rain of Fire, requires Ragnaros
    2. Movement speed increased from 250 to 275.
    Thaurissan :
    1. Flamestrike now deals damage over time and can be interrupted.
    Alliances :
    1. Dark Iron : Automatically allies you to Twilight's Hammer.
      • Now grants you Majordomo Executus as an additional hero. Revivable as long as you control Ragnaros.
      • "Beseech Ragnaros" research available : Ragnaros no longer does Deathwing's bidding in attacking Kalimdor making them enemies. Dark Iron gains a stationary Ragnaros with similar but weaker abilities of the normal hero. His version of Volcano however is stronger and can be called Globally.
    Majordomo Executus :
    1. Immolation
    2. Spiked Scales : Armor + Damage return.
    3. War Stomp
    4. Flame Strike
    Bear Warrior :
    1. Cost decreased by 1.
    Dwarven Warrior :
    1. Gold cost reduced from 21 to 19.
    2. Attack cooldown increased from 1.15 to 1.45
    3. Armor reduced from 4 to 2.
    Dark Iron Golem :
    1. Now has a 10 damage permanent immolation.
    The Silverhand

    Lordaeron Footman : Removed
    Footman :
    1. Hit points increased by 50.
    2. Damage increased by 6.
    3. Now has Improved Plating (requires Lordaeron Restoration) : Reduces 7 damage from all attacks (as opposed to Anti-Piercing Plating which reduces 12 from ranged attacks only)
    Crimson Legionnary :
    1. Now has Defend.
    2. Anti-Piercing Plating replaced with Improved Plating.
    3. Damage increased by 4.
    4. Cost reduced from 21 to 16 (like a regular Footman)
    Knight :
    1. Trample's duration increased from 0.8 to 2.5
      It now slows the movement speed of the knight by 50.
    2. Cost increased by 1.
    Taelan Fordring :
    1. Damage increased by 15, and now upgrades with 8 instead of 6.
    2. Health increased from 1150 to 1600.
    Jailor Kassan :
    1. Damage now upgrades by 8 instead of 6.
    Garithos :
    1. Avatar : buffed from 750/1000, 5/8 and 20/30 damage to 800/1200 HP, 10/15 Armor and 30/50 Damage.
    Galen Trollbane :
    1. Twirling Blades replaced with Inspire Aura that gives +10/14 armor to Galen and all units that are close to him (350 AOE)
    Alliances :
    1. Scarlet Onslaught solo path
      • Mal'ganis' Dark Summoning unit number increased from 25/35 to 70/90. Cooldown increased from 45/30 to 60.
    Scarlet Marksman
    1. Damage increased by 5 and armor by 2.
    Crimson Legionnaire :
    1. Hit points increased by 100.
    2. Movement speed increased from 245 to 270.
    3. Cost reduced from 32 to 29.
    The Burning Legion

    The Burning Legion no longer gains any experience or resources from Forsaken Betraying them.
    The Burning Legion and the Forsaken no longer automatically unally 10 minutes into the game.
    The cost of Nathrezim Mastery reduced from 250 gold and 150 lumber to 200 gold and 100 lumber, it now properly upgrades the Dreadlords' Mirror Image ability.
    The cost of Demonic Mastery reduced from 300 gold and 150 lumber to 250 gold and 100 lumber.
    Balnazzar's starting level increased from 3 to 4.
    Fel Keepers' damage reduced from 225 to 175.

    Draenor Rifts :
    1. Draenor Rifts now switch owner when their hit points fall below 1500.
    2. Draenor Rifts' hit points increased by 1500.
    3. Draenor Rifts inside the twisting nether are now invulnerable.
    4. Draenor Rifts can now train demonic units (works only for The Burning Legion and Dark Horde)
    5. Draenor Rifts can now be opened with Portal Opener or Book of Medivh.
    Kil'jaeden :
    Granting a level now reduces the strength, intelligence and agility of the target hero by 1.
    1. Rain of Chaos :
      • Number of Infernals increased in the first two levels, from 2/3/5/6 to 3/4/5/6
      • Now has global range.
    2. Demonic Rune :
      • Cooldown increased from 20 to 30.
      • Health increased from 1000 to 1500.
      • Duration from 40 seconds to permanent.
      • Now spawns a Doomguard every 4 seconds, the Doomguards last 48 seconds and cannot go beyond 1100 range from the rune.
    3. Mass Mind Rot :
      • Duration increased from 15 to 25 seconds.
    4. Reality Tear :
      • Cooldown reduced from 300 to 240.
    Fel Beast :
    1. Cost reduced from 19 to 18.
    Voidwalkers :
    1. Cost reduced by 1.
    1. No longer has Return to your masters.
    Dreadlord heroes
    1. Damage increased by 20 (more effective at the sniping of lone heroes / CPs that they do, a lot more risky to do so)
    Vengeance Path research no longer available for Forsaken.
    The Burning Legion and the Forsaken no longer automatically unally 10 minutes into the game.
    Royal Apothecary :
    1. Hit points increased from 3500 to 6000.
    Lordaeron Palace :
    1. Now has 4 Lordaeron Towers. Their damage reduced from 36 to 26, their range reduced from 800 to 600.
    2. Can no longer be attacked by Battleships.
    Nathanos Blightcaller :
    1. Hit points increased from 875 to 1250.
    2. Searing Arrow's damage increased from 10 to 25, mana cost from 2 to 4.
    3. Damage increased by 5 and now upgrades by 7 instead of 4.
    4. Blight Hounds' damage increased by 10, they now have invisibility and true sight, hit points increased from 750 to 1000.
    5. No longer has Disease Cloud.
    6. Now has Wind Walk.
    7. Now available from the start of the game.
    Tarren Mill's Plague research :
    1. Damage bonus increased from 5 to 20.
    Empowered Sylvanas Event Rework :
    1. Now obtainable at level 10 and grants Sylvanas Dark Arrow (ability that makes her attacks deal AoE damage and increases the damage from them. Costs 8 mana per hit)
    2. Empowered Sylvanas is now revivable as long as you have Val'kyrs to sacrifice. Each resurrection of Sylvanas reduces the amount of Val'kyrs you can train by 1. If you no longer have Val'kyrs, Sylvanas will die permanently.
    3. If you control Valkyrion, you will regain 1 Val'kyr unit limit each 4 minutes.
    Putress :
    1. Combusting Plague replaced by Plague Cloud, stops all ranged attacks from within the targeted area.
    2. Hour of the Forsaken :
      • No longer reduces health regeneration
      • Damage reduction from 30/50% to 50/75%
      • Armor reduction from 5/10 to 7/10
      • Mana regeneration reduction from 0.5/1 to 3/5.
      • AoE from 1200 to 1600.
      • Cooldown reduced from 120 to 90 seconds.
    3. Acidic Rain : Deals slightly more damage damage but over double the amount of time.
    Forsaken Archer :
    1. Black Arrow's mana cost increased from 4 to 8. Damage from 2 to 10. It also spawns a Level 2 Skeleton now.
    2. Movement speed increased from 240 to 270.
    3. Damage increased by 3.
    4. Plague Arrows now add 20 damage instead of 14.
    5. The Plague Arrows no longer spawn Ghouls, instead they spawn permanent Improved Skeletons (900 HP instead of 600, 30 damage instead of 20).
    Abomination :
    1. Hit points increased from 1375 to 1475.
    Deathguard :
    1. Also gets the collision size reduction to 8.
    Alliance with the The Burning Legion :
    1. Now triggers only when both sides accept the deal.
    2. No longer compatible with the second level of the Plague.
    Alliance with the Blood Elves :
    1. Allows you to research a second level of Long Bows.
    2. Replaces the Highborne Sisters with Fallen Rangers.
    3. Fallen Rangers reworked :
      • Black Arrow (20 damage, Level 2 Skeleton, permanent)
      • Stunning Shot
      • Wind Walk
      • Wraith Form
      • Damage increased by 12
    Alliance with the Horde
    1. Unlocks a 4th ability "Healing Salve" on the Apothecaries. Based on Rejuvenation.
    2. Improves the Deathguard into Orcish Deathguards giving them siege attacks against buildings, 100 more HP and 40 movement speed.
    Solo Plague Path :
    1. Solo Plague Path : The second level of the plague is now called "Putress' Alleigeance" : Sylvanas declares war on all races gaining Putress' Alleigeance, with both their efforts, they further develop the Forsaken Plague"
      • Deathguards and Black Arrow Skeletons gain "Plagued Blades" Which deals damage over time, Also affects buildings.
      • Gains a research "Plague Wagon Upgrade" which increases the movement speed of the Meat Wagons.
      • Ward of Affliction now has a 3rd level which increases the armor it gives to 8. (it now unlocks its second level through the first level of the plague and the third with the second level of the Plague), this buffs normal Forsaken as well.
      • Acidic Concoction's second level's damage increased from 12 to 20. And duration from 2.5 to 3 seconds, AoE from 200 to 225.
    The Horde

    Nazgrel :
    1. Damage increased by 10, damage upgrades by 8.
    Drek'thar :
    1. Drek'thar's ultimate can no longer be dispelled.
    Garrosh's stats gain increased by 1 per level.
    Orcish Strength now affects casters as well.
    1. Alliance with the Blood Elves : gains Elven Archers with Searing Arrow (lvl 1) as a unit choice. (stays with you even after you choose a path)
    2. Alliance with the Forsaken : gains Forsaken Archers with Black Arrow as a unit choice. (stays with you even after you choose a path)
    3. Warsong Hold can now be launched with a research, no longer grants gold and lumber rewards, its cost increased to 350 gold/lumber, Garrosh now starts with a Town Scroll Portal.
    4. True Horde renamed to Industrial Horde.
      • Can now research Industrialization, increases the movement speed of Demolishers and Iron Stars. (it has a second level unlocked if the True Horde is researched)
    5. True Horde :
      • Garrosh loses Orcish Supremacy and gains The Heart's Power, an improved version of the Avatar ability given by Orcish Supremacy.
      • Watch Towers now have a 4 arrow Multi-Shot and can be upgraded into Improved Watch Towers (requires second level of Industrialization)
    Dire Wolf :
    1. Hit points increased from 1050 to 1150.
    2. Damage increased by 4.
    Grunt :
    1. Gold cost reduced from 21 to 20.
    2. Damage increased by 4.
    3. Health increased from 900 to 950.
    Mag'har Scout :
    1. Cost reduced from 19 to 18.
    Mag'har Grunt :
    1. Damage increased by 4.
    2. Cost reduced from 21 to 20.
    Troll Empire
    The troll capitals are now capturable buildings.
    Gains a demi-hero Kazra'jin (Melee, starts in Zul'Aman) :
    1. 1650 Hit points
    2. 4 Armor.
    3. Charge : area of effect speed increase.
    4. Evasion (same as troll brawlers')
    5. Leadership Aura (Command aura)
    Leader of the Frostmanes :
    1. Is now a melee hero (Ice Bawler model with effects)
    2. Evasion
    3. Poisoned Axe : throws a poisoned axe at the target causing it to become unable to cast spells for 30 seconds and take 40 damage per second. (lasts 7 seconds on heroes), 30 seconds cooldown.
    4. Command Aura for melee only, 10/18/25/33% bonus damage.
    5. Avatar : 800/1200 HP, 10/15 Armor and 30/50 Damage.
    Brawler :
    1. Hit points increased from 735 to 875.
    2. Damage by 6.
    Ice Troll Brawler's Frost Armor improved and can only be self cast now, only available if you control Gun’drak.
    Ice Priests' Blizzard improved and now requires Frostmane Retreat.
    Smoulderthron Trolls can now have access to Ice Troll Brawlers and Ice Priests
    Smoulderthorn Brawlers now have Charge.

    Fel Horde

    Renamed from "Dark Horde" to "Fel Horde"
    No longer starts allied with Dark Horde (Dragonmaw Clan previously)
    Now starts without the units in Blackrock Mountain.
    A new demi-hero :
    1. Master of Pain : (Doomguard model, 32 collision size)
      • 2300 hit points
      • Devour Magic
      • War Stomp, 120 damage, 2 seconds stun.
      • Reincarnation.
    Blackheart the Inciter :
    1. Imbue Corpses' heal increased from 30 to 100.
    The Death Knights :
    1. Dark Vow's cooldown reduced from 30 to 2, mana cost increased from 10 to 30.
    2. Hit points reduced from 1120 to 850.
    Alliances :
    1. Alliance with the Dark Horde : You gain Zuluhed and become allied to the Dark Horde.
    2. The Illidari : You join the Illidari, gold and lumber rewards increased from 200 to 300.
    3. Shadow Council : Resurrecting Magtheridon now revives him for Fel Horde instead of the Burning legion.
    4. Solo path, Ruler of Outland : Available if you control all 3 Draenor gates and Magtheridon is alive
      • Magtheridon becomes revivable as long as you still have control over the gates.
      • Limit on infernals to 9.
      • The Draenor Rifts will generate Doomguards.
      • Grants Zuluhed with a Dark summoning ability.
    Smoulderthorn path moved to Brown.
    Dark Horde Scout :
    1. Cost reduced from 19 to 18.
    Fel Stalker :
    1. Hit points increased from 650 to 850.
    Dark Horde
    Renamed from "Dragonmaw Clan" to "Dark Horde"
    No longer starts allied with Fel Horde (Dark Horde previously).
    Now starts with Blackrock Mountain.
    No longer starts with Mor'ghor, start with Rend instead (the two swap their abilities)
    Ma'ruk :
    1. Now has War Stomp instead of Flaming Axe.
    Nek'rosh :
    1. Mirror Image : creates 3/4/5/6 that take 150% damage and deal 15% damage. (more focused on absorbing damage than the current version)
    2. Flaming Axe replaced with Sharp Eye : 8/15/22/30% evasion and 10% chance to deal twice the damage.
    3. Battlemasters replaced with a Command Aura : 10/15/20/25% more damage to all allied units.
    damage increased by 5.
    Deathwing :
    1. Flying form's movement speed reduced from 230 to 215.
    1. Smoulderthorn Trolls.
    2. The Burning Legion : now grants Mor'ghor instead of Zuluhed.
    3. Alliance with the Fel Horde : Grants Mor'ghor and the Dragonmaw Fortress in Outland.
    4. As Twilight's Hammer :
      • Automatically allies the Dark Iron Dwarves if they are in the game.
      • Can obtain Yogg’Saron causing the Dark Iron Dwarves to leave your cause.
    Horde path removed.
    Outrider :
    1. Hit points increased by 1125 to 1225.
    2. Movement speed increased from 295 to 335.
    Finger of Yogg :
    1. Cost reduced from 19 to 18.
    2. Spawn of Yogg's hit points increased from 450 to 650.
    Cult of the Damned
    Naxxramas can no longer attack control points.
    Dar'khan Drathir
    1. Damage increased by 15 and upgrades by 6 instead of 3.
    2. Now has Summon Twisted Wight.
    3. Hit points increased from 800 to 1150.
    Noth :
    1. Gains ability "Raise Hero" : revives the target demi-hero (the unit benefits from Undead upgrades and can use its spells). Has a cooldown of 10 minutes.
    Patchwerk now starts at level 4.
    Dar'khan Drathir
    1. Power Drain Mana : mana reduction reduced from 1/2/3/4 to 1.25/2/2.75/3.5.
    2. Lock Power : cast range reduced from 900 to 600. Duration from 30 to 10 (15 seconds cooldown)
    Alliances :
    1. Forsaken Path, only accessible after the Frozen Throne is destroyed.
      • Gains Ghouls and Crypt Fiends.
    Zombie :
    1. Duration of Zombies spawned from Infection now last 120 seconds.

    Falric :
    1. Damage increased by 10 and upgrades by 9 instead of 7.
    2. Now has Death Coil.
    The Lich King :
    1. Now has Cleaving Attack that deals 10% of his damage in a 180 AOE.
    2. Aura of Ner'zhul is now invisible.
    3. Remorseless Winter replaced with Death and Decay.
    4. The Lich King now has the ability "Raise Hero" : revives the target demi-hero to serve under the Scourge (they benefit from Undead upgrades and can use their spells). No cooldown.
    Crypt Fiend :
    1. Cost increased by 4
    2. Hit points increased by 200.
    3. Damage increased by 8.
    4. Attack now upgrade by 7 instead of 6.
    5. Attack cooldown reduced from 1.6 to 1.45 seconds.
    Abomination :
    1. Hit points increased from 1475 to 1575.
    Alliances :
    None. I do not want the Nerubian path to be good, it'll still be there for those who want to try, but it will never be good. Reason is that if it is appealing and scourge decides to betray and joins Forsaken, Cult will end up with no ally. Even if it was a solo path and Cult is left to be able to join Forsaken, Forsaken could have already chosen another path.
    Scourge and Cult are too dependent on each other. There will be no paths that allow one to leave the other while he is still in the game.

    Final note
    We've been experiencing many crashes in the editor, and because of that, this version doesn't contain all that we wanted to include. You'll find some unfinished works like Honor Hold that have no events attached to it.
    After the release of 1.29, I worked only to provide the bare minimum for a playable version, and it still took me a long time as there are many changes I had to implement over and over. We'll stop for some time until we figure out how to fix these crashes. Then work will resume as usual.
    There will still be hotfixes and some balance versions 1.54a..etc that change only numbers.
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    The map is expected to be released this Saturday if all the bug finding and fixing is done in time. It might be released earlier or later. But very likely on Saturday.
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    Cool patch! Dalaran and the Maghar orc base in Outland look better. Sanly'n was imbalanced so good to see it disabled for now tho I am interested how can 3 men alliances can be balanced for the future as there are a nice way for comebacks and noobs to learn the game.

    Not related to this patch tho but I always wondered why LTA does not have similar big monster creep quests like Ragnaros or C'thun or power events like Eye of Sergaras? Idk I find them really interesting and engaging. IK its a rip off of ideas but a huge chunk of AWLR been ripped off anyways so a tiny bit more won't hurt kek.
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    i liked that cp regeneration :/
    no changes to hero darkhan drathir?
    his aura is also not so usefull on hero that hides in back
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    Removed cp regen soo it mean in next patch collision size and movment speed will be like in old lta
    Well done M8 ;)
  6. ShadowBro


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    Soooooo , let's start :D :-)


    Thandol Span Bridge can no longer be destroyed. - WHYYYY :fffff

    BE + purple - nice

    dwarves are preety insane but:
    -Majordomo Executus : i think he will be useless xd - he will steal exp from thauresian and will reason in slower ragnaros , and his abilities arent good enough

    buff in previous version to nerf it harded in next version xd

    LB - NIce

    legion - The Burning Legion and the Forsaken no longer automatically unally 10 minutes into the game. - draupne added this to game to prevent 20 lvl sylvana in 25min
    global range of infernals from kj?? ugh GET REKT - imo very bad idea
    Granting a level now reduces the strength, intelligence and agility of the target hero by 1. - garbage xd
    capturable rifts - next thing that was changed in previous versions. imo destroyable were better - it will reason in unlimited doomguards for legion/oj

    forsaken - loooooks very very nice but i dont understand this thing with valkyrs and her reviability

    horde -ok but still TH is weak path xd - it was strong in previous versions coz of garosh ult, now he just jumps into enemies with ult (dat is bugged and kills him) and does Q , thats all of super garosh , even galen is 50x better xd ( more dmg, tankier , aura) and units are just much weaker than maghar

    - is it prima aprilis? this idea is ridiculus xddd - other changes of trolls are nice ;p

    FH - im not really a Fh player but in my opinion their start is weaken too much. Only 2 cp's right now (before had 4 and 1 capturable).

    DM - also im not really into dm but it sounds nice , except fact of stronger start ( more cps and army) while horde isnt fighting south.

    cult - Enthropic aura replaced with aura of undeath : Regenerates the mana and health of nearby allied units by 1/2% per second. - imo this aura is a little bit op = patchwerk with 160hp per second xd , rest is nice )

    Scourge - nice except crypt fiend buff xd - scourge is spamming them already, are they stronger now than BE archers?
  7. Lunelune

    Lunelune Known double post inquisitor and heretic caller. Brigand

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    I was reading through these and I began laughing when I saw this

    Lordaeron Footman : Removed
    *1 minute later*
    Lordaeron Footman :
    Cost reduced from 22 to 17.
    Damage increased by 4.

    What? :D
  8. Mesis

    Mesis Brigand

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    Kinda unexpected and weird patch notes.
  9. SvnmS

    SvnmS Brigand Map Maker

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    My bad, editing this patch was a mess, I changed my mind many times about things and forgot to update the changelogs !
  10. Kolladan

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    (So this version will be only 1.29 compatible?)