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Lordaeron: The Foremath: DL Link + Info + Screenshots

Discussion in 'Lordaeron: The Foremath' started by Marshmalo, Aug 5, 2016.

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  1. Marshmalo

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    LTF Symbol3Small.png

    Lordaeron: The Foremath
    Created by Marshmalo
    Latest Version: Lordaeron TF 0.21

    Link to latest version: https://www.epicwar.com/maps/277533/
    Table of Contents:
    - Lore + Map Setting
    - Map Summary
    - Features and Info
    - Factions
    - Screenshots
    - Credits

    Lordaeron: The Foremath is a prequel spin-off to the popular Lordaeron: The Aftermath strategy game. LTF begins at the start of the Reign of Chaos story arc, introduced in the Warcraft 3 game, Lordaeron is still a lush and fertile land and Quel'thalas is still the unblemished home of the secluded High Elves. Dalaran citadel still stands tall and the great city of Lordaeron is still the glorious seat of power for the northern kingdom.

    Arthas has yet to take the cursed sword of Frostmourne but the Burning Legion's plan for domination over Azeroth is primed for execution while the mortal realms of Lordaeron are completely unprepared for the destructive forces that move into place around it.

    In the north the Lich King plots the downfall of humanity, aided by his secretive Cult of The Damned, while to the south the demon worshiping orcs of the Dragonmaw and Dark Horde seek to reclaim the lost glories of the Second War.
    The Burning Legion knows this is the perfect time to strike and will be marching upon the Alliance from all angles, their ultimate purpose: to bring forth Lord Archimonde who will complete the conquest of Azeroth and claim this world for the Legion.

    Whether or not the Alliance of Lordaeron can resist these Dark forces at their gates will have great ramifications throughout all of Azeroth...

    LTF Symbol1Small.png

    This game is a build based grand strategy. It starts off as a 6vs6 team battle that pits the Alliance against the forces of the Burning Legion, who at the time are still united with the Lich King in their efforts to destroy Lordaeron. This isn't meant as a rival to LTA as LTF focuses more on the team aspect and acts as a dedicated 6v6 game for fans of LTA who enjoy the good vs evil mode.

    As the game goes on and faction paths are triggered, a new, third team will slowly start to form, this is known as Neutral Hostile. For example, if the Highborne Elves of Silvermoon lose their homeland, they become Blood Elves, if they go Illidari path they join the Neutral Hostile team. This means players triggering their second chances still get an element of team play and could feasibly become a threat to other 6 player teams still in game.

    • Some factions are wildly different from in LTA, but others are virtually the same. For example Dwarves has had very few changes but Dalaran starts out with a completely different selection of heroes.
    • There are 2 new playable Factions in LTF, but it's only been possible to add these by taking some old content out: Thralls Horde and Troll Empire is not playable in LTF and serve as creep camps.
    • In LTA battles are usually 2 v 2, however in LTF we have 6v6 players throwing their armies at eachother. In order to reduce unit lag incomes have been reduced slightly so although players may feel poorer battles will still be larger than in LTA.
    • Players will need to dedicate their army composition to fulfil their role within their team, as you have more allies you won't need to train a balanced army and can instead focus on a niche area.
    • Game mode is Event Alliances by default, however players may chose to unally members of their own team if they are being trolls and trying to backstab or ruin the game. Unfortunately there will always be trolls in public games but this gives people the opportunity to fight back against them without kicking them.
    • Players can type -unally (player number) and they will go to war with that player until a faction path is next triggered. You can work out player numbers by looking at the Leaderboard, for example, player 1 is at the top, player 12 is at the bottom...This also means players can reject forced alliances if they wish.
    • Most factions only start off with 1 or 2 heroes and more can be gained though events and upgrades. For example Magtheridon and Kazzak are available only through upgrades which results a slower buildup of faction power and means players can't bring their most powerful heroes into the game until atleast 10 minutes has passed.
    LTF Symbol2Small.png


    Symbol Key:
    + Starting Faction
    = Faction Path
    - Subfaction
    < Betrayal Faction

    Lordaeron Alliance:
    [​IMG] + Elven Highborne [​IMG]= Blood Elves [​IMG] - Sunreavers

    [​IMG] + Dalaran [​IMG] = Worgen [​IMG]- Wyrmrest Accord [​IMG] = New Dalaran [​IMG] - Tirisfal Council

    [​IMG]+ Dwarves [​IMG]- Explorers Guild [​IMG]- Gnomes

    [​IMG] + Ranger Corps [​IMG]- Silver Covenant [​IMG]=Night Elf Sentinels

    [​IMG]+ Silverhand [​IMG]= Argent Crusade [​IMG]- Dreanei

    [​IMG] + Lordaeron

    [​IMG]+ The Lich King [​IMG] - San'layn [​IMG]- Nerubians

    [​IMG] + Burning Legion

    [​IMG]+ Shadow Council

    [​IMG] + Dragonmaw Clan [​IMG]= Black Dragonflight Masters

    [​IMG]+ Dark Horde [​IMG]- Fel Horde [​IMG]- Smoulderthorn Trolls

    [​IMG]+ Cult of the Damned [​IMG]- Ebon Jold

    [​IMG]< Scourge

    [​IMG]< Forsaken

    [​IMG] < Wretched [​IMG]< Fel Elves [​IMG]< Fel Illidari

    Neutral Hostile:
    [​IMG]< Illidari [​IMG]- Broken Dreanei
    [​IMG]< Forsaken (Free Will)
    [​IMG] < Dark Iron Dwarves
    [​IMG] < Twilights Hammer Clan
    [​IMG]< Scarlet Onslaught
    [​IMG]< Fallen Nerubians
    [​IMG]< Ashen Verdict
    [​IMG]< Illidans Fel Horde

    SCOURGE REBELLION : Expand for info

    Legion and Scourge factions have the option to trigger the Lich King betrayal storyline, doing so will split the evil factions between those loyal to the Legion and supporters of the Lich King. Certain events may become available should this be triggered such as the "Destroy lich King Mission" and Putress path.

    Burning Legion Loyalists
    [​IMG] + Burning Legion
    [​IMG]+ Shadow Council
    [​IMG] + Dragonmaw Clan [​IMG]= Black Dragonflight Masters
    [​IMG]+ Dark Horde [​IMG]- Fel Horde [​IMG]- Smoulderthorn Trolls
    [​IMG]< Fel Elves [​IMG]< Fel Illidari
    [​IMG]< Putress Forsaken

    Lich King Supporters:
    [​IMG]+ The Lich King [​IMG] - San'layn [​IMG]- Nerubians
    [​IMG]+ Cult of the Damned [​IMG]- Ebon Jold
    [​IMG]< Scourge
    [​IMG]< Forsaken
    [​IMG] < Wretched


    Temple City of En'kilah
    LTF 01.jpg

    Auchindoun Interior (Instanced)
    LTF 02.jpg

    Dalaran City
    LTF Screen Dalaran After.jpg

    LTF Screen Elf Statue.jpg


    LTF Aerial View 1.png

    LTF Aerial View 2.png

    LTF Aerial View 4.png

    LTF Aerial View 5.png

    LTF Aerial View 6.png
    LTF Aerial View 8.png

    Editor Help + Triggers
    • SvnmS
    • Sunfall
    • Krotos
    • GoblinkingSP
    • Woodenplank

    Model and texture Resources
    • pWn3d
    • Slim_Shady
    • Misceracord
    • Cuore
    • Sellenisko
    • -Grendel
    • Hawkwing
    • Stefan.K
    • Deolrin
    • Direfury
    • shamanyouranus
    • Kam
    • Callahan
    • Darkholme
    • Marshmalo
    • Shadow_killer
    • Reflex
    • General Frank
    • supertoinkz
    • Shiv
    • Hawkwing
    • JetFangInferno
    • Fingolfin
    • PROXY
    • Sellenisko
    • Spinel
    • Tranquil
    • Kuhneghetz
    • Mc !
    • dhguardianes
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  2. Arlt

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    Looks great Marsh and the concept is interesting. :-)
  3. Harald

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    Holy Shit ... so the legends were true ...
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  4. Hawk

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    Yeah! Can't wait to play! Good job, Marsh! :D
  8. EmperorFawful

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    Sounds actually interesting - so the conflict will be 6v6 initially?
  9. Spampolice

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    Oh marsh, you make me happy.
    You will however make Cynical kill himself if you dont add some kind of OP mechanic to standard dalaran.
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  10. NikolaT.

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    this reminds me of

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