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LTF: 0.20 Patch Notes

Discussion in 'Lordaeron: The Foremath' started by Marshmalo, Oct 2, 2017.

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    Lordaeron: The Foremath Patch 0.20


    NOTES: As this patch contains new content there may be a hotfix patch coming soon after to solve any major balance or bug problems. After this I will be disappearing again for 2-3 months. Map won't be released for a few weeks but posting the patch notes give me some time to get feedback before it goes live.
    As you can see the big winner in this patch is DG, who gets a lot of much needed new content to make their game more interesting and appealing!

    Recommended to Download from link not from Bnet as it's so slow and LTF is such a huge map!
    Estimated map release date: 14/10/2017


    0.19 to 0.20 terrain differences:
    0.19 old World Map.PNG --- 0.20 New World Map.PNG

    - Kul’Tiras island has been completely redesigned as a large island off the West Coast of Lordaeron. See Lordaeron faction change notes for more information.

    - The Noxious Glade area has been added to Eastern Plaguelands.

    - Some minor terrain improvements have also been made to the plaguelands area and Corrins Crossing

    - The pass between Gilneas gates and Tirisfal Glades has been widened.

    - Farstrider Lodge in loch modan has been redesigned.

    - Spirit Towers and Nerubian Towers now cost 1 food but have been buffed slightly so less are required.

    - Searing Gorge+ Krazzworks + Dragonmaw Port CPs reduced from 25g to 15g. CP in Badlands next to the Krazzworks portal has been removed.

    - Many hero abilities cost more mana at levels 3 and 4.

    - Siege damage type deals 5% less to frontline melee type units.


    - Ring of Matrimony hero stat increase changed from +1 to all stats to +2.

    - Scroll of healing gold cost increased from 20 to 35.

    - Kegs of Ale item no longer increases mana regen, it now adds +50hp and increased hp regen. Gold cost decreased from 40 to 18.

    - There is a stock start delay of 5 minutes on Sargerite Fragment items.

    - Syphon mana spell has increased casting range so make it more useful in large battles.

    - Arcane Elementals summoned from crystals can no be upgraded to Arcane Golems, this gives HB the opportunity to create these units without having to use Falthrien academy which was a pain to move your golems to were you needed them. They are still limited to 4 and require the academy to build.

    - Starting forces spawned for Blood Elves by Kael has been increased.

    - Kael has +100 hp.

    - When going Wretched or Fel Elf path the Elven magic protecting Silvermoon and the Sunwell dissipates even if the Rune Stones still stand.

    - Wretched Archers have new model + icon in the hopes this one doesn’t cause graphical glitches when massed.

    - Wretched Kael has increased attack damage.

    - Archers and Wretched Archers have Elven Grace but -100HP. (this makes them more vulnerable to close range melee attacks but stronger vs ranged and magic).

    - Lady Vashj can be bought to Turtle Ridge in Southern Kul’tiras to enslave the native Merlocs there and grant exclusive access to the Dragon Turtle breeding ground.

    - Anubarak has increased HP regeneration when burrowed.

    - Crystal Peaks + Eastern Dragonblight CPs increased from a 15 gold income to 25.

    - Frost Wyrms damage type changed from piercing to magic.


    - Arcane Vaults Scroll of Regeneration item has been replaced with Wizards cloak.

    - The Magic Vault within Dalaran underground now functions as a shop with 3 wizard related items not available elsewhere in the game.

    - Cooldown on the great Dalaran city Shield defense has been increased by 1 minute to make it slightly less annoying to siege.

    - Dalaran HP increased from 3500 to 7000 to avoid base aims.

    - Antonidas’s Fireball has been nerfed (again).

    - Worgen form son of Argural has increased speed.

    - You can still gain Rhonin as Worgen.

    - Chains of Banishment spell is disabled when going Worgen path.

    - Summoning Genn Greymane also grants additional unit spawns and additional gold and lumber.

    - Genn has a HP increase.

    - Towers of Gilneas which spawn when Genn is summoned have additional +700hp.

    - Going Worgen path grants additional gold to make up for lost Dalaran researches.

    - Worgen duration on footmen has been increased from 25 to 50 seconds.

    - Limit on Gilneas Knights increased from 8 to 12 and Worgen Nightbane HP increased by 200.

    - Chains of Banishment CD increased from 2 to 3 minutes.

    - Damage dealt by Jaina’s arcane cage has been increased.

    - Kirin Tor Gold cost increased from 60 to 80. HP decreased from 700 to 600 (Max 900 with upgrades).


    - If Malganis is still alive when the Plague is unleashed he will spawn in the Noxious Glade with a large undead army, and will be given a reminder to begin the Purging of Stratholme event. If Malganis is already dead by this point then this base spawns for blue as usual.

    - Malganis gains +1 level and gold from initiating Purge event.

    - Fel Reaver armor decreased from 5 to 3, hp decreased from 1700 to 1500. Rate of fire decreased.

    - Limit of trained Infernals reduced from 8 to 4, but increases to 8 once Archimonde is summoned.

    - Pitlord Gold cost increased from 80 to 100.

    - At level 10 and provided the alliance is classed as “broken” : Brann Bronzebeard Can travel to Ironforge and awaken his Brother from his crystalline sleep. Magni is reborn as “the Speaker”, more powerful than before but he is NOT a god tier. He comes back about as powerful as Magtheridon and can help Alliance with a comeback. He has 2 new crystaline abilities which replace his old ones. Compatible with Ironforge and Wildhammer paths. Diamond Magni replaces Muradin Bronzebeard.

    - The Thundermar Clan event is now available again but only when Dragonmaw Port has been destroyed. It spawns Wildhammer units as well as the demi: Keegan Firebeard.

    - Wildhammer Catapault has slightly increased armor and attack damage.

    - Aerie Peak starts with +2 Improved cannon towers. The Invoke the Elements spell on Aerie Peak no longer requires the Wildhammer apth, this makes the home of the Wildhammers more defensible early game.

    - Normal cannon towers no longer cost food, only improved ones do.

    - Magni’s Thunder Roar ultimate has been nerfed. Level 1 dmg from 100 to 75, level 2 dmg from 150 to 100. CD has also been increased.

    - For Ironforge ability on Magni CD increased from 60 to 90.

    - Dwarven Siege cannon can no longer attack air.


    - Farstrider Lodge has been expanded and is now a starting base for Rangers, it has a small pass to Grim Batol so the defending player has an escape route when this comes under attack.

    - Vereesa is a starting hero for Rangers, she is no longer a flying hero but at level 10 can use her mount Hyppogrith ability. She is revivable as long as Farstrider Lodge survives. These changes are designed to encourage Rangers to aid Dwarves down south.

    - A new event has been added inspired by the WoW Legion Quest to gain the Artifact weapon: Thas’Dorah. Vereesa can now travel to the Legion world of Mardum and take her lost sisters bow, however doing so will be very difficult without her Hyppo mount. Legion is made aware when she attempts to take this bow, Thas’Dorah replaces the old Iron Feather bow and is much more powerful.

    - Sylvanas’s backdoor enterance into Quel’Thalas has been moved down so it no longer opens out onto Windrunner Spire.

    - Night Elf Sentinels path now also requires Alliance to be Broken before you can rejoin.

    - Ranger corps cold arrows no longer works on mechanical units.

    - Sentinels path spawns more starting units.

    - Malfurions Thorns aura ability has been swaped with Force of Nature.

    - Forsaken Starting forces and gold have been increased.

    - Rangers player gets a warning when Windrunner Spire is under attack.

    - Thalasian Emerald healed amount reduced from 700 to 500. Gold cost increased from 50 to75.

    - Haldurons Straith ability has decreased AOE and decreased maximum damage.

    - Ancient of Wonders has been replaced with Den of Wonders, now has the Buy lumber ability.

    - Archers Elven Grace ability has 15% increased resistance vs piercing but their HP has been decreased from 500 to 400. (this makes them more vulnerable to close range melee attacks without weakening them to piercing and magic/spell attacks, this forces Rangers to rely on a strong front line!).

    - Damage bonus archers deal to air has been reduced.


    - Dark Horde start off with Blackrock champions as their heavy melee unit which are then upgraded to Fel Riders when Demomic Supremacy is researched. Blackrock Champions are weaker than Fel Riders.

    - Magtheridon now requires the Scourge rebellion, this also means the Demonic Supremacy also requires Scourge rebelion. This creates a buffer on Dark Hordes power pre-civil war as it locks out many of their most powerful demonic fel units.

    - Runed Gauntlets armor bonus decreased from 3 to 2.

    - Magtheridon no longer uses timed XP, he now uses Kargaths XP level like before.

    - Fel Stalker gold cost decreased from 16 to 14.

    - Black Temple HP increased to 5000, can no longer be fingered to death.


    - Shadow Council has great Demon Runes around their most important buildings.

    - Ogre Magi's have new skill set to make them more useful.

    - Unstable affliction spell duration on heroes reduced from 4 to 2 seconds (this also affects duration on M’uru).

    - Fel Rays are limited to 20.

    - CD on Prisms Summon Fel Sabers spell increased from 2 minutes to 3.

    - Summoned Demon Runes no longer block pathing.

    - Syndicate base in Tol Barad also spawns an altar.

    - Starting units for Syndicate has been increased.

    - Syndicates Air ships have been upgraded to War Zeppelins, which can transport units as well as assist in battle.

    - Aliden Perenoldes Revivification spell has been replaced with Recruit Bandits.

    - Shadow Warlocks Void minion spell has increased mana cost and CD.

    - Number of units teleported by Kure increased from 40 to 60.

    - Fel Lord Finger of Death Damage reduced from 350 to 200.

    - Summoning Prisms now also benefit from the Demonic Crystalogy research.

    - Vorpil has a new model.

    - Nagaz has Vorpils old model.


    - After Scourge rebellion Cult can summon Lady Deathwisper from an altar as an additional hero. She is a better replacement for undead Alexandros who wasn’t a good fit for Cult playstyle and otherwise Grey would have too many heroes.

    - Cults starting base position in Lordaeron is now randomized between 3 areas. Kel’thuzad and his undead army will now either spawn in: The Noxious Glade, Scholomance or Deathknell. This adds some unpredictability to this starting battle and forces both alliance and Cult to be dynamic in their tactics. Alliance will also have to first locate Cult using scouts or reveals before organizing an attack force.

    This represents Cult of the Damned “hiding” in secret locations within Lordaeron, The House of Barov still becomes important even Cult don’t spawn here as this is where the deathgate appears as well as a Plague Couldron.

    - To encourage Cult players to stay in Lordaeron and defend their starting base Cult now gains +100gold and xp for every minute Kel’Thuzad stays within his starting base. This means staying and fighting is not a waste of gold or time, and of course Kel’thuzad can use his escape item to flee to safty when alliance break through. This optional reward stays active for the first 10 minutes game time. Player gets informed every time they gain a gold reward.

    - New HQ hero icons for Kel’thuzad and Noth have been added.

    - When Naxramas is gained Cultists auto start gathering gold.

    - Grey gets a warning when Naxxramas exterior is under attack. Heart of Naxxramas now has true sight.

    - Patchwork no longer starts at level 1 and uses timed XP. He has lost 500hp to compensate for this buff.

    - Zombie gold cost decreased from 17 to 14.

    - Duration of summoned Ghouls decreased from 135 seconds to 105 seconds.

    - Unsummon Building is disabled for Grey for first 10 minutes (this is to stop using lame tactic of unsummoning buildings at your starting base).

    - Fortified Tower at Soliden Farm has been upgraded to an Alliance Bastion Tower.

    - Anchorite Warriors (Elekk riders) Consecrated blast ability has been nerfed slightly.

    - Adal in Void God form has increased HP.

    - Lights Hope chapel has increased HP.

    - Paladins Smite ability changes: Chance to Smite halved but damage from Smite doubled.

    - Tyrs hand has extra hp.

    - Starting units at Mardenholde have been moved to Tyrs Hand for convenience.

    - M’uru has +500 HP to reduce aims.

    - Silverhand has had some hero icon improvements.

    - Arthas taking Frostmourne grants 1 hero level instead of 2.

    - The Wispers of Frostmourne ability on the Frozen Throne has been simplified, it can't be used before Arthas takes Frostmourne and it's sole perpose is to try and corrupt him.

    - Wispers of Frostmourne now also grants some extra gold for Blue player every time they use it, this is to encourage them to use this ability.

    - The longer Arthas wields Frostmourne, the more damage the Wispers of Frostmourne will do to him. This indicates the princes increasing corruption from the sword, so the risk DG will turn to Scourge increases until the Lich King is destroyed.

    - Arthas can no longer take Frostmourne after The Lich King has been destroyed.

    - Arthas becoming King has been upgraded to a full event, he gains his great steed, invincible and becomes mounted, gaining increased speed and HP/Attack. He spawns within Lordaeron city with a group of Lordaeron Footman. This happens even if Arthas has Frostmourne (The sword cannot corrupt him once TFT is dead, also if TFT is dead and Lordaeron city is then destroyed and New Lordaeron path is triggered DG loses Arthas but he does not go to Blue.)

    - Arthas pre-undead has +5 intelligance to help with his mana problems.

    - Lordaeron City Palace is now invulnerable until theGates of Lordaeron are destroyed. (This means no more Naxxramas doom drops, Lordaeron city must be sieged not aimed!)

    - If Lordaeron City is destroyed Arthas becomes unrevivable even if he hasnt taken the Sword yet. Scourge gain Arthas as normal then.

    - King Arthas also becomes unrevivable if Lordaeron city dies.

    - New Lordaeron path spawns additional units and increased gold.

    - Tarren Mill can also train Dark Knights and research New Lordaeron.

    - If Forsaken goes Sentinels then Banshee Sylanas will go to DG if they have gone Scourge path, if not then she goes to Blue as normal.

    - Amount of Skeletons summoned from Evil Arthas's Graveyard mission has been increased, gold rewards has also been greatly increased.

    - Amount of starting units DG scourge spawns has been increased.

    - Lordaeron city has build blockers running through its centre.

    - Stratholme HP increased from 7,500 to 10,000.

    - Lordaeron Footman’s Smite ability has been nerfed, chance to smite reduced from 15% to 5%.

    - Dialogue plays when Andorhal is destroyed and Arthas has not been corrupted yet.

    - Dialogue plays if Undead Arthas approaches intact Dalaran City, if Antonidas is alive then he will retort and full dialogue will play out to Blue, Purple and Dark Green.

    - Summoning Nathanos also spawns additional Archers.

    Kul'Tiras Subpath
    Kul Tiras.PNG
    Kul Tiras Screen.jpg

    - Kul’Tiras is now a large island with Lumber resources and 2 CPs, to the north lies the fortified city of Boralus, The College of Hydromancy and Kul’Tiras Harbor. To the South lies the wild areas where a large, Ashzara worshiping, Merloc tribe hides to the west.

    This island can be particularly useful for alliance during New Lordaeron path as it can be used to stage resistance against invasions on the mainland if Lordaeron city is destroyed.

    - DG starts with Kul’Tiras but can activate the subpath through either New Lordaeron or King Arthas path. Boralus city must be still standing to gain this path. Grants Admiral Daelin Proudmoore and reinforcements at Boralus. WARNING: If Boralus is destroyed Proudmoore auto dies and all bonuses and units from the Kul’tiras faction are inaccessible.

    - Kul tiras is famed for its mastery of Hydromancy magic, Hydromancers now require the College of Hydromancy. A special research can also be found at the College which improves the Hydromancers abilities.

    - Once Kultiras path is researched Battleships can disembark Sea Guards when on coastal shore areas, which can be used to conduct raids into enemy coastal territory.

    - The Kul’Tiras path grants access to new war machines: Submarines and War Zeppelins.

    - Not only is Deathwing on the same team as Archimonde OP, its also lore breaking. For these reasons Black Dragonflight path will now unally Brown from the Legion team. This increases the chance Legion team will split up and makes Legion less trusting of Brown as an ally.

    - Draksiath can unleash Deathwing at level 10, so Brown can choose to go Black Dragonflight, which is weaker then Twilights path and not allied to Old gods, but could grant them an earlier God Tier hero. However, summoning an early game Deathwing will mean he is a lower level, similar to how Archimonde slowly gains levels as the game goes on.

    - Blackdragon flight is part of the Neutral Renegades team (Not lore accurate to have Deathwing and Illidari together but this is put aside to ensure LTF remains a team game and Brown already has an Old Gods path.) Blackdragon path also grants access to Warlock Archers which replace Spear throwers.

    - Zhuluhead the Wacked can now be gained before Blackdragonflight, and is lost when going Twilights or Black dragonflight. He is compatable with Gruuls path. He also grants the use of Warlock Archers, which can provide some strong ranged units to the Legion team.

    - Zhuluhead has a different model.

    - Gruul’s sub faction path grants a new elite unit which temporarily replaces Enforcers: The Ogre Lord.

    - Mo’gorsh Stronghold in Loch Modan has been removed as it was a very minor event and there is not enough space for it after the expansion of Farstrider Lodge.

    - Yogg Saron can no longer send an agent inside Naxxramas.

    - Dragonmaw Enforcers are switched with Twilight elites when triggering Twilight path.


    - It is no longer possible to keep Arthas when going New Lordaeron by sending him to get Frostmourne just before New Lordaeron triggers. (Doing so will just take Arthas away from you soon after he takes sword and will not give you any bonus gold.)

    - Deathwing faces the correct angle.

    - Fixed memory leak when Scarlet Onslaught triggered.

    - Golem Tower in new dalaran no longer starts off owned by Dalaran.

    - Rhonins marriage rings has correct description.

    - Player 1 (red) leaving will no longer disable Illidans Fel Horde path for DH.

    - BE can no longer turn Fel Elf after they have left the game.

    - Game no longer leaks when checking creeps are killed for Sepulcher base creation.

    - DG can no longer grant Cult 2 Kel thuzads by using sunwel.

    - Game no longer leaks when Epic ironforge is forged or dropped at Ironforge.

    - Bug which allowed unlimitied training of Son of Argural elites has been fixed.

    - Kalecgos no longer stays with purple once Worgen is triggered.

    - Going Wretched while being kicked from the alliance will no longer result in Wretched losing alliance with Undead team.

    - Reformed Forsaken Archers no longer have the Shadow Worshipper ability.

    - Fel Horde can no longer keep Nefarian after going Illidari even if hes already been summoned.

    - Blue dragon spawn meddlers are no longer flying.

    - Mardum Portal from Teron should no longer disable itself after first use.

    - Gnomegan, Gilneas, Black Temple, Tree of Taldoren can no longer be fingered into non-existance.

    - Exodari unit description has been fixed.

    - Arthas should go to Blue when DG leaves as Scourge.

    - Fixed Memory leak when Aethas dies.

    - No longer possible to keep Aethas as Illidari, Wretched or Fel Elf.

    - Sentinels can no longer keep Sylvanas.

    - Calia no longer disapears when Argent Crusade is triggered.

    - Anubarak now uses correct burrow related animations.

    - Kael can no longer summon Legion after going Fel Pact then Illidari.

    - Shadowforge lords can be trained at Townhalls.

    - Save game option has been disabled.

    - Fel Kael and Verendis have summon workers.

    - Rangers can no longer make enchanters from andorhal.

    - Lordaeron city can be ravaged by Old Gods team.

    - Argent Crusade Tootip has bene updated.

    - Alterac can no longer train unlimited Hawks.

    - Scarlet Crusade and Onslaught can no longer train Elekk Knights.

    - Elven Doodads use correct light shading at night.

    - Fixed unit group memory leak during worgen curse.

    - Tyrande’s movement speed bug has been fixed.

    - Units trained at Blackrock spire no longer get stuck.

    - Units no longer get stuck inside Dark Trolls base in searing Gorge.

    - Gilneas and Tree of Taldoren no longer disappears when conquered by Forsaken.

    - Only Red can summon the sunwell Guardians.

    - Elven Hawk Helmet attachment model no longer displays devotion aura buff on heroes which use it.

    - Wyrmrest Accord Spawn Triggers no longer cause location point memory leaks.

    - Demonic supremacy now correctly requires Magtheridon to be alive.
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  2. Julian

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    kul tiras and king arthas HYPE
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  3. Onyx

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    I didn't read everything, but wth brown can turn renegades ?
    Either I'm stupid, either it's broken, I don't quite understand the dwarves buffs as it would make the player remain in alliance rather than go old gods
    I'm sorry Marsh, but even if I like a lot of stuff on this one, I think its going down much more than it used to go
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  4. Mangros

    Mangros Curufinwe

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    So nice but I expected to see ashen verdict in this patch and more events for silverhand.
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  5. Arlt

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  6. ImSoDamnedLaz

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    Hope im not being a little bitch, but if you want Lordaeron capital to be sieged, make it easier for us to siege it. 2 entrances and a bigger gate please? Also a cooldown on when you can open and close it, or an ability that prevents it from being opened/closed by scourge team. Its very annoying when they open and close gate, and all my units lose focus on the gate. At this point, when i see 2+ players in capital, i just go elsewhere. I'm of this opinion because i think Alliance's real strength should be in their comeback, not in their starting bases.
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  7. Julian

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    maybe marsh may consider some changes for renegades then i mean it would get pretty powerful but i dont see Grey or green often go renegades when there is no illidari Brown going renegades may increase it then
  8. muhlta


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    Just some things worth noting.
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  9. EmperorFawful

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    Sounds so far nice, however I'm a bit concerned when it comes to Brown and the rework of Black Dragonflight:
    Why would Black Dragonflight be even needed if all it does is putting you into the Illidari team (thus making Illidari team now five members in worst case - I don't think it's a good idea to have Brown on the same team as Red as both factions are way too strong when fighting in the same team imo) - kinda makes Twilight Hammer Clan more pointless than it is already, as Illidari tends to happen more frequently - thus Brown will only hop onto Illidari team and then summon Deathwing.

    In my eyes not all too favorable.

    It would be better if Zuluhed would be tied to some sort of 'Burning Legion path', which you can trigger instead of Black Dragonflight.
    However, the Legion path is only accessable if either Green or Orange betray.
    While Drakkisath should become a third hero, which Dark Iron Dwarves can launch, if Twilight Hammer joined their team, in order to summon forth Deathwing for Brown, should Cho'gall have died for whatever reason. This would make in my eyes more sense, as it would strengthen the Old Gods team, give Brown more reasons to go Old Gods,
    give furthermore Yellow a better reason to go Dark Iron, once he sees that Brown goes Twilight,
    while not overbuffing the faction.

    Remember that Brown without path normaly can still spawn Gruul and should be tempted to do so, if people complain about Brown being too weak without choosing a path (even though he isn't - Brown without Gruul and path can still kick ass as well!) - that way Legion still has a valuable ally, even though he can't trust Brown all too much.
    It would be better to change it next patch towards the proposed constellation, as else I doubt that any improvement was done by this rework. It probably nerfs Legion, but it makes Old Gods team even more irrelevant than before!

    Other than that, sound so far interesting.
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  10. Awesomeguy

    Awesomeguy Im Awesome Brigand

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    Very nice changes. Couldnt ask for better.
    Well its nice that you get this arcance golems from anywhere now, but having this unit-upgrade system is bad, You can use this in-fight. Simply just use taunt and wait till they die, and make new ones immediately, this can really turn the tides in battles.
    really nice, tho he can just choose defenseless tyrs hand instead, having an army and a hero ready. This change will heavily effect the plague fight.

    Not sure if I get it right, the path that blocked by trees at north stratholme is the one that got changed? And it is now opens to quelthalas itself and not windrunner spire base? Or you mean it does no longer directed to windrunner spire tower, so base aiming it would be harder.
    Oh that one is nice.
    You need to reduce fel rider cost by 2 as well now, so training fel stalker and dark horde grunt individually would cost the same amount as 1 fel rider.
    Can you spoil us the skill set? :D
    Oh i was waiting for this buff for years!
    This might be a bit op.
    It sounds cool, but having 3 different location isnt really going to do anything, and because every faction has atleast 1 reveal its not going to be a problem to find the base early. Tho it would be interesting to have different defense tactic in different terrian and bases.
    Wow this is massive. you can get so much gold and xp just by staying in base. By the time alliance will organize themself to attack your base, you will get atleast 400-600 gold by that time. Also, does cult gets no special defences or something? They just got to hold on their own with units?
    Does zombie for blue and teal get reduced too? tho i always thought that these zombies cost too much for nothing.
    Ugh, this is like a must have buff in every patch, litterally every patch.
    Can you give us excat stats? like maxium damage that can be dealt. And can divine shield protect from this whispers?
    OH CMON. ATLEAST NERF THE GATES. and maybe make the gate base gold cost higher, so repairing it would be costly.
    but can become reviveable when recaptured?
    a god-tier hero at lvl 10? sounds pretty broken to me, the only nerf is lower level and more enemies, So they basicly balance each other. This thing is so broken.
    Shouldnt Zhuluhead require civil war to be summoned?
    OH THANK GOD FOR THAT. This retarded thing that DG heroes die when he leaves is the reason I dont let DG take the crown.

    But other than that, I like everything. Really good patch.
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