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LTF 0.24 Changelog and Upload

Discussion in 'Lordaeron: The Foremath' started by Woodenplank, Jan 7, 2018.

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    Map Uploaded on EpicWar
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    -Numerous tooltips, hotkeys, and button position fixes
    -The Eco Dome now becomes vulnerable at 15 minutes, up from 10
    -Eye of Dalaran no longer has a teleportation spell
    -Ashbringer Mechanic "tightened up"
    Renault can forge the Ashbringer with the crystal (easier now that Scarlet and Alliance stay allied)
    If Renault does not forge it, Tirion gets a chance do so (should the Player go Argent Crusade)
    All items owned by Renault go to Tirion upon activating Argent Crusade (including the Ashbringer, if forged)
    If Renault has the Ashbringer OR NO ONE has forged the Ashbringer yet when Darion Mograine rebels against Lich King, the corrupted Ashbringer will spawn for Alexandros Mograine
    (He may then be killed, and the Ashbringer is purified by Tirion)​
    -"Scourge Rebellion" tech is now enabled for Legion, if the Lich King is destroyed
    -Optimized map size by aprox. 4 MB

    -Moved Dreadmaul Rock southwards (Ogre camp remains in place though)
    -Added additional trees around Dreadmaul Rock
    -Slightly modified terrain around Dragonmaw Port
    -Slightly altered terrain of Icecrown (should reduce glitching and pathing issues)

    Kingdom of Quel'thalas
    -Basic Fel Elf units are no longer classed as Undead (summoned Demons excepted)
    -Fel Breakers renamed Felsworn
    -Added a new basic caster; Ruinous Sorceress!
    -Summon Fel Minion (previous Shadowsword -E) moved to Ruinous Sorceress
    -Shadowsword Summoner renamed Shadowsword Necrolyte
    -Shadowsword Necrolyte has a new E-ability, Gift of Mardum
    -Fel Sorcerer renamed Shadowsword Warlock
    -Shadowsword Warlocks' Blood Pact (R) reworked, it now also restores mana and may sacrifice non-undeads
    -Fel Rays now use a Slow Poison style ability, rather than an autocast slow
    -Valeera has received a skillset update
    -Valeera no longer has Windwalk
    -Valeera now has a new Trait ability; permanent invisbility (7 seconds fade time)
    -Valeera's Drain Life has been moved to the Q hotkey
    -Valeera has a new E-ability; Deadly Accuracy (Trueshot Aura)​

    The Scourge
    -The Ancient Nerubian Ziggurats in Icecrown are now owned by Blue
    -Fixed a glitch where Putricide's spawn could be permanently denied
    -NEW! Upgrade available; Vrykul Subersion
    Unlocks Ymirjar Ascendant (limit: 3), powerful melee warriors
    Replaces Damned Mages with Deathgod Necrolytes (similar, but upgraded abilities)​
    -Adjusted skillset of Ahn'kahet Shades
    -Adjusted tooltip and hotkey of Ahn'kahet Shades
    -Fixed an issue where the Fallen Nerubians second-chance would disable Baron Rivendare, instead of Putricide
    -Azjol-nerub now has 11500 HP, up from 10000 HP
    -Fallen Nerubians now gain Grand Vizier Nadox
    -Nerubian Workers may now attack trees (i.e. harvest lumber)
    -Nerubian Workers may now construct Nerubian Hives
    -Orb Throwers now benefit from basic upgrades
    -Orb Throwers are now hotkeyed at "A"
    -All Nerubian units (excluding Air Units) get a +12 limit on going Free Will Nerubians
    Orb Weavers, Nerubian Seers, and Nerubian Guards get a limit of 24, up from 12​
    -Anub'ar Prophets's "Weave Chitin" now restores 200 hit points, down from 250
    -Anub'ar Prophets are no longer Spell Immune
    -Anub'ar Prophets no longer have Nerubian teleportation
    -Anub'ar Prophets now have Mass Teleportation (similar to Tirisfal Agents)
    -Anub'ar Prophets are now hotkeyed at 'E'
    -Anub'ar Prophets now have Unarmored Armor
    -NEW! Underking Elite units now join the Fallen Nerubians

    Burning Legion
    -Dimensional Portals no longer produce Nether Drakes or Hatchlings (use Nether Temple)
    -All units from Dimensional Portals now have fixed button positions and hotkeys
    -Mal'ganis now wears his favourite Green coat
    -Tichondrius now wears his favourite Orange coat (Varimathras stole his Red one)
    -Mal'ganis now initiates the Noxious Glade attack and the Zombie-strike on Stratholme with an Event Ability, rather than being forced by Plague Event

    Fel- and Dark Horde
    -Dark Horde Scouts are now re-enabled if Dreadmaul Rock is lost (after having researched Smoulderthorn)
    -Moved Dreadmaul Rock southwards (Ogre camp remains in place though)
    -Changed the Building Types around Dreadmaul Rock
    -Magtheridon no longer requires Civil War
    (Demonic Supremacy still requires Civil War)​
    -Magtheridon now requires 20 minutes game time

    -Increased the damage of Howl Of The Banshee Queen to 25/35, up from 15/20

    Cult of the Damned
    -Undead Drakkari should now be properly enabled upon taking Gundrak
    -'The Risen' event for Player 10 no longer activates Undead Alexandros Mograine
    -Ebon Shieldbearers now have 3 base armor, up from 0
    -Sanguine Blood Knights now have 1350 health, up from 1300
    -Sanguine Blood Knights now have 6 base armor, up from 4
    -Sanguine Blood Knights now deal 33-37 damage, up from 18-20
    -Sanguine Blood Knights now have an attack cooldown of 1.4, down from 1.75
    -Sanguine Blood Knights now cost 1 food, up from 0
    -Sanguine Blood Knights now properly benefit from upgrades
    -Ebon Knights and Unliving Frostlords may no longer be raised
    -Ebon Defilers now benefit from Death Infusion
    -Shadowmancers now benefit from Death Infusion
    -Shadowmancers have a new E-ability; Animate Gargoyle!
    -Saronite Deathscreamers now benefit from proper upgrades
    -Bloodied Grounds (Ebon Defiler/E) now has more appropiate special effects
    -Fixed an issue where Bloodied Grounds failed to deal damage
    -Reduced number of waves from Bloodied Grounds
    -Thassarian has a new Q ability; Brothers of Darkness (Healing Wave)
    -Thassarian has a new ultimate; Shadow's Embrace! (Healing+Armor bonus)
    -Lady Deathwhisper has a new ultimate; Gravemute!
    -Kel'thuzard (Cultist Lord, living) has a new ultimate; Call of Naxxramas!
    -The Monster Fragments are now properly described: They're in 1) Starting Base, 2) Naxxramas, 3)Gundrak
    -Brushed up the triggers for Cult starting-bases (CPs should all behave properly now)
    -Removed 1 Arch Necromancer from Deathknell (to balance it with other spawns and factions)

    The Silverhand
    -Tirion Fordring has a reworked Skillset
    -NEW! ability; Purgation - deals massive damage to up to 8 enemies in a chain
    -Vessel of Light has been moved to W, and is now a basic ability
    -Holy Aura remains unchanged
    -New Ultimate: Scorching Weapon for high% cleaving attack​
    -Vessel of Light now has a different Turn-Off icon, to distinguish it from Turn-On
    -The Ashbringer no longer casts Holy Nova
    -The Ashbringer no longer grants bonus Life Regeneration
    -Tirion Fording now gains a pretty fancy new special ability when gaining The Ashbringer¨
    -Tirion Fordring now looks like Tirion Fordring
    -"Flee Outland" now requires NO TIME to pass, down from 8 minutes
    -The Draenei Exodus is ENFORCED after 10 minutes of game time have passed
    -The Draenei now gain bonus resources (instantly) and an Experience reward for every minute they hold M'uru
    When Draenei flee/die EXP Bonus goes to Uther, Renault, Tirion, Barean Westwind, Brigitte Abbendis, or Balnazzar, depending on LB state (Note: XP bonus is always copied for Renault, for the scaling of Scarlet-players)​
    -M'uru no longer has a Divine Shield ability, instead she has "Divine Protection" single use item, with 40 seconds invulnerability
    As a result, Silence abilities will no longer prevent M'uru from using Divinity​
    -Reduced Maraad's starting Strength to 20, down from 24
    -Reduced Maraad's starting Intelligence to 20, down from 24
    -Reduced the damage of Smite from 100/125 to 75/100
    -Reduced healing of Holy Light from 350/400 to 325/375
    -Reduced the damage of Sigil of Wrath from 250 to 200
    -Increased the activation delay of Sigil of Wrath from 10 to 12 seconds
    -Reduced the Mana cost of Sigil of Wrath from 50 to 40
    -The Legion gains 500 gold/lumber for capturing M'uru, minus 40 resources for every minute the Draenei have survived
    -Scarlet Crusade (initiated by Uther's death) no longer expels you from the Alliance
    -Upon starting Scarlet Crusade a 10-minute timer initiates - if the player does not go Argent Dawn in this time, they automatically go Scarlet Onslaught
    There is an additional warning at the 5-minute mark
    The player can also choose to go Scarlet Onslaught immediately, if they do not wish to wait 10 minutes​
    -Stratholme now belongs to the Silverhand
    -'The Risen' event no longer activates Undead Alexandros Mograine for Player 9 (Cult or Ebon)
    -"Rise" ability renamed "Restless", because syllables
    -New! Caster added for Risen; The Eredar Warlock (shut up! They're lead by Dreadlords, they can have Eredar!)
    Q: Kil'jaeden's Gifts (standard Eredar heal)
    W: Dispel Magic
    E: Risen Warriors​
    -Initiating Scarlet Onslaught now spawns 6 Scarlet Marksmen, rather than 6 Millitia Archers
    -Scarlet Crusaders' Taunt is now properly hotkeyed at W

    -Stromgarde is now initially under Dark Green's control
    -Moved 4 Footmen from Andorhal to Stromgarde
    -Moved 1 Cleric, 1 Steamtank, 1 Great Hawk, and 2 Knights from Menethil Harbour to Stromgarde
    -Galen Trollbane now starts level 2
    -Galen Trollbane revivability is now tied to Stromgarde Castle
    -Stratholme now belongs to the Silverhand
    -Reduced the Anti-Summons damage of Cleric's Dispel Magic to 150, down from 200
    -NEW! upgrade "Verdant Arcanatrix" (replaces old Stromgarde Alliance upgrade)
    -Increases Hydromancer and Cleric damage +2
    -Increases Hydromancer and Cleric mana regeneration
    -Increases anti-summons damage of Dispel Magic to 300
    -Decreases cooldown of Blink​
    -Captain Falric has replaced Nathanos Marris as a researchable Hero
    -Nathanos Marris now always spawns as an undead (for Forsaken)
    -Swapped the names of Marwyn and Falric Heroes/demi - are you happy now, you little shits?
    -Now uses Fallen Priests (undead High Elves) instead of Damned Mages

    Dragonmaw Clan
    -Fixed a glitch where Twilight Cult could unlock Blackwing Major-domos
    -Blackwing Major-domos are now replaced by Twilight Disciples, if that path is chosen
    -Blackwing Major-domos should now be properly priotized at the front of your control group
    -General Drakkisath has a new icon, to distinguish him from Blackwing Major-domos
    -Twilight Disciples should now be able to open portals to Deepholm again

    KNOWN ISSUES and temporary fixes

    • M'uru drops useless items when killed - Do not pick them up
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    Umm wait, draenei exodus is enforced at 10 mins and eco dome is vulnerable at 15 mins. That means no matter how good u are as lb, u will never be able to destroy the eco dome.
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