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LTF 0.35

Discussion in 'Lordaeron: The Foremath' started by Marshmalo, Dec 15, 2018.

  1. Marshmalo

    Marshmalo Brigand Map Maker

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    Continuing on with the small patches for LTF I have released the latest version which also tries to fix the crash problem caused by paths ever since Blizzard rolled their latest patch which breaks alot of old custom maps. Hopefully it helps!

    - POSSIBLE CRASH TO SCORE SCREEN FIX: The triggers for the following paths have now been split into segments to reduce load on the game when they are triggered and hopefully reduce crashes caused by path triggers. I don't know whethere this will work.: Bleed Elf, Wretched, Fel Elf, Fallen Nerubians, Wildhammer, Dark Iron, Syndicate, Forsaken, Sentinels, Scourge.

    EDIT: Does not work:
    - Players can type -disable paths which disables paths which are known to cause crashes since Warcraft patch 1.30.2, players can also then type -enable paths to enable them. The paths can still be researched and attempted to trigger just nothing will happen, and if researched will just take your money and do nothing.

    This disables the following paths: - Forsaken, Wretched, Dark Iron, Syndicate, Scourge,
    - Wait functions also added to path triggers to reduce load.

    - Phoenixes are correctly limited to 1.
    - Dispel on Dreanei Exodari now correctly works.
    - Blue no longer enters Observer mode when they are destroyed as it leaves game open to bug abuse. (This should also stop blue being able to come back after being destroyed).
    - Legion also no longer enters Observer mode and can no longer train workers at the Arcane Observatory.
    - Elekk Warriors no longer require Adal.
    - Scarlet Onslaught can no longer see Shattari Blessing research.
    - Dwarves Escape tunnel ability on Ironforge now works.
    - Legion cannot block off the enterances into Mardum.
    - Shadow Council cannot block off Auchindoun enterance.
    - Nathanos Forsaken no longer starts at a very low level.
    - Worgen path now checks whether Alliance is Broken.
    - Leaving players now count towards the "is Alliance broken" count.
    - Scarlet Onslaught no longer gets a warning they will leave alliance after they've already triggered SO path through research.
    - Pathing blockers have been added round the back of Lorderaon city to stop boat aims.
    - Sentinels no longer gets to keep Undead Sylvanas as Sentinels. If Sentinels are triggered and Lich King is dead she will either go to Cults control or be removed from the game entirely.
    - Tirisfal Monestary now correctly classed as a building.

    - Orange no longer starts off with the Base within Alterac Valley, instead Legion can bring a hero to enthrall the demon worshipping orcs here, thus gaining orange a fel orc base within Lordaeron at a time of their chosing. This reworks Fel Hordes Alterac base as something that can be used tactically rather than just something that gets destroyed 5 minutes into game. This event also gives the triggering hero +1 level.

    - Fel Elves Path is back, however, Highborne player will lose control of all Quel'tahalas units which will go to Rangers (Pink). Fel Elves gain a base at Tempest Keep, if Legion already has a base there it replaces teals. This faction has been renamed Shadowsword who were a group of Fel Elves Loyal to Kael in Warcraft lore.

    This means no more free Sunwell for Legion from Fel Elves. If Rangers has gone Forsaken then Highbornes Quel'Thalas units will go to Silverhand.

    - Everytime Cult gets a bonus for defending their starting base it also spawns a small number of additional units at Kel'Thuzads location to encourage Grey to defend the base with free units rather than towers. This also compensates for the loss of Fel Hordes starting Alterac base which means Cult will be attacked alot sooner now.

    - Rangers now starts off with Halduron Brightwing at Farstrider Lodge down south instead of Vereesa. Vereesa is now gained via the Silver Covenant Subpath and spawns in Old Dalaran. If Farstrider Lodge dies Halduron becomes unrevivable, if Windrunner Spire dies Vereesa becomes unreiviable.

    - New LTF Theme music plays at game start.

    - Additional Dwarven structure doodads added to Ironforge.


    - Nathrezim Elites now have the Dark Summoning spell instead of Feedback, it requires Portal mastery and summons max 10 units while having a 2 minute CD. This gives Legion a limited means to summon forces from Mardum without needing to rely on Teron's buggy gateway.

    - To offset this change, whenever any Dreadlord hero or elite breaks their invisibility by attacking it takes 7 seconds without fighting for the Dreadlord to gain invisibility again.

    - Malganis's Dark Conversion mana cost reduced from 100 to 75.

    - Gates now have increased repair costs, this reduces defenders ability to hold gates over a long sustained siege. So attacking players can hurt defenders incomes by damaging their gates, it also stops siege battles lasting forever. Repair costs for gates : 150 Gold, 300 Lumber, 300 seconds, up from 50/100/240.

    - Blackdragonflight Path is now Neutral Renegades team (Unfortunatly I cannot re-enable Blackdragon flight Deathwing version as the triggers/hero have been deleted).

    - Antonidas, Argal, Renault, Aliden, Evil Arthas, Arthas Mounted, Thassarian, have increased movement speed to match the fact they are mounted upon a horse.

    - If Legion has died and Shadow Council betray then the former Legion player becomes the remnants of the Shadow Council.

    - Pendant of Energy item gold cost increased from 30 to 50, mana bonus decreased from 100 to 75.

    - Mana cost of Farstdier Ranger elites Pinning shot increased.

    - Ranger Corps Archers no longer gain additional damage vs enemy air units unless in stealth mode.

    - CD on Antonidas's Arcane Hail increased from 60 to 90 seconds.

    - Magtheridon has an additional 300 hp because everyone loves to aim him hard and hes big and slow and it sucks for OJ to lose him to aim.

    - Skybreaker speed reduced from 200 to 180.

    - Patchwork base damage increased from 50 to 75

    - Anasterian gets an additional skillpoint through the Magistrix upgrade.

    - As Ranger Corps Farstrider upgrade is obselete the Improved Cold Arrows research has been added instead.

    - If Highborn leaves and Forsaken are not active then ownerhsip of Highbornes units goes to Ranger corps.

    - The cast range of Archimondes spells and attack range have been increased so using his powerful abilities is less risky and people are more likely to bring him into battle.

    - Time before Scarlet Crusade auto turns into Scarlet Onslaught decreased from 10 minutes to 6 minutes.

    - Sight range of holy vision increased from 800 to 1200.


    - The 2.50MB sized, ripped wow Putress model has been replaced with one that looks much better and uses up less space.

    - Loading screen now mentions LTF youtube Casters: Azothan, zo_0m, Harald, GrimmHeart

    - Added text message when anubarak opens this portal ability to to Azjol Nerub explain how it works.

    - Quel'Thalas destroyed Runestone warning now plays to whoever controls Silvermoon.

    - Archimondes Portal faces the correct way.
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  2. Krotos

    Krotos The Lore Judge. Brigand Map Maker

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    Please no.

    Jokes aside: that nerf to Nathrezim seems a bit too harsh - I think 5 seconds is enough.
    Same about pendant: increasing the gold cost AND reducing the mana gain? A bit harsh.
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  3. Tdmien123

    Tdmien123 Kahuga Brigand

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    Please make it so the Dark summoning does not work on heroes.
    Once teal gets Archimond he will never die with that.
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  4. LordUTher

    LordUTher The Lightbringer

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    Well, for now I have not found any bugs related to new events. Even if the old bugs are still present, as I explained earlier, we can keep the blood elf heroes playing fel elves, like aethas.

    But, would not it be interesting to give another dimension to this event to put it away? By giving full control of the highborne units, it might be interesting to give SilvermoonCity the new Ranger Capital. Let me explain, as long as Silvermooncity is alive, Sylvanas could be revivable, and the rangers could get new elites, which would be the same as the others but would no longer require "Silver Enclave", even for ballistas.

    A simple event that would give a level to Sylvanas, as it takes responsibility for the security of Quel'thalas.

    Of course, this event would only be possible with SilvermoonCity alive and the Broken Alliance.

    Moreover, if SilvermoonCity is destroyed after this path, Sylvanas can be killed and join forzaken etc.

  5. Onyx

    Onyx GrimmHeart Darksbane Shaman

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    Agreed with what is said above
    Bleed elf is not accepted
    And don't allow Dark Summon on Heroes
    And remove balistas and elites being tied to silver thingy when Ranger gets control over Silvermoon

    Now, I've been told by my Dear Julian, that you've added my name to the loading and I'm very thankful for that
    And I will thank you for doing so for the other youtubers as they might not come here

    Also, I was looking for a reason to get back into wc3, and well I think I've found it
    I agree with most of what has been changed, besides a couple of things, like why add more hp to Maggy? And why decrease Scarlet from 10 to 6 mins?

    Be sure to fix "Blood elf", zo_Om and not zo_0m, Draenei and not Dreanai
    Yes I'm a grammar nazi sorry, but hopefully for you I might have missed some LUL

    I might give it a try tomorrow and use it for next forum game if its stable we'll see
  6. TerenasMenethil

    TerenasMenethil Warden of the South

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    Had a game recently, we ended on a score screen. I have no idea why, maybe a syndicate betrayal since DG didnt had frostmourne and rangers didnt lost sylvanas.

    The Legion player reported that the new spell for the Nathrezim can summon archimonde too...I am not sure if it's intended ? Looks quite OP if so.

    Honestly, I don't really think that OJ needed that buff. OJ had the strongest hero squad of the game (Even without Nefarian), especially in late game.
    It's almost as if keeping Magtheridon alive was the only difficult thing to do for the Dark Horde. And remember that you can still stack a ton of armor on Mag with the runed gauntlets.

    Speaking of runed gauntlets, do you intend to nerf them like you did on the 0.30 ? (Decreasing the armor from 2 to 1)

    The additional structures at Ironforge looks nice btw

    EDIT : Had another game and DG betrayal still force the score screen.
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    Allow workers to retire. :]
    And lore-wise Sylvanas became Undead before Silvermoon was actually reached by the Scourge (in relation to what UTher said above).
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  8. ilyastyle


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    sylvan still broken
  9. LordUTher

    LordUTher The Lightbringer

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    Lol "lore-wise" in ltf, bro, arthas never become the king of lordaeron

    -Ironforge NEVER fell
    -Argent Crusad would never have formed if uther were not dead

    Etc, etc etc...
  10. Kirisame

    Kirisame Twitch.tv/Courierfive

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    We already have this on green.
    You know, when the green player has a brain and doesnt just use the prisms to spam felsabers.

    That said, it's still extremely broken. SC Archi is impossible to kill.
  11. Marshmalo

    Marshmalo Brigand Map Maker

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    Sadly it looks like Forsaken path is still broken, and therefore the other paths won't be fixed either. I have added a trigger action acount to every major aciton in the trigger so if it happens again I should be able to pinpoint when the crash happens and what causes it.

    - Players can type -disable paths which disables paths which are known to cause crashes since Warcraft patch 1.30.2, players can also then type -enable paths to enable them. The paths can still be researched and attempted to trigger just nothing will happen, and if researched will just take your money and do nothing.

    This disables the following paths: - Forsaken, Wretched, Dark Iron, Syndicate, Scourge,

    If you game is going to end please test the Forsaken path and let me know how high the number got before you crashed so I can diagnose the issue.

    Other changes:

    - Halduron starts at level 2 and has summon workers item.
    - South Farstrider base starts with +2 Lynxes to help with creeping.
    - Rangers start with a Barracks in Dun Algaz to encourage them to defend south.
    - Elven Archers can now also attack air units.
    - Dreadlords Dark Summoning no longer summons Archimonde from Mardum. It also no longer works on heroes.
    - Covenant Ranger Elites require Windrummer spire instead if Silver Covenant in Dalaran.

    lol bleed elf, some days I'm more dyslexic than others :D
    I originally I went with 5 seconds on the dreadlords but when testing ingame it seemed like it was only half that, Warcraft seconds seem to behave wierdly.

    About the pendant, I have casters will their inventorys up with this item meaning they can get an additional +500 mana which is too much especially considering how cheap the items are.

    Not a bad idea t all :-) But for now it will have to wait until either blizzard or I find a fix for the Crash bug. However the triggers don;t support changing a tech type requirement of a unit, so would be difficult to get Balistas and Ranger elites tied to Windrunner Spire one minute then Silvermoon next.

    Yes I thougth it would be nice for all the major LTF casters to get a mention :-)
    Zo0ms name dosnt have an emote in it?

    Maggy is tanky yes, but he is big and slow and always bears the brunt of any alliance aim because he is so important to OJ and cannot be revived. I've seen his HP pool go down in seconds from a concentrated alliance aim.

    Allowing workers to retire is on the list, these are small patches I limit myself to how much I change in one patch.