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LTF Patch Notes 0.30 - Closed

Discussion in 'Lordaeron: The Foremath' started by Marshmalo, Nov 7, 2018.

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  1. Marshmalo

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    Lordaeron: Testing Version: Patch 0.30

    With special trigger and bugfix assistance from @SvnmS
    MAP NAME : LTF TEST 0.30

    DOWNLOAD LINK: https://www.epicwar.com/maps/286922/

    PATCH SUMMARY AND EXPLAINATION OF CHANGES: A lot of content that has been removed has now been re-added back into the game, some changes made since patch 1.20 have been reversed, some people may find this controversial but I think it is a shame to permanently lose the paths and content which was disabled due to balance concerns.

    LTF was designed to be a map where players could have a high degree of freedom and personal choice to shape their faction, this move refocuses the map in that direction.

    I have also removed the creation of the Renegade alliance team which had become something of a joke and completely removed any chance of the alliance ever making a meaningful come back. Since this team was created I have never seen a Renegade alliance win.

    One of issues I have noticed about games on the latest is patch is that they seem more static and predictable now due to the limitations and removal of some paths. One example is Legion not being allowed to trigger the evil Civil War Rebellion, thus reducing the amount of times we see evil team split and if you have a newbie Undead team it can completely ruin the game. This event is too important to be in the hands of just one player.

    The Lich King Rebellion is actually a good move to make even when Evil team are winning or losing. If they are losing the rebellion allows them unlock their most powerful assets and crush Alliance from both sides, and if evil team are wining then the civil war is required in order to balance out the odds.

    I will be creating a completely new thread for bugs and an pleased to announce SvnmS is back helping with LTF currently as a bug fixer and trigger helper!

    Estimated map release date: A week from now.
    I will be conducting random public tests of this new version on a locked-passworded version to make sure its working properly and will release once it's ready to replace 0.28/0.29.

    - Lots if content that was removed has been re-added back into the game, this is mentioned in the relevant faction detail below.

    - Legion can also trigger civil war again to encourage more breakups of the 6 player evil team and make game more interesting.

    - All triggered abilities which use dummy units have been disabled to improve stability of map, this usually effects abilities such as autocast magic shell. The affected factions have this mentioned in their changes below.
    (I'm sorry about having to remove these but it has recently been revealed that each time a dummy unit is generated by the game it creates a small memory leak, these build up over time and eventaully cause crashes in long games. These abilities are now manual cast and have been buffed to make up for the inconvienence. This ONLY affects autocast abilities which use dummy units, so for example Dalaran's Mages still autocast summon Golem ETC.)

    - Plague music from WOTLK is back!

    - The ability to buy lumber for gold is back, but has been put on the Hero Altar building, this may sound abit random but having it on Shop building enabled a bug where players could buy infinate free lumber. The ability to buy lumber was very important for factions which start off in less wooded areas and the Hero Altar has many unused UI slots.

    - Game plays a new LTF music theme at game start.

    - All owners of heroes which trigger a cinematic dialogue now get +50 gold as a storyline trigger reward.

    - Ulduar now includes pretty star constellation doodads.

    - Added text message when anubarak opens this portal ability to to Azjol Nerub explain how it works.

    - Collision size of some casters has been increased by 1.

    - Subtitles during dialogues will always display.

    -The game timer indicator now tells you how many minutes into game through the income box, this reduces the amount of clutter on the UI.

    - In response to the international outcry at the removal of PokemanHaralds Paradise Island another, smaller island west of Quel'thalas has been named after Harald.

    - Illidari path can once again be triggered by finding lady Vashj within Dalaran Dungeon Vault.

    - Fel Elves path has been re-enabled.

    - Anastarans Hero icon has been restored to his previous HQ one.

    - Mage armor and Long Staffs upgrades have been merged into one upgrade.

    - Falthrien Academy, Sunreaver Command Post and Silvermoon can train special units such as Arcane Golems and Phoenix. Keeping any of these buildings alive will keep you access to these units as long as your Faction path allows it.

    - The Wrathgate has been moved to Dragonblight as per WoW lore and has improved defenses. The enterance to Azjol Nerub has been moved to the east.

    - Living Sapphiron has resistant skin, so he can no longer be Charmed.

    - Blue no longer goes into an observer if they die (Too many options for abuse here and blue could just relay the info onto their allies).

    - Wyrmskin upgrade hp bonus increased from 300 to 500 (also affects Sapphiron).

    - Elder Nadox has a HQ new icon.

    - Fallen Nerubians can gain new hero : Seer Ixit. He is a strong logistical/AOE damage caster hero.

    - Fallen Nerubians is part of the Old Gods alliance force and Seer Ixit can travel to Ulduar and summon forth Yogg Sarron, provided THC has not already done so.

    - Worgen/Gilneas Path is now a Lordaeron (Dark Green) player path, this is because Dalaran is already a popular faction with a lot of content, the melee focus of the Worgan path also fits better with Lordaeron.

    - Rhonin can still be summoned even after Council of Tirisfal is formed.

    - Jaina's Arcane Cage is single target again but also targets heroes.

    - Antonidas's Arcane Hail has increased CD from 60 to 120 seconds.

    - Dalaran dungeons instance has been moved to the east of the map as part of the ongoing terrain changes.

    - Kalecgos now displays in Dalarans Altars with instructions of how the player can gain this hero and the Wyrmrest Accord. Malygos has -500 hp to make killing him easier. Kalecgos now has HQ hero icons for both his forms.


    - Teal no longer goes into an observer if they die (Too many options for abuse as mentioned above).


    - Cannon at Dun Algaz HP increased from 1500 to 3000 to prevent aims by air.

    - Rangers now starts off with Halduron Brightwing at Farstrider Lodge down south instead of Vereesa. Vereesa is now gained via the Silver Covenant Subpath and spawns in Old Dalaran. If Farstrider Lodge dies Halduron becomes unrevivable, if Windrunner Spire dies Vereesa becomes unreiviable.

    - Elven Archers no longer gain bonus damage when attacking air units, however Rangers Corps now have access to a new dedicated anti air unit: The Hawk Archer, which replaces their Dragonhawk unit.

    - Thas'Dorah Legendary Bow has been moved down to southern Mardum to make it easier for Vareesa to gain this Quest item.

    - New Icon for Sylvanas

    - Banshees magic shell ability no longer auto casts.

    - Forsaken now starts off with Black Arrows already Researched.


    - Armor bonus from Runed Gauntlets item decreased from 2 to 1.


    - Felsabers only summons 2 beasts instead of 3, but HP and attack has been increased to compensate. (Game performance related).


    - Cult's starting base is now back to being randomly generated to discourage every player picking the same base. The reasons for this have been decribed in the patch summary above.

    - The Ashen Verdict has been rebranded as The Ebon Blade, it has new units and abilities and Undead Sally Whitemane now replaces Noth as a second hero choice.

    - If the Frozen Throne is dead Darion can travel to Icecrown and form a pact with the new Lich King: Bolvar Fordragon. Bolvar has the same abilities as the previous Frozen Throne but can forge the Shadowmourne Artifact weapon, he also unlocks a new ability on Redeemed Archers.

    - Darion has new model and HQ icon.

    - Damned mages magic shell ability no longer auto casts but has been buffed in duration.

    - Deatknell has another enterance to discourage Cult from playing tower defense games.

    - Patchwork damage increased from 50 to 75.

    - Illusions no longer deal any damage but can still be used to absorb enemy damage (This stops massive abuse of illusions).

    - New spell art on Velens AOE heal has been added.

    - Risen Path has been re-enabled.

    - Risen archers have increased attack range and hp. Risen Knights are now called Risen Crypt Riders and have unique model.

    - Scarlet Priests Exalt spell has been replaced with a self scrifice spell which autocasts when Priest dies. (This is due to having to remove dummy unit triggered spells).

    - Crusader's Shield spell now blocks one negative spell rather than granting a Magic Shell (This is also due to having to remove dummy unit triggered spells).

    - Paladin Knights base HP reduced by 100, gold cost decreased from 30 to 28.

    - Worgen/Gilneas Path is now a Lordaeron (Dark Green) player path but requires the New Lordaeron path beforehand. It is compatable with Kul Tiras path but not Stromguard path. Player will lose Galen and Jailor Kassian to stop them getting too many heroes.

    - Arugal is no longer summoned but will be used later as a Scourge hero.

    - Druids of the Scyth Rejuivation is no longer autocast. (Due to removal of dummy unit triggered spells)

    - Gilneas City now has a southern passageway which leads to the Tree of Taldoren.

    - If The Tirisfal Council is formed then Jaina no longer disapears but instead she returns to her homeland of Kul'Tiras. She goes to Darkgreen as long as Boralus capital still stands and is owned by darkgreen. She is non-revivable.

    - Kul Tiras is only vulnerable when all 3 Alliance bastions defending it are destroyed. (This prevents base aim.)

    - Submarines attack reduced from 460 to 360, and attack ranged reduced, now limited to 12.

    - New Lordaeron Path has been re-enabled.

    - Going New Lordaeron Path and then Gilneas or Kul'Tiras Path will protect Blood Elves from being kicked from the alliance.

    - Dragonmaw Clan starts with control of the Fel Orcs at Alterac rather than orange.

    - Warlocks Firebolt is no longer autocast.

    - Dragons Breath Cannon at Dragonmaw Port HP increased from 1500 to 3000 to prevent aims.

    - Dragonmaw Port HP increased from 4000 to 6000 and armor increased from 3 to 10 to prevent aims.

    - Black Dragonflight path is now back to being a Neutral Renegades path to limit legion teams late game tower and break this team up abit.

    - Blackdragonflights can research Dragon Riders which replace the standard Drake unit making them stronger and with some anti-air capabilities.


    - No longer able to gain unlimited resources by unsummoning Undercity.
    - Sound of the lightning elemental death no longer plays constantly throughout game.
    - Sound of the Eye of Kilrogg no longer plays constantly throughout game.
    - Dalaran no longer gets a notification to gain Rhonin even though they have already summoned him.
    - Sylvanas no longer auto goes Forsaken when Pink player leaves the game.
    - No longer possible to gain 6 DI lords, any current elites are killed and you gain 2 at Shadowforge.
    - Wretched can no longer gain Muru or blood knights.
    - Ships can no longer enter the lake behind Lordaeron to aim the capital.
    - After Dwarves finish Wildhamer path the game then waits 1 minute before attempting to replace all old Siege types with basic units. This is to stop Dwarves abusing bug to gain more siege than they should be able to.
    - Plague no longer auto kills all units near spawn locations.
    - Crown of Alterac correctly grants +10 strength.
    - Avatar of light on Renault no longer also grants establish Scarlet Monastary.
    - Fel Turrets now use upgrades.
    - Defiled Fountains also go to Legion player when this player controls Magtheridon.
    - Ganarg Engineers description has been fixed.
    - The Observatory underneeth Dalaran no longer provides food.
    - Silver Covenant can not be triggered after Pink leaves.
    - Daelins Land or sea can only be used on water areas.
    - Going Risen no longer kills Calia Menethil.
    - The large black ice claws in Northrend have had their model extents corrected.
    - Wretched Archer model has been replaced as it was causing graphical bugs in large battles.
    - Fixed memory leaks caused when Yogg is Summoned.

    The following changes have been removed from this patch:

    - San'Layn subpath no longer requires Blood Elves to have happened but instead requires 20 minutes game time. (This isnt particularly lore correct but previously LichKing Player would have had all San'Layn content locked for most games which makes the faction less attractive to play and dependant on Reds choices.)

    - All Siege units no longer deal AOE damage to friendly units (Previously alot of damage would go onto friendly melee units on the front lines reducing their usefulness).

    - Elven Archers are now limited to 32 which is 3 control groups. (This may sounds like an extreme change but if Rangers manages to gain a lot of gold they can spam huge amounts of this unit casuing imbalance problems, by limiting them to 3 groups I can avoid having to nerf them which would make them less effective early game when Rangers can only afford to field small amounts of archers. This change allows Rangers to keep their powerful basic archer unit but stops them becoming overpowered late game.)

    (Based off feedback)

    - The Lich King Hero has +300hp and +100 mana.

    - Exodari gain 60gold and xp for defending Tempest keep every 1 minute, up from 40g/xp.

    - If Ranger Corps leave and they are still in the alliance team then ownership of all their units will go to Highborne provided they are also in Good team. Does not include heroes.

    - If an Alliance member leaves the game this now counts towards the Broken Alliance check count.
    - Arch Necromamncers Spell positions have been changed to reduce chances of accidently casting the wrong spell.

    - Legion can only cause the Lich King Betrayal civil war 10 minutes after Blue gets the option, this means blue will always be able to betray first and gets some time if they are not ready to betray at the 20 minute mark.
    So Lich King can betray at 20 minutes and Legion at 30 minutes.

    - Rate of fire on Dreagons Breath Cannon increased from 9 to 12 seconds.
    - Rate of Fire on Dwarven Siege Cannon increased from 8 to 10 seconds, resulting in a DPS decrease for both cannons.

    - Kalecgos can no longer summon unlimited dragons, they now have timed life.

    - Cost of Dalaran Item, Amulet of Spell Shield increased from 40 to 125.

    - Gold cost of Forsakens Shadow Cult upgrade reduced from 300 to 150.

    - New Wrathgate enterance comes with 2 additional special Nerubian Towers to increase Blues defense of Icecrown.

    - If Blue leaves then their unit ownership goes to DG if they have triggered Scourge path, if not then they go to Grey. This does not include heroes.
    (Unfortunatly none of the player leaves triggers take affect when a player DCs during loading screen, the game dosnt register as a player ever having been there, I will see if SvnmS cana help fix this as its getting quite complicated!)

    - Blue can now trigger Fallen Nerubians through a research without needing to destroy the Frozen Throne. Control of Blues scourge units will go to either DG or Grey if they are part of the Evil Team.

    - Gilneas Knight limit has been increased to 16.

    - Dragonmaw Port HP increased to 10,000 like all major capitals.

    - True Sight range increased to stop Dreadlords using backdoor tactics to enter Ironforge.

    - Roar spell on Jubei'Thos has been replaced with Beserk.

    - New Dalaran is no longer an awkward flying unit.

    - Enterance to Noxious Glade has been tightened slightly.

    - High Elf Archers have reduced mana from 250 to 150 which reduces how long they can sustain their powerful Frost arrow attacks.


    - Undead Spirit and Nerubians towers no longer cost any food (Causes blue and grey too many supply problems).

    - All caster art, tooltips an ranks have been removed to stop crash when clicking on caster units.
    - Orb Throwers have been redesigned
    - Scarlet Crusade no longer keeps Exodari units when triggering this path.

    - New Continious event for Silverhand: Every 5 minutes Lord Uther can Rally forces at any of the 3 Cathedrals of Lorderon, granting him gold and a military force of priests and soldiers. This been added because Lightblue is often in a situation where they lack early game gold and have to resort to just using their hero squad to defend lordaeron, this now gives them a home advantage when fighting in this region as well as giving them an incentive to defend the Cathedrals. It also gives Lightblue's game a roleplay mechanic and makes them the favoured faction to stay at home and protect lordaeron while the other allies attack south or Northrend.

    This ability can be used near the following Cathedrals: Tirisfal Monastery, Crusaders Square Cathedral on Stratholm, and Lights Hope Chapel near Tyrs Hand. LB will get a notification when Uther is near a Monastery/Cathedral.
    Uther can also use this ability away from the Monasterys which will then serve as a basic AOE heal spell, it will also highlight the locations of the monasterys, but becareful not to waste as it has a long CD.

    - All three Lordaeron Cathedrals have been buffed in terms of HP and armor.

    - A backway passage has been added to Tirisfal Monastery which leads to Northeron so defenders of this Monastery have somewhere to escape to.

    - Spawns at the Noxious glade have more Death Towers.

    - Deathknell has its northern enterance removed, so it only has one enterance again.

    - If Legion take control of Baradin Hold they automatically free the powerful Pit Lord Argaloth from its prison. He is similiar to the Pit Lord Elites but with improved stats and a ranged spash attack. This event also spawns a base here.

    - Legions Eredar Sorceror's Mana Shield ability has been replaced with Void Banish.

    - If Ranger Corps leave game or betray then their worker units are removed before all ownership of remaining units goes to Highborn/Blood Elf (this means Highborn no longer inherrit huge food problems).

    - Nathanos replaces Gallen Trollbane as a bonus hero, he can be summoned at an altar. The Galens fall event has been removed as this was a leftover from LTA and works better in that game where the event is more likely to be triggered.

    - This also means that Galen is now only permanently killed when Stromgard is destroyed.

    - Nathanos also has a new Icon and model. His Trueshot aura has also been switched with Frost Arrows.

    - Dalarans Pendant of Energy gold cost increased from 30 to 75.

    - Vorpil's base hero damage decreased from 40 to 5 (I have no idea why it was so high!)

    - Summoning Prisms created by Shadow Council now take damage when they are used to summon Fel Sabers, however they will slowly regenerate HP over time.

    - Duration of Summon Felguards ability decreased by 10 seconds.

    - Mana cost of Sacrifice to Master ability has been reduced from 75 to 40.

    - Mana cost of DMC's Dragonward Ability decreased from 50 to 35.

    - Forsaken now starts off with HP upgrade fully researched.

    - Spell shield effect on Belt of the Bronzebeards item CD increased from 6 seconds to 40.

    - Cult Damned Mages will now auto-cast Magic Shell upon whichever unit they are using their heal ability on. This way of autocasting through simple triggers means no dummy units are created and therefore no memory leak.

    - Zombies now have an unsummon/self destruct ability for food management. (Note: if used by an AI they will auto use this because the ai doesnt understand its a self destruct ability.)

    - Elven Hall hotkey switched from H to S.

    - Stromgard has increased HP.
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    HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AN LTF UPDATE!!?? ZEFUK. :eek: сука бљат!
    (Ain't read anything yet btw, just wanted to post my first sec reaction)
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  3. Julian

    Julian just a simple Lich Shaman

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    k i know which factions to try gilneas im coming
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  4. Harald

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    The day it was announced that Pokemanharald island would be renamed was a tragic day, dark times was comming. The Roleplayers had their small victory .. but we never forgot ... we never gave up. The community began rising up, slowely .. complaning here and there and mentioning it. At long last we will have our reward: Our homeland has been restored and we will rebuild it to it's former glory!

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  5. ZeroFlotsie

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    Looking insanely good, I am genuinely happy to see the Garithos path again, never trust an elf. However I am missing the bugfixes to some units causing crashes? I do hope that this is an overlook of the sorts, when anyone clicks the Blood elf elites they will crash, this also happens with troll priests in Jin'Thalor. It might be a good plan to keep the bonus level for the heroes of the Scourge. Because I feel like the Legion team get enough free levels as is with Archimonde. Their god tiers are much more common than, for instance, Lich King, Army of the Light, Aegwynn.

    I do have a few suggestions:
    Please buff the Lich King, he is very easily aimed. It feels like he needs some more armour or hp. He shouldn't be a coward hiding in the backlines of the scourge army, but on the front leading the armies.

    Cult gets 100g/exp for holding, while silver hand only gets 40g/exp. Which is not a very big incentive to hold the base in Outland. People are barely ever putting resources into Outland because it simply is necessary against the plague to spend money in this area.

    If the dwarven cannon gets buffed, I think that the Dragonmaw Cannon deserves the same treatment, it gets aimed by hawks quite often.

    Leaving players not counting as alliance breaking. This is one of the biggest issues with the game. The amounts of time that dwarves leave early because they got rekt. And then 1 player leaving the alliance. You should at that point be the broken alliance. But leaving players sadly do not count towards this limit.

    If scourge leaves/dcs and Lordaeron is playing as Arthas (undead) he should gain full control of blue. With all the benefits that come with it. This to help it that when a player crashes its not entirely hopeless.

    Second chances feel really really rough for DI/THC, their 2nd chance is way too close to the enemy they are most likely fighting at this point. They could do with some more spawns or some extra defensive capabilities.

    Twilights Citadel is way too accessible. It can be reached from way too many areas. This area could honestly seriously use some reterrain so it's more defendable.

    Really excited to see some updates and some changes!
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  6. Arlt

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    I am quite sad that Dalaran can no longer betray... We are stuck as the only loyal faction of the alliance once more.

    Also, I don't think adding another entrance to Deathknell was the best way to solve the problem of spamming towers. Gray will immediately die with this second entrance if they spawn there.
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  7. Spectator

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    LOVE All the changes! Glad we got an update. Huge thanks to both you and @SvnmS.

    Just quick question tho, Dragonflight being Neutral team you mean the Scarlet/Gilneas/Alterec alliance? Or illidari? Or Free will forsaken? Btw is Free will forsaken still a thing lol? Is she solo? I'm totally confused who is allied with who now?
    Also I didn't auto-casts create dummies, I thought it was just a same spell as priest holy fire adjusted. I didn't that created dummies.

    About Civil War It's awesome that you gave Legion back ability to cause it too. It's been getting abused for ages and I've kept asking for it. However tho is there still a reward for who causes it first? If that's case be a good idea to give Blue a headstart maybe like 5 minutes? Cause blue is severely disadvantaged and needs the reward for causing it but also the content between Blue/Teal constnatly clicking on Civil War before 20 minutes until the guy with lower ping wins does not make any sense tbh.

    About Cult please think about giving the option to choose back. The same place was not being chosen every time, Lots of people choose next to capital while good players like me choose Scholo KeK. Point is both Scholo and Capital are good places and players still wonder which is to choose. Both have consensus tho the place Next to Tyrs kinda sucks so that one barely gets chosen. Still I don't get how this is for player choice tho? Let cult players choose what strategy and place they want to use instead of random RNG forcing them to play the hand they get despite not fitting their playstyle.

    These are minor complaints tho the super majority of the changes are pretty amazing. Does mean we get more patches btw? :D

    Also a minor hotkey change please. I've realized Ferenzy on Cult's Elites is on T and then Recall to Naxx is on E. Some players (Not me I'm too good Kappa) are really frustrated cause you go on to cast Mass Ferezny but sometimes accidentally you recall the army and look like a total freaking idiot and lose the battle. Please make the Recall Q or W or anything just please get it away from Ferenzy haha.

    I kinda disagree with the first one point. Dalaran is need to be fully alliance to keep the game going, with everyone being able to betray as soon outlook looks bad everyone just leaves the alliance instantly, making things for legion and ruinning alliance. Both Scourge and Legion have their place holder (Blue and Teal), It's only fair if alliance has one. It makes alliance last longer and alliance comebacks possible.

    Second both I totally agree. Also only nooby alliances die to tower spam, Just get hawks and disable them while putting Lordaeron Captains in front. You won't lose a single unit.
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  8. Arlt

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    Also, Stonespine's keybindings are screwed, especially the Q.
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  9. spinel

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    I had really rough 4 months with some bad health problems and such but i accidentaly opened BH today and this made me smile. Well played, Marshy, well played. ;)
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  10. Marshmalo

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    LOL well all this Reforged news has galzanised me into action, I wanted to work on a Warcraft Lore map so thought I'd finally finish this patch. My LOTR map is officially on hold now! :-)

    I am proud to say it is the greatest change in this patch :p

    I am stupid for not including the BE Elite crash fix on the bug list, sorry but that should be fixed this version, also if you find any other units where clicking on them causes crash please report and I will fix asap. A big part of this patch is improving stability hence the sad removal of dummy unit abilities.

    Buffing the Lich King can be dangerous, he had a lot of XP in previous versions and was nerfed so he should be used in cycles, so maybe like afew minutes at the fornt casting his abilities then some downtime at the back. How HP buff do you think would be appropriate, +300?

    Cult gets alot more rewards for Holding than the Exodari because grey is up against 5 alliance players, whereas Lightblue only has to deal with 3 max enemy players. But if its not worth it then maybe I could make it 60g/exp?

    I will see if I can make it so leaving players count towards Broken alliance count, if I can't work it out I'll see if SvnmS free, but I would like to start testing this at the weekend.
    I agree Blue/DG ownership should be interchangeable if one leaves but convert units to another players control also means I have to convert all the associated events so they work for that player, this takes time and can be fraught with bugs. Converting all worgen events to DG was very time consuming.

    DI/THC really do have a rough time your right, not sure what to do here as a buff to their defenses would really cripple the remaining Legion team players as they have to deal with Shadow Forge and Twilight Highlands before they can do anything in the north. I could make Highlands a dead end again but this would negatively affect early game tactics around this region. If DI/THC decide to betray at the same time they can be extremely powerful together, but this kind of planning rarely happens ingame, would be interesting to see how they fair with Fallen Nerubians and Yogg Saron on their side.

    Glad you like most of the changes and yes the DMC cannon has also been buffed thats in the patch notes :-)

    Dalaran gets a second chance to completly rebuild their base and a God tier hero and a dragon army, they have every reason to stay allance. And with one player forced to stay in the alliance it encourages more players to stand by their side and possibly even revert back to alliance, increasing the change of come backs. Dalaran, and their ability to be anywhere at a moments notice, are key to the alliance just like how Legion is hugely important for their team and have no betrayal path.

    Im not sure about Deathknells second enterance, I'll see how it plays out in tests and if it dosnt work I will remove one of them, the side enterance is really bad in my opinion so it will be this one that goes if needed.

    Blackdragon flight is Neutral Renegades, so they are allied to Illidari, SO, dosnt make much lore sense I know but its about giving both neutral teams a mix.

    Yes there were LOTS of abilities which were autocast and sadly they have had to be replaced, I am really hoping we see less DCs now, but theres nothing I can do about people not restarting their browser unfortunately.

    Regarding Civil War, yes whoever triggers it first gets the reward, and thats a good point, the event should favor Blue, I will make that change! :-)

    About Cult's base, sorry but they are unlikely to get this choice back, I know this games about freedom of choice but the difference here is that it's a game start choice. As each game of LTF/LTA deveops differently as it goe son, you know players will make choices based off these unpredicable situations, but with a game start choice the players exactly what to expect and a "favoured strategy" develops which they chose most of the time.
    I'm glad you were willing to try something different but almost every game I've played grey choses Deathknell and turns it into a tower fortress which is boring and time consuming for alliance to break. When Grey hasnt chosen Deathknell I've heard people in chat be like "haha greys a noob" so I'm sure you can see what angle I'm coming from on this!

    I have added the hotkey change to my list and see what I can do, thanks for the feedback both good and bad! :-)

    Awe bless you Spinel I hope it wasnt anything too bad and welcome back, hope you will work on KTA again I still see people enjoying that map despite not being updated for so long. :-)
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