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LTF Patch Notes 0.39

Discussion in 'Lordaeron: The Foremath' started by Marshmalo, Apr 13, 2019.

  1. Marshmalo

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    Lordaeron TF 0.38

    ETA: 13/04/2019

    DOWNLOAD LINK: https://www.epicwar.com/maps/292515/


    The following faction paths have been fixed and should no longer cause a crash upon triggering:

    - Lordaeron - Scourge Path
    - Shadow Council - Syndicate Path

    The following Faction paths have been disabled pending further crash fixes or improvements.​

    - Blood Elves - Fel Pact (Needs crash fix)
    - Blood Elves - Illidari (Needs Improvement)
    - Fel Horde - Illidari (Needs Improvement)
    - Blood Elves - Wretched (Needs crash fix?)
    - Forsaken - Sentinels (Needs crash fix)

    Game should no longer crash if LB triggers Exodari rescue event with a large amount of units.

    Game would occasionaly crash when Grey chooses his starting Cult base, the chance of this crash happening has been reduced.

    Game should no longer crash is Lich King is destroyed and Forsaken is active (Old Scourge units will no longer transfer to Forsaken but Sylvanas will still gain the XP and gold bonus for killing LK.​


    - Blood Elf elites have a new 4th spell: Control Legion Demon. This enables them to permanently take control of a demonic, none hero or elite unit. (While Highborne is great at fighting undead it may now be worth going Blood elves path if you find yourselves fighting Legion team).

    - Blood Elven Power Generators can be destroyed to unleash the Demon within. (This is based off lore where Blood Elves use demonic power to feed thier magic addiction.)

    - Akama has +2 armor and 100 hp and increased movement speed.

    - Dawnstrider Harbor can now train Magistrix and Arcane Golems, and is gained by moving a Blood Elf or Highborne hero within range.

    - The Sunwells Surge of Life and Power has increased change, reaching to the Borders of Quel'Thalas.

    - Orb of Fire item gold cost reduced form 100 to 75.

    - Arcane Towers have greater sight range than normal towers. There is one additional Arcane tower within Dalaran Dungeons.

    - The Book of Medivh can now be dropped.


    - Dwarves now have a market in Ironforge.

    - QOL: Gryphons limit has been reduced from 8 to 7 so full Wildhammer air Squad can be selected in 1 control group. To compensate Gryphons ahve slight increased attack, HP and gold cost.

    - Bear Warriors have resistant Skin and can no longer be charmed.

    - Ragnaros Firelands Spawn now have 1400 HP increased from 1200.

    - Ragnaros has +200 HP.

    - Normal cannon towers no longer cost any food. (Improved cannon towers still cost 1 food).


    - Elven Lodges around Lordaeron are now known collectively as "Farstrider Lodges" and all have the summon Dragon Hawks ability.

    - There is now an Elven Lodge at Sunstrider Isile to help fend off attacks.

    - The Thas'Dorah, epic bow has been moved slightly to the west of Mardum.

    - The Tree Wall and Destroy Quel'Thalas bridge abilities have been swapped between Sylvanas and Halduron. The Bridges destruction no longer dispels when Windrunner spire dies but will auto restore when Silvermoon is killed.

    - Forsakens undead Galen event has been removed. (It was an LTA remnant and rarely used, Forsaken also already has 3 heroes. The abilities and resources used for Undead Galen will be used for future new content.)

    - Varimathras has +100 hp, +1 armor and +2 intelligence.


    - Velen starts with +1 addition level on top of his usualy starting level to make Adal God Tier easier to get.

    - There is slightly more wall protecting Tirisfal Monastary and the Bastion tower near Deathknell has been moved within the Tirisfal Monastary base.

    - The New Lordaeron: "Garithos Path" is back! King Terenas must have died. (Includes ability to restore Lordaeron). Currently does not kick out BE from alliance.

    - Restore Lordaeron event also gives Garithos a new passive ability.

    - Legacy of Lordaeron upgrade melee HP boost has been increased from 100 to 250, attack bonus increased from 5 to 7.

    - No changes this patch.

    - The gold and lumber bonus from Unleashing the Plague event now increases as the game goes on. It will increase by 300 every 7 minutes, all player within the Undead team will benefit. (This means it is possible for a late plague to be succesfull though I still do not recomend it as if you leave it too late then Legion team can end up being destroyed).

    - Liches summoned through the Sunwell have had their damage from Frost Nova decreased. (It was previously possible to kill a hero in seconds with 4 elites casting this.)


    - The Nathrezim Gateways which lead to Alterac and Northrend have been moved away from Mardum to Outland. (This makes the gates more tactical to use as they no longer create a gateway into Legions most vulnerable area and allow for Archimonde to be aimed.)

    - The gateways once opened will stay open and cannot be destroyed.

    - Legion has a new base within Zangarmarsh.

    - The Bestow Power ability has been changed, instead of having to wait 6 minutes to bestow 1 level, 5 levels are now granted all at once but this ability is single use. This ability will always give atleast 2 levels but will not apply the remaining 3 levels if the heri is level 15 or higher.(This means the ability can be used more tactically, this is equivalent to 35 minutes of levels using the old system.)

    - Legion team players no longer gain 100g when Plague is unleashed.

    - Chaos type attack damage is strong vs all armor types but weak against caster armor (Is reduced by 60% when attacking caster type units.)

    - Archimonde has +20 base attack damage.


    - Fel Hordes main base in Outland is now Shadowmoon Temple as Helfire Citadel is now under the control of Dragonmaw. Kargath hero has been moved the Black Temple.

    - Kargath no longer requires Hellfire citadel to be revived.

    - Gold cost of Fel Riders increased from 36 to 38.

    - Dark Horde Scouts base dmg decreased by 1.

    - Magtheridons hero level no longer scales off Kargaths level, instead his XP uses the general time based XP other summoned heroes use. (Power leveling Rend for high level magtheridon is no longer possible).

    - If Dun Algaz is destroyed by an ally of Shadow Council then the warlocks order the fortification of this area, gaining a new base of operations within the south. There is a 1 minute delay from when Dun Algaz is destroyed to when this base is triggered.

    - Unfortunatley the Summon Mardum Portal ability on Teron was bugged despite numerious atempts to fix it. For this reason it has been replaced with the limited ability to summon Doom Guards which are then controled by Burning Legion. Only summons 1 Doom Guard at a time and has a long Cooldown. Legion gets a notification.

    - If Teron hasnt already opened the Dark Portal by 15 minutes then the game auto opens it for him.

    - Fel Lords no longer have Finger of Death.


    - Dragonmaw now starts off with Helfire Citadel in Outland and Zuluhed the Whacked instead of Nekrosh. (This is to give Brown a second major base in the event of losing Dragonmaw Port due to alliance aims, it makes them more likely to stay in this event.)

    - Zuluhed can summon a large Burning Legion gateway within Twilight Highlands, granting him +1 hero level and a new ability. (He can no longer summon the Burning Legion so this frees up another spell slot).

    - Zuluheads Wise Council Spell has been replaced with Felwarp.

    - Nekrosh can be summoned via a Hero altar for 100g.

    - Dragonmaw can still gain Warlock Archers but this is now a seperate research.

    - QOL: Gruul starts off with a Scroll of Teleportation so you don't need to walk him slowly up to Southlands.

    - Black Dragonflight path now also increases limit of Black Drakes by +2.



    - CRASH FIX: Completing the Dreanei Exodus event in Outland with a large amount of units no longer crashes the map, the excess units are just removed.
    - CRASH FIX: Lordaerons Scourge path should no longer crash the game. Their units are removed from the game
    - CRASH FIX: Shadow Council to Syndicate path should no longer crash the game. Their units are removed from the game
    - Tirisfal Council no longer fails to be made available for research.
    - The Frozen Thrones Armys of the Dead ability an no longer Reach Sunstrider Isile.
    - Eye of Kilrogg uses a different model in the hopes it will not incude the global sound bug.
    - Ranger Corps no longer turns Green color when Silver Covenant is researched.
    - Dryads correctly benefit from upgrades.
    - Trap on Guild adventurer now has correct hotkey.
    - Hot Key on Val'kye judgement of the Lichking has been fixed.

    SYSTEM FIXES (Editors)

    - The "Great evil must have been Summoned" requirement for Tirisfal Council has been changed from a unit variable to a reasearch type. This is also true for the level 10 requirement, thus removing 2 unit variables.
    - Level 10 requirement for Kael to Summon Legion has also been turned from a unit variable to a reasearch type.
    - Unused variable for Sylvanas possesing Gnoll overseer has been removed.
    - The count trigger messages have been removed during Forsaken path initiate.
    - removed another unit variable for Sylvana tree wall tech item requirement, trigger was not working and had no effect.
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  2. Elbadruhel


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    I guess u meant "range".

    If you want people to launch plague at early why do u encourage and reward late plagues?

    Warcraft Lore fiercly hates these sentences. Shadowmoon Temple was a Dragonmaw Clan Base and Hellfire Citadel was Fel Horde Base where Kargath ruled... Couldnt u swap their owners to fit lore? If u just want Dragonmaw having a safe big base in Outland i think Shadowmoon temple is big enough, and also safer, wich since your goal is to make DMC last longer, is another good point.

    I thought u had retired from LTF and another guy was working on it, im glad to see you around here :-)

    Wow, lots of crashes fixes, no comments about that, really good job!
  3. Julian

    Julian just a simple Lich Shaman

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    Humanity will rise again
  4. TerenasMenethil

    TerenasMenethil Warden of the South

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    I am glad you listened to Robo' and I suggestions. It's nice to see that bear warrior now have resistant skin, because alongside the Earthen giants, they were the only viable melee units of the Ironforge Dwarves. And now they will belong to the dwarves till their deaths.

    A lot of up for the Alliance team, quite surprised that the New Lordaeron path doesn't require Broken Alliance. I wonder how this will impact the gameplay.


    I love this.
  5. LordUTher

    LordUTher The Lightbringer

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    with garithos's return and its restore lordaeron, for more lore logic, I think it would be necessary to apply some modifications concerning alterac and new lordaeron.

    If garithos had really managed to get the undead out of the capital and reform new lordaeron, he would have put himself on the throne calia menethil last descendant of terenas. Garithos was racist, arrogant and haughty, but he was a man of the nobility above all, he would never have proclaimed himself "ruler" of New Lordaeron. It would be best to give Calia Menethil to New-Lordaeron when Garithos uses the event "restore lordaeron", new queen of lordaeron. And delete Kassan, pls
    For Alterac, in the lore, there are many characters who could become the substitute of calia, such as Beve Perenolde, sister of Aliden and powerful mage of the syndicate. Ltf has a lot of illogical stuff about lore, but I think we can do our best to make it lore friendly.
    Btw, lordaeron footies lost "defend", can you give them that spell back, pls?
  6. Marshmalo

    Marshmalo Brigand Map Maker

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    I dont want to encourage late plagues but despite it being a terrible idea some people still do it, atleast if they do it now they wont imbalance the game so much as before. I cant force players to do something so I have to work with what they do sometimes... :/

    I retired from LTF for afew months but didnt want to leave it with so many paths crashing, I will be back in afew months after this probably.

    Thanks yes your suggestions where helpful! The New Lordy path dosnt require broken alliance because it dosnt actually add a new player onto the team, its just a path for DG to trigger if they want to stay on alliance side after theyve lost their main base.

    Well I could add the Calia event but its quite abit of work to design a new hero for Alterac just so we can have this bit of lore fluff, I don't see it adding naything meaning full to the game sorry. I don't doubt Garithos would want Calia to marry him so he can claim himself King but bit sure she would agree! Also shes kinda meant to be married to Aiden when Syndicate triggers alterac path, so this function is already used.
  7. Marshmalo

    Marshmalo Brigand Map Maker

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    Just a small patch to fix some of the issues with 0.38:
    Download Link: https://www.epicwar.com/maps/292546/
    - The Wrathgate has been moved to the centre of Icecrown's borders as per its location in WoW and has been redesigned.
    - Azjol'Nerub Dragonblight enterance has been moved to the west.
    - Naxxramas summon location has been moved to the east.
    - When Legion is summoned the game plays 1 minute of dramatic music taken from WoW Legion expansion OST.
    - Fallen Nerubians will no longer happen when LK dies and has been disabled for now.
    - Ironforge HP increased from 5000 to 7500.
    - Healing wave on Kirin Tor amount healed has been reduced from 600 to 500.
    - Dalaran starts off with an agent within the Mystic ward.
    - Erudaxes reveal has a reduced range (Some people report the huge range on this reveal may cause crashes, it is a bug with the WC3 engine that this ability does not cost mana and has no CD, thats not the way we designed it.)
    - Sentinels paths has been enabled and should no longer crash the game.
    - Wretched has been officialy enabled.
    - Disable paths command has been removed.
    - Temple of Earth area within Deepholm has been removed as it served no purpose and was a leftover from LTA.

    - Brown no longer starts off with Nekrosh.
    - Renault in Avatar form no longer has the establish scarlet monastery.
    - Empowered blades now requires Black Temple not Hellfire Citadel.
    - Forsaken path no longer removes owned CPs from the game.
    - Arcane shield generators disabled UI icon has been fixed
    - Wretched no longer use their own worker unit, their buildings are created by the standard elven worker unit. (This should reduce chance of crash when wretched is triggered if Blood Elves have a large amount of workers.)
    - Farstriders no longer require an unused tech item.
    - Maraad can now be moved when he is gain through Dreanai Alliance.
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  8. Ardenaso

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    I still don't know why Alterac Path is a rogue faction when they have allied to the Shadow Council via the Argus Wake. I don't even know why they have Tol Barad.
  9. Tdmien123

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    Well warcraft still doesnt like LTF it would seem.