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LTF Suggestions: Design and balance thread

Discussion in 'Lordaeron: The Foremath' started by Woodenplank, Nov 26, 2017.

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    Tbf yes it's quite to have summon on Vorpil at 15 only and that having book or not doesn't change the trigger
    You can have book and lvl 15 and Vorpil will still die anyway
    And you can have 10 and above, summon will still not be available before 15 even if you have book

    Sacraficing Vorpil to get Archimonde is way too big of a price to be realisticly done by players
    Archimonde has never been a buffed for Legion, I said it and I keep repeating it, he is not worth getting, he is making you weaker rather than stronger

    So, I suggest 2 commands, one that gives Vorpil the ability to summon Legion from lvl 10 with book
    The other one that gives the current ability and would replace the lvl 10 ability if the player chose it before
    Each command would replace the other one without trigger off

    And with it, I would suggest that Vorpil doesn't sacrifice himself anymore upon summoning at 15 with or without book
  2. Robovision


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    There are 2 races that needs nerf but not many ppl write about it. These are Dalaran and Highborn.

    Highborn: His heroes got too many aoe spells and hero aim. Also spells got too low cooldown so he can use too much hit and run strategy. If he rush early Northern there is nothing blue and grey can do as they have nothing to counter hit and run strategy and their heroes are just dead after few spells from Highborn heroes and elites. He can easily solo them 1v2. Halduron and Drak Tir the same and buff he gets from their research is too much. His archers get stronger then archers of green player.
    +Sorceress got 850hp and 40 - 60 magic dmg killing buildling faster than any siege units.

    Dalaran: first thing are dalaran elemental summons. They are very strong and their purpose is to defend dalaran, but player just summon them and tp them with agent in the middle of the battle They are 9 and very strong, like 1600hp, 80 dmg, very short cooldown. I dont thing they were suppose to be used like that. I suggest to remove them and give arcane crystals dmg. His heroes have the same issue like Highborn. They just got too much aoe, both Jaina and Antonidas and their heroes. Antonidas fireball is just crazy, 670 dmg and hit and run strategy. For example scourge has nothing to counter it early game and late game only Sapp which they just aim down. The worst it is only for brown
    Blue really need better defences in Northern, not just because of early rush but as well against Legion team. They can teleport instantly to Northern with Eye of Sargeras and Kure. Not to mention blue have no dispell to counter Shadow Council. Shadow council can solo blue easily just because of that. I would not change shadow council but Northern needs to have better defences, more aoe spells on Frozen Throne and dispell.
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    The invulnerability shield on Dalaran City needs to be nerferd significantly! Either reduce it's duration or increase it's cooldown, or both. :] At the moment it's just too powerful of a tool.
    (also, the crashes are strong in this one :/ I mean not fore me, I didn't crash in a long time, but usually withing the 1st 5 minutes we lose like 3 players, usually brown is one of them, and maybe blue and gray)
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