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Map: Darkness vs Live EN version

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Kolladan, Jan 13, 2019.


Would be nice adding mentioning of this site in-game? (Like add link in F9 or somewhere else)

  1. Yes, exactly needed.

  2. Yes, why not?

  3. Um... no. I don't like the idea

  4. No, just no.

  1. Kolladan

    Kolladan Ambassador of the Poor Legion

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    Darkness vs Live
    (English version)

    Created by Vampir1991 (russian version of the map)
    Translated (and enhanced a bit) by Kolldan (Lord Kolladan Stormrage or just me :D)
    (Don't ask me about the map english name, ask the Author)

    Link to the latest version: https://www.epicwar.com/maps/290431/
    Current version - Map: 1.15.7a2; Translation: v35
    Feedback - https://goo.gl/forms/HgbyMc6lUxrmSSA33
    (Being currently played on Battle.Net sometimes)
    Translator Note: I've been working on this map (translating and a bit other things :D) for a real some time recently and decided that this map need some kind of a real foothold, to become a bit more known and finally collect some feedback (balance & translation and other issues) from english-speaking players of this map (my previous attempts to make people to leave feedback on author officital site (aka signing in on some weird russian site & commenting on it :D or writting me personally here, so I could just sent to author next) has ended up competely failed). I hope this site and this thread will finally become a base for this map.
    LORE: On the far lands of the other planet, the Darkness has risen to devour all lands. The Alliance is shattered without any orders from their King and in that desperate time 6 Men and Women from all races stood up to fight with the coming evil.

    This is an complex Team PvP map with RPG and Melee elements, where players can either pick a side of the Darkness (Darkness Base player & 2 Darkness Heroes) or side of the Living and the Alliance. Both sides must progress in farming EXP & Gold, to defeat the enemy side completely and win the Game.

    This map shares some similar aspects with the known here map: Rise of the Vampyr (Team vs team, combination of RTS and RPG styles, etc).

    The basic aims of the Darkness is farming enemy creeps (critters and bandits), avoiding attacks against the Alliance Towns, due being weak at the start. While the Living must do the job (Fishing/Mining or Trading or doing some low-level quests) to get the power and escape meeting the Darkness on the roads, due being really weak.

    The Living heroes has a Life-System. Each hero death will decrease his amount of lives. If he loses all lives, he will become a zombie. A weak class with only brute strength. To counter that there are hero classes with Give-life abilities, which givess additional amount of lives for players.

    The Living Team will have to work as a team, because they'll have to choose their classes after farming enough EXP & Gold. They must be ready after that to continue to do team quests (to farm more EXP & Gold) and assault the Darkness heroes to prevent them from overfeeding in the Game.

    While the Darkness Team must gather army and strength (+20 LVL) to after that start to assault the Alliance Towns and capture them, empowering their Base player, in addition of doing quests to farm additional EXP & Gold and repelling the Living players attacks.

    Game Features:
    -Combination of RTS and RPG elements in one map
    -Quest System per sides (to get additional EXP and Gold). Bring quest item to required place (mostly Circle of Power) and complete it, receiving reward.
    -Hero Class Picking System. Different gameplay per hero class of the Living from supporting allies, with healing to commandig whole armies and taking over Alliance Towns.
    -Lives System for the Living Team. If you die a lot without restoring your lives, you will turn to zombie, the weak class of Living hero, and will grant buff to enemy team.
    -Job Sytem for the Living Team. Buy a Job Item in marketplace and do job to farm EXP and Gold, to get a basic ground against the Darkness.

    -Different Systems for the Darkness Team heroes. Like one hero receives powers from killing any units on the map, while the other has to build summoning circles and lend them mana to make upgrades and summon armies.
    -Basic AI creeps, which will train their creeps, upon their units death, to compensate loses and give farm to the Darkness team

    -Nice colorful descriptions in the map (unit/item and other things).
    -Some secrets in the map. Secret hero classes or some artifacts can be aquired by reading things in-game.
    -Secret option in the map, which will unite both teams against an AI which commands powerful Raid Bosses and countless army.

    Some screenshots (I a bit don't know which screenshots will be better, with UI or no, so just uploaded a few without UI. I will be glad if you'll make your own nice screenshots and offer me to add them there.)


    The Living Team:

    - Don't rush one job with full team, it will decrease profit per player, and increase your chances of losing.
    - Make sure that you always have a Mayor, his role is very essential in-game.
    - Try to pick a balanced combination of classes. Don't rush for 6 Captains or something like that.
    - Map has some tricky tactics, like doing fast questing (fast light generator for example). Try to utilize that after being experienced enough.
    - Don't ignore the Game situation. Assist your allies if it will be needed, you can always explore the map in the Single Player.

    The Darkness Team:
    - Don't destroy creep spawn buildings too early. Otherwise you will be left without any feed later.
    - When capturing a town, cover your hero with an army and ask your allies to cover you. Otherwise there are a high chanced getting ganked by the Living players.
    - Some Darkness heroes has combination with other Darkness heroes, receiving some benefits. You can try to utilize that.
    - Try to control the map, blocking roads, assaulting Mayor, who's capturing the Town or assaulting players, who are doing their quests.
    - The Darkness usually relies on army and micro-macro control. Try to learn effectively do this, to terrorize the Living players.

    (I will be happy to hear any ideas how to enhance this thread, or fix some things here :D)
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  2. Kolladan

    Kolladan Ambassador of the Poor Legion

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    Well. New version (of map and translation) has been released - https://www.epicwar.com/maps/288932/ - Its pity however that only 2 people have made their votes in the poll.
    Content Changes
    The Living
    - Now Mayor Businessmen have enhanced limit. It increases from 4 to 6, upon reaching +20 Level by Mayor and increases further from 6 to 8, upon reaching +35 Level by Mayor
    The Darkness
    Warlock (and Warlock-Demonologist)
    - Now Warlock buildings receive additional armor per level, upon researching Barricaded Spikes upgrades.

    Balance Changes
    The Living
    - Farm (buildable) building gold cost changed to 115 Gold and 185 Lumber from 320 Gold and 80 Lumber.
    - Tavern (buildable) building gold cost changed to 155 Gold and 310 Lumber from 320 Gold and 80 Lumber.
    - All the Living buildings (towers, blacksmiths, etc) now has increased amount of armor per upgrade.
    - Miners now deals 35-50 damage to trees (with A-attack button) up from 30-40 damage before.

    Bug Fixes
    - Now Mayor properly requires 30 and 35 Levels for his additional upgrades (previously it auto-unlocked them upon reaching 25 Level only. FFFFFFFFUUUUUUU (c) Translator note

    - Transfered changes of new version (1.15.4d and 1.15.4d1) to english version of this map
    - Edited loading screen text. Now it contains link to this site.
    - Reforged :D race picking textes for the Living players. I hope it will be more helpful for new players (but ofc the main purpose was to introduce the next change).
    - Added random explanation thing (at all Circles of Power), for Human: Male (Random) pick choice.
    - Changed model of the Quest Guild building. Also it has special effect on it overhead.
    - Modified descriptions of Orcish (Warlock hero) upgrades.
    - Added race words about classes in Class items. I hope it will a bit prevent new players misbelieving that they can become (for example) Ranger while being a human race hero.
    - Fixed some typos in different descriptions
    (hey, why I can't remove the poll :()
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  3. Kolladan

    Kolladan Ambassador of the Poor Legion

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    Good day, everyone. New version (of map and translation) has been released (again, yea yea) - https://www.epicwar.com/maps/289133/ - I'm glad that a few people additionally voted, but I guess it already will nothing change. (hex, why I can't remove the poll from the main thread, anyone knows how to do it?)
    Content Changes
    The Living
    In general
    - Now selling Coal and Ore, Trade Items, will reward a hero with additional EXP in addition to Gold reward. (Coal - 25+3*HeroLVL EXP; Ore - 35+4*HeroLVL EXP)
    - New Job Item: Lumberjack Axe! Chop down a target tree, receiving some EXP and Lumber reward for this, rewarding a hero with Log, new Trade Item, which can be transformed to the Boards at any Lumbermill building.
    - Changed position of Barrel of Fish to the (A)-hotkey.
    - Changed position of Instrument Box to the (W)-hotkey.
    - Now has a victory text, upon the Darkness defeat (destruction of the Altar of Darkness).
    - Added Lumbermill (invulnerable building) in the Dwarfland, which changes ownership to the Player, who captures Last Hope Bastion.

    Balance Changes
    In general
    - Buffed Slow Poison ability, which is used by some units/heroes (Unrested Dead, Zombie Hero Ghoul, etc). Now it deals 25 damage per second and slow by 35% attack rate and 50% movement rate, due 5(1) seconds.
    The Living
    In general
    - Reworked minorly hero Pulverize type abilities (Divine Strike, Cavalry Strike, etc). Now they deal half-damage additionaly on additional range (like 200 AOE full damage, while 200-345 AOE half damage).
    - Increased damage dealt by Light Pulverize ability of Light Golem (3rd Level type) from 55 to 95.
    - Elder Treant spawns additionally with some secret base on some secret hero.
    - Treant unit build time has been decreased to 20 seconds, from 45 seconds.
    - Bury a Corpse ability reward for its using has been increased. Now its: 12+2*HeroLVL Gold reward and 25+3*HeroLVL Experience reward from 8 Gold reward and 10+1*HeroLVL Experience reward.

    Knight Hero Class
    - Some of the Knight hero class abilities were overhauled:
    • (Q) Powerful Strike (Knight) - Now has enhanced cooldown formula: (9-1*LVL) seconds, up to 1 second CD. (Before was: (15.2-0.2*LVL) seconds.)
    • (Q) Crushing Strike (Elite Knight) - Now has enhanced cooldown formula: (11.5-0.5*LVL) seconds, up to 6 seconds CD. (Before was: (15.2-0.2*LVL) seconds.)
    • (Q) Devastating Strike (Champion) - Now has increased damage formula: (185+185*LVL) damage, up to 2035 damage. (Before was: (135+135*LVL) damage.)
    • (W) Charge (Knight/Elite Knight/Champion) - Now has enhanced cooldown formula: (12.75-0.25*LVL) seconds, up to 10 seconds CD. (Before was: (32-2*LVL) seconds.)
    • (E) Cavalry Strike (Knight/Elite Knight) - Now has enhanced damage formula: (12+12*LVL) damage, up to 120 damage. (Before was: (7+7*LVL) damage.)
    • (E) Champion Strike (Champion) - Now has enhanced damage formula: (18+18*LVL) damage, up to 180 damage. (Before was: (10+10*LVL) damage.)
    Shadow Killer Hero Class
    - Now has Slow Poison passive-ability (enhanced, which was mentioned earlier) at her additional abilities spellbook.
    Human: Male (No Random); Villager Hero Class
    - Now starts with +2 Levels instead of +1 Level.

    - Transfered changes of new version (1.15.5, 1.15.5a and 1.15.5a1) to english version of this map
    - Overhauled "Become Class" abilities hotkey-position, due to the next change.
    - Added another a minor guide for new players, which presents as a spellbook of starting Villager hero class.
    - Spellbook, which contains almost all possible jobs enhanced description
    - Added new icons for some things.
    - Reforged Summon-Elemental type abilities, now it has a proper explanation for each unit, you summon.
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  4. Kolladan

    Kolladan Ambassador of the Poor Legion

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    Hello again. New version is here! - https://www.epicwar.com/maps/289416/ - I'm curious a bit, how many people watched this thread actually? 10? 100? Just would like to know.
    Content Changes
    The Living
    In general
    - Improved Farms, upgrade which was available for the Mayor hero class, can be researched now at any Town Hall type building in addition.
    - Transfered different items (Gem of True Sight, Communism, etc), which were available at the Castle building in the Citadel Town to the Shadowy Person, trader, which is located (was added) nearby the Castle.
    Knight Hero Class
    - Reworked skillset of this hero class. Mostly oriented on replacing (E)-passive ability with NEW passive ability:
    • Knight:
      • No changes
    • Elite Knight:
      • His (F)-additional ability is: Cavalry Strike - Deals 120 splash damage to enemies on 200 AOE and half damage on 200-345 AOE.
      • NEW (E)-skill! Cavalry Plating - Blocks (12+4*LVL) incoming damage, minimum taking (1.5+0.5*LVL) damage.
    • Champion:
      • His (F)-additional ability is: Enhanced Cavalry Strike - Deals 180 splash damage to enemies on 200 AOE and half damage on 200-435 AOE.
      • NEW (E)-skill! Enhanced Cavalry Plating - Blocks (15+5*LVL) incoming damage, minimum taking (1.5+0.5*LVL) damage.
    Balance Changes
    The Living
    In general
    - Greatly reduced capture time of Communism Item - Now it takes a town for 60 seconds only.
    Mayor Hero Class
    - Greatly reduced capture time of his (R)-ability Be Elected to Lead This Town - Now it has (75-15*LVL) seconds only (Cooldown still the same).
    Flamethrower Hero Class
    - Increased his attack range in both forms from 450 to 575.
    - Increased the cast radius range of his (W)-ability Fire Wave and (E)-ability Burning Bomb

    - Transfered changes of new version (1.15.5b, 1.15.5b1 and 1.15.5b2) to english version of this map
    - Made more readable Capture Town ability of the Mayor Hero class.
    - Imported a few new icons to the map.
    - Fixed few typos.
    - Reworked Become Knight type abilities textes to be more actual.
    - Improved Quest Item textes to the Mortar Team. More effective hints, hint about alternate way of solving the quest.
    - Updated text about the Dwarfland in F9.
    - Renamed some of Knigth hero class abilities.
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  5. Kolladan

    Kolladan Ambassador of the Poor Legion

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    Umm, whatever. I mean, I've finished work on translating the last version of DVL - https://www.epicwar.com/maps/289788/
    Content Changes
    In general
    - Made some preparations for elven lands. (Post-NEXUS event)
    - Replaced Coal Ore (15 HP), on the alternate pathway to the Bandit Camp, with Golem Ore (235 HP).
    The Living
    Elementalist Hero Class
    - Nerfed abilities of pre-final form of this hero class. Now he has Lesser forms of (Q) and (E) abilities (Lesser Summon Lava Spawn and Lesser Summon Light Golem), which can be level uped to 6th level only.
    Paladin Magister Hero Class
    - Replaced his Divine Shield (W) ability (Full Invulnerability) with Divine Wrath (W) ability (Damage invulnerability + bonus attack/movement speed)

    Balance Changes
    The Living
    In general
    - Increased maximum HP of Lava Spawn 3rd Level to 685 from 585. Also increased his life regeneration rate to 8 from 6 per second.
    - Increased life regeneration rate of Firelord to 32 from 18 per second.

    Firemancer Hero Class
    - Increased formula damage, dealt by Fire Shield (W) ability to (16+16*LVL) from (10+10*LVL). (Up to 165 damage on 8th level)

    Flamethrower Hero Class
    - Increased initial mana regeneration from 2.5 to 3.75

    Elementalist Hero Class
    - Increased total hero cost, adding Potion of Mana (540 gold) as required item to evolve to the Elementalist Hero Class.

    Cleric Hero Class
    - Decreased total hero cost, removing Potion of Healing (475 gold) and Scroll of Regeneration (495 gold) as a required items to evolve to the Cleric Hero Class

    Human Male (No Random); Villager Hero Class
    - Changed starting bonus to +1 Level and +205 Gold from +2 Levels and +175 Gold

    The Darkness
    Necromancer (and Girl-Necromancer)
    - Increased damage, dealt by Searing Arrows ability to 35 damage from 10. (Used by Fire and Burning Skeleton Archers (aka Early/Mid stage game skeletons))

    - Transfered changes of new DVL versions: 1.15.5b2 => 1.15.5c => 1.15.5d => 1.15.5e
    - Imported additional few icons for hero abilities.
    - Reworked descriptions on some abilities (Meteor-type)
    - Renamed some abilities name
    - Fixed some typos (again and again, thanks for 0 feedback, guys).
  6. Kolladan

    Kolladan Ambassador of the Poor Legion

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    A bit faster, yeah? New version of Darkness vs Live is here - https://www.epicwar.com/maps/289952/ EDIT: There's ugh, a new mini-version was released, so, yeah, there is another one version (updated link). Changes I will color in blue in the changelog below :D
    Content Changes
    The Living
    In general
    - Added new Class Items for Shadow Trader (for the Shadow Huntress, which will be described next).
    - Added new Hero Class for Elven Female - Shadow Huntress! Evolves from Shadow Warrior Hero Class. Her abilities are:
    • (Q) - Crushing Glaive - Stun/powerful damage to the target.​
    • (W) - Battle Rage - Increase MS/AS for a duration.​
    • (E) - Moon Glaive - Gives the hero bounce attack and increases her damage.​
    • (R) - Glaive Cutter - Puts a highly durable glaive, which cuts nearby enemy units.​
    • (T) - Vengeance - Summons an Avatar of Vengeance (same ability as a Shadow Killer Hero Class)​
    • Additional Abilities (F)​
      • (F) (Q) - Wind Walk - Short invisibility.​
      • (F) (W) - Sentinel - Puts an Owl on the tree, which reveals nearby locations.​
      • (F) (#) - Magic Resistance - 50% Magic Resistance​
      • (F) (#) - Shadow Armor - 16 block dmg​

    Shadow Ranger Hero Class
    - Replaced Multi Shot (R) ability with another new ability - Rain of Darkness - summons (3+1*LVL) Darkness Spirits from the sky, dealing 125 damage to enemies and stunning them for 3(1) seconds. Duration: 360 seconds; Cooldown: (125-5*LVL) seconds.

    The Darkness
    In general
    - Added Darkness Relic items on the Trader Spirit. Its a Legendary Items, which gives absolute advantage to the owner of these items. They're limited to 1 each per game and costs around 60k Gold each.
    - Increased damage dealt by Sun Wave (F) Ability of Sun Warrior of Hell from 350 to 635 damage.
    - Sun Warrior of Hell now can attack air units and buildings with bouncing attack up to 4 units at once.

    Warlord of the Amani
    - Decreased training/build time of almost all troll units/buildings:
    • Troll Worker decreased training time to 10 seconds from 25 seconds.
    • Troll Warrior decreased training time to 26 seconds from 32 seconds.
    • Troll Trapper decreased training time to 35 seconds from 40 seconds.
    • Troll Berserker decreased training time to 39 seconds from 48 seconds.
    • Troll High Priest decreased training time to 38 seconds from 48 seconds.
    • Troll Lodge decreased build time to 63 seconds from 126 seconds.
    • Troll Barracks decreased build time to 48 seconds from 84 seconds.
    • Troll Lumbermill decreased build time to 36 seconds from 52 seconds.

    Warlock (and Warlock Demonologist)
    - Decreased build time of Great Hall to 90 seconds from 140. Also decreased upgrade time of further forms to 90 seconds from 140 seconds too.
    - Starts with Infernal Juggernaut in addition to his other starting units.

    Demonologist (and female version of Demonologist)
    - Decreased cooldown formula of Rain of Infernals (R) ability to (185-5*LVL) from (245-5*LVL) seconds.

    Balance Changes
    The Living
    In general
    - Increased cooldown formula of (T) Ressurection ability to (195-15*LVL) seconds, up from (135-15*LVL) seconds. (Affects Paladin Magister and Cleric Sorceress)
    - Decreased chopping time of Lumberjack Axe to 4 seconds, down from 10 seconds. Also decreased cooldown to 20 seconds from 30 seconds.
    - Increased damage formula of Fireball (Q) ability up to (130+130*LVL) from (110+110*LVL) damage. (Affects High Firemancer, Archmage, Archdemon, Flamethrower, etc)

    Firemancer Hero Class
    - Increased amount of Lava Spawns summoned by additional ability to 3 from 2. But increased cooldown to 12 from 10. (Affects only High Firemancer form)
    - Buffed Meteor (T) ability on the 5th level (final). It deals more damage and lasts longer.

    Shadow Huntress Hero Class
    - Increased duration formula of Stun from Crushing Glaive to (1.5+0.5*LVL (0.75+0.25*LVL)) from (0.9+0.1*LVL (0.05+0.05*LVL)) seconds.
    - Moon Glaives now can affects enemy buildings too (and they doesn't affect Training Columns)

    Hydromancer Hero Class (and Frost Sorceress)
    - Buffed Iceberg (T) ability on the 5th level (final). It deals more damage and lasts longer.

    - Implemented changes of new DVL versions: 1.15.5e => 1.15.6 => 1.15.6a => 1.15.6b => 1.15.6c => 1.15.6c1
    - Imported additional few icons due to the changes;
    - Fixed Meteorite description;
    - Changed Slow Poison actuall stats to its inteded formula (10+5*LVL) dmg.
    - Fixed description of Black Arrow and Rain of Darkness abilities, about the Darkness Spirits strength.
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  7. Kolladan

    Kolladan Ambassador of the Poor Legion

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    Good news everyone! Another new version of Darkness vs Live is already here - https://www.epicwar.com/maps/290219/
    General Changes
    - Decorated minorly locations, where the Portal is opened, after the defeat of the First Act Boss.
    - Darkness can't capture Citadel anymore, if the Last Hope Bastion is taken by the Living. The Darkness will have to always to capture all 4 Alliance Towns before capturing the Citadel. (But the Castle still can be destroyed)

    The Living
    In general
    - Lesser Courier Horse can now carry 4 items up from 2.
    - Caravan Horse has increased base speed from 140 to 165. But decreased base HP from 800 to 700.
    - New Item - Shovel! Replaced Steel Pickaxe (25 dmg, 4 seconds to ores). Can bury corpses, receiving decreased reward (compared to the Villager hero ability). Mostly serves as an alternative of finishing Gravedigger Quest.
    - Decreased cooldown of Lumberjack Axe to 14 seconds down from 20 seconds. But in return it gives less lumber per chopping and less EXP reward.
    - Exchanged Log (in the usual Lumbermill), gives (13+2*LVL) Experience reward instead of (15+2*LVL). But in return it has 25% chance to reward with Pack of Boards, instead of simple Boards.
    - Schoolbook of Mage has a decreased reading time: 8 seconds from 20 seconds each page.
    - Schoolbook of Archmage has a decreased reading time: 6 seconds from 10 seconds each page. And maximum levels increased to 30 from 25. (Also can affect some secret hero)
    - Fishing Rod doesn't disable the Hero, who uses this item. But in return it makes Sharks and other sea monsters, from the fishing in the Port, to aim the fishing Hero first, mostly.
    - Increased gold reward from Big Fish by 8 (and 6 on the Port). Also increased bonus experience reward to (5*LVL) on maximum profit and (3*LVL) on other profit (from 4*LVL and 2*LVL previously).

    Siege Tank Hero Class
    - Increased stun duration of Rocker Barrage (Q)-Ability up to 3(1.5) seconds from 1(0.5) seconds.
    - Decreased cooldown of Fire Wave (W)-Ability to 6 seconds from 10 seconds.

    Battle Helicopter Hero Class
    - Increased stun duration of Bombardment (Q)-Ability up to 4(2) seconds from 2(1) seconds.

    Flamethrower Hero Class
    - Increased bonus damage from Liquid Fire Ammo, (F)-Additional Ability up to 56 from 38.
    - Decreased cooldown of Fire Wave (W)-Ability to 6 seconds from 10 seconds.
    - Decreased cooldown of Burning Bomb (E)-Ability to 7 seconds from 12 seconds.

    Elven Archer Hero Class (aka Shadow and Light Rangers)
    - Increased damage formula of Arrow Volley (Q)-Ability up to (64+64*LVL) damage from (48+48*LVL) damage.
    - Decreased cooldown of Balistic Shot (E)-Ability to 8 seconds from 12 seconds.
    - Shadow Rangers' summoned Darkness Spirits can now increase their stats beyond 30 LVL of the hero (up to 7 times or 70 LVL).

    The Darkness
    Satyr Lord
    - Corrupted Wisps are now limited up to 60 units at once.
    - All Satyr type units (Firecaller, Hellcaller, etc) have received 25% evasion. (Affects also Hybrid Satyrs for Gardener)

    Warlord of the Amani
    - Increased training (build) time of Troll Workers to 15 seconds from 10 seconds.
    - Increased build time of Troll Mill to 58 seconds from 36 seconds.
    - Buffed Cursed Axe (Q)-Ability of the Hero. It has now (165+95*LVL) damage to the primary target up from (125+60*LVL) damage and decreases armor by (4+2*LVL) up from (2+1*LVL) armor.
    - Buffed Mass Regeneration (R)-Ability of the Hero. It can't be dispeled now (neither attacks, nor dispel), but amount of healed damage is decreased to (120+74*LVL) from (120+105*LVL) damage.

    - Implemented changes of new DVL versions: 1.15.6c1 => 1.15.6d => 1.15.6d1 => 1.15.6d2 => 1.15.6d3 => 1.15.6e => 1.15.7
    - Added names of locations and towns as floating textes on the game screen (map). Also added -hide and -show command to remove/show again these floating textes, if you feel uncomfortable seeing them.
    - Tried to improve Quest text descriptions, but it seems a bit choppy, so for now changed only for the Living in their Citadel Quest Guild.
    - Added pinging for the Stag Hunt Quest, when its activated (it pings about appeared stags locations only).
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  8. Futa Empress

    Futa Empress

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    we have been missing you plz go support poor legion
  9. Kolladan

    Kolladan Ambassador of the Poor Legion

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    New version is here - https://www.epicwar.com/maps/290431/ - Also I've made google forms list, where you can make your feedback of this map, without any need signing in - https://goo.gl/forms/HgbyMc6lUxrmSSA33 - Maybe it will make you to leave feedback finally
    General Changes
    - Bandit Camp buildings are now invulnerable (spawning buildings only, not towers), until the Bandit Lord is killed.
    - The Bandit Lord (in the Bandit Camp) has lost his Divine Shield ability, but received 25% Cleave, 25% Bash and Howl of Terror.
    - Many abilities (like Flame Strike) now has different damage buffs from each other, making it stackable with each others (like Firemancer Flame Strike and Archmage Flame Strike abilities). It was made also to prevent crashes ingame, which could occur during these circumstances.
    - Increased level of the Necromancer's Hell Skeleton units, which increases EXP reward for the Living, if they're killed.
    - Enhanced tileset around the Citadel (more green grace around it)

    The Living
    In general
    - Increased damage of Rocket Launcher Dwarfland Artifact additional ability to 535 damage from 480.
    - New Item: Cybernetic Boots - Increases movement speed by 40% and armor by 5. Also has active abilities, similar to Potion of Rabbit, but in countless times use.
    - Lava Spawns received Immolation (2 & 3 levels) and Critical Strike 3-times (3rd level only). (Affects Elementalist and Firemancer hero classes)
    - Punishment Ability (Inquisitor and Light Sorceress) can now stack with Blizzard Ability (Hydromancer). aka deal damage from both spells to enemies under these spells on the same time.

    Righteous Paladin Hero Class
    - Now has increased damage formula from Aura of Holy Fire (Q)-Ability: (5+14*LVL) damage from (5+10*LVL) damage.
    - Increased damage to summoned units from Light Purge (W)-Ability to (85+105*LVL) damage up from (75*LVL) damage.

    Elementalist Hero Class
    - Summon Elementals (R)-Ability has now a decreased manacost formula: (104+52*LVL) from (450+50*LVL). Also its chances to summon high level elementals now increase with each level of this ability. But in return is has changed cooldown formula: (93-3*LVL) from (270-30*LVL) seconds.

    Hydromancer Hero Class
    - Increased damage formula of Crushing Wave (W)-Ability to (40+60*LVL) from (25+50*LVL) damage; (750*LVL) from (600*LVL) maximum wave damage and decreased manacost of this ability by 30 mana points.

    Flamethrower Hero Class
    - Decreased his total cost, by decreasing gold cost of Flamethrower (3195 Gold --> 2495 Gold) and Dragon Leather Armor (2953 Gold --> 953 Gold) Class Items.

    Light Ranger Hero Class
    - Increased basic movement speed to 295 up from 270.
    - Added additional ability: Holy Light - on the final form (Ranger).
    - Decreased manacost of Searing Arrows (W)-Ability from (6+2*LVL) to (5+1*LVL).

    Shadow Ranger Hero Class
    - Increased basic movement speed to 295 up from 270.
    - Added additional ability: Wind Walk - on the final form (Ranger).
    - Decreased manacost of Black Arrows (W)-Ability from (4+2*LVL) to (2+1*2LVL).
    - Darkness Spirits spawned from Black Arrows (W)-Ability now has enhanced life time formula - (70+10*LVL) seconds from 80 seconds only.
    - Decreased casting time of Rain of Darkness (R)-Ability

    The Darkness
    In general
    - Darkness Relic Items are now available for the Team only after +40 minutes of the Game.

    Warlock (and Warlock Demonologist)
    - Decreased cooldown formula of Horrify (R)-Ability to (50-4*LVL) from (100-10*LVL) seconds. (Affects only Warlock, not Warlock-Demonologist)
    - Lesser Warlocks receives increased hp bonus (75 --> 145) from Lesser Warlock Adept Training. (Happens if the Death Knight is selected by Darkness Base player or if researched by the Warlock himself)

    Pit Lord
    - Decreased training time from 240 seconds to 160 seconds.

    Twilight King (Cho)
    - Increased basic attack damage by almost twice.
    - Added ranged (585 range) chaos attack against buildings.
    - Each 5 levels of the Twilight King gives him +10 to attack damage, in addition to bonus armor and hit points.
    - Replaced Hammer of Twilight (R)-Ability with new ability: Twilight Runes - Creates runes on the land, which deals damage and stuns enemy units. Runes attacks enemy units and slows them and explodes upon death. Using this ability spawns ogre soldiers at the Altar of Darkness in addition.
    - Ogre Magi receives increased hp bonus (40 --> 85) from Ogre Magi Adept Training. (Happens if the Second Head is selected or the Warlock is picked by the other players and he makes such upgrades).

    Necromancer (and Girl-Necromancer)
    - Increased level of the Necromancer's Hell Skeleton units, which in fact increases EXP reward for the Living, if they're killed by them.
    - Increased movement speed of Skeleton Reaper (and Skeleton Maniac) - unit, which can be trained from Skeleton Crypts and rarely spawn from Raise Skeleton (Q)-Ability. Also changed his attack and armor type to the hero and changed their critical strike 2-times to critical strike 3-times.
    - Buffed mostly abilities of Skeleton Mages by 10-20%.

    - Darkness Demon can upgrade his demon gates power only to 7 level of the upgrade instead of 10, before killing Boss of the First Act.
    - Lumbermill building in the Dwarfland is correctly transformed into the Corrupted version upon capturing Last Hope Bastion by the Darkness Team.

    - Implemented changes of new DVL versions: 1.15.7 => 1.15.7a => 1.15.7a1 => 1.15.7a2
    - Minor hints improvement (again) for quest of creating TNT.
    - Few new icon imports.
    - Added link to https://goo.gl/forms/HgbyMc6lUxrmSSA33 (Feedback link) in F9.
    - Added displaying text, which tells to the Cho Player about his (R)-Ability, when it can spawn ogres additionally or not.
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    The current version of DVL in english is here - https://www.epicwar.com/maps/290838/ - with do nothing to win Satyr Lord :(
    General Changes
    - Reterrained the inner part of the Mine location, which increased the amount of Coal ores (and even Golem Ores) inside it.
    - Cursed Blade Pulverize additional ability (Cursed Paladin and Knight of the Madness) has now increased damage and deals damage to buildings in addition (and to Training Columns)

    The Living
    In general
    - Healing Wave of Inquisitor units now heals more damage with each jump by 5%/7% instead of reducing healed damage by 25%/10%. Cooldown reduced to 7 seconds from 9 seconds.
    - Lava Spawns 3rd Level has received Hero armor type, instead of heavy.
    - Courier Horses (lesser and non lesser) has received ability, which automatically unloads all items on them to the ground.
    - Courier Horse (Trained from the Town Hall) has received now 690 HP up from 590; 135 Gold cost; 500 basic movement speed and 5 seconds training time. But can be trained only by the Mayor.
    - Moved blacksmith building of the Citadel town to the inside of the inner part of the Mine Location
    - Changed position of the Guards on the Farm Town minorly.

    Inqusitor (and High Inquisitor and Light Sorceress) Hero Class
    - Healing Wave (E) Ability now heals (2+1*LVL)% increased damage per jump from 25% decrease per jump.

    Paladin Magister Hero Class
    - Divine Strike (R) Ability now has decreased damage formula - (37*LVL) damage from (45+30*LVL) damage.

    Flamethrower Hero Class
    - Decreased attack cooldown to 1 second from 1.8 seconds and in overcharge mode to 0.2 seconds from 0.36 seconds.

    The Darkness

    Warlock (and Warlock-Demonologist)
    - Increased strength increase of the Warlock hero with each level to 3.5 up from 2.5
    - Increased basic stats (HP and Mana) minorly of the Warlock Hero. HP: 300 -> 575 | Mana: 300 -> 445
    - Increased strength increase of the Warlock-Demonologist hero with each level to 4 up from 3.5
    - Replaced Shadow Wave (Q) Ability of the Warlock hero with enhanced version, which deals a bit more damage and deals additional damage during a minor duration (like fire wave of Flamethrower hero)
    - A bit increased strength of the Corruption (W) Ability of the Warlock Hero on the 8th level of the ability.
    - Decreased cooldown of the Drain Life (E) Ability of the Warlock hero to 6 seconds down from 10 seconds.
    - Increased training time of the Warlock hero to 75 seconds from 60 seconds.
    - Decreased training time of the Warlock-Demonologist hero to 90 seconds from 120 seconds.
    - Increased damage of Corruption (W) Ability of the Lesser Warlock unit to 140 damage 3 seconds and 32 damage per 0.5 seconds for 57 seconds. from 140 damage 3 seconds and 10 damage per 1 second for 57 seconds.

    - The Hero received additional ability Dark Portal (A), which unlocks on 50th Level of the Hero. Summons 4 high-tier demons (Maiden of Pains or Overlords)

    Twilight King (Cho)
    - Twilight Runes attack cooldown has been decreased to 1.25 seconds down from 2.75 seconds.
    - Twilight Runes receives 5 armor per 5 Levels of the Cho instead of 2 armor.

    First Death Knight
    - Decreased Training time of the Hero to 5 seconds from 10 seconds.

    Necromancer (and Girl-Necromancer)
    - Receives increased limits of Skeletons Crypts and trained skeletons inside of this building, upon reaching +42 Level of the Hero
    - Skeleton Titans now has decreased armor per upgrade. 6 armor -> 2 armor per 7 Levels of the Necromancer hero.

    Satyr Lord
    - Greatly decreased training and build time of all his buildings and units
    • Corrupted Wisp decreased training time to 6 seconds down from 14 seconds.
    • Satyr Lumberjack decreased training time to 6 seconds down from 7 seconds.
    • Satyr Warrior decreased training time to 8 seconds down from 20 seconds.
    • Satyr Trickster decreased training time to 8 seconds down from 20 seconds.
    • Satyr Soulstealer decreased training time to 15 seconds down from 30 seconds.
    • Satyr Shadowdancer decreased training time to 15 seconds down from 30 seconds.
    • Satyr Hellcaller decreased training time to 40 seconds down from 80 seconds.
    • Satyr Firecaller decreased training time to 40 seconds down from 80 seconds.
    • Poison Treant decreased training time to 10 seconds down from 30 seconds.
    • Plague Treant decreased training time to 20 seconds down from 50 seconds.
    • Sludge Monstrocity decreased training time to 12 seconds down from 35 seconds.
    • Corrupted Ancient of Life decreased build time to 65 seconds down from 110 seconds.
    • Corrupted Ancient of Ages decreased upgrade time to 50 seconds down from 60 seconds.
    • Corrupted Ancient of Eternity decreased upgrade time to 50 seconds down from 80 seconds.
    • Corrupted Ancient of War decreased build time to 35 seconds down from 70 seconds.
    • Corrupted Ancient Protector decreased build time to 28 seconds down from 70 seconds.
    • Nightmare Obelisk decreased build time to 26 seconds down from 60 seconds.
    • Corrupted Moonwell decreased build time to 23 seconds down from 50 seconds.
    • Necro Obelisk (Necromancer Combo) decreased build time to 85 seconds down from 120 seconds.
    • Dimensional Gateway (Demonologist Combo) decreased build time to 95 seconds down from 120 seconds.
    - Decreased minorly lumber cost of Corrupted Wisps and Satyr Lumberjacks.
    - Decreased research time of Nightmare Presence upgrade (which increases mana regen of Nightmare Obelisks) to (50+10*LVL) seconds.
    - Nightmare Obelisks now generate 85 Gold and 45 Lumber up from 50 Gold and 35 Lumber per generated Nightmare Point.

    - Waygate of the Bandit Lair (when you roll being kidnapped in the Citadel) now unlocks only if you break the gate.

    -Implemented changes of new DVL versions: 1.15.7a2 => 1.15.7b => 1.15.7c => 1.15.7d
    -Renamed some secret hero of the living and description (Punisher & Holy Knight => Dark Crusader & Divine Crusader).
    -Minor changes for some descriptions.
    -Added few icons for this secret hero
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