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Need Help Making Unit Spells

Discussion in 'Map Making' started by Revenant, Sep 4, 2018.

  1. Revenant


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    Hey all! I'm trying to make a customized melee map, but I'm very green to map-making and the world editor.

    For reference, I'm trying to make this unit spell:
    Name - Curse of Weakness
    Effect - Curse an enemy unit, reducing the damage it deals by X%.

    Due to my limited knowledge, I am stuck. I pretty much wanted to use the Neutral Hostile "Howl of Terror" spell, but making it a single-targeted ability. Anyone know and can explain how I would go about making this spell? Thank you!
  2. SvnmS

    SvnmS Brigand Map Maker

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    I think cripple has a damage reducing component to it. You can use that, just make the movement speed and attack speed reduction values null.
    If you want it autocastable you can use inner fire. Press Shift before double clicking the damage increase field. Then set it to a negative value, like -0.2 to make it reduce the damage by 20%. Don't forget to change the allowed targets. Also, it will still count as a positive buff.
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