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N'Zoth Faction Preview

Discussion in 'Fall of Lordaeron WIP' started by Elbadruhel, Apr 5, 2019.

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    Once the Old Gods were defeated and jailed, some of them tried to uprise and start open wars, like C'thun with the Quiraji of Silithus, others tried to corrupt their keepers and turn their strenght agaisnt Azeroth, like Yogg Saron in Ulduar, but the last one, the smartest, decided to "die", to dissapear from the view and mind of everyone, starting to develop great plots to corrupt and conquer whole Azeroth slowly, while anyone could think of him as a threat.

    To reach his goal, N'zoth sealed a pact with Azshara when the elven kingdom sunk, the Old God transformed the night elves in exchange of their ethernal servitude. The Naga, as this night elves were called since them, started to conquer the whole sea, subduing the oceanic criatures: murloc, turtles, vipers, hydras... Creating a massive empire under water that kept unnoticed for the keepers and realms of the surface.

    Now, N'zoth's power is so big that he has decided is the right moment to strike and conquer the surface, he has sent his mind to corrupt some walkers, and his naga armies to destroy those that may oppose him. From his safe base in the deep sea, he will rule both sea and lad, once for all, the Old Golds will achieve their victory.

    Your power relies in the sea. You can do fast and destructive attacks to any beach in the map, what makes you much more easy to do backstabbing and surprising attacks. Also, your bigger variety of units gives you a better chance for outplay the enemy. But this has a downside, your faceless units cant swim, so you should recruit them just when you are in an open war in land, and rely on the flexible nagas to do the initial invasions. Your only rival at sea and coastal warfare is Kul Tiras, corrupt their Kingdom and destroy their fleets and the power of Azshara will rule the seas forever.


    All factions have 9 units + elite + woker + 3 boats, but Nagas and their slaves doesnt need boats, since they can swim everywhere, so their faction has 3 extra ground units instead of 3 boats. Giving them more army flexibility and variety to counter their enemies choices.

    Naga Viper: Light Big. Bonus vs Heavy. Shoots poison.
    Naga Turtle. Heavy Big. Siege. Can eat an enemy and his spyked shell damages melee attackers.
    Murloc Bloodseeker. Light Infantry. Normal.
    Murloc Shadowmancer. Caster.
    Naga Siren. Caster.
    Naga Myrmidon. Light Big. Bonus vs Big. Reinforced scales to reduce incoming damage.
    Naga Guard. Light Big. Bonus vs Heavy. Reinforced scales to reduce incoming damage.
    Naga Archer. Light Infantry. Normal.
    Faceless One. (Shared with Yogg Saron). Heavy Infantry. Normal.
    Corrupted Tidesage. Caster.
    Corrupted Gunner. Light Infantry. Bonus vs Big.

    N'zoth. The Corruptor. Int Hero. As Yogg Saron will use world wide range spells to help their armies.
    Warlord Zon'ozz. Lieutenant of N'Zoth. Str Hero. Is the Vezaxx of Nzoth, this C'traxxi will guide your armies into victory with massive defence and hp and some concusive skills.
    Lady Naz'jar. Revered Lady of Nazjatar. Agi Hero. This Naga lady is the leader of the naga that follow N'zoth, she will use her magic powers and mistic bow to destroy the enemy ranks.
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