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Planned Projects - Campaigns

Discussion in 'All out War' started by Ruthrelad the Savage, Jul 16, 2016.

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    That was most basic example i could think of in 5 seconds '-'
    I meant more like, Interactive terrain? I guess thats good way to call it.
    And going back to this circle with archers, such things could be reward for creative thinking. For example, there's no real quest for it but circle exists on hill. Road to hill is blocked by trees, and you are unable to see what is on top of this hill. Some players would just ignore it, some would cut through the woods and see their little reward that gives them Major/Minor adventage. Of course creating terrain with addition of such small rewards could be a bit annoying to make '-'.
  2. Ruthrelad the Savage

    Ruthrelad the Savage Guest

    Erm well not anytime soon that's for sure >.<
    Before I even begin work on these campaigns I need to finish the basic AAll Out War All Out Warwhich will be the base for them. I have set a personal deadline of September for its full release. After that I should start working on them and I believe that campaigns shouldn't take too long to complete but the more I think of it the more I sorrowfully suspect that in will take quite a while due to my obsession with perfection.

    Those are some interesting ideas indeed. Blizzard hills already give some advantages (vision and dodge chance) but adding to them for some specific location would be interesting without a doubt.