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Plans for 0.25 --> 0.26

Discussion in 'Lordaeron: The Foremath' started by Woodenplank, Jan 19, 2018.

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  1. Woodenplank

    Woodenplank Brigand Map Maker

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    Surprise motherfuckers! This wasn't a poll.

    <Strangely empty text void??? Such mystery, much disappear>

    0.25 will be a relatively small patch. It doesn't introduce new, scary faction changes but just adds a few units, modifies a few skill sets, fixes a bunch of bugs and tooltip errors.
    In short, it will be like 0.24 but more refined and polished.

    For 0.26 I'm gonna try revamping most of the faction system. And I've decided that a large part of the community is useless trolls, moronic idiots, and/or toxic narcicissts. So I'm gonna do what I want, and we'll see how you like it when 0.26 comes out.
    But you expected a poll, so here are a few options for you
    1. You can accept that I'm the editor; play 0.25 (and eventually 0.26) and try to have fun with it
    2. You can denounce my editorship, go back to 0.20 and cry about its issues until you find a new, "worthy" editor
    There's a fair chance that 0.26 will be the last version I make - aside from an 0.27 to fix any gamebreaking bugs, etc. - since I honestly don't like editing LTF.
    When I took the map over from Marsh, I was a casual LTF fan who saw a lot of nitpickings that needed changes (Mal'ganis's Dark Conversion was busted, Darion Mograine's ultimate passively melted armies, nothing could die under Teron's infinite healing aura...). But the community craved more than this, a lot more - don't misunderstand me; I'm not saying it was wrong of you to want more - but it (evidently) wasn't something I was equipped to deliver.
    I've simply run into too many issues in my editorship - and at this point it has sucked any enjoyment out of it, and I'd much rather go back to my own maps.
    • LTF has a lot of issues, and whenever I try to fix something, one of four things happens;
      1. I fuck something else up
      2. Nobody fucking cares because it's a "small thing" like correcting 50 tooltips
      3. People say "no! There are waaaay bigger priorities, wtf are you doing fixing this instead of that?!"
      4. People immediately go on to the next issue they want fixed
    • Also - and I don't mean to bash Marsh, as she's our most succesful map maker by light years - while I admit to several mistakes, bugs, imbalances, etc. introduced because of me... I'd still venture saying at least 75% of all issues with this map existed before I took up editorship. And I'm losing my mind trying to wriggle my way through a web of triggers, variables, and booleans that I didn't design in the first place... While also having to deal the fact that the map is so bloody huge that everything has been recycled three times since LTA, but was never given a thorough cleanup since the transition. Half the stuff related to Archimonde is called "Kil'jaeden this and that" and there was about a fifty upgrades, units, and techtrees that belonged to factions that didn't even exist any more - or worse; belonged to factions that did exist, but have had their triggers edited since then (i.e. Forsaken-Horde alliance is still sitting nice and safe in the map files)
    • I guess that, statistically speaking, the majority of the community are... "somewhat okay" with me as an editor - in lieu of having Marsh herself - and it may only be 1/10 really hateful criticizers. But as always people are more vocal in their hatred than their appreciation so it feels like there's 1 appreciative voice for every 10 naysayers, critiques, haters, and people roaring "more, more, more! Fix it, fix it, fix it!"
      And frankly I'm fucking sick of it. I know that editorship is a responsibility, but I won't be bogged down with angst and stress over something I do as a fucking hobby.
      I get angsty and depressed from pretty mellow every-day things, and managing a map with so... "ambitiously vocal" fanbase is not something for me - especially not when the map wasn't even my own design to begin with.
    So fuck you; I'm releasing 0.25 in a bit - and then I'll work on 0.26 like a mad scientist in a locked castle, and we'll see how you like it.
    In the meantime you can look for a more stable (mentally, productively, etc.) editor. Good luck with that.
    New Dalaran is Cool
    • Worgen now belong to the <Rogue Humanoid> faction
      • Nothing else to see here... Dalaran doesn't have to stay alliance is all.
    • New Dalaran path is locked by 2 requirements: Old Dalaran is destroyed, and ALLIANCE IS BROKEN
      • This means Aegwynn and New Dalaran are a combo together
      • Although maybe I'll let Dalaran players proc it from Alliance is Broken, so we don't get any business like "someone please kill my capital so I can get new path)...
        • Hopefully not...
        • Fuck this suggestion...
    • What do do with Awkward New Dalaran on the edge of Northrend? - Easy; we fucking remove it
      • The real (!) new Dalaran becomes a floating city a la Naxxramas
        • I'm sorry that this makes Cult less unique... But at least you get a Naxxramas/Evil vs. Dalaran/Good floating citadel battle
        • Tactical advantage that the Broken Alliance might sorely need.
        • In accordance with lore, as the Kirin'tor tend to move Dalaran wherever the fuck they feel its needed (not sitting on a glacier next to Northrend)
    Arthas is a Bad Boy

    • The Fall of Stratholme - (if Lich King or Cult take it) makes Arthas unrevivable. Upon death; Arthas goes Evil - as does DG player
      • NEW Lordaeron Path is REMOVED
        • WTF Woodenplank you massively stupid ****!?
      • I know, I know. But New Lordaeron is honestly shit-tier event when it comes to Team-balancing
        • Kick out the Blood Elves? well shit...
        • Cling to an already fucked-over Alliance, just to deny Broken Alliance power, or something?
        • Deny undead a player? :(
      • With this; killing Sylvanas and destroying Lordaeron Palace forces the game into a 4v4v4
      • Don't worry... I'll let Kul Tiras get picked up without New Lordaeron
        • Possibly let it slip over to Dalaran Player if Arthas goes bad boy
    • Some other reward path for surviving as "good guy DG" for a long time
      • ???
      • Reuse assets from New Lordaeron??
    Neutral Factions
    • Old Gods
      • Old Gods stay the same mostly, but without Scarlet Onslaught.
      • Have a look at this suggestion though, if you think they're too boring now.
    • Syndicate
      • Syndicate now belong to <Rogue Humanoid> faction
      • They can go <Alliance>, if that faction has no more than 4 players (I.e. less than 5)
        • Same requirement (less than 5 players in Alliance) will be added to Ebon Blade, to prevent late-game Alliance stacking
    • Scarlet Onslaught
      • With 0.24 Scarlet Crusade is just an intermediate faction between Argent and Onslaught.
      • Scarlet Onslaught now belongs to <Rogue Humanoid> faction
      • Remove Risen (which is ironic, since I just gave them new stuff in 0.24 and 0.25beta
    • Blood Elves (Mutliple Paths)
      • Wretched Curse and Fel Elves disabled, because I'm too lazy to work them out
        • Okay maybe Wretched can happen under some specific circumstances...
        • But one player getting to decide between four (4!!!!) different teams is as unstable as a large lump of U238... inside a supernova....
      • Illidari
        • Illidari now belong to the <Illidari> faction
          • zomgwtf?!
        • When Illidan enters Outland, Fel Horde may choose to side with them through Research (rather than waiting for Magtheridon Snipe)
          • Still forced if Magtheridon is sniped though...
          • Probably need a buff; I know.
    • Forsaken (Multiple paths)
      • Free-Will is removed, because fuck you, that's why.
      • Two "new" paths replace Free-Will
        • Putress' Betrayal + Blight Plague
          • Enabled by Fel Horde joining <Illidari>
            • Also if Twilight's Hammer Cult has been activated
            • Also if Syndicate has been activated
            • I'm basically saying they can only join Legion, if Legion has lost a member.
            • Should be obvious that this is all post-civil war.
          • Sylvanas is gone, and so is Nathanos Marris
          • Led by Varimathras (always resurrected, if previously dead) and Grand Apothecary Putress
          • Unlocks Blighted Arrows for Forsaken Archers (same as Plague arrows before...)
          • Replaces Spiders with Blighted Stalkers (much like Shadow Council Felsabers)
          • Replaces Meat Wagons with Blight Contraptions (more powerful, chaos-damage machines)
          • Led by Varimathras = Allied to Legion team, get it?
      • Night Elf Sentinels
        • Enabled if <Alliance> is Broken and if that faction has no more than 4 players (I.e. less than 5)
        • ???
    Well that's it.
    Can't really say it's been a pleasure.
    /Mic drop
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  2. Harald

    Harald The Betrayer Shaman Map Maker

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    The real (!) new Dalaran becomes a floating city a la Naxxramas
    • I'm sorry that this makes Cult less unique... But at least you get a Naxxramas/Evil vs. Dalaran/Good floating citadel battle
    NEW Lordaeron Path is REMOVED
    • WTF Woodenplank you massively stupid ****!

    Also a problem with adding the Rogue human faction is that these players will be facing teams with way more players, i might be wrong and it could work as well.
  3. Kolladan

    Kolladan Ambassador of the Poor Legion

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    Funny. Suggested funny idea eons ago making Dalaran like Naxxramas, got massively disliked, how it will turn now?
  4. Skillerino

    Skillerino one fool once told me have faith in humanity

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    Well even tho i don't agree with some of the changes (not gonna bother explaining which cuz as u have said u r supreme and people usually rally behind your back admit it or not that's what happened in planty of cases or my suggestions sucked or smt :D)
    I have warned you that editing map as huge as LTF/KTA/LTA etc is hard and after some time you might see it work rather then fun but i guess not many editors are around and those who are have their hands full.
    Anyway what i propose is:Make patch every 1month or smt when you will have more time you can do hotfix as marsh used to do (this again is only a suggestion don't take it as you have to do it :p)
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  5. Kael89

    Kael89 Grand Admiral of Kul'Tiras

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    Soo what with garithos ?
    I really liked new lordaeron soo now Arthas must be corrupted :(, for me you shouldnt remove it but you are editor
  6. BeStNiK-RoKa


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    lol Garitos will stay in the old lordaeron

    dalaran version DAOW, soon!))
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  7. Lunelune

    Lunelune Known double post inquisitor and heretic caller. Brigand

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    If you are serious about removing New Lordaeron, what about replacing Garithos with someone much more lore friendly? Since Garithos didn't do much before the fall of the kingdom.
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  8. ProphetMuhammad

    ProphetMuhammad Definently Not Tehfebeb Brigand

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    those insults are master level

    please teach me plank
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  9. Spampolice

    Spampolice The Whispering God Shaman

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  10. ProphetMuhammad

    ProphetMuhammad Definently Not Tehfebeb Brigand

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    Calm down spam, or Plank will destroy you publicly
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