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Players' Game List

Discussion in 'Forum/Clan Games' started by Onyx, Feb 9, 2019.

  1. Onyx

    Onyx GrimmHeart Darksbane Shaman

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    Hey people, knowing there's a lot of people spending time on other games than wc3 and that wc3 itself isn't as played as it used to be
    I was thinking about creating this thread so anyone can list out the games he has and is willing to play on Multiplayer

    So we'd (Hawkr and myself) like to make some kind of "database" on which players would list their games and from there, try to organise clan/forum games outside of wc3. I realised Zerwi already had made such thread, but being outdated I feel like its better to restart from 0

    We already know the Paradox community is big, on both UoS as well as BotR and even outside but I'll still put it here, there might be players unaware of us playing those

    Strategy :

    Starcraft 2 : Onyx, Julian, Zerwikaptur, Diadon, anden, dbk, reddragon, Harald, Tdmien, darcraft, Hahay
    Age of Wonders : anden
    Endless Space II : anden
    Dawn of War - Dark Crusade : Onyx, Doomy, Spampolice, Mesis
    Dawn of War - Soulstorm : Onyx, Doomy, Spampolice, Mesis
    Dawn of War II - Retribution : Arthos, Onyx, Spampolice, Zerwikaptur, Mesis, darcraft
    Age of Empire I :
    Age of Empire II HD : Onyx, Arthos, Spampolice, Iliya, Zerwikaptur, Diadon, Mesis, phantomsnake
    Age of Empre III : Arlt, Arthos
    Warcraft II :
    Age of Mythology Titans : Doomy
    Civilisation 4 :
    Civilisation 5 : Arlt, Hawkr, Arthos, Doomy, Iliya, Mesis, Trash, Harald, Mangros, darcraft, phantomsnake
    Civilisation 6 : Arlt, Arthos, Diadon, Mesis, Harald, Tdmien, phantomsnake
    Medieval Kingdom Wars : Arthos
    Company of Heroes 2 : Arthos, Dragon, Hawkr, Spampolice, Iliya, Diadon, Mesis, Awesomeguy, Mangros
    Star Wars Empire at War : Arthos, Mangros, Julian
    Total War Warhammer : Iliya, Harald
    World of Tanks : Trash, Julian
    Settlers 7 : Onyx, Diadon, Style
    Heroes of Might & Magic : Hahay (2 & 4)

    Hack'n'Slash :

    Diablo 2 : Onyx, Doomy
    Diablo 3 : Onyx, Julian, Trash, ZeroFlotsie, darcraft
    Path of Exile : Hawkr, dbk, Trash

    Paradox :

    Europa Universalis 4 : Arlt, Arthos, Doomy, Spampolice, Zerwikaptur, Diadon, Mesis, Awesomeguy, Harald, Mangros, ZeroFlotsie, laite, darcraft
    Crusader Kings 2 : Hawkr, Arthos, Doomy, Diadon, Awesomeguy, phantomsnake
    Hearts of Iron 4 : Arthos, Doomy, TheKaldorei, Zerwikaptur, Diadon, Mesis, Awesomeguy, Mangros, laite, darcraft
    Stellaris : Arthos, Doomy, Spampolice, Mesis, Trash, ZeroFlotsie, Tdmien
    Victoria 2 : Hawkr, Arthos, Doomy, Diadon

    MOBA :

    League of Legends : Hawkr, Spampolice, ske, TheKaldorei, Zerwikaptur, Mesis, Trash, dbk, ZeroFlotsie, Hahay
    Heroes of the Storm : Julian, Arlt, Hawkr, Arthos, TheKaldorei, Zerwikaptur, Mesis, Awesomeguy, anden, dbk, Harald, reddragon, Mangros, ZeroFlotsie, Tdmien, Nalesean, Hahay
    Dota : Svnms, Zerwikaptur, Mesis, Trash, Nalesean
    Smite : Hawkr, Laite

    MMORPG :

    World of Warcraft : Julian, Spampolice, TheKaldorei, Zerwikaptur, Mesis, anden, dbk, reddragon, Mangros, Laite, Darcraft
    The Elder Scrolls Online :
    Planetside 2 : Hawkr, Doomy
    Guild Wars 2 : Mesis, Hahay
    Warthunder : Doomy, Iliya
    Star Wars the Old Republic : ske, Mangros
    Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood : reddragon
    Warhammer : ZeroFlotsie

    FPS :
    Call of Duty : Trash (4, 6, 8)
    CSGO : Trashh, AwesomeGuy, dbk, phantomsnake
    Paladins : AwesomeGuy
    PubG : Mangros
    Apex : Mangros
    Battlefield 5 : ZeroFlotsie
    Overwatch : Tdmien

    Cards :
    Hearthstone : Trash, Harald, phantomsnake
    Yu Gi Ho Duel Link : Harald
    Skylords Reborn : Hahay

    Note : If you know players, from Discord or else, which like to play some of these games on multi, please tell them to make an account here
    Don't hesitate to propose other games or other categories as long as those games can be played on multi, otherwise there would be no point ...
    We only posted a few examples, and We don't own all the games listed here myself
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    Last edited: Feb 15, 2019
  2. Julian

    Julian just a simple Lich Shaman

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    I got World of Warcraft HOTS Diablo 3 and starcraft 2
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  3. Arlt

    Arlt the Last Emperor Advisor Legend

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    I am available on HotS, EU4, and AoE3.

    Btw, could you also add Civ 4/5/6 to the list? And if so, add me to Civ 5/6. Thanks. :-)
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    Last edited: Feb 9, 2019
  4. Arthos

    Arthos Last Roman Brigand

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    Strategy :
    DoW: Both of them and their expansions (i do not consider DoW III as a sequel of those 2)
    - AoE II(HD edition) and III: Both with all expansions aswell
    - Civ 5 and 6
    - Medieval Kingdom Wars
    - Company of Heroes 2
    - Star wars Empire at war
    Paradox :
    Victoria 2: both expansions
    - Stellaris: with all dlcs
    - Crusader Kings 2: with all dlcs
    - Hearts of iron IV: with all dlcs
    - Europa Universalis IV: with all dlcs
    MOBA :
    - Heroes of the storm
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  5. dbK

    dbK The Shadow

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    Add me for:
    - LoL
    - HotS
    - WoW Classic (when it gets released)
    - Starcraft 2
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  6. Spampolice

    Spampolice The Whispering God Shaman

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    ay, handy. WoW, all of the DoW. CoH, Stellaris, Eu4, LoL AoE II HD,
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  7. Ske

    Ske UoS Spy

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    I play League of Legends on EUW from time to time :-)

    And then i recently got into StarWars: The Old Republic. It goes to the MMORPG list
  8. SvnmS

    SvnmS Brigand Map Maker

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    Add me to the Dota list, though I'm taking a short break from it currently.
  9. Spectator

    Spectator The Changer of Ways... Donator

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    I got AOE 2, Civ 5, CoH2, League, Dota, Warthunder. But Don't add League and Dota for me since it would impossible to play those two with my ping in EU servers but the rest are fine.

    btw no love for Total War Warhammer 2 anyone? :(
  10. SvnmS

    SvnmS Brigand Map Maker

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    Which servers do you play on ?