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Racial traits in TES:I

Discussion in 'The Elder Scrolls: Interregnum' started by Draupne, Apr 14, 2018.

  1. Lunelune

    Lunelune Known double post inquisitor and heretic caller. Brigand

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    Like Draupne said, they aren't supposed to be big game changers.

    And how are they weak? If used correctly you get to scout your enemy from a safe distance without them knowing. As long as you use that passive correctly that is.
    And if you don't see that as useful, what about being to able to see invisible units? You can catch a squad of assassins while they windwalk towards your hero, meanwhile the other races will be caught off guard.
  2. reddragon25

    reddragon25 Soldier First Class

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    Argonians should have submerge.
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  3. Mesis

    Mesis Brigand

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    Expect the bosmer passive and imperial one I find all others pretty ok.

    Imperials instead gold reduction on units should get gold for killing units
    Bosmer should have cannibalize
  4. SvnmS

    SvnmS Brigand Map Maker

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    I think that what ilusioner means is that the racial traits do not really differentiate the races that much.
    Of course, I don't agree that all of them are like that, but most of them are.
    For example, the night eye perk is nice, having more vision in the night is good, especially if you lower the night vision for the other factions, to make it have an impact.
    A person with night eye could make use of the ability by taking fights at night mostly. Sieging cities at night where they can't see your catapults and you can see theirs. For example.

    The health regeneration is also interesting if it is high enough and health regenerating spells are scarce.

    However, having 8% magic resistance or 6% chance to evade/crit is something that you don't think about or use.
    You just have that, and playing this race or that makes no actual difference in gameplay.

    I agree with him that racial traits are more interesting if they are usable, instead of passive.
    And at the same time, they do not need to be complex.

    A racial trait could be "your towers have 3 upgrades instead of 2", the tower doesn't need some complex effect, it can be completely passive with just a 3 target multi-shot attack and a siege aura. and you either make it limited so that the player has to decide where to place them. Or make them expensive so that the player is careful with how to use them.
    It is simple, but makes the race more interesting to play.

    But of course all this is just my perspective for how to design racial traits.
    I can't wait for the map to come out, I hope you were able to move from sharpcraft to the 1.29 editor smoothly !
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  5. Draupne

    Draupne Won't get any more fun than what you make yourself Brigand Map Maker

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    Thanks for the feedback people.

    The Racial Traits are not meant to be big gameplay changers really, although some of them may impact gameplay more actively than others, such as Night Eye, Berserk or Will of the Empire. Some of them may seem straight up boring, but that is also intentional. For example the Breton Trait, Dragonskin has provided Bretons with damage reduction towards magic in every single Elder Scrolls game ever since the 90s, and giving them passive magic damage reduction is a no brainer to me. These Racial Traits are for the most part meant as semi-impactful bonuses that reflects their race from the different games.

    The Racials Traits I feel most inclined to maybe change into something more interesting in the future are the Bosmer and Dunmer ones.

    Edit: And yes, @SvnmS the general vision radius of units in TES:I is much lower during the night compared to units in maps such as AWLR or LTA, and this makes Night Eye much more useful in practice. The nights are fucking dark in this map, and there are fewer Reveal spells too.
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  6. B-Roy7

    B-Roy7 Nostalgic

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    I like the idea, it adds flavor to the map and a unique playstyle for each race. Additionally each factions dependency's on each other is more pronounced (caster focused races vs frontline focused races).

    Redguards were known as the best all around warriors, if im not mistaken, perhaps give them a flat damage bonus or critical strike. or a burst spell similar to the orcs but using move speed instead, but not too overpowered
    That would take critical strike away from Bosmer. Instead you could give them increased archery range in addition to the evasion bonus. perhaps, even a summon animal spell as a nod to their command animal spell
    I agree that the Khajit seems underpowered. Fairly minor but, it is dependent on the night, while other racial traits can be used at all times. Night eye is very useful for scouting and night combat, as @SvnmS was saying, but compared to the others it leaves me wanting something more. I know they were good at unarmed combat due to their claws, so maybe a passive bleed on their attacks, I don't know. I always thought of them as the quick sneaky type so giving them a minor speed bonus could work too!

    Just some thoughts, really like the info on the map you've given so far. Best of luck.