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Rise of the Vampyr 1.3 Patch Notes

Discussion in 'Rise of the Vampyr & Evil Awakened' started by Marshmalo, Sep 30, 2015.

  1. Marshmalo

    Marshmalo Brigand Map Maker

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    1.3 Patch Notes
    ETA: Friday 02/10/2015


    - Map name has been changed to Rise of the Vampyr, this is the germanic way of spelling and it helps distinguish mod appart from Vampirism maps, it also sounds more "scary". (But people still join thinking this is a vampirism map unfortunately).

    - Most creeps have had their difficulty increased slightly and gold bounty rewards decreased in line with balance. All creeps have been looked at.

    - Bounty reward for killing Vargheists (Gargs) and Monstrosities increased from 15 to 35

    - Possesion can no longer effect any creeps above level 10.

    - Wizzards Mass teleport spell CD increased from 20s to 120s.

    - Defensive stats of Recruited Talabhiem City Archers, Soldiers and knights has all been increased.

    - All organic Vampire units and heroes suffer HP degeneration during the day and when not in the underworld.

    - Converted Vampire heroes have extra HP.

    - Human units and heroes regenerate faster while during the day.

    - Frost duration length on heroes from Staff of Frost has been halved.

    - Preistesses shield spell has been replaced with an offensive Spell.

    - Priestesses Divine shield has had its CD increased from 40s to 80s.

    - Rangers Poison Arrows slow amount has been reduced but damage increased slightly.

    - Hero spell mana costs now scale with level, maintaining the need for mana even late game.

    - When a Vampir dies it also becomes a spirit.

    - Priestess in Vampire form's Siphon Mana spell has bene replaced with Mana Burn.

    - Vampiire mistresses leesh now also works on regular units.

    - Varghiests (Gargoyles) no longer have magic resistance.

    - Carrion Swarm on the Vampire mistress has had its damage increased.

    - Mana cost of Elite Archers Fire arrows has been increased.

    - Vampire summoned units now give 50% more hero XP.

    - the underworld has a life regen and speed aura for defending vampires.

    - Summoned underworld demonkin and damage from hell sentries has been increased

    -Whenever a Village is attacked it will issue reinforcements every 3 minutes.

    - Vampire Max food increased to 75.

    - Vampires Underworld Contraptions auto turn into mobile form when complete.

    - Vampire Lord has the Bloodcraft ability on his altar which can summon Blood Hounds.

    - Mana cost of bind corpse reduced from 5 to 3.

    - Base Zombie hp increased by +150

    - Every Village which the vampire destroys makes all his minions stronger by 100hp.

    - Every so often a refugee caravan will appear in one corner of the map, if they reach the safety of the city Vampire Hunters recieve +2 golds for every refugee rescued.

    -Blood Knights have Dispel Magic instead of Life Steal.

    - On the final night a storm comes in for dramatic effect.

    - Fleshfeasters have the Bloodfeed ability.

    - HP bonus per strength and attack dmg bonus per primary attribute has been adjusted.

    - Vampire females now have hero glow.

    - Some creeps are hostile to Vampires, this allows the Vampire to creep the wild creatures of the forests.

    - Another boss creep encounter has been added: Durthu the Corrupted ancient spirit can be summoned at the black tree east of Talabhiem city.

    - Labourers can now be hired at the Bastions, these can repair and construct Watch Towers and Trebuchets.

    - The Starting cinematic has been improved.

    - Vampire Hunters can build Trebuchets and Watch towers to help fortify the towns and villages.

    - Vampire Hunters can request patrols be sent out to attack the Vampires castle via the King.


    - Armour bonuses gained from items has been reduced particularly on Legendary Items.
    - Staff of Healing now costs 100 mana to cast holy light and CD increased from 30s to 80s.
    - Stone of Negation and amulet of life have been removed (the first one granted magic immunity and second automatic ressurection, this was OP).
    - Most spells activated through items now also have a mana cost and have had their CD times increased.
    - Gems of Power now cost 1000g instead of 300.
    - Renamed Palantire to seeing Orb.
    - New level 4/5 item available at the the Scholar.


    - The game attempted to play a non-3D sound at a point for a Player Vampire Lord whenever he entered the graveyard area at North West of map, causing instant desysic. This has been fixed.
    - Take command ability can no longer be cast on buildings or heroes.
    - Seekers Third eye ability now corectly senses location of Vampire Lord.
    - Sometimes the camera would continue to shake even after a hunter is converted into a vampire.
    - It is no longer possible to gain Werewolf in day by being dead while sunbreaks.
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  2. AngusKirby

    AngusKirby Grgmrgl Brigand

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    Looks awesome, Marsh. Can't wait to play (>'-')>.
  3. CazDawg

    CazDawg Lazy Australian Map Maker

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    @Marshmalo, there is a bug with grey where the Blizzard is off target, I don't know how to explain it so you'll have to look at it.
  4. ilusioner

    ilusioner Cause things shall proceed as foreseen Map Maker

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    So, don't get me wrong that I dislike the changes, but I'll post now the things I believe the game is lacking and you didn't add. I like the changes, it's just there are some important points (Some less) that you missed. (Just imo, could be wrong):

    - Vargheists are too strong for 10th minute, and should require 20 or 30th minute in the game
    - The 1st updated form of zombies, the flesh eaters (Not sure if that was their name) serve completly no purpose except for being a mid form for monstrosities. Unless that new spell added bloodfeast is going to make them worthy of investing any money. (What kind of spell is that anyways?)
    - The blood knights, the first upgrade from dark acolytes have low mana pool and high dmg/armor and are a low attack range units. They however have buff spells which makes little sense for them as they are semi casters - semi front liners - semi ranged units. Perhaps it would be better to make them a full caster unit, instead of making them push on the front line where they will have little use as they are not capable of dishing huge damage neither of absorbing much of damage.
    - Still there is a huge diffrence between a vampire hunter (VH) with legendary items and without them. They are buffing the heroes so much that they are capable of soloing vampire in the later stages of the game. It also creates a huge pit hole of diffrence between new and experienced players, where exp players will keep selling items and rushing to witch to get their best items asap. Unless vampire kills the witch at the game beggining, the longer the game goes on, the lesser chance the vampire has to win (Due to 1 hero (vampire) buying legendary items and 6 heroes (VH) buying legendary items that makes them as strong as vampire).
    - Vampire late game was not changed and will be still counting on momentum to achieve victory in the game. Once vampire kills most of the NPC units and is left with little NPCs and only VHs defending the king he is not able to create an army, as any efforts to do so will quickly end in the units being anihilated by VHs. This results in a either a steamroll of vampire over the humans or a point where vampire can't do anything as he can't create a proper army anymore.

    The two last points are what currently ruins the gameplay. (Not mentioning the bugs etc as they will be fixed) From the changes you posted I sadly don't see how they are going to be changed in any way.

    If you want, we can host a RotV game after the saturday's lta forum game and test the new version out before releasing it to MMH. Could help out checking how are the changes affecting the game.
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  5. Alpun

    Alpun Brigand

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    I have a plea regarding this and ur old map. If players leave, could u give share about their units instead of deleting them? In one of my games as Vampire, I killed three hunters, but they all left the game and I finally wasn'ta ble to beat the human capital...
  6. balnazzar.

    balnazzar. Chemical Brotherhood Brigand

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    Comment in the quote :p.

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    Last edited: Sep 30, 2015
  7. Marshmalo

    Marshmalo Brigand Map Maker

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    Hmm I think thats a problem with the imported blizzard model i use, not noticed this myself though, the damage area should not be off.

    Comments in Red Illusioner

    If the vampire player leaves and has allies the allies get control of the vamp, but now that the map is more balanced the vamp should have more chance at victory late game so controling leavers heroes shouldnt be needed.
  8. ilusioner

    ilusioner Cause things shall proceed as foreseen Map Maker

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    20th minute sounds good. While I know that they don't dish out that much of dmg to heroes, it's the constant presence of them and mana burn (Don't get me wrong, it's actually good how they are designed) and the fact that early on they are almost unkillable due to their HP pool makes them too strong for early game.

    Will see how they work after the buff. As for them currently - they have strength of two zombies merged into one and more speed, which makes them useless in the frontline ('cause I have tons of zombies, don't need to spend gold on something that I can get for free). In the open field they are by no means able to surround enemy heroes with bloodlust, unless the VHs are noobs and will allow you to do so. But then again, I played many times as vampire and against good VHs it's not possible to do so, as they die too quickly for that and the chasing works in the favor of VHs.

    My concern about them is that they were semi everything, which actually made them not as good as they should be, which I mentioned before. It's good to hear that change, but I'm sure that along with those changes they are going to have their defense/damage reduced a little. So they are going to get increased caster-like perfomance at the cost at their tankiness etc.

    I believe removing witch is the best way or changing it. Vampire has little use of legendary, and I say little not because they are bad, but as a comparision to VH:
    - Vampire and VH buy the same item, with same stats, for same amount of gold.
    - Vampire is one and there are 6x of VH
    - Currently VH gain money quicklier than V, also V spends his money on minions, whereas VHs do that rather rarely
    - Which results (Let's say that only 3 of VH buys legendary item) in +X stats for vampire and +3*X stats for VH.

    Quick maths and...

    Tell me now, is it fair trade for vampire then? He's facing 6 of them and when all of them buy the same items as him (Items that buff stats really highly), the outcome ends in VHs overwhelming vampire. I simply believe that VH should be limited to only one legendary item. This way they will be truly legendary and epic, and there won't be much abusing of them. Probably something else could do to solve this problem. However as it is currently, it's simply not worth keeping witch alive for vampire.

    Sounds good, we'll see how it turns out in the game though. Remember when Svnms was balancing ice trolls? It theory they worked pretty well, but in the practice it ended up terribly :p Since he's not skirmishing through this thread we can go ahead and gossip him. That's one of the reasons I suggested doing a test game before publishing it.

    Your decision, if you wish to join, we'll be ending lta forum game around ~19:30 GMT +0 (21:30 CET) this saturday and then we will play one, two, perhaps three RotV games. We can test the new version together and you will be able to see whether some small changes are needed or not.
  9. SvnmS

    SvnmS Brigand Map Maker

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  10. ilusioner

    ilusioner Cause things shall proceed as foreseen Map Maker

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    You should be ashamed of your terrible deeds. You can only redeem yourself if you balance out the 4 man alliance!
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