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RISE OF THE VAMPYR: Info + Screenshots + Link to Latest Version

Discussion in 'Rise of the Vampyr & Evil Awakened' started by Marshmalo, Sep 6, 2015.

  1. Marshmalo

    Marshmalo Brigand Map Maker

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    I can see why you would suggest the comet idea but I can already foresee the internet rage when the hunters spend a whole night defending a village then it get nuked just before dawn :p

    It's actually fine for the Vampyr lord to not kill any villages first night, the games auto balancer gives him more money and XP if he hasnt killed any villages by first night. Many times I have failed to kill a village at first and then gone onto win the game.
    The problem is that some players are just slow learners and cant understand the day-night thing and dont grasp the way you summon armies in ROTV.

    I agree though about the werewolf, he could do with a solo option and the ability to turn other hunters into werewolves, like the Vampire can, then it could actually turn into a werewolf clan vs Vampire clan game.

    If I combine that with Sans unique villages idea and the personal quests I think the game cold actually be vastly improved, so there is potential. Just depends whether I ever get round to it or not. I would love for this game to become as popular as Castlevania but will require a lot of work.
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  2. sans

    sans the fastest of hedge-hogs

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    i love the idea of a solo path for werewolf, but how could he win without having to BOTH kill the king AND the vampire? and if he goes solo and simply wins if he survives, then both factions end up focusing him. I agree that the werewolf often determines who wins--which is strange, since the werewolves army isn't SUPER powerful--it's about as good as any other factions--though perhaps that's the problem. The werewolf, unless he takes a solo path, should be weaker than the other factions, but as it is teal would be hard pressed without all of the heroes to hold off JUST the werewolf and his armies, which is an issue. perhaps nerfing the units would help?
    i think giving more options for heroes might work? either that or super interesting heroes--but giving each of the players a number of heroes to choose from--each with their own 'special unit/building' like i talked about before, would also MASSIVELY increase the replayablity of the game, perhaps giving the vampires multiple types of vampire lords/queens as well, though they wouldn't need as many as the heroes. I think that making everyone sort of like teal, giving each hero complete control of a certain village, would make it so teal didn't seem so overwhelming, although you have a point where one of them is undoubtedly going to end up losing their village pretty damn fast. I think giving teal more offensive work to do might be interesting--as it is, the ONLY offensive thing good can do against the vampire is to attack his base directly which almost never happens. perhaps as the vampires creep, they should gain tiny bases that constantly send trickles of of undead toward the nearest villages? and each village that is taken should send trickles of undead toward whatever is nearest. these would ignore creeps--if that's possible--and serve to give teal something to do when the vampire isn't attacking, other than just follow the heroes around--both something to defend against, and something to go out and eliminate if they choose to.

    edit: I think giving the town a mage guild could work, although the idea of an arcane shield generator like the one in dalaran in wc3--if you want to fit it within the fact that the mage guild was destroyed, it could be some kind of representative building with mage aspirants, but not true members of the guild, serving as the unique troop option for the player who owned it.
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  3. Draxy

    Draxy Map Maker

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    The Eternal Soul (the unit you get after both your vamp minion and vamp hunter die) can not possess anything. When you click on an allied unit it says can't target allied units. When you click on enemy units (including neutral hostile) it says can't target enemy units.

    Probably a bug since why have that spell on that unit then.
  4. Nayf


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    I had bug, when I died as brown hunter to cold (Pathetic I know) and wanted to get revived by king, my hero was given to gray I believe, which was already killed as both hunter and vampyr. For information, other hunters were already dead.