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RotV 3.1 Balance Patch Notes

Discussion in 'Rise of the Vampyr & Evil Awakened' started by Marshmalo, Feb 18, 2016.

  1. Marshmalo

    Marshmalo Brigand Map Maker

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    Werewolf Art.JPG

    3.1 Patch
    ETA: Friday 19/02/2016

    This are the patch notes for Rise of the Vampire 3.1 patch notes which aims at fixing some of the balance issues the map faces.

    Special thanks to Illsuioner who provided detailed feedback and replays regarding balance and to everyone who played 3.0!


    - More creeps added around map

    - Bastions have +5000 increased HP (This should actually give HVs a chance to defend them)

    - When they recieve more than 25% damage 5 worker units will auto spawn next to them as a one off bonus (This is because many Teal players failed to realise they needed to produce workers at their bastion and should prevent them from base aims).

    - The Captain can now be teleported by Mystics mass teleport.

    - Cooldown of Mystics teleport decreased from 120 to 60 seconds.

    - CD on Blood Knights Frenzy has been increased from 3 to 6.

    - Removed magic effect from demonic healing aura (was causing graphics lag)

    - Seekers Ilusions spell now deals 25% of seekers original damage.

    - Archer Captains summon archers spell now have Rapid Fire and Fire Arrows.

    - Vampire Lord and wife have +150hp

    - Monstrosities are no longer timed and now also have Resistant Skin and Unsummon self.

    - Vampire Bloodknights Cripple hero duration increased from 2 seconds to 4.

    - Vampires can now purchase Strigoi Armour at the Black Tomb which increases HP regeneration, helping to ward of the Sun burns effect.

    - Vampires Siege contraptions are now only avilable after 20 minutes.

    - Vampire Lahians and Grave Guards now also disapear at the light of dawn.

    - The Sun Scorch damage now increases as the game goes on, meaning it is still dangerous to fight in the sunlight for vampires even late in the game (Late game the sunlight had virtually no impact)

    - When a Vampire hunter dies, the game calculates how many Good players are left surviving and awards compensation to them. Compensation is int he form of Gold, XP and standing. The less amount of surviving Hunters the more they get between them. (This should help balance and give survivors a hcance at defending even if alot of the VHs are dead).

    - All hero spells now have 5 levels but the max level damage is still the same as it was level 4, so the speed at which a hero gains power is now reduced. This means heroes can still become very powerful but the level required to reach this is higher.

    - Talabhiem Soldiers, Knights and Archers brought fromt he Bastions have +200 hp.

    - Mira the Witch has increased HP.

    - The Vampire Masters Backstab damage from windwalk is weaker at game start but will slowly increase during the game.

    - Alot of starting Workers for teal have been removed but those that remain now auto harvest. (Less messing about for Teal when he starts)

    - Teal now gets notified when rank and standing is available for granting again.

    - Ranger can no longer level her past past 20 and steal the level drop herself.
    - Werewolf is no longer effected by Sun Scorch when he allys evil.
    - Archer Captains Militia now have Fire arrows on auto.
    - Dark Summoning on the Summon Prism no longer summons Terbuchets or Catapaults.
    - The Vampires Return to Underworld spell has been remade so it instantly teleports him (this prevents him from dying while in transit).

    - Werewolf has +250 hp in both forms and increase hp regen.
    - Werewolfs Tree men ents have +2000 HP.
    - Werewolfs Rejuvination spell also summons 5 Clansmen or Werewolves depending on what form he is in.
    - Werewolf also has a return to Ancient grove spell similiar to Vampires Underworld spell.
    - He no longer needs Hearthstone so this item has been replaced by an Axe in his inventory.
    - Build Time of Forest spirit rediced from 30 to 20 seconds.
    - The Werewolf can now attack air units in both forms.

    - Seekers HP bonus while in Archon form has been decreased by 500, damage base has been decreased from 150 to 75.
    - Preistesses Starfall spell deals less damage and takes longer to cast.
    - The amount of XP given to Hunters when they kill Zombies, Skeletons, Skeletal Archers and Minions has been halved.
    - Xp given by killing Fleshfeasters, Grave Guards and Bloodknights has also been reduced.
    - Cooldown on Kings divine shield has been increased from 60 to 120 seconds.
    - If Vampire Princess Dies the Vampire lord gains +1000g and +1 level as compensation.
    - Vampire Princess has +200 hp.
    - Vampire Princesses Bat Swarm CD reduced from 100 to 80 seconds.
    - Vampires can buy Lore Stones at the blood pit.
    - Vampire Princess is larger than before to make her easier to spot in battle.

    - The Paladin hero is back! Player teal can now choose between him and the Archer Captain
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  2. ilusioner

    ilusioner Cause things shall proceed as foreseen Map Maker

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    The first change is a completly bad change. As vampire a part of your tactic was splitting your forces or attacking two towns at the same time. By lowering by half the TP cooldown, the VH will be able to easily repel such attacks, and will be able to use the TP willy-nilly. If I remember right, the TP cd was increased just because of that, and it was one of the best changes, as it opened new tactics for vampire and a little of thinking for VH. With this change you are butchering what you have done.

    As for second, perhaps it will be a good one, perhaps not, hard to judge it on paper. However what I'm afraid of is the lack of vampire late game power. As it was said numerous times by me, vampire GAINS nothing as the game goes on. (Unless the teams are equal. Equal as in it's a 3v3, not 2v5 or so) Sure, he has bigger level, but so does the vampire hunters. The diffrence however, is quite big - while vampire gets let's say +200 damage on X spell, his ally get also +200 damage on X spell, but VH gain +200 x (Number of VH left) which means that they GAIN A LOT more than vampire as the game goes on.

    Item-wise? Exactly the same problem, vampire has the same items as VH, and once again we are at the maths 2-5, it's obvious that VH will gain more.

    Summing up, unless the vampire kills few of the hunters or they suicide, as the game goes on Vampire will have no chance to stand to VH. The effect of the steamroll is maintained, either vampire goes all in and finishes the opponent quickly, or the VH will become so powerful that Vampire will not be able to do much.

    It was the problem in my vampire games, when I was not able to defeat VH team at ~35 minutes in the game, it was obvious that I won't be able to win it anyways even if I had 200 more minutes, unless one of them suicided. Time is a double opponent of the vampire, not only it makes him closer to the 60th minute mark which is a loss for him, but also VH gain much more than he does.

    Edit: There's still a problem of upgraded skeletons that were summoned by corpse-summoners, they not only have time limit, thus not worth upgrading them, but also are vulnearbe to dispell. (Yes, it can one shot your 200 gold in no time)
  3. Hawk

    Hawk The Old Lion Map Maker

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    Seems like Vampires are going to have a bad time... No seriously I haven't tested but these nerfs and buffs seems a bit too much in favor of VH.
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  4. Marshmalo

    Marshmalo Brigand Map Maker

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    Some further additions:

    - The summon corpses ability have moved from Corpses summoners and onto Blood Knights. (This means Vampires no longer NEED to carry the Summon corpses staff as they can get this function by summoning Vampire Minions)
    - The Spell shield ability have moved from Blood Knights to Corpse Summoners (now called Hexwraiths as per Warhammer Lore).
    - Whenever a Blood Knight casts Frenzy he will auto attempt to cast Summon Hexwraith (Less micro managment for Vampire Players).
    - The Werewolfs Druidic stone now has the Locate Hunters ability, allowing him to easily find the Vampire hunters so he cna either kill them or help them.
    - Rot Pustules found near Castle Drekenhof now also have a healing aura around them, this makes fighting near them easier for Vampires and staying close tot hem can help negate the effects of the Sun Burn.
    - When a Village dies corpse doodads appear.
    - The King has a letter to the Healer in his inventroy which can be read by anyone interested in the lore.

    The VHs need more mobility, by the time the VHs can respond to an attack the Bastion is already dead and theres no point in even going there. The problem is even worse now because the game starts off with 2 vampires.
    Your tactic of causing an initial distraction, waiting for the VHs to TP there, then attacking another village with your main force is clever but it should not have the devestating impact it has on the game. Every time you use that tactic is ALWAYS results in a village loss, your actually able to completely ignore fighting the VHs and just aim the Bastions.

    You can still cause distractions, attack a village each and try and split the VH forces. The tactics you use should not be as effective as they are, killing all bastions within 20 minutes gametime shouldnt be possible against a decent VHs squad, halving the CD on teleport will encourage more VH vs Vampire fights, not Vampire vs Bastion tower.

    Sorry I don't think I've been clear in previous versions regarding the Vampires fixed power increases. At the start of the second and third night Vampires gain +10 attack and +250 hp to ALL units. This includes the Vampire Lord/Princess heroes but has the bigest impact on your undead armies, so the Vampire does gain some powerful benefits late game. Somthing like this was already in 3.0 but I've improved and enhanced it for 3.1.

    Most of your games your able to snipe afew VHs early on, resulting in a complete steamroll which can mean a win for evil in just 40 minutes. But then theres the other side which your replay shows where you failt to get any VHs converted and can not match them. However its dangerous to take 1 replay as proof of a design flaw, like I said your supposed to have atleast 2 vampires, your wife wasnt very good! And as for the VHs being noobs, well Im sure I recognise some of those names as forum members... atleast they would have been experienced.

    But anyway, I'm summary the changes made in 3.1 are supposed to slow down the Vampires destruction of the villages in early game, reinforce breaks withing the combat by increasing the sunlight effects but increases Vampire power late game. It also introduces ways in which the game will try and balance itself out depending on how many Vampire HUnters are left alive, reducing he effects of steam rolls initiated when Vamp kills a hunter.

    But all of this is theory, the new version is released now so I will be doing alot of tests to see how succesful all this has been!

    The aim is to decrease Vamps early game power and VHs late game power.
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  5. jack07tr

    jack07tr Guest

    dat reference
    though vampire got quite buffs in those versions vampire hunters reduced to 4+1 and got a new ally
  6. Kolladan

    Kolladan Ambassador of the Poor Legion

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    Paradox o_O also as I remember anti magic shield dont stack with frenzy, which will quite annoying
  7. ilusioner

    ilusioner Cause things shall proceed as foreseen Map Maker

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    I simply doubt it will work as you intend it to work, but I could be wrong, and hope I'm wrong, will save the trouble of the never-ending balancing :p
  8. somefaggot

    somefaggot Map Maker

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    Seriously though, the bugged heights in the riverman area are really annoying, will it ever get fixed?

    Also, I totally think psudo randomly generated events are the way to go.

    Making the extra 2 abilities bound to D and F instead of T and Y and making the Vampire Huntress a bit easier to spot amongst other creatures would be nice too.

    Apparently you can buy stuff rom the bastion as a vamp but it still goes to teal.
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  9. Marisot


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    The map how it is now just isn't working for me.:(
    I agree that in older versions it was to easy for the Vampire to steamroll everything but Vamp is useless now as it stands
    atleast in the older version both Vampire and VH had a chance to win. Now its impossible to win as red vs a decent VH team in my opinion.

    I didn't like the idea of the new Wife vampire and still don't.
    Every game I play as red I either get a shit Wife or she just gets killed by all VH's at start + She is hard to spot in fights so using deathcoil on her won't work.

    The CD reduction from gray's teleport is just tomuch of an advantage to the VH's since they just come in pop all their aoe's and move on to defend the next village. You say you did this to encourage more Vampire vs VH's and increase mobility. But if VH's have a good Seeker they know where the Vamp is most of time and can guess where he is headed and can respond to it.
    Decreasing the CD on teleport isn't encouraging fights in my opinion. It just enables VH's to Tp at the start of every attack and then nuke everything with aoe and leave to continue creeping.

    I understand you wanted to accomplish that Vampire won't have as much of an early game as he used to and that worked but Vampire's late game is shit if he can't kill a single VH and his wife dies ( Wich happens every game and in my opinion is a useless hero only good for distractions) What it comes down to in my opinion is that odds are heavily stacked against the Vampire now.
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  10. ZeroFlotsie

    ZeroFlotsie Lord of Hate Shaman Website Admin Legendary Donator

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    Tbh. Werewolf can't attack any aerial units. Not even people who died and turned into a hero.. This creates some shitty ass gameplay
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