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Silver Hand Preview

Discussion in 'Fall of Lordaeron WIP' started by Elbadruhel, Jan 6, 2019.

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    Order of the Knights of the Silver Hand

    "When the orcish horde started to ravage the humans, Alonsus Faol, Archbishop of Lordaeron, show terrified how his priests were easily murdered in combat, so he (with the help of his pupil Uther) decided to form a new holy order, mix of priest and knights: the paladins of the Silver Hand. The first chosen paladins were: Uther, Saidan Datrohan, Turalyon, Tirion Fordring and Gavinrad. Uther was the first paladin and the first one to use his holy power in battle, so he recieved the title of "the lightbringer" and is the heart of the order; Saidan was chosen as the leader of the Order, since he was a military man; Turalyon crossed the Dark portal to attack the orcs in their land; Tirion has been recently banned from the order for protecting an orc and Gavinrad has become the order conection with the King Therenas in Lordaeron. These great heroes and all their comrades, squires and servants, are the strongest force of the Alliance, its shield against corruption, invasions or rebelions, they will defend the weak and heal the wounded, they are the shield of lordaeron."
    Silver Hand starts with a great power in Lordaeron, your core region is Northren Lordaeron, a cold but safe land; but you also control several important keeps around the kingdom. Your main task will be to keep safe the land from any danger that might dare to damage it, Uther should be investigating the plague in Northren Lordaeron, Eastweald and maybe Tirisfal Glades, meanwhile your strong armies purge any undead, orc or troll that might enter your borders. As light warriors, you are specially powerful agaisnt the undeads, but all evil things will suffer your divine justice.



    The Silver Hand is an order of paladins and warriors, so they lack ranged units. This is a great handicap, but can be easily countered cooperating with your closest allies: Eastweald, wich are one of the best ranged factions ingame (or any other alliance player). In exchange of their lack of ranged units they have a really strong infantry units, a good siege, and one of the best cavalry ingame, the Knights of the silver hand. Most of your mele units deal extra damage to the undeads, and you have a unique caster: Silverhand Priestess wich is good both to protect your army from curses and to destroy enemy undeads. Also, your elite, Silver Hand paladin, is a melee beast, that wont die easily and wont allow his foes to die either. The light will lead you to victory.



    Your main hero is Saidan Dathrohan (center), the commander of the order. But your starting most powerful hero might be Uther the lightbringer, the heart of the order (left), but he is unrevivable. You will also start with Abbendis, another great warrior and paladin, but also unrevivable.
    If Uther dies, Alexandros (Lordaeron faction) will help Saidan to reform the Order, creating "The Crusade", wich will allow you to keep Saidan, Abbendis (unrevivable) and to call Isillien (unrevivable) for help as new hero. This pure crusade will keep figthing to protect Lordaeron and the Alliance.
    But if Balnazzar posses Saidan Dathrohan, and the Crusade is reforged as "Scarlet Crusade", the order will become too zealot and crazy, attacking both undeads and living (joins Demon team), Abbendis will leave the order if he is yet alive, but you keep Saidan (with Balnazzar), Isillien (unrevivable) and will get the mad Renault Mograine as new hero.


    Uther can investigate the plague to check for plaguing chauldrons or hidden acolytes to destroy them before they manage to corrupt Lordaeron.
    If Uther dies, you can go "The Crusade" to enable Isillien (unrevivable) hero.
    If you are "The Crusade" and Legion sends Balnazzar to posses Saidan and you accept it, you will join Demon team as "Scarlet Crusade", obtaining Renault Mograine as hero.
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