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So I have an Idea for an Lb Rework

Discussion in 'Lordaeron: The Aftermath' started by Acadian, Jan 11, 2018.

  1. EmperorFawful

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    From what I know LTA is kinda hard to edit because of the many triggers it contains now, so... a map can apparently have too many events.
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  2. makazuwr32

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    This is not Lore-wise map with absolutely stricted porgression for the game.
    I like L:TA (and also L:TF and K:TA) because of its randomness.
    Yes we use Lore but we aren't bound with it.
    For example in L:TF Arthas can destroy Lich king instead of becoming his slave and become Lordaeron King.
    And in L:TA you can stay for BE with Alliance and even restore Quel'Talas Alongside with Relocating of M'uru to get Divine shield.
    As for Risen i think it is unpopular because those who choose SH (most of time) chose it for their almost always staying in Alliance. and as fail-state plan you have SO with full solo path.
    Maybe instead of making Risen as a path for SH we can make it as a path for for example Forsaken to bound them with Legion or for CotD if he feels that his current alliance is going to loose.

    also i personally like SH for Argent Dawn with Silver Convenant and Help from Draeneis.
    This current fells for me as real alliance of different races.
    ALso i like 4 casters, 2 types of elites and 2 types of siege for them as bonus ;)
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