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Star Wars IC

Discussion in 'Roleplay Room' started by Manetho, Dec 16, 2016.

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    "Sadly not, I am sure the Techno Union has suffered alot under the Republic as of late. New taxes and so on, I am convinced that you are aware of it mister Tambor. That is why I came to you, as you most certainly heard, I want to change the galaxy we live in to the better, I think that strong economical powers like the Techno Union should be free of the claws of the Republic, free of the taxations and limits, however, a single company is barely able to proof it's point, but at the current point alot of parties agreed to join our Union against the Republic. Including the Commerce Guild and the InterGalactic Banking Clan. With the Credits of the BankingClan and the Economical Control of the Commerce Guild and your technological knowledge we can bring our will through, of course this would also mean control over several Planets for the TechnoUnion."
    Count Dooku was talking slowly, while making an impression that is both powerful and friendly.

    "The TechnoUnion" Tambor slowly replied "is honored to assisst you in your noble cause against the corrupt republic and in my function as representativ i am happy to accept your offer.
    Although i am afraid we will have to keep such delightfull meetings to a minimum, since it wouldn't be in our interest to openly stand agains the republic, I am asuming that the BankingClan and the Commerce guild joined under similair conditions." full aware that this was the case "If you can spare the time, lord Dooku may I invite you wish to celebrate this arangement with me, I could let one of the droids get us one of the last remaining bottles of Dorian Quill "
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    (First off sorry for the long time that passed, I was waiting for @balnazzar. to respond since he told me on the 21st that he will reply on the 22nd and I kind of waited for that to happen)
    @EmperorFawful Aidus took upon answering first "I was serving under the Warlord Rashgath, however since his death I was taking over overseeing the lands that were formerly under his control in your name. I was his most trusted warrior." The brute, in order to proof his strength, hit one of the stone walls which got a crack as a result. The assassin was just staying there silently, it seemed obvious that she knew what she is doing and assassins normally dont talk alot. The last warrior stated that he was indeed a mercenary from the North of the planet.

    @Bram51warcraft After leading him to the headquarter of Gorga Desilijic Aarrpo on Nar Shaadaa his right hand a chagrian male was there to assign him his order.
    "Ahh if that isn't the great Bouny Hunter Orion, I am more than pleased to see you here, you might even be able to complete the task. I am ready to give you whatever you want, I heard you like Sith Holocrons, the Desilijic surely have more than enough of those for you to studay. The task is a rather easy one, all you need to do is kill Padme Amidala, she just became Senator of Naboo after being it's queen for 8 years." The chagrian smiled, the task was much harder than he made it seem like and he was fully convinced that it would require someone like Jango Fett to do the job, but Orion was cheap, all he needed were some holocrons that had nearly to no worth for the hutts.

    @Arthos Kento continued travelling through the forest, it started to become night and Kento had 3 options, he found a cave in which he could stay in the night, an abbandoned treehouse or he could stay awake during the night in order to use the stealthiness of the night to his advantage.

    @crawlers while some responsibles of the republic discovered that an unknown virus was trying to eat itself into their system, they didn't particularly care as it did neither manage to get in nor does the virus seem to cause any damage. Some techno-newspapers would report about it in a small box somewhere in the end of the paper. The virus also started to have occurrences on Alderaan and Anaxes, though it spreads alot slower there.#

    @DarthLenin @ZeroFlotsie The Neumodians looked shocked. "Our leaders aren't on this planet I am sorry, nor would we be allowed to let you meet them without an appointment." One of them made a call to get reinforcements and another one would try calling the viceroy nute gunray, but that would take longer

    @NikolaT. Count Dooku happily agreed, however he knew that he doesn't have alot of time to spend here, the Techno Union was his last station of the big companies whose support was required, but the more allies he would gain the more successfull he would be.
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  3. EmperorFawful

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    Ventress eyed the man interested, the mentioned name being indeed something she remembered.
    "You know how Rashgath died, you know that it is enough if you serve me loyal", she said into the round coldly, "I will test whether his trust in you was invested well or not."
    She mustered the brute unimpressed.
    "Not much brain, yet damaging my interior", she continiued, while nodding, "You'll get to fight in the arena so I can see how far your limits go, when we have ended the discussion. Hopefully the Weequay have imported something useful."
    She barely bothered about the other two among the Rattatak. The other warrior was a no-name like any other and the woman seemed not to be keen enough to speak up to Ventress.
    She went around the table, while one of her lightsabers was visible and in her hand reach, as she moved slowly towards the mercenaries, then eyeing Aidus again.
    "You might probably see, that I am disappointed, Aidus", she then said with slight anger in her voice, yet sounding nontheless relaxed for her own standarts, "Surely a quartermaster like yours is able to see what this planet offers... and what it definitly misses. A foolish servant of mine asked me days ago, why I don't utilize my new vassals to go to war.
    We have weapons to do so...
    we have Millions of Rattataki to recruit technically...
    we have skilled assassins on this planet, mercenaries who fought for decades under the banner of the Ventresses before I unified them, expertised to fight pirates and other men...
    we have... decent economy thanks to all the outsiders and smugglers, who use this planet as a smuggler hive...
    thus... tell me Aidus, why I called my servant a fool and what Rattatak
    obviously doesn't have to expand on other planets? Why do you think both me and my friend, 'The Warlock' how he was called by the citizens remained here for so long instead of just contacting
    ... the damned Jedi and their fine Republic?
    Can you guess, what Rattatak OBVIOUSLY misses to get rid of it's infamous status quo, which keeps its people in this desolate state?
    Can you tell me, why there is no economy? Why this entire planet is infested by criminals and scum from Outer Space?
    Isn't it obvious?"

    Ventress was tempted to just activate her light saber and kill all four of them in her anger, when musing. Being reminded of all these feudal fools, who traded probably centuries ago whatever they had against modern weapons and other things, scum from outer space exported to this rathole of a planet, tempted her to just let herself overwhelmed by anger and to kill everything, what dared to remind her even further why her master had to die. Why he thought it was wise to help these infidels.
    Warmongering tribes, who get surpressed by those, who made in the end the better deals with those, who came from civilized worlds.
    From outer space.
    Yet she didn't activate it.
    Eventually Aidus would be of more worth, if he figures out, what Ventress demands. There wasn't much a mercenary could give her, as she had already a grand majority under her disposal.
    She already had an army to take revenge eventually. But due to her master, she knew that even the Republic and all the other worlds had however more powerful instruments to keep the galaxy under their heel.
    Her master landed with one of these things right before her nose, the pirates came to this world with larger of these instruments - and due to the tales, due to all the years she spent with him and his lessons on the planet, she knew that there existed larger vessels.
    It was these, what she desired.
    Rattatak, unknown to the majority of the galaxy, lacked like most planets in the Outer Rim of actual space crafts.
    And in her case, it was an entire fleet, she desired.
  4. Bram51warcraft

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    Orion bowed to the great hutt and spoke "Royalty and a senator." He exclaimed and walked side to side , letting the clancking of his armour sink in the room.
    "It sounds difficult and dangerous , when we talk about the senate we talk about the galactic goverment. I'll accept the deal on a few conditions though.
    First of I'd like to see the holocrons and be certain their the real deal. For only force sensatives can truly know. and should I find any fake I shall share this information with you Great Hutt.
    Secondly I'd like a small up front payment.
    Finaly if my nice armour is covered in blood i'd like repayment to clean it."

    With his last condition he bellowed on laughter , but quickly gained reeled it back in untill he was silent.
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    While kento was still runing through the forest he saw an abbandoned treehouse. It was getting dark and he knew he wont last long if he became phisically tired, so he decided to rest on the treehouse on that night and continue running the next day.While he was climbing to get to the treehouse entrance, he used the force to detec all nearby living things, for his luck he only detected wild animals, which could be used as a meal tomorrow. Inside the treehouse he found not much but some old furniture and a bed. He moved with the force all the nearby furniture to the entrance and the windows so he could at last be protected and alerted if someone tried to enter. When he was done he retired to the bed. Knowing that he could be easily killed if he rested on the bed , he decided to rest below it, hidden as much as he could. When he was getting close to sleep he got angry for having to live like this untill someone rescue him, or until he managed to escape the planet. He had hope on that jedi that he was not going to be forgoten, he wanted to think that for now at last.
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    Alex did not like that which he did not understand, and chief among this was those force users. They were so numerous, and seemed so powerful, that he felt helpless. Something must be done, despite them not having much a reason to kill him yet.

    He paced about the mildly cramped interior of his ship, his left hand twitching, almost grasping for thoughts. An idea was hatched, and though it probably would not work against them, it still seemed useful enough. It was time to create a new module for the virus, to be installed at suitable locations only.

    This would take time, and to begin this he needed a bit of information. He sent out a command to one of each class of ship that had been infected to upload a copy of its jump calculation software to servers he controlled along with its normal communications, so hopefully it would not be noticed.