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The Fate of Scourge's Second Chance?

Discussion in 'The Third War' started by Sukramo, Jan 11, 2017.

  1. EmperorFawful

    EmperorFawful Gatsby Guardian Website Admin

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    Hmm, fair enough. I appreciate the polite answer, as I know the reasons, don't worry. Azzy Wars refused for similiar reasons. :D

    As for serious suggestions:

    - Forsaken, but lead by Nathanos Blightcaller. Potentially you could tie then Sylvanas of OJ to her getting removed for another ranger hero (Halduron/Vereesa/whateveryoucomeupwith), should she actually die and then Red gets Sylvanas unlocked, if he researches her at the Undercity. So, kinda would work like a reward.

    - Dreadlord Insurgents - I assume that these are potentially Blue's Second Chance, but given that I have barely an overview what were all the second chances factions again, I only suggest them in case they weren't added yet. Their second chance could actually even range to the Risen as their own independent faction. But guess you already worked this stuff into the game - would be surprised if you didn't! ^^

    - Scourge Remnants - if you can't reinvent the wheel, then change it! As we know from Cataclysm the Lichking had still various minions alive, who nontheless continiued his agenda in the Plaguelands, among them being Aurius Rivendare, the son of good old Rivendare and Grandmaster Gandling.
    In Azeroth Cataclysm they actually made out of these two individuals (+ the Lich in Kalimdor) an entire Scourge faction, which was to be fair hard, but nontheless fun to play. It can still contain Nerubian units, so why not go for these guys? Apart from Nathanos btw my most recommended idea, as this one is lore-compatible, you can spawn these guys also anywhere you want them to be, they would have events and etc.

    - Wretched - well, just blue tinted BElves with some creepy unit models among their ranks and some Mana-addicting abilities. Of course this kinda looks copy-pasted from LTA, but why actually not. If Murky is a faction hero for a second chance, why can't Felendren and his fellows get their rightful chance to... subjugate Kalimdor and Northrend along with the Eastern Kingdoms?
    Where to set the spawn I wouldn't know tbh, but I guess that you can be creative on these - as long as OJ can't snipe them instantly away, it's worth a shot.

    - Kul'Tiras and the sea nations - yup, you heard me right. OJ has already a lot of stuff, so why not lend from him a faction, which becomes important in TFT anyways. Lorewise, Dalaran got no aid from Kul'Tiras at all when Arthas stood at their gates and Daelin Proudmoore is kinda weird as a melee hero for caster-based faction.
    So why not make Kul'Tiras a second chance, while giving them also Duke Falrevere?
    Pirates and actual sailors - a nice faction to have + they would already get a nice starting base, if we actually go far enough to say, that we steal OJ some content. Gameplay-wise it can still get fixed with elfish stuff so... worth an idea?

    -Drakkari Frosttrolls - yeah, these guys with Malakk and co. Barely have ideas for them, but it's Trolls. Trolls barely recieve love.
    Hmm... not sure if that's a good approach.

    Also had Stromgarde in mind, but that one seems more unlikely.
    In the end your decision if you like one of my more serious ideas.
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  2. Excalibur


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    These ideas are really great
  3. Sukramo

    Sukramo The Sane Map Maker

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    1. Nathanos is a Purple demi though.

    2. Since Balnazaar is Blue's second, it sort of makes sense to add Varimathras to Forsaken. Any other Dreads for Forsaken is abit scetch though.

    3. Scourge remnants gives abit of the same problem but I guess we could be creative if we really wanted those 3 heroes. Honestly, Kel'thuzad joining up with Sylvanas post Wrath isnt all that crazy. Would let us use some Nerubian units in a new Forsaken tech tree.

    4. Wretched also has that annoying gameplay problem: spawning in hostile lands. And finding them a suitable base.....

    5. I do like Kul'tiras as a sort of creep base though.

    6. Pirates could work, ofc it might be annoying as hell.

    7. Drakkari. I feel limiting Northrend in terms of what can be creeped isnt preferable. Zandalari makes more sense from gameplay.
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  4. TheKaldorei

    TheKaldorei GirlGamer BTW Shaman Map Maker

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    Azsharian Naga
  5. Jk-Klio


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    If your trying to keep a Undead feel to the second chance Scourge remnants has a lot of potential, with the problem of spawning inside enemy territory resolved with keeping the Nerubian second chance around while adding buildings and spawns within Tyrs, strath, scholo, and Lordaeron palace if they have fallen before the Second chance. Making remnants the stronger choice if red won against purple and oj but lost later on, while keeping Nerubians around as a weaker choice for reds who lost their initial fight.

    For a complete faction chance however, Perhaps something relating to the syndicate, Gnolls or Zandalari could be good ideas to work with.
  6. TheKaldorei

    TheKaldorei GirlGamer BTW Shaman Map Maker

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    Sukramo, you are planning on adding the Broken Isles and yet you neglect races that haven't been used before (And have possibilities with other continents)

    Heroes - Don't know (I dont know the Stormheim shit)
    Elites - Thorgnir or Vrykul Champion
    Starts in Halls of Valor maybe

    Drogbar (Model perhaps Quilboar?)
    Heroes - Fuck highmountain lore
    Elites - ?????
    Starts in Neltharions Lair

    Court of Farondis
    Heroes - Farondis, Torthreldin( maybe )
    Elites - Spellcaster
    Starts in Dire Maul or Azsuna somewhere

    Heroes - First Arcanist Thalyrssa, Elisande
    Elites - Those Golem fucks
    Spawns in Suramar ofc

    Now for some Events
    - Bradensbrook Gilneas event for DG
    - Shaldrassil event for Satyrs
    - Druid of Antler, Falcosaur event for Brown
    - Temple of Elune event for LB

    - Watchers event for LB
    - Khadgar and New Dalaran event for OJ
    - Court of Farondis event for Red (Undead casters)
    - Naga event for brown
    - Blue Dragon event for Yellow
    - legion invasion point for blue

    - Tauren event for Gray
    - Drogbar event for Pink/Gray
    - Aviana event for Brown
    - Feltotem event for blue

    - Vrykul event for purple(?)
    - Thorignir event for Any dragon faction
    - Fe-Vrykul event for blue
    - Val'kyr event for Red

    - Shaldorei event for LB/Brown
    - Moonguard event for lb/brown
    - Legion invasion point for blue
    - fel-shaldorei for blue

    Broken Shore
    - rip varian event inexchange for MEME KING ANDUIN for DG
    - rip voljin event for sylvanas (must have her killed or not picked) gains sylv for pink
    - AU guldan event for blue
    - alternate way for summoning legion for blue
    - gain avatar of sargeras for blue (maybe)
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  7. hexaotl

    hexaotl Brigand

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    If you have options of where to spawn, you cant be camped. And if you read my suggestion, giving red any of the global spells i outlined (or completly different ones) could give him a genuine fighting chance.

    In addition, if red spawned with the same upgrades, and the same amount of gold as purple, that would give him the ability to at least fight a defensive war.
  8. Thebig061

    Thebig061 Assasin

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    Do it like on AWLR spawn ships some army and workers and Sylvanas.Ofc near the shore.Then he can flee if he wants or stay and fight.
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  9. Sukramo

    Sukramo The Sane Map Maker

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    This is the current situation. It sucks and 9/10 people leave when they get Forsaken.
  10. Empress Azshara

    Empress Azshara Spampolice's Lil Girl Brigand

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    Cult of the damnd anyone?